Obstruction: Convicted Child Killer In Court

November 8, 2010

Convicted rapist and child murderer Chesterfield Johnson appeared in Magistrates Court this morning [Nov 8]. Mr Johnson plead guilty to two charges of relating to obstructing the Police.

On one count he was given a three month prison sentence, which was suspended for 18 months. He received a $1,500 fine for the second count.

The court heard that Mr Johnson rode up to a Police road block on the corner of Court and Elliot Street, and the Police thought he had something in his left hand. The court heard he was informed he would be searched under the Misuse of Drugs Act, he ran off, was quickly caught by the Police, broke away again, caught again and after a struggle he was subdued with Captor spray, and eventually searched. On being searched, no drugs were found on Mr Johnson.

His record was introduced in Court this morning, with the prosecutor saying Mr Johnson was on licence from previous offence, which he denied.

Mr Johnson, 59, was released from prison in 1999, after serving 20 years for the rape and murder of 11-year-old Connie Furtado. News reports of the day say he raped the young girl, then killed her by strangling her with her own school tie. He was initially sentenced to death, which was overturned on appeal.

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  1. just not right says:

    If he was originally sentenced to death, HOW and WHY is he walking the streets just twenty years later? Unbelievable. Crimes against children are especially heinous, I hope they convict him on something else and lock him up for life.
    As an aside, I had no idea Bermuda even had the death penalty. We should talk ahout it more often, maybe it would be a deterrent to those contemplating committing murder. Doubt it, but one could hope.

  2. Real Talk says:

    How about a picture?

    • Sandra says:

      Yes we need a photo, so that we can protect our children against this person. He could still be doing a pack of nonsense. Lord Help him.

  3. insiDe man says:

    This is the most ridiculous thing I have heard this month. I don’t even want to wonder as to why this man was released in 1999, for what he had done.

    This same man was then subdued by the police twice and is being given a 3 month sentence for running away.

    The Misuse of Drugs Act is an abuse of power. Whatever act that allowed this man on the streets in the first place is a joke. Project your people, not your ego, and not the rapists.

    Obstruction of justice…

  4. Call as it is says:

    This man should have HUNG years ago.

  5. Wow says:

    Amazing that we can have someone who raped a little helpless girl and then murdered her innocent soul walking the streets. In certain countries this waste of sperm would have been executed. Why doesn’t life in jail mean LIFE IN JAIL? Connie would have been 31 today yet this sicko gets to live freely amongst the rest of us after only 20 years?

  6. Tigga says:

    The fact that this man still walks the earth is a disgrace!!

  7. terry says:

    Trying times back then. I remember the case well and Campbell Simons did a great job. I still wonder to this day why he was not executed. But during this period in Bermudas history it was trying times.

    The status quo wanted peace, tourists and money after years of mayhem et al.

    In my opinion this is a straw that broke the camels back and it’s been in surgery for many years and society is footing the bill as we speak.

    I won’t even get into the Assassintaions and other horrific crimes that took other lives at this point.

    18 months?

    Whens his “Licence up”.

    Bermuda Is Another World.

  8. itwasn't me says:

    He’s lucky he didn’t target my daughter. He’s real lucky

    • Wow says:

      I feel you ‘itwasn’t me’. I also think that when someone hurts anybody unjustly we all should react as though it is our very own child because this P.O.S. and others like him will reoffend.

  9. user says:

    I took a look through the Royal Gazette website and couldn’t find a picture there either, so I assume the media isn’t permitted to show photos of him and endanger him by doing so.
    There is nothing good about this, nothing at all.

  10. GRRRRRR WTF? says:

    Send him to Saudi Arabia, they’ll deal wif his arse after friday prayers.

  11. user says:

    Also, it’s a shame they couldn’t drug test him. Just because he didn’t have it in his hand then doesn’t mean he didn’t before…

    • rick olson says:

      Why a suspended sentence ?? It is disgusting how soft on crime we have become ! Parole in his case is plain insaniety !

  12. Fergie says:

    I remember the case. Death sentence was overturned and now hanging in Bermuda is not an option. The Burrows/Tacklyn hangings resulted in troubling times.

  13. disgusted says:

    F**K!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is wrong with our LAws! why is someone that murdered!!!! and Raped a girl doing ouT!!!!!!!!!
    WHO released him!!!!!!!!
    If a paedophile arrivies in a neighborhood in America damn well that entire neighborhood will know in a matter of hours and kick him out that same day,they have websites and all kind of resources to track these people the public can use,and in Bermuda we dont even have a pic of him.Well if this is not evidence we are to soft on crime what is.

    • Uncle Ruckus says:

      Yup. It’s disgusting. These sickos have more rights than anyone else. Protect their name/identity. He should be in prison but since he isn’t’ he should be monitored. Rape/molestation of a child gets you little time. That other sicko who killed that teenage girl a few years ago was also in prison for a sex crime but released. Had he been in prison were he belonged she would have been alive today. SMH. 2010 and the laws still aren’t changed. Rape/molestation/murder should be life…as in YOU DIE IN PRISON! 20 years IS NOT LIFE!

  14. Peace and Love says:

    Yes he did wrong and should pay for what he did..but why the out cry now? why wasn’t a fuss put out when he was first released?( I was in high college than) if his name was not in the paper for this latest incident no one would be making noise…he has been released for sometime now..Everybody needs to ban together and speak with our politicians and now that we have a new Leader lets focus on what we as a community can do to get the laws changed… every now and than when you have a chance check out our laws and see how old and outdated they are..People including the gentleman in question here was sentenced accordingly in accordance with the laws of Bermuda…(not that I agree with the sentences metted out) But at the end of the day it’s no use “crying over spilled milk” He is not going to go back into prison for the crime he committed as horrible as it was (and it was bad, I saw the pictures) we need to focus on not letting something like this happen again…outside of speaking to those in power I don’t know how to go about getting the laws changed and if someone out there knows how then please share…we cannot erase the past but we can ensure a safe and positive future for our future generations…if we can get the laws changed….

    • just not right says:

      Actually, if you search the Royal Gazette articles, there WAS an outcry when he was released in 1999. Who knows why it’s died down since then.

  15. Curious/Stunned says:

    In 1999 I was only 10 and I do not remember much but I would like to ask upon his release is this published or announced in the paper on the news?

    I was molested the around the sametime as this event took place and wished and still wish death on the individual because he made some of life’s issues very difficult for me and I have to see him regularly in the street (because he got off). For this young girls family to see this man walk the street (as I am sure they know what he looks like) after only doing 20yrs has got to be devastating for them. SMDH

    We are proctecting his identity why????????

    • just not right says:

      I was 13 when he was released, and I don’t remember it either, but I did look through the Royal Gazette website, and there was at least one article saying he had been released, and at least two talking about the public outcry. They didn’t seem to post a picture, presumably for legal reasons. They also said that at least her parents (and siblings?) had left the island. I would have too, in their shoes. :(
      I’m sorry that you went through that, and best wishes for a continued recovery from the trauma.

  16. Concered says:

    There should be mendatory drug testign every week for all convicted felons…..Check the link…


  17. Bewildered says:

    I mean everybody deserves a second chance but clearly he isn’t or should I say hasn’t practiced Christianity otherwise would he run after being searched on the misuse of drugs act??