Pickleball Coaching Certification Training Held

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The Pickleball Association of Bermuda [PAB] announced the “successful conclusion of a transformative week, from December 1-7, aimed at advancing pickleball coaching excellence and broadening the sport’s reach across Bermuda.”

A spokesperson said, “Internationally acclaimed coaches Marina Anderson and Chris Powers led the event, conducting clinics for intermediate and advanced players that attracted over 100 participants. Moreover, a comprehensive two-day coaching certification endorsed by the Pickleball Pro Registry [PPR] under the Professional Tennis Registry [PTR] was a significant highlight.

“Marina Anderson, as a clinician, played a pivotal role in this certification, skillfully guiding 16 pickleball enthusiasts through the process. This endeavor represents a major step in fostering a strong coaching community within Bermuda.

“Gavin Manders, leveraging his PPR professional rating and PTR connections, attained clinician status in pickleball. His involvement in assisting Marina during the certification process positions him to train and certify Bermudian coaches, marking a significant development for destination certifications in Bermuda in 2024 and the creation of a new generation of certified Bermudian pickleball coaches.

“The certification program attracted a diverse group of 16 individuals, including five full-time tennis professionals: Cayla Cross, David and Jacky Lambert, Tariq Simons, and Brent Smith. The program also welcomed Special Olympian Micah Lambert and Andrew Phillips, a former top-ranked junior tennis player, reflecting the wide-ranging appeal and inclusive nature of pickleball.

“Prominent PAB members, including President Matt Dragonetti, Vice President Danny Fox, and board members George Thomas and Sue Chiappa, actively participated in the certification process.

“They were joined by Bill Bucci, a key organizer and former national volleyball coach, who continued his journey as a pickleball coach through this certification. Alongside them, pickleball enthusiasts Johnny Singleton, Diane Blais, Tim McKittrick, and Gary Perry also took part, demonstrating the growing interest and dedication to pickleball within the community.”

The showcase event at the Reefs Resort was a standout hosted by David Dodwell, offering locals the opportunity to play alongside pickleball veterans Anderson and Powers. Danny Fox, Vice President of PAB, commented on the event’s significance, saying, “The energy and wisdom Marina and Chris have brought to our community this week have been transformative. Their enthusiasm for pickleball is contagious and has undoubtedly enhanced our local sporting spirit.”

The spokesperson said, “The success of this multi-tiered event reflects the exceptional teamwork and harmony within the PAB. Key contributors like Val Stevenson, Myra Virgil, Sarah Fox, Kim Simmons, Mary Ewels, and Liz Wright, played crucial roles in orchestrating this significant pickleball experience. Their unified efforts not only ensured the event’s smooth operation but also showcased the association’s dedication to nurturing pickleball’s growth in Bermuda.”

Reflecting on the week, Matt Dragonetti shared, “This week has been a watershed moment for pickleball in Bermuda. The expertise of Marina and Chris, combined with our team’s dedication, has set a solid foundation for the sport’s continued growth on our island.”

The spokesperson said, “Established in 2022, the PAB is a registered charity and the National Sports Governing Body for pickleball in Bermuda. With over 250 members and a thriving player base of 500, the association is at the forefront of championing the expansion and popularity of pickleball in the region.”

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