American Couple To Walk First End-to-End

April 23, 2024 | 1 Comment

[Written by Stephen Wright]

American couple Linda and Bill Butler are visiting the island to participate in their first Convex End-to-End as part of a last-minute trip as they look to “live each day as if it’s their last.”

Linda and Bill Butler, who are from Oxford, Connecticut, decided to travel to Bermuda for the annual event soon after the passing of Linda’s 92-year-old father, Jack Mickolyzck, from prostate cancer as the pair felt they needed to take time to reflect on life.

“After losing my dad to prostate cancer on April 2, and spending many months of caregiving [my husband and I made sure we kept dad’s wish to live out his life in his home of 70 years], which we did wholeheartedly and with no regrets,” Ms Butler told Bernews.

“Within a week of dad’s passing, I decided for Bill and I to leave town to recharge our batteries, reflect on life, and live every day as if it’s our last.

Linda and Bill Memoli Bermuda 22 April 2024 xfb

“That’s when Bermuda came to mind as a destination. It was rather last minute.”

Ms Butler, who has visited Bermuda several times previously, said she believes the End-to-End will be the perfect event to meet locals, support the various charities, and enjoy the scenery.

“Once I made the plane reservations and booked an Airbnb, I researched all the events happening in Bermuda,” the 69-year-old said.

“That is when I learned about the Convex End-to-End, and a lightbulb went off, sparking my interest.

“We will arrive with our most comfortable walking shoes and look forward to the event. We have not had a vacation like this in a long time.”

Ms Butler, who said the End-to-End was an event her community-minded father would have appreciated, said she was happy to discover Action on Alzheimer’s and Dementia were among the charities benefitting from the End-to-End this year.

“Unfortunately, my mom, at 89, is in an assisted living in the memory ward with Alzheimer’s,” she added.

“I was happy to see that Action on Alzheimer’s and Dementia is one of the charities we will be walking for.”

Funds raised will also go towards Raleigh International, Transformational Living Centre, WindReach, and the Coalition for the Protection of Children.

St John’s Ambulance, the Horticultural Skills Programme, and the top participating school will also receive funds.


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  1. What a coincidence this is.

    I, too, am here with my husband after losing my Bermudian father to prostate cancer this past September. I’ve returned after far too much time away because I promised my dear dad that I would repatriate his parents’ remains.

    This was a trip we were supposed to have made together, but things changed very rapidly in the summer of 2023.

    It seems the Butlers and I have much in common—for instance, their ‘living each day as if it were their last’ is similar to my newly adopted mantra, “There is no tomorrow, no next week, no next year. If you have something to do, do it now.”

    I very much hope to meet Linda and Bill on the End-to-End this weekend. If Mr Stephen Wright reads this, please feel free to pass along my information to the couple.

    Christina Villafaña Dalcher (daughter of Luis Villafaña (Petty/Robinson/Chiappa line)

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