Column: Effectiveness Of Govt Economic Policies

July 14, 2023

Leslie Robinson PLP Bermuda July 2023

[Opinion column written by PLP Senator Leslie Robinson]

Bermuda’s labour market is showing substantial growth under the strong economic leadership of the Progressive Labour Party Government, as reported in the recently released Labour Force Survey Report [November 2022].

Bermuda’s working population has returned to near pre-Covid levels, increasing from 33,496 in November 2020 to 35,438 in November 2022.

The growing confidence in the Island’s strengthening economy and our future is evidenced by the addition of 1,942 jobs to Bermuda’s labour market. This growing working population included both an increase in the number of Bermudian [+6.1%] and non-Bermudian [+4.9%] workers.

These improved employment numbers coincide with the news that Bermuda’s unemployment numbers have dramatically declined by 61%, falling from 2,891 in November 2020 to 1,121 in November 2022. Reflecting our recovering economy, unemployment numbers for November 2022 were even lower than the pre-Covid unemployment recorded at 1,394 in November 2019. Moreover, the overall unemployment rate was recorded at 3.1% in November 2022, significantly down from the 7.9% in November 2020 and the 3.8% reported before the pandemic in November 2019.

Quite simply, Bermudians are back to work. More specifically, the Bermudian unemployment rate declined from 9.6% in November 2020 to 3.5% in November 2022, even lower than the 4.4% Bermudian unemployment rate recorded in November 2019.

It is exciting to see that more of our young people are gaining vital work experience and, as a result, our youth unemployment rate, i.e., persons aged 16 to 24 years old, dropped from 32.1% in 2020 to 11.1% in November 2022 which was even less than the 18.1% reported in November 2019. Through various initiatives, the PLP Government has demonstrated their commitment to Bermuda’s youth by supporting them in reaching their full potential.

The improved labour force is a direct result of initiatives like the Bermuda Economic Development Corporation’s Summer Student Entrepreneurship Programme and Youth Pitch competition;, as well as the Department of Workforce Development’s Summer Employment Programme, the apprenticeship scheme, and training opportunities, which have provided opportunities for permanent employment. These programmes implemented under the PLP Government are examples of the investment in youth-centric initiatives to secure Bermuda’s future.

Black employment in Bermuda has increased to 20,698 workers, up from 17,828 reported in November 2020 and even higher than pre-Covid levels when there were 18,689 black workers.

Not only are more people working in Bermuda, but workers are also earning more, with the median income increasing from $64,033 in November 2020 to $65,725 in November 2022, an increase of 2.7%.

While there is more work to be done, these impressive employment statistics, coupled with the recently published strong quarterly GDP figures for 2022, are evidence of the effectiveness of the PLP Government’s economic policies and their commitment to listen and respond to the needs of Bermudians and provide increased opportunities for development and advancement.

- Leslie Robinson – Junior Minister of Economy & Labour and Public Works

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  1. watching says:

    Well said Senator Robinson.
    Despite the negativity from then Opposition and the biases of some, things ARE looking up and we are thankful.

    • Hey says:

      Let’s be honest Bermuda doesn’t have any Opposition party. Start with Cole and count to 5 is what we have. Now you can lol. :)

      • iyiyi says:

        Yes, lets be honest Bda does not have a viable opposition. As one other has posted i also have voted for UBP , PLP and OBA in the hopes for better governance and prosperity for our home .
        This has not happened under this government and i agree when the OBA regained power they were on the right path , things were improving until they were blocked from the many policies that are now being realized were the correct path ( although never will that be admitted by this government ).
        Personally i will be voting for the OBA in the upcoming election purely to try to offset the numbers in the house and in the hopes that another party will emerge to help get us out of this mess created by the PLP’s misguided agenda’s !

        • X UBPoba voter says:

          You never voted PLP. Next time write a better fantasy story. Start with a headline that reads, Jarion Richardson will be used as leader next.. The public already knows.

          • Toodle-oo says:

            And the public knows you never , ever voted UBP (or OBA) either.

        • Chessboard says:

          So if Bermuda doesn’t have a viable Opposition why even vote? It’s better to abstain from supporting both parties. We both know that race plays the greatest part on who wins and the OBA will never have the numbers. It’s best Jarion Richardson start his own party and stop wasting time. I hope he doesn’t take up leadership before the next election. It’s almost like a captain taking control of the Titanic at the bottom of the ocean. He needs a clean slate when he makes his move from the OBA.

          • JAWS says:

            Sounds logical for him to start his own party. Hopefully Mr. Richardson is as intelligent as they say he is.

    • Toodle-oo says:

      Things are definitely on the up and up .
      Soon we might just equal our disastrous pre-pandemic figures !

    • LOL - the real one says:

      LOL…Bermuda looks like trash.
      You need to do a lot more to bring Bermuda back to the jewel it once was.
      Bermuda has been destroyed.

      Even the airlines are flying their oldest, beat up, bare bones discount planes to Bermuda.
      What a mess.