One Expands Offering Of Apple Products

April 13, 2023

One Communications said they are ”thrilled to announce that it has expanded its product range to include all the latest Apple products at unbeatable prices, in their newly designed retail store.”

A spokesperson said, “From laptops to iPads, Apple watches to AirPods, customers can now find everything they need under one roof.

One Communications Bermuda April 12 2023 (1)

“In addition to the product expansion, new and existing FibreWire Internet customers can now save up to $2,500 on a new Apple device on the NextOne program, and up to 10% off accessories like keyboards, AirPods, Apple TV, and more.”

“We are excited to offer our customers a world-class retail experience, where they can find the newest Apple products at the best prices,” said Brian Lonergan, Chief Commercial Officer.

“For years, our Mobile customers have had access to the smartphones they really want through our NextOne discount program. We have expanded that program to a full range of connected devices for our Internet customers, and in Bermuda, we know Apple products play a key role.

One Communications Bermuda April 12 2023 (2)

“To celebrate the launch of its new Apple range, One Communications Bermuda hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony on April 12th. Customers were also invited to join the Company in celebrating, with an Apple turnover giveaway at their Church Street store. To view the Apple devices, please visit here.”

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  1. 365 says:

    The money grab days of Apple are over. The product is great and the customer base is loyal but the advancements from year (model) to year (model) are minimal and each year the “gotta have it” appeal is dwindling. Aint no real money in it anymore because it sold everywhere now. Customs don’t require you to have a form 52 so people take sim card away, buy a new phone when away, use it and bring it home. Lots of hype every year but most smart people now know that the reality is that each year the phone will be available in a few different and “exciting” colors which most people know is covered by your case. The phone will be something like a hair’s width thinner, a half ounce lighter, have a camera that is 5% better and use yet another new Apple cable. Good luck though One.

    • question says:

      On the other hand, Apple’s revenues last year were $387bn, and its profits were $171bn. So there appears to be some continued interest in its products.

  2. Tucker says:

    Apple products are for people who don’t understand technology.