BPS To Re-Deploy Parish Officers On March 4

February 28, 2024 | 20 Comments

The Bermuda Police Service advised that “commencing Monday, March 4th, 2024, a number of Parish Officers will be re-deployed to general patrol duties.”

A police spokesperson said, “This re-deployment will last until Tuesday, April 30th, 2024 and is part of continued efforts to make Bermuda safer.

“This means there will be limited access to your Parish Officers during the period mentioned.

“The BPS apologises for any inconvenience this temporary change may cause, as we recognize the value that Parish Officers bring to our community.

“We thank the public for their patience and understanding. Should you need to contact the Parish Constables office, please call 247-1223 or email parishes@bps.bm.”

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  1. Hilarious! says:

    A great idea would be to put the BPS weight-challenged officers on foot patrol. Just ask the Minister of Health to give her opinion on the officer’s BMI. Healthy officers mean fewer sick days taken, lower health insurance costs, and healthier officers.

    • puzzled says:

      Hilarious…………………Spot on.

    • Joe Bloggs says:

      I would have said that a great idea would be to provide the Bermuda Police Service with adequate funding so that it could bring its manpower up to full strength and still have the financial resources it needs in order to fulfil its mandate. But the Bermuda police service has been chronically underfunded for two decades now and I see no change in sight.

      • Hilarious! says:

        BPS has a HUGE reserve force to leverage. At least 300 people. You can check for the most recent numbers of BPS reserve + BPS headcount since you have time on your hands. BPS staff was 479 in the 2022-2023 budget. Wiki says 468 sworn officers. For the population of Bermuda, BPS is way overstaffed.

        The pubic observation is that BPS has a low public presence and pushes technology like CCTV for crime fighting. Criminals know the camera locations and do things like removing the plates on motorbikes – as we have read. Where are the car patrols? Where are the foot patrols? Mix up the patrol times so there is no pattern. Keep the criminals guessing and off balance.

        • Gary Moreno says:

          Good afternoon, I apologise for not using a proper title to address you, but unlike me you have chosen to hide your identity.

          In any event, please allow men to provide you some clarity on the Bermuda Police Service’s personnel numbers.

          There are currently thirty-one Reserve (Volunteer) Officers and not three hundred as you indicated.

          Also, the number serving officers currently stands at three hundred and sixty-two. Nowhere near the 479 you quoted.

          There is currently a recruitment drive on and I encourage you to consider the BPS as a career choice. The pay and benefits are excellent and you seem like the kind of person who has a desire to make a positive contribution to their community, so here’s your chance.

          • Gary Moreno says:

            Also, as it pertains to patrols and such, I invite you to attend the Magistrate’s Court session on any given day and witness first hand the number of individuals appearing in relation to any number of charges for all kinds of offences.

            Oh, and here again is another opportunity for you to assist the police given your interest in what they do.

            If you witness any kind of illegal activity, please be sure and report it by calling the main police number, 295-0011. You may also share the information with a police officer you know or use the community reporting portal at https://portal.police.bm

            Remember, we’re all in this together.

            • Toodle-oo says:

              Mr Moreno said .. “I invite you to attend the Magistrate’s Court session on any given day and witness first hand the number of individuals appearing in relation to any number of charges for all kinds of offences.”

              While we’re on the subject , could you influence the appropriate people to make sure the weekly list of cases in Magistrate’s Court (and others) on the Supreme Court of Bermuda government website is updated and current on the Monday of every week ?
              It’s not uncommon to see lists weeks out of date . Currently the Magistrate’s Court list is 2 weeks out of date and I’ve seen them even more out of date than that , much more.

              • Hilarious! says:

                Do you really expect public employees to be proficient at their jobs? Hilarious!

                BTW, you are asking the BPS spokesperson to raise an issue on keeping information current that is only TWO WEEKS or more behind.

                BPS is THREE YEARS behind in producing documents. The Official Statistics Report – 2020 is the last such report posted on the BPS website. This is March 1, 2024. Where are the reports for 2021, 2022, and 2023?

          • Hilarious! says:

            Noooo! Not the hide your identity card! As my senior-level contacts at BPS have all retired, I prefer not to open myself up to harassment. I can no longer name-drop. Thank you very much. Strike One!

            My info on the reserves is several years old, and perhaps I misread the wording. My father-in-law, who retired from BPS after 30 years, was in the reserves for years. Many retired police officers sign up for the reserves. From the BPS website: Change of Bermuda Reserve Police Ranks and Insignia Thu, 2015-12-17

            “The Commissioner and the Commandant reported that they had agreed to commence recruiting efforts with a target of reaching 100 Reserve Officers during the 2016/17 financial year, which represents an increase of about 30% on their current strength.”
            (I originally read that as recruiting 100 more reserve officers, not 100 in total; if incorrect, so be it)

            If 100 equals a 30% increase, my math yields a BASE of 333 (rounded) Reserve Officers in Dec 2015. 100/.30 = 333.3333333 From 333 + a pledged increase of 100 (433 total) in Dec 2015 to 31 on Feb 29, 2024, is a significant drop. If 100 in total (complement) was the goal and BPS only has 31 today, a big swing and a miss. BPS management failed.

            I showed you mine, and if I am incorrect, I am incorrect. Now, please cite your documented source on your claim of 31 reserves. Perhaps we disagree on the meaning of “reserves,” or I am incorrect. In any case, it was Strike Two because BPS failed to reach the stated goal.

            We disagree on the meaning of “staff.” Staff includes EVERYONE, NOT just police officers. Look at the Budget. BPS STAFF was 479 in the 2022-2023 budget. EMPLOYMENT SUMMARY BY DEPARTMENT – continued: P. A-12 MINISTRY OF NATIONAL SECURITY, 07 POLICE, 2021/22 Revised column (5), 479. The 2022/23 estimate (column 6) is 487.

            Strike Three! I have not seen the latest Budget with STAFF headcount. How the BPS manages 479 or so STAFF for maximum efficiency is a BPS problem.

            Yes, the courts are full of people charged with offenses, so what? It is not a secret that regular pushes/campaigns exist to write tickets, make arrests, etc. One can also see a lot of weight-challenged high BMI officers when they are in public for whatever reason, like getting lunch. Unfortunately, I am past the age requirement for BPS, and BPS could not afford to pay me my worth.

            As a victim of a particular crime a few years ago, I not only immediately reported the crime but later submitted in writing well-researched, perfectly legal, and easily implementable ideas to BPS on how to significantly reduce occurrences of that specific crime. I cannot go into details other than the workable suggestions were not run up the chain of command.

            No, we are not all in this together. “We” are not on the BPS payroll. “We” cannot do our regular jobs and be daily proxies for the BPS or any other government entity. If “we” must do the job of BPS, why do we need such a large BPS? Just deputize everyone in Bermuda who does not have a disqualifier. Pay each person for every crime reported on a defined crime to a dollar matrix. Watch crime go down.

            • Truth says:

              You’ve been schooled.
              You should sit down, be quiet and learn from this experience.

              • Hilarious! says:

                Yes, Moreno was schooled but he will never admit it. Benchwarmers never do.

                • Truth says:

                  No…your attempt at distraction makes you look like an uneducated fool.

                  YOU have been schooled, but you’re too ignorant for it to stick. LMFAO

                  • Hilarious! says:

                    How so, flunkie? I cited the BPS website and specific Government documents. Showed the math. Moreno struck out. He is benched for the season.

                    • Truth says:

                      You seem proud of your ignorance.

                      The rest of us understand nested quotes…you continue living in bliss :)

                • LOL says:

                  It must have really stung you.
                  You’re so angry now.

            • Gary Moreno says:

              Thank you kindly for your input and do have a good day. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, notwithstanding the fact that their information may be inaccurate.

              • Hilarious! says:

                Still waiting to show me yours.

                • Truth says:

                  You’ve brought nothing but ignorance and racism.

                  You’re boring and an amateur.

                  • Hilarious! says:

                    Stuck on bot auto-pilot?

                    • Truth says:

                      Still trying to figure out the big words and confusing page layout?

                      Poor little bigot.

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