Sailing: Kempe & Patton Compete In Australia

January 5, 2024 | 0 Comments

The Oceania & Australian Open & Youth Laser Championships 2023 hosted by the George’s River Sailing Club got underway with Sebastian Kempe, and Campbell Patton both competing.

After five races in the ILCA 7 Class Kempe is in 31st with 95 points, and Patton is 65th with 143 points.

Kempe leads the Under-21 Division, he leads Theodor Middelthon from Norway by 2 points, and Lachie Weber, from Australia, is third with 105 points.

Kempe had a 4th place finish in the 5th race, while Patton’s best finish thus far is 16th in the 3rd race.

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