Bermuda Fattire Massive Race Day Five

February 6, 2023 | 0 Comments

Race day 5 of the Fattire Massive Mountain Bike Series saw competitors compete at Admiralty House.

Kavin Smith continues to dominate the men’s open 60 minute division clocking a 12-lap victory time of 1:02:04, Cameron Morris was second also completing 12 laps with a time of 1:04:38, and James Holloway was third with a 12-lap time of 1:05:01.

Pansy Olander won the female open 60-minute division race clocking a 9 lap time of 1:04:33, Lori Orchard was second with as 9 lap time of 1:05:41, and Jennifer Lightbourne completed 8 laps finishing third clocking 1:07:19.

The male open 30-minute division race saw Dominic Smith clock a 5-lap winning time of 31:35.3, Dave Wolffe also completed 5 laps finishing second with a time of 32:59.7, and Justin Horsfall finished third clocking a 5-lap time of 34:51.5.

Zina Jones won the female open 30-minute division race with a 4-lap time of 33:23.2, and Florence Pedro was second with a 4-lap time of 34:11.4.

Gordon Smith won the male 13-16 division race clocking a 6-lap time of 35:03.9, Wyatt Hall also completed 6 laps finishing second in a time of 35:26.5, and Zach Moniz finished third with a 5-lap time of 32:27.7.

The female 13-16 division race was won by Skye Ferguson with a 4-lap time of 30:50.8, with Kelise Wade finishing second also completing 4 laps with a time of 31:03.6.

The full 2023 Fattire Massive Mountain Bike Admiralty House results follow below [PDF here]:

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