Hibiscus Boats, Frog DJs, Onion, Jewel, Swizzle

December 3, 2022

Hibiscus sailboats, treefrog music DJs, Swizzle beverages, ocean jewels and Bermuda onion cheerleaders are among the items featured in the virtual art galleries on our network site ForeverBermuda.com, with the newly launched weekly series designed to creatively highlight Bermudian culture and island life in a fun and unique way.

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The first month of galleries feature Bermuda treefrogs drinking Swizzle, an artistic interpretation of the phrase ‘the crown jewel of the Atlantic,’ a fusion of land and sea with hibiscus sailboats, Bermuda tree frogs music DJs and Bermuda onion cheerleaders. You can view Twitter highlights below and all the virtual art galleries here on ForeverBermuda.com.

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