BRSC Asks Events To Use Transportation Plans

December 11, 2023 | 0 Comments

The Bermuda Road Safety Council [BRSC] is encouraging “event planners, organizers, and hosts of large events to incorporate a transportation plan for their guests.”

A spokesperson said, “The Bermuda Road Safety Council would like to take this time to re-emphasize our Transportation Plan initiative. The transportation plan initiative asks and encourages all event planners, organizers, and host of large events to incorporate a transportation plan for their guests.

“As we enter into the Christmas holiday period, there will be an increase of events and parties where people will be consuming alcohol. The consuming of alcohol and then consequently operating a vehicle is illegal and to avoid having intoxicated persons driving on our roads, we call for transportation plans.

“A transportation plan is incorporating into your event how your event goers will get to and from the event if they are planning to consume alcohol. An example of a transportation plan is asking for event goers to meet at arranged locations to be picked up, by minibus or taxi and then taken to the event and then for those persons to then be driven back to the arranged drop off location. This is not only limited to land travel but also water transportation can be arranged.

“This initiative has been a success in the past and as such we want to encourage event organizers to incorporate a plan to help make our roads safer. The BRSC stands strongly against drunk driving and ask that all motorist do the same.

“In closing we remind all motorists to slow down, drive with care and caution, and don’t drink and drive.”

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