Centennial Bermuda Appoints Success Coaches

December 4, 2023 | 2 Comments

Centennial Bermuda Foundation announced the “appointment of 13 remarkable professionals from Bermuda’s diverse community as Centennial Success Coaches.”

A spokesperson said, “Centennial Bermuda Foundation is thrilled to announce the appointment of 13 remarkable professionals from Bermuda’s diverse community as Centennial Success Coaches. These inspiring individuals will mentor our scholarship recipients, playing a pivotal role in fostering their success during their first year of postsecondary education. This initiative is particularly significant for students facing unique challenges, such as those who are the first in their families to attend college.

“The transition to higher education, especially for Bermudians studying abroad, is often a journey into the unknown, filled with challenges and opportunities. Centennial, in collaboration with PeerForward, has launched this transformative program to ensure a smooth transition for these students, aiming to boost their success and retention rates in their crucial first year.”

Tim Spicer, Senior Program Manager at PeerForward, highlights the critical role of these coaches, “Adapting to new cultures, both emotionally and physically, is crucial for academic success. While Bermudians are adept at navigating new environments, studying abroad presents unique challenges. Our Success Coaches, trained in PeerForward College Mentor Leadership and equipped with personal experience, are perfectly positioned to guide students through the unfamiliar terrain of their first college year.”

Centennial Bermuda Foundation Success Coaches Bermuda December 2023

The spokesperson said, “Recent studies indicate that first-generation students are at a higher risk of leaving higher education after the first year due to feelings of disconnect. The Centennial Success Coaches are here to change that narrative. By offering steadfast guidance and mentorship, they will ensure that the first-year Centennial scholarship recipients feel supported, engaged, and empowered to succeed in their academic pursuits.

“Research has consistently shown the profound impact of mentorship on student success. Students with mentor support have a 71% higher two-year graduation rate and a 35% higher retention rate from semester to semester compared to their peers without such support.

Meet the Mentors

“This year, each first-year scholarship recipient has been paired with a Centennial Success Coach, who will act as a mentor throughout their academic journey. Our first cohort of coaches is comprised of distinguished professionals from various fields, who share a common goal: to empower the next generation of Bermudian scholars.”

  • Kristin Alexander – VP, Human Resources & Operations, Aeolus Capital Management Ltd.
  • Krista Barnes – Director of Communications & Sustainability, Liberty Group Limited
  • Jonathan Beard – Retired from Deputy Head, Saltus Grammar School
  • Tanya Bhandari – Executive Coach, Untangled International [entrepreneur]
  • Aaryn Cimino – Secondary English Teacher
  • Camille Creary – Family Preservation Social Worker, Dept. of Child & Family Services
  • Uneaka Daniels – English Language Arts Teacher Leader/Reading Specialist, Port Royal Primary School
  • Wesley Hall – Year 7 ELA Teacher and Advisor, Purvis Primary School
  • Latisha Lister-Burgess – Executive Director, Employee Assistance Programme
  • Samantha Nearon – Diagnostic Technologist Aide, Bermuda Cancer and Health Centre
  • Tiffany Paynter – Executive Director, OutBermuda
  • Christa Schweizer – VP, Legal Counsel, Butterfield Bank
  • Tiffany Whitter – Educational Therapist, Sandys Secondary Middle School

Allison Towlson, Managing Director of Centennial Bermuda Foundation, expressed her gratitude towards these dedicated professionals, “We are most grateful for the commitment and engagement of our inaugural cohort of Centennial Success Coaches. With this calibre of professional expertise and warm-hearted generosity, we are confident our students will have greater resources to succeed in their academic endeavours.”

The spokesperson said, “Centennial Bermuda Foundation’s mentorship program empowers Bermuda’s young people. The focus extends beyond promoting academic success but also creating an interconnected and resilient community of future leaders and innovators. This program is more than a pathway to educational achievement; it’s a testament to the power of mentorship and the strength of community.

“Centennial is excited to celebrate the achievements and milestones of its scholars, knowing that students are well-equipped to thrive and make a positive contribution to Bermuda. Centennial’s Scholarship Committee is dedicated to ensuring each student achieves their full potential.”

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  1. Great news says:

    Let’s encourage our youth to join. This is great news and forward thinking.

  2. Kim Smith says:

    Well done, Centennial for providing support and guidance to your scholarship recipients… both will be worth their weight in gold!

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