Cemetery Rd Closes For Night: Diesel Fuel Spill

July 8, 2010

Cemetery Road is currently closed to through traffic and will be closed during tonight’s evening rush hour. BELCO has advised that work is ongoing to clean up a diesel fuel spill that has run into the road.

The spill has been contained and the diesel fuel is being removed. BELCO expects to reopen the road later this evening, and thanks motorists for their cooperation.

Update 7:30pm: BELCO wishes to advise motorists that Cemetery Road will remain closed to through traffic on the morning of Friday, July 9th. The decision was made in the interest of safety, so that all equipment and materials can be removed from the road before it is reopened to the public. Gorhams Lumberyard entrance remains accessible from the North.  Animal & Garden House and Treecon remain accessible from Serpentine Road. BELCO will advise when the road is reopened, and thanks motorists and neighboring businesses for their patience

The photo below shows the road at 5pm today [July 8]
cemetary road bermuda

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  1. terry says:

    That is the biggest disaster I have ever seen. I am so glad that BELCO were on top of it.

    The CEO and Managment need big bonus’s for the recovery and clean up efforts. This could only happen in Bermuda.

    What a relief that no harm was done to wild life and sewers and BMW’s and SUV’s. Good thing school is out or the parents would have had to clean the mess from oily shoooooze………………………