Covid Update: 16 Known Active, 10 In Hospital

January 25, 2023 | 9 Comments

The Bermuda Government has released the latest Covid-19 figures today [Jan 25], and there are now 16 known active cases, with 10 of the 16 people in hospital. The amount of recorded deaths remains at 157,  the same as last week, and there has now been a total of 18,593 cases recorded since 2020.

20230125 COVID-19 Person Graphic

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You can find more information on the links below from our dedicated website, which is the most comprehensive resource and historic record available of Bermuda’s handling of the pandemic.

  • All Charts: Vaccine, testing & more here
  • Timelines: Dates of major developments here
  • Test results: Chart of testing stats here
  • Vaccine: Data covering vaccinations here
  • Dedicated website:

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  1. LOL (original) says:

    Veritas just taped Director of Pfizer very interesting.

    • sandgrownan says:

      Project Veritas….stopped reading right there. For those who don’t know…Project Veritas is an American far-right activist group founded by James O’Keefe in 2010. The group produces deceptively edited videos of its undercover operations, which use secret recordings in an effort to discredit mainstream media organizations and progressive groups.

      • LOL (original) says:

        LOL far right what even is that? You are part of a cult mate. Must have to much soy in your diet. How’s Biden doing? Has he figured out how to lock things up. Even Trump worked with the DOJ on how to secure his docs but for Biden it’s ok to keep them in a box where his son who lived there and had unfettered access to and used in deals. Your boy has been raided a few times now right sorry “searched” it’s only a raid when its Trump. LOL I’d ask what principles you live by but as observed from year to year even in the BIAW days you have none but whatever is good for you. Project Veritas is an investigational reporting organization that goes undercover and records people talking about what they do at their jobs. Without them we would not know what has really been going on as your media keeps you on their narrative. Worst part is that your media has been saying for years that hard evidence is there for Russian Collusion (turn out the Dems lied as to date not one shred of evidence has been produced (pee tape did not exist unless it was Hunter’s tape). Infact no charges on collusion have been even brought but whatever. Biden can literally plagiarize an Irish man’s story (coal mining) and lied repeatedly over his career, his inappropriate behavior with ladies and children written in his own blood relations dairy (although this one is unconfirmed by the author (who was the firsthand account of the story). All of the Dems are also election deniers as well. So, who has the moral high ground the authoritarian (which you are ie your own thoughts on vac and anti vac) left who wants segregation, attacks western culture, is trying to sexualize children while stripping parent’s rights and cancels any who don’t think like them. Or the right that says governments should be smaller and have less control over the people’s day to day lives and should be less intrusive. You are just a clog in the wheel and will get chewed up once no longer useful. You seem educated maybe you should read up on Moa’s revolution and find out what happens to people that governments no longer find useful.

        • sandgrownan says:

          You been saving all of that up for the right moment? Good grief, I can almost hear you banging away on the keyboard from here!

          Shhh…don’t tell anyone…but the moon landings were faked and 9//11 was an inside job.

          • question says:

            It’s pretty clear that the video he’s referencing is genuine.

            • sandgrownan says:

              It’s a genuine video, in the sense it’s a… But it’s selectively edited and engineered as hit job. O’Keefe has a history of doing this, he’s always wrong and it usually backfires on him, usually in a court of law.

              He’s disingenuous at best, a hateful scumbag at worst and were he not so incompetent, he’d be dangerous.

              But the “story” isn’t really getting any traction anywhere, even in RW media outlets. That’s because everyone knows it’s bollocks.

  2. LOL (original) says:

    Oh forgot to mention at least Veritas reports what was actually said as you see the video is the person in question talking themselves into trouble and isn’t a “source know to be close to” what does that even mean. The bum in the ally next to that person’s office………..

    LOL, whatever, when the facts come out leftist run, duck, and hide.

    • sandgrownan says:

      You know why this isn’t getting any traction don’t you? Anywhere. O’Keefe’s *sting* operations always backfire. I don’t think he was hugged enough as a child.

      • Joe Bloggs says:

        Any organisation that feels the need to put “veritas” (meaning “truth”) in its name should be treated with suspicion

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