Coast Guard’s Cup Match Safety Guidance

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The Royal Bermuda Regiment Coast Guard will run patrols throughout the Cup Match weekend as part of its programme to help reduce risks for the marine community.

A spokesperson said, “As the unit prepares for several busy days on the water, members of the public are asked to be considerate and mindful of safety while enjoying the holiday.”

“The Coast Guard, utilising six vessels and two personal water craft, staffed with 25 personnel, will carry out patrols around the island, including during the traditional raft-up at Mangrove Bay, the former site of the Non-Mariners Race.

“Bermudians will be flocking to the beaches and getting out on the water.”

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He continued: “Throughout the Cup Match holiday weekend, the Coast Guard will be undertaking a host of initiatives to ensure the safety of the marine community to guard against the kinds of anti-social behavior and violence we have witnessed in public places.

“There will be heightened focus on offences such as operating a vessel while under the influence of drink or drugs as well as speeding, and particular focus will be on personal water craft operators who ride dangerously in areas where there are swimmers and raft-ups.

“Although we understand the wish to party while out on the water, we urge the boating public to be considerate of other boat operators and houses nearby when playing music, especially late at night. We ask that you be courteous to other members of the public.

“To help keep our marine environment pristine, please think before you dispose of your trash in the water.”

The spokesperson said, “Boaters are reminded that the Marine and Ports Service [Mariners] [No. 6] Notice 2023 prohibits personal water craft from entering or operating in the area of Mangrove Bay, Somerset southwest of a line between the southern end of Watford Bridge and the easternmost island at the tip of King’s Point, on August 6, 2023 between midday and 6pm.”

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The spokesman said: “Vessel operators are advised that, in the interest of safety, they are to avoid Clarence Cove at Admiralty House Park, as there will be a buoy line installed at that location.

“A line of buoys will also be installed at Shelly Bay to create a safe swimming zone and to keep marine vessels out of that zone.”

The spokesperson said, “Boat users are reminded to file a float plan with a friend or the Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre before leaving shore and to adhere to the following regulations:

  • Boaters are to not to exceed the 5-knot speed limit and must operate at a speed such that no wake is created within 100 meters from shore
  • Boaters must carry appropriate safety equipment for the size of the vessel
  • Boaters must have a life jacket for every person on board
  • A working VHF radio must be carried where required
  • Navigation lights must be in working order.”

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The Coast Guard spokesman added: “Finally, we thank the public for their consideration and, in keeping with the celebratory nature of the holiday, urge people to moderate their behaviour and keep the health and safety of their fellow Bermudians in mind.

“Help us keep Bermuda safe this holiday.” divider line 2039852

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