PIVIO Lifestyle Program Deadline Is March 1

February 28, 2024 | 0 Comments

The Department of Health [DOH] is advising the public that the registration deadline for the PIVIO Lifestyle Medicine Program is March 1.

A Government spokesperson said, “PIVIO, a comprehensive health improvement program is a well-established lifestyle education initiative, centering its approach on plant-based nutrition, physical activity, stress reduction, mindfulness training, and positive psychology.

“This program has a proven track record of guiding individuals towards positive health transformations, resulting in potential reductions in medication dependency, weight loss, and enhancements in cholesterol and blood glucose levels.”

Minister of Health Kim Wilson said, “The PIVIO program is not just about healthy lifestyle learning and support; it’s about changing lives. This initiative will empower individuals to live their healthiest lives, and it will improve the well-being of those battling chronic illnesses which helps reduce healthcare claims costs. This is part of our goal of healthy people in healthy communities.”

The Government spokesperson said, “Beginning on March 21, the structured PIVIO classes will be conducted through remote sessions spanning 9-weeks, providing a comprehensive and impactful journey toward improved well-being. While the classes are online, DOH has implemented several in-person activities throughout the program to encourage participants, and DOH staff will be on hand to answer any questions.

“The final PIVIO online live Information Session is Thursday, February 29, at 11:45 am on the Department of Health Facebook page.

“For more details, contact DOH via email at nutrition@gov.bm or phone at 278-6469.”

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