Watch: Live Hurricane Igor Webcast

September 19, 2010

Our friends over at Bermuda Sports Network are providing a live stream from the Scaur Hill, Somerset Bermuda area. Bermuda is currently starting to feel the brunt of Igor, with conditions expected to worsen through the day. Watch below, and for our live blogging coverage click here, for Igor photo galleries click here and for all our hurricane coverage click here.

—-now over—–

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  1. Bluey Boy says:

    Have it streaming to large screen TV in Uk so we can be there with you keep it coming keep safe

  2. Dude are those powerlines gone or did the camera move.

  3. Donna (Miss eMoo) says:

    I’m watching from New Orleans! Stay safe and hang on tight =)

  4. What is happening in the Grotto Bay area?

  5. Stian Isaksen says:

    Nice cam position! ;D its perfect, because you can see the winds blowing over the water.

  6. David Aitch says:

    Watching from Vancouver, British Columbia (west coast of Canada). I hope all the sailors in the region are safe in port, and having a pint at the local pub.

    There are old sailors, and there are bold sailors … but there are no old, bold sailors.

    Good luck Bermuda.

  7. terry says:

    Oh yes there are David, oh yes there are. There are chickens in a coop………you’ll get it.

  8. laura jackson says:

    Good luck bermuda keep safe love to the shaw family (gordie,hilary, bethany + leah) praying for you all xxx lv from england xxx

  9. Heidi says:

    Watching and feeling for all my Bermuda friends. Hope all are safe drinkin de dark & stormys. Stay Safe my bredren.

  10. Kopkaaz says:

    If you wish we can send Hansje Brinker from Holland, he has magic vingers.

  11. bart says:

    Hey hello

    Im watching from Venray,the Netherlands, good luck to you all….

  12. Pieter says:

    Nice cam mate! Watching from the Netherlands.

  13. Heidi says:

    Loving your coverage. So enjoyed just seeing you out speaking to us. Some poor sailboat around the corner in Mangrove Bay has broke loose and is up pon de rocks.

  14. Steve & Gaynor Gallant says:

    Keep safe, Bermuda! Thinking of you from the UK today/tonight.


  15. Marcia says:

    That view is looking much calmer than where we are in the East, Texas Road, St. David’s. It feels like we are already experiencing consistently at least 70kt winds. We stillhave about 15 more kts to go possibly more…we’ll see! Be safe!

  16. Taylor Flowers Flagg says:

    Great job…I hope you keep up the live stream comments through out the night ! Thanks from Texas :)

  17. Eric Silva says:

    Great site and thanks for having your webcam available to us overseas. I am in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Missing my family, and friends… and thinking of everyone during this storm. Be Safe My Bermuda peeps.

  18. Danny L. Hollis says:

    Very cool cam setup…suggestion: it is better zoomed in , as you can see the water condition much better…very cool sight though!!!

  19. Richard Watson-Brown says:

    All the best from Australia

  20. bernews says:

    To everyone from overseas who has wished us well…..thank you….all of us here in Bermuda appreciate it.

  21. Tracy Vallis says:

    Thanks for the feed! Watching from Nova Scotia. Somerset is my home though. Stay safe guys!!

  22. Danny L. Hollis says:

    Thats better…then you dont have the wires in the picture either…you guys rock!!!!!! Keep up the good work…

  23. Desmond M. says:

    Hi watching from Boston! Be safe everyone!

  24. Heidi says:

    This is a good view. Looks like the direction may be switching??? Can you confirm?

  25. Danny L. Hollis says:

    Right there is good… ever picture…you guys are awesome…

  26. Sylvain says:

    Watching from France, in Paris. Good luck and be safe!

  27. nicole says:

    Watching from the US (Maryland my sister lives in sandys parish !!! We are thinking of you all and wishing everyone safe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. peter says:

    Keep the faith & hang on to that camera!
    good Luck from Canada

  29. James says:

    Looks like there is a boat on the rocks the other side of the island that is in shot?

  30. Jennifer says:

    The storm is looking nasty, look at that wind. I’m watching up here in Toronto, Canada sending good wishes to my friends in Bermuda.

  31. T.Smith says:

    Our prayers are with u Bermuda. Brighton,England

  32. bart says:

    Wow its getting dark verry fast, to bad we can see anything anymore….
    by by

  33. Maria says:

    Prayers are going out for you while watching from over here in South Carolina, USA.

  34. Joyce Matthews says:

    Your coverage is amazing – we’ve been following the conditions for a while now. It looks as though the wind’s changed direction and increased in speed. Hope your power pole’s transformer holds. We on Bowen Island (just near Vancouver, BC Canada) are with you in spirit. Hang in there, Bermuda! (And thanks for persevering through the storm to keep the coverage going.)

  35. cath says:

    Watching and listening to the wind (and tree frogs!) in Ottawa. I have family in Devonshire … love and strength to all in Bermuda.

  36. Karen says:

    hang in and hang on, my thoughts are with you

  37. Lindsay says:

    Watching from Costa Rica; stay safe guys. Miss you. Take care. (and great coverage, thanks!)

  38. lmarruso says:

    Great coverage….been glued to computer since i found your site…Hope all will be safe …. take care of the island…..keep up the great reporting… pictures and video….phenomenal

  39. Bubba says:

    Thank you for the feed. Stay safe!

  40. Denise says:

    Hey everyone on the Rock! My prayers arewith all of my MSA family! Take care.
    Have a Dark and Stormy for me! D

  41. pr waterfall says:

    Our prayers to Jah for safety to all bermudians – Mucho amor y paz

  42. sjfrom Florida says:

    Lived through many hurricanes here in Florida… they are not fun and cause much suffering… the shrill wind coming from the sound feed of web cam brings bad memories… hopes and prayers to proud people of Bermuda…

  43. KPS says:

    Watching from Trinidad & Tobago. Stay safe. Great coverage.

  44. maryfromlosangeles says:

    Been to Bermuda numerous the island, and the people.
    Prayers for all your citizens…be safe

  45. CDRogers says:

    Great coverage watching from Birmingham UK, stay safe Bermuda my heart is with you.

  46. utah says:

    Watching from Canada. Good luck and stay safe!

  47. Dee Sims says:

    We are from Ruislip, England. Our family live Devonshire. Have been talking to them on skype. Sounds like you are having a bad time. Amazing pictures. Thanks for those. Keep safe

  48. Jane says:

    Watching from Southampton, UK. Hope Bermuda family & friends made it through the night OK. You’ve done a brilliant job with the webcam.

  49. Jackie says:

    Great webcam – good to see real time weather. Just spoke to my brother-in-law in Paget. No power but no real damage done. The worst is over!

  50. AnnMarieP says:

    Thanks so much for your coverage. It was a relief to be able to see what was going on with our friends and family.

  51. Veebyes says:

    Nice shots. I have spent many many nights onboard our boat anchored over there by Palm Island.