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Bermudian Patrick Bean Jr is making a name for himself in the film, television, and theatre industry.

Most recently, the 37-year-old actor was featured alongside his fiancée, LaJoy Robinson, on the nationally syndicated talk show Kamaro during an ‘unlock the phone’ episode.

Mr. Bean was depicted as suspecting his girlfriend of having an affair with her male best friend, a DJ, which was threatening their relationship, with the pair engaged to be married.

Host Kamaro Brown, in an attempt to find out the truth, had Ms. Robinson’s phone unlocked in order to access her text messages, with the result being that Ms. Robinson was found to not be having a relationship with her friend.

However, as is custom with such daytime television shows, there was a twist, as the woman was found to be actively communicating on a dating app with other men and, once revealed to Mr. Bean, he pronounced the relationship to be over.

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Once aired on Baltimore’s Fox 45, the episode triggered a flurry of calls and social media posts inquiring as to the well-being of the couple’s relationship, with both having to tell friends and family – including his father – that the show was fictitious.

“The Kamaro show was a trip and something totally unexpected,” said Mr. Bean, who got the part completely by accident. “A friend of mine was the one who had been invited to the taping up in Connecticut and he referred me to the producers, so me and LaJoy were invited to take part.

“We had a loose script about me suspecting her of cheating and we just made it up as we went along.

“I’m supposed to be the actor, but Joy was the one that really stole the show.”

“Afterwards, people were calling and wondering what was happening with me and Joy and we had to let them know that the show was just for entertainment purposes.”

Beyond the brief venture into the talk show circus, the actor, who is the son of local writer/journalist Patrick Bean Sr and Rosetta Somerville of Baltimore, Maryland, has demonstrated himself to be a versatile performer, appearing in various short and long form film genres, ranging from comedy, action, crime, drama, and horror.

Included among his credits are roles in Whispers Saga, Slightly New, Blinq, Feathers, Ruin Agency, Queen of Hearts, Miscalculated, Winter in Paradise, Stripped from Insanity, and a half dozen others.

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About to be released online is the movie The Drunk, in which he stars alongside Sharrie Mccain, IamTercola Moeteak, and Brad Eaton, with Mccain playing the role of a dysfunctional alcoholic who is also his wife.

Mr. Bean got into more formalised acting after first dabbling in making his own hip hop music videos and posting them on YouTube and other social media and online platforms.

“I initially got into acting through music,” said Mr. Bean, who has a psychology degree from Morgan State University, one of the country’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities [HBCU]. “I was and still write my own lyrics and create or buy beats.

“I would script and perform while making videos to go with some of them, posting on YouTube and various online platforms.

“I like to perform, express, and expose the many faces, personalities, and characters within and without my being.

“My father is terrific and very creative writer and his creativity is part of my inheritance, while my mother has given me her go-getter mentality and drive to put myself out there.”

Adding impetus to his desire was the critically acclaimed American crime drama television series that aired on HBO from 2002 to 2008, which was set in Baltimore and explored the city’s drug scene and the police department’s efforts to combat it.

“The Wire is hands down my favourite show ever,” said the father of six girls, Dyanna Brown, twins Arianna and Adrianna Bean, Zaria Bean, Zenaya Bean and Harlow McPherson. “I have the entire CD collection and still watch them up until today.

“Michael K. Williams, may he rise in peace, was fantastic and that also spurred my desire to get involved in the acting arena.”

Born and based in Charm City, Mr. Bean has carried out starring roles on the stage, appearing at his hometown’s historic Arena Players, the oldest continuously operating African-American community theater in the United States.

Beyond acting, Mr. Bean yet has a day job as a full-time housing specialist, counselling and ensuring the needs of several mental health clients under his remit. He also works part-time at a local homeless shelter.

Nevertheless, Mr. Bean was not always one of positive ambition, having strayed upon a high risk path filled with illegality and danger, hanging with hoodlums of the dark market of gangs, guns, and drugs.

A trip to Baltimore City Jail and nearly two years of incarceration for assault in his early 20s offered time to re-evaluate his life goals.

Mr. Bean went back to school, first enrolling at Baltimore City Community College, before moving on to his mother, father, and aunt’s father’s alma mata, MSU, and later commencing graduate studies at the University of Baltimore, from where he hopes to earn obtain a Master’s degree.

“I’m fortunate to have a family that supported me through my wayward moments in life,” said Mr. Bean. “My mother would tell me I was a fool for the things I was doing, but at the time I was ignorant to the facts.

“I’m grateful that she never gave up on me and I’m now, while still greatly flawed, able to expose my talent and make more positive contributions to society.”

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