Smith Appointed New Gaming Chief Executive

December 6, 2022

Charmaine Smith Bermuda Dec 6 2022Bermudian Charmaine Smith has been appointed the new Bermuda Gaming Commission Chief Executive.

A spokesperson said, “The Chairman of the Bermuda Gaming Commission, Mrs. Cheryl-Ann Mapp, is pleased to announce the appointment of Bermudian Mrs. Charmaine Smith as the Commission’s new Chief Executive effective December 1st, 2022.

“Mrs. Smith succeeds Mr. Jean Major who was appointed Chief Executive on November 2nd, 2020. Mr. Major’s tenure with the Commission has contributed to the successful recruitment of Bermudian Mrs. Smith who previously held the post of Chief Regulatory Officer with the Commission.

The Chairperson said, “We would like to thank Mr. Major for his significant contributions to the Commission. We are pleased to have had someone of Mr. Major’s caliber leading the Commission over the previous two years.

“His tenure contributed to the successful recruitment of Mrs. Smith, and we acknowledge the role he played in executing the Commission’s succession plan, developing the regulatory framework for licensing casinos and issuing the first casino gaming license. We are excited to have Mrs. Smith accept the post and to continue to build on the work that Mr. Major has led over the last two years.”

A spokesperson said, “Mrs. Smith is a barrister and attorney of almost 25 years’ experience. Her career in public service began in the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions and she has subsequently worked in the areas of law enforcement, corrections, employment, labour relations, immigration, anti-money laundering & antiterrorist financing.

“She has held previous appointments as the Chairman of the Police Complaints Authority, Member of the Employment Tribunal and Acting Magistrate. Mrs. Smith was Senior Legal Counsel in the Office of the National Anti-Money Laundering Committee prior to joining the Commission in March 2020 as Director of Legal.

“In 2021 she was appointed to the post of Chief Regulatory Officer as head of the Regulation Unit within the Commission. One of her key responsibilities within that role was the recruitment of qualified and competent Bermudians to effect all of the Commission’s regulatory functions – which span from licensing to compliance to enforcement and sanctions.

Ms. Smith said, “I am excited at the opportunity to lead the Commission team and to build on the successes of the Commission. We have an excellent team of professionals with broad technical knowledge and competencies; a keen interest in public service and a strong commitment to good governance. Stakeholder – Regulator engagement is vital for the successful creation of a culture of compliance in Bermuda’s gaming industry. I look forward to continued engagement with all the relevant stakeholders in this sector.”

Outgoing Chief Executive Mr. Major said, “I had a wonderful time working at the Commission and living on this beautiful island. Having reached my two-year anniversary, we have successfully accomplished the two key goals that were originally set out for me: to initiate the licensing process with the corresponding compliance framework for casino gaming and to recruit and train Bermudians to regulate gaming on the island.”

A spokesperson added, “The Bermuda Gaming Commission was established in 2015 by the enactment of the Gaming Act 2014. Since August 2021, the organization is responsible for regulating all lawful gaming in Bermuda and is committed to establishing a regulatory framework that builds a culture of compliance though education and collaboration in a fair and responsive manner. The Commission’s vision is to be an innovative organization that regulates in the public interest.’

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