CedarBridge Students Host Restaurant Week

June 22, 2023

[Written by Dr. Jean Thomas-Jeremy]

As part of its culmination activity for the Senior 2 module on Restaurant Services and in observation of CBA Restaurant week, faculty members and selected students were treated to lunch on Wednesday, May 24th. Patrons were served with a three-course meal in a relaxed and soothing environment reflective of a high end restaurant. The Kalmar Richards Conference Room was transformed with tables and chairs covered in black overlays with light background music and dimmed lights. Waiters and waitresses dressed in their white chef coats kept busy waiting at tables and serving patrons in the most exquisite and professional manner.

Food and Nutrition teacher, Mrs. Golda DeMattos, is elated that students were able to apply the skills learnt throughout the module on Food Preparation and Restaurant Services, welcoming guests, and serving. In her opinion, they performed creditably, and she is quite impressed that they were able to apply the theoretical knowledge garnered from the module to the practical aspect of the course. Students had an à la carte menu to prepare for the event. Deviled Eggs, Garlic Parmesan, Knots, Pan Seared Shrimp, Broccoli Stuffed Chicken Breast, Seasoned Rice, Tossed Salad, Bread Pudding, and Chocolate Cupcakes

When asked for her opinion on the entire event, S2 student, Shia Bean, remarked, “At first I was overwhelmed with the organization of the project and was worried about the outcome, but in the end, we worked together, and it came out well. I learnt how to make deviled eggs, and I taught my classmates how to cut onions and carrots. We were handed a menu, and we did all of the cooking. We had two desserts – bread pudding and chocolate cupcakes.”

According to Shia, “Decorating the room and identifying servers was another aspect of the assignment. Since we were being graded we identified students who needed the most points and those who were willing. If we had to do this over we would plan the event ahead of time, finalize our guest list, and ensure everyone was fed.”

Shia beamed with excitement as she expressed, “My favorite dish was the Grilled Shrimp and vegetables prepared by me.” Overall, it was a great experience as students collaborated to pull off the event successfully. It provided an opportunity to work with classmates in a different setting and also make new friends. We were able to use our leadership skills and to understand how other people work and appreciate each other’s skillset. With a sense of satisfaction, Shia said, “Kudos to my teacher for putting up with us and making it all happen throughout our indecisiveness.”

Male student, Terrai Trott, a well-rounded student in the hospitality class, said, “I am encouraging other male students to enroll in that class. It teaches skills that can be applied in the real world of work and at home.” He believes that this opportunity allowed him to work with different personalities but taught him that when he goes out to work he is going to experience the same but needs to focus on getting the job done.

Overall, staff and students who dined at that event were impressed with every aspect. The teachers were allowed to critique students’ work. Students received high commendations. Job well done Mrs. DeMattos and students!

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    A great idea and wonderful comments that bode well-for the future. But start them off right with gloves abd hat please.

  2. Jerry says:

    No hats …..?

  3. Beverly Isaac says:

    Magnificent!This is the Real Deal, Oh Yes!