Column: Future-Proof Your Privacy Program

March 6, 2024 | 0 Comments

[Written by the TLC group]

Remember Y2K? The world braced for digital Armageddon, only to find most systems yawned and continued their daily grind. Today, a similar complacency may be creeping into the realm of data privacy. Organizations that implemented privacy programs years ago might be lulled into a false sense of security, but the landscape has changed.

Chances are, your program wasn’t built with the complexities of AI, especially readily available consumer tools like text generators and image creators, in mind. Here’s why a “good enough” mindset might not be enough anymore:

1.Deepfakes – Imagine a disgruntled ex-employee using readily available AI tools to generate eerily realistic video footage of your CEO making outlandish pronouncements. Before you can contain the PR nightmare, the video goes viral, causing irreparable damage to your brand reputation and stock value. Did your privacy program even consider the possibility of such an attack? Did it address how to identify and mitigate the risks associated with AI-generated content?

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2.Personalized Phishing – AI can be used to personalize phishing emails with alarming accuracy, mimicking your writing style, tone, and even company logos. This makes them significantly more believable and increases the risk of your employees falling victim. Did your program equip your staff with the necessary training and awareness to identify these sophisticated phishing attempts?

3.Biased Bots – You proudly launch a new AI-powered chatbot to enhance customer service. But soon, complaints start rolling in about biased responses, reflecting societal prejudices present in the training data. This sparks public outrage and accusations of discrimination. Did your program consider the potential for algorithmic bias in AI development and deployment? Did it establish safeguards to ensure fair and unbiased treatment of all users?

Is your old-school privacy program prepared for this new reality?

These are just a few examples highlighting the potential pitfalls of neglecting the evolving risk landscape when it comes to AI and personal data.

The bottom line is this, a privacy program needs to be a living document, continuously adapting to emerging technologies and threats.

And that’s The TLC Group of Companies specialty! Email to book a free consultation, and discover how we can help you future-proof your privacy program.

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