Back To Bermuda, 42 Yrs Later, Free

May 9, 2010

Americans Jack and Barbara Finnegan will spend their 42nd wedding anniversary in July at The Reefs, enjoying a free vacation they won thanks to their children’s combined efforts.

The couple had 6 children; two of their sons tragically passed away, one son is severely disabled and the Finnegans have cared for him full time for over 30 years.

The couple, who say Bermuda is their favorite place to visit, first honeymooned in Bermuda 42 years ago, returning for their 25th anniversary, both times staying at The Reefs. Two of their children followed in their footsteps, honeymooning at the same hotel.

Without his parents knowledge, son Tim Finnegan entered his parents in the contest, writing:

Having six children meant that my parents had to give up many things, especially time for themselves.

My youngest brother is severely mentally disabled and every day for 31 years my parents have dedicated themselves to his well being. My parents have changed every diaper, given every feeding and attended to every illness without a moment’s consideration of giving him less.

Despite the tragedy of also losing two sons unexpectedly to illness, my parents continue to be the two most positive and generous people imaginable.

A public vote online was to decide the winner of the ‘Show Your Love vacation contest’ being held by The Reefs. Without their parents’ knowledge their three children began an e-campaign, sending e-mails to everyone they knew encouraging them to vote.

Their story received more than one-third of the 3,000 votes cast, winning by a large margin. The siblings broke the great news to their parents at the wedding reception of their oldest son Kevin.

While Jack and Barbara Finnegan enjoy their July vacation in Bermuda, their other three children will join forces and travel to Hilton Head to care for their severely disabled brother full time while their parents are away.

There are a number of other free trips to Bermuda to be won this month:

Ten couples can win an all expenses paid wedding where they will be flown to Bermuda via private jet along with eight guests [see here]

The other free trip up for grabs includes 20 free airline tickets from the US East Coast to Bermuda for you and your guests, 10free  hotel rooms and a free wedding ceremony and reception in Bermuda. [link here]

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