Fattire Massive Mountain Bike Division Winners

March 16, 2023

Following the seventh and final round of Fat Tire Massive Mountain Bike’s action of the season, a look at the division winners is below.

Kavin Smith claimed the series title in the Male Open 60-Minute Division with 141 points, James Holloway finished in second place with 116 points, and Alan Potts finished in third with 109 points.

Jennifer Wilson won the Female Open 60-minute Division, with 135 points, Jennifer Lightbourne finished in second with 121 points, and Pansy Olander finished in third with 118 points.

The Male Open 30-Minute Division was won by Dominic Smith with 137 points, Dave Wolffe finished in second with 120 points, and Daniel Ringer was third with 107 points.

Rebecca May won the Female Open 30-Minute Division with 142 points, Florence Pedro finished in second with 133 points, and Zina Jones finished in third with 110 points.

In the Male Novice Division, Rui Moniz was declared the winner with 45 points, Neil Mountford, Scott Mello, Philandro Hill and Mark Domingo all finished tied for second with 25 points.

Sharon Hammond, Kim Raymond, and Sarah Ryan all finished with 25 points in the Female Novice Division.

Gordon Smith won the Male 13 – 16 Age Group Division with 147 points, Wyatt Hall finished in second with 138 points, and Zach Moniz finished third with 120 points.

The Female 13 – 16 Age Group Division winner is Kelise Wade with 150 points, and Skye Ferguson finished in second with 135 points.

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