Live Blogging Hurricane Igor

September 19, 2010

8:00am: 3,650 without electricity [details here] and Bermuda Regiment soldiers report for duty.[details here]

9:55am: Video posted here from this morning showing winds at Bostock Hill in Paget.

10:00am: Dr Marc Guishard of the Weather Service reported sightings of tornadic activity on their radar in the East End. Dr. Guishard has indicated that the Causeway should be temporarily closed.

10:00am: Small fire at Trimingham Hill in Paget, we understand no injuries

10:09am: Our reporter in St George’s is saying the Causeway is closed, however we have rec’d no official notification.

10:10am: Photo here shows a sailboat on the rocks in Mangrove Bay Somerset this morning

10:12am: We have official confirmation the Causeway has closed. Photo of closed Causeway with barriers up here and here.

10:27am: BELCO says total customers out as of 10:00 am is approx 2500, and crews are working to restore power. More details here.

10:34am: Photo here taken just now in St Davids. Resident reports “Despite the very high winds we still have power (for now). The waves are crashing high up on the hill across from the condos.”

10:46am: Resident reports power at north side of Harrington Hundreds road lost power 15 minutes ago. Resident reports Glebe Road area still has power.

11:12am: Live webcast from Somerset available here.

11:40am: Cable has gone out in some areas of Devonshire.

11:46am: Also see our Facebook page, where our members are posting photos.

11:54am: Resident in Southampton has reported her home is experiencing some flooding, photo of the home’s front door here

12:21pm: BELCO reports 6,000 without power. They are asking people to call BELCO at 955 to report emergencies, such as downed lines and leaning poles. Details here.

12:32pm: Full photo slideshow and video showing weather conditions in St Georges and St Davids filmed from 9am-11am this morning added here.

12:49pm: Bermuda Bistro on Front Street is open to 5pm today.

12:56pm: Here at “Bernews HQ” howls of the wind can be heard, and leaves are blowing past outside.

1:11pm: Video of weather conditions in Southampton at 11:40am posted here.

1:15pm: This photo was posted on our Facebook page, and it was so cute we had to post it here as well. Their mom says she “is trying to entertain the kids”. Photo here.

1:21pm: The US National Hurricane Center says hurricane force winds are reported in Bermuda now, with stronger to come. It is now 135 miles away, moving at 16mph. BDA Weather says closest point is at 10pm tonight, and winds to decrease to below hurricane force late tonight.

1:36pm: A tree is down in Khyber Pass Warwick, photo here.

2:30pm: Also see our Youtube channel where we are steadily adding videos.

2:47pm: BELCO reports that as of 2:00pm, there are approximately 7000 customers without power. BELCO’s Hurricane Igor Incident Command have made the decision that all crews will now stand down, effective immediately, until storm force winds abate. With the worst of the hurricane yet to come, the plan calls for crews to be sent back out into the field as soon as possible on Monday when conditions improve. Full details here.

2:57pm: This is official information from Dwayne Caines of the Emergency Measures Organization: “Everyone should now be off the road. (We are still noticing some individuals that are storm watching. Please go inside until the EMO states officially the worst has passed and it is safe to come outside. ) Persons on the road at this point jeopardize not only their safety but the safety of the emergency personnel. We are getting reports of flooding on roads and cars stalling as well as downed trees, and tree branches and other debris. Cedarbridge Academy is open as a Shelter for those who need a place to go at this point.”

3:05pm: This information is official information from the EMO press officers and the Department of Parks. There are trees down in Mangrove Bay, Middle Road nears Spicelands, Barkers Hill, Canal Road in Pembroke is completely blocked, South Road Smiths near Harrington Hundreds, and the Cabinet Office in Hamilton has large branches down. Tree Teams from the Department of Parks are on Stand-by and will be assessing as the day goes on.

3:28pm: Devonshire Post Office has several branches down [photo]., and Orange Valley has plenty of foliage in the road [photo]. Photos taken at approx 12 noon.

3:43pm: The tall antenna in Prospect is shaking in the wind, rocking back and forth.

3:57pm: Here at “Bernews HQ” massive sections of branches are falling, its raining, the wind is howling, we’ve lost cable but maintain power thankfully.

4:31pm: BELCO reports approx 16,000 without power, since they have approx 35,500 customers, about 50% of the island is without power. Full details here.

4:54pm: As usual, some people have left motorbikes parked in Hamilton. Photo here of bikes knocked down on Bermudiana Road at about 12pm.

5:07pm: Photo from this afternoon showing a tree crashed across the road, and another photo here of a crashed tree.

5:19pm: On a musical note, the Government emergency radio station is playing some reasonable music between updates. Previous storms, there were times where they appeared to play the exact same CD for hours on end.

5:30pm: From St George’s we are told “Lotsa wind and rain, No trees seen down. No visible structral damages. Still some traffic on the road. The big one is St Georges Club which apparently lost power at 11am + is still out with many Bermudians up there trying to escape that problem. St Georges Prep that suffered greatly from Fabian appears to be ok.”

5:36pm: Bit of distressing news….there was an incident in Paget which resulted in the death of a pet..a kitten. The details are a tad gory, so we won’t go into them.

5:49pm: We have hundreds of photos up from when the storm was approaching, you can view them here.

6:00pm: Large scale flooding has started to occur in the West End, residents of the Boaz Island condos are pictured here literally walking in thigh deep water. Additional photos here.

6:34pm: BELCO reports approximately 19,500 customers were without power as of 6pm, this is approx 60% of Bermuda. More details here.

7:10pm:The Government tender boat “Bermudian” broke from its moorings . The buoy to which it was attached is still in its original location but the boat is being slammed by the surf against the shoreline. Depending on the amount of damage received, it may not be available to tender passengers of the visiting Veendam if she comes in this Tuesday. Photos here and here. More info on boats breaking free here.

7:52pm: The Bermuda Weather Service says Igor’s closest point of approach to Bermuda is forecast in about 2 hours at 10pm – when it will be around 50 miles to our west. It is still carrying maximum sustained winds of 85 mph.

8:05pm: Police and EMO spokesman Dwayne Caines has refuted the rumours that someone has drowned in Bermuda, saying “As of 8:02 pm no one has drowned in the waters in and around Bermuda.” It appears this confusion came about due to news reports that two people drowned from Igor – which was NOT in Bermuda, but the Caribbean. Details on those two tragic deaths here.

8:29pm: St Georges, like much of the island, is flooding rapidly, with water reaching up to the level of the Ordnance Island bridge.

8:40pm: BELCO says as of 8pm, there are 21,000 without power. For full details on BELCO outgages see here.

9pm: “Bernews HQ” is feeling it now, the wind is howling outside, and we are worried about losing power. We apologize if we abruptly stop updating at some point through the night. Rest assured, we will only stop if we are unable to update.

9:10pm: The Ferry Terminal in Hamilton has sustained damage, this photo is from around noon today.

9:20pm: Our East Enders are in for a bit more than the rest of the island, with the EMO saying “The eastern parishes will see a longer period of hurricane force winds before the storm starts to move away.” The winds will peak at 10/11pm tonight, stay through the night whike gradually decreasing.

10:30pm: BELCO reports approx 23,600 [66% of island] is without power as of 10pm, and that number is likely to increase through the night. Full details on BELCO outages here.

10:51pm: “Bernews HQ” is experiencing flickering, and we are worried we may lose internet ability, so wish to apologize in advance if we stop posting. Hopefully not.

11:22pm: It appears there have been no serious injuries at all as of yet, we hope it holds.

11:41pm: Igor is very close and we are now in the worst of it, and you can definitely tell. It is howling outside, and “Bernews HQ” is experiencing windows shaking and rattling. For more descriptions of what it is like here, see our Facebook page where people are posting.

12:18am [Mon Sept 20]: Photo set showing major flooding of St Georges Town Square here.

1:06am: We are in for a long night as Bermuda Weather says “Current hurricane force winds are projected to end around sunrise Monday with tropical storm force winds ending early Monday evening”

1:48am: We aren’t meteorologists, but we wonder if the eye, or part thereof, is over us now, as we can report it has gone very quiet – for this first time in hours we aren’t hearing the howling of the wind. Our man “over the Causeway” says it is the same there. Peering outside shows it appears calmer. Eye or coincidence we do not know.

2:39am: Due to the anti-social time, we don’t expect any substantial updates to come through to about 7am, so unless something extreme happens, we likely won’t be updating again for about 4 hours. Thanks for following along, and check back later today when we will Live Blog Part #2: The Aftermath.

7:39am: Official confirmation: No deaths or major injuries reported from Igor!

7:45am: We would like to thanks all the overseas visitors from around the world for their well wishes.

8:03am: We are up and running on a new live blog: Aftermath of Igor – see here.

[Editors note: At this stage we would greatly appreciate any help with reports, comments and photos. We have pushed hard to do the best we can to bring you Igor updates and photos, but are now restricted in movement, as safety is of prime concern. Please feel free to help us out and post anything here as a comment below or email us at If we stop updating, its as we have lost ability to. Thanks….and be safe.]

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  1. Beez Evans says:

    We have 12 people spread between 3 yachts riding out the storm in Hamilton Harbor. Just had a few gusts to 50kts, but its pretty unremarkable out here for now.

    • Wayne Furbert MP says:

      Is is blowing real bad in the Harbor? Keep Safe

      • Beez Evans says:

        Been very good in the harbor till right about now. starting to take some gusts and waves pounding

  2. Bunny says:

    Thanks so much for your reporting. Do you know if there are any live streams or web cams available to view the storm moving in?

  3. lana flood says:

    lights are on down tobacco Bay way so far. Getting strong gust every once in a while
    say 40 to 45 windy right now no gust

  4. wendy says:

    Warwick Bowl area. Lost lights at 7:30am they came back on just after 9 however they are gone again. I guess this time they will not come back.

  5. Mae says:

    Very windy and heavy rain in Somerset {near Heydon Trust}. The lights are still on but dip with each gust of wind. Hoping we won’t be left without power for 3 weeks like we did for Fabian. :( Please stay safe, everyone!…and don’t take any risks!

  6. Linda says:

    Everything is fine near loyal hill pass, devonshire. rain coming down in buckets, not much wind on the northern side. electricity still on. Lost brances on one frangipani tree…. :(

  7. chris says:

    Lights are back out on granaway heights area….

  8. K says:

    I live in Somerset, our electricity has been dimming and coming back to life since last night.

  9. John and Sally Dvorak says:

    From Richmond, VA. USA Our thoughts and prayers are with all our friends in Bermuda. We did so enjoy our vacation there in July and are amazed at the pix of John Smith’s Bay where we spent so much time. Stay safe everybody.

  10. sandra says:

    Had some really strong gusts in Spanish Point. Power is out in some areas and trees breaking. Seems to have eased off for a little bit….

  11. Val says:

    Hearing that tornadoes are being reported..

  12. bernews says:

    Thank you to everyone for the updates….keep them coming.

  13. hope everyone can stay safe and all stays well ill keep all in my prayers

  14. Bunny says:

    Bernews, years ago, we spent a terrifying night in a hurricane with winds sustained at about 100 and gusting to 120 or so. The howling wind you mentioned is the one sound I will never forget.

    We were in a fairly densely forested area, and during the lightning flashes, we could see the trees bending over to the ground…then hear them snapping like toothpicks (the other sound ingrained in my memory).

    I never knew til that night what a truly “howling” wind sounded like. Hope I never hear it again!

    Best of luck to all of you, thinking of you and praying for you here in North Carolina!

  15. Sean M says:

    Hurricane Hunter aircraft is enroute to IGOR for the last time today before IGOR strikes Bermuda. It’s heading north and currently 492 miles south of Bermuda. Will keep updated with live data as it comes in…

    • Sean M says:

      Aircraft now 194 miles south of Bermuda, entering IGOR from the east side to the center this time. Lastest Observation at that location is :

      Product: Air Force Tropical RECCO Message (URNT11 KNHC)
      Transmitted: 19th day of the month at 17:08Z
      Aircraft: Air Force Aircraft (Last 3 digits of the tail number are 300)
      Storm Number: 11
      Storm Name: Igor (flight in the North Atlantic basin)
      Mission Number: 6
      Observation Number: 05

      Mandatory Data…

      Observation Time: Sunday, 17:07Z (2:02pm local time)
      Radar Capability: Yes
      Aircraft Altitude: Below 10,000 meters
      Coordinates: 29.4N 64.1W
      Location: 205 miles (330 km) between the SSE and S (168°) from Hamilton, Bermuda (GBR).
      Turbulence: None
      Conditions Along Flight Route: In the clear
      Pressure Altitude: 3,050 meters
      Flight Level Wind: From 210° at 69 knots (From the SSW at ~ 79.3 mph)
      - The above is a spot wind. (Surface winds calculated to be 71mph)
      - Winds were obtained using doppler radar or inertial systems.
      Flight Level Temperature: 12°C
      Flight Level Dew Point: 4°C
      Weather (within 30 nautical miles): Overcast / Undercast
      700 mb Surface Altitude: 2,965 geopotential meters

      Will report live data when aircraft approaches center…

  16. Grandma Correia says:

    So grateful to you Bernews and your excellent coverage with pictures too! As someone with friends, family and young grandson living far away, Bernews brings a source of comfort almost like I am there with them, certainly not physically but in thought,worry and prayer.

  17. Linda says:

    Does anyone have pictures of Spittal Pond? I hear it is really flooded.

  18. aly says:

    Just lost power in south shore warwick. Across from warwick long bay

  19. Jon says:

    Hurricane watch net – working on behalf of National Hurricane centre – call sign VP5DB – is calling for any station on the island of Bermuda – on frequency 325

  20. Barbara says:

    From Boston…..

    To — your coverage has been incredible, and the live feed — brilliant. You’ve allowed all of us from near and far to stay connected and know how conditions are progressing. My thoughts to you all — stay strong, stay safe, you proud Bermudians!

  21. Sally says:

    Thanks Bernews for all the information – and the plucky folks on Bermuda for keeping the updates coming. Your images show a different side to living on that lovely island which I’ve visited several times over the last 25 years to see my brother.

    Wish all of you Good Luck over the next 24hrs and hope the island doesn’t suffer too badly.

    Hope the Hickmotts survive the night too – and all the family and friends whom I’ve met on my visits.

    Thinking of you.

  22. mount pleasant says:

    150 year old tree down at mount pleasant, paget. Winds are strong, morale is high and beer is flowing. Beer pong is fun during a hurricane!

  23. Vivian Haland says:

    Medicine Hat, Alberta

    Thanks for the great coverage. Just wondering how my Pittman friends are doing in Paget?

  24. Vivian Haland says:

    Just spoke to my friend in Paget. Power is out and no internet service but the phone is working. She is fine!

  25. Sally D says:

    What a wonderful service Bernews is providing to Bermuda and the rest of the world. I experienced smaller hurricanes when I lived on your beautiful island in the early 1960s and Hurricane Isabel here in Virginia 7 years ago. It is very scarey. With memories of our 2010 visit fresh in my mind I really appreciate your updates, amazing pix and most of all your willingness to keep Bermuda residents and Bermuda lovers fully informed. Hope you can keep up the good work and that you all stay safe.

  26. jose says:

    There’s no doubt the wind force is picking up right now. We live on south shore smiths near john smiths bay and are not looking forward to surveying the aftermath. We would like to thank those working tirelessly around the island including BELCO and the EMO. Stay safe and best wishes to all.

  27. Nathan in USA says:

    We spent our honeymoon and first wedding anniversary on your beautiful island and fell in love with it and the people who live there. You are all in our thoughts and prayers now.

  28. Iowa cares says:

    We are in Iowa and hoping that all of you stay safe and know that we are praying for you.

  29. bernews says:

    Thank you to everyone for the updates and well wishes…

  30. mike D says:

    Yep… IF Calm winds.. Esp. where Bermuda is located YOU ARE near/in the eye.. Be Careful when it passes.. THE backside is Very VERY strong.

  31. cris says:

    Undergound weather show the eye over Bermuda righ about now

  32. ShipMaven says:

    I am in Arizona, and am one of two who report weather on a well-known U.S. cruise web site.

    Hoping, praying and sending best wishes that you in Bermuda stay safe.