New Tourism Board Members Named

December 30, 2010

Minister of Business Development and Tourism Patrice Minors this morning [Dec 30] announced the new members of the Bermuda Tourism Board, which include Chairman Malcolm Butterfield, Deputy Chairman Jonathan Crellin, Brian Duperrault, Wendell “Shine” Hayward, Kelly Francis, Tony Brannon, Quinton Bean, Vincent Ingham, Randolph Horton, and Maxwell Burgess. They join returning members Michelle Cox, Sallie Singleton, Isabelle Braxton and Anthony Santucci on the Board.

The Minister said “As you can see these members criss-cross both industries. And the marrying together of these individuals is indicative of the seriousness of our Ministry’s focus to ensure that the best opportunities are sought, developed and nurtured to sustain our tourism product.”


The Minister’s full statement follows below:

Good morning and thank you for joining me.

We’re just over 24 hours away from a New Year, and I thought what better way to usher in 2011, then by announcing in my view what I think is some very positive news as it relates to Bermuda tourism.

Since my appointment in early November, and the introduction of the new Ministry of Business Development and Tourism, I have made it my mission to ensure that residents understood the key importance of the goals and mandates of our Ministry.

Simply put, the Ministry of Business Development and Tourism has a broad mandate to advance economic growth, jobs and opportunities for the people of Bermuda. It has cross cutting responsibilities in the areas of financial services and other forms of trade; tourism; technology; and intellectual property.

Hence the services and products the Ministry provides touch the lives of all Bermudians.

And as I have continuously pointed out, there has long been a desire to better align these two sectors.

So our efforts of promotions, marketing and business development in the upcoming months will reflect the synergy of these two sectors.

Therefore it was only logical that we had a Tourism Board that mirrored our new Ministry. And so today, it gives me great pleasure to introduce to you the newest members of the Bermuda Tourism Board.

Standing with me today are individuals who represent our local business sector as well as our tourism sector.

They are:

* Tourism Board Chairman Mr. Malcolm Butterfield –Malcolm is the Managing Director for KPMG Financial Advisory Services Limited, Bermuda. He has extensive corporate recovery and restructuring experience, and has developed experience handling complex, cross-jurisdictional insolvency appointments with particular expertise in the financial services sector.

* Deputy Tourism Board Chairman Mr. Brian Duperrault – Brian is the President and CEO of Marsh & McLennan Companies, Inc. Mr. Duperreault is a 30-year insurance industry veteran who has served at the top of his profession in numerous leadership roles, including 10 years as chief executive officer of ACE Limited.

* Mr. Shine Hayward – Shine is Bermuda’s musical homegrown son – he is a respected music teacher, acclaimed saxophonist, a small business entrepreneur and a fine mentor to our young.

* Ms. Kelly Francis – Kelly is the President and Founder of Performance Solutions Limited, and brings 25 years experience in the areas of human resource and organizational change.

* Mr. Tony Brannon – who I like to refer to as Mr. Entertainment – Tony has amassed an international musical reputation, is a successful businessman, and is a fervent supporter of Bermuda’s tourism and local entertainment product.

* Mr. Jonathan Crellin – Mr. Crellin is the General Manager of Fairmont Hamilton Princess and was recently voted hotelier of the year by his peers. He brings a wealth of industry experience to the Board.

* Quinton Bean – Mr. Bean has been a dedicated taxi owner and operator for many years, and this makes him a wonderful tourism ambassador for our Island. He is also a staunch community supporter of our industry and we look forward to his service.

* Mr. Vincent Ingham – CEO of Belco and Ascendant Group, Mr. Randolph Horton MP Parliamentarian and Director of Learning for Fairmont Bermuda and Mr. Maxwell Burgess former Parliamentarian and local businessman round out the membership. These gentlemen were unable to be with us today.

All join returning members Michelle Cox, Sallie Singleton, Isabelle Braxton and Anthony Santucci on the Board.

As you can see these members criss-cross both industries.

And the marrying together of these individuals is indicative of the seriousness of our Ministry’s focus to ensure that the best opportunities are sought, developed and nurtured to sustain our tourism product.

Interestingly enough, the timing of today’s announcement coincides with the release of the Department of Statistics’ 2009 Tourism Satellite Account. There were some interesting statistics in the report relating to tourism – some of which I’d like to briefly highlight.

Without a doubt, tourism is an important sector of the global economy, and is still a critical component to Bermuda’s overall economy. Tourism is our second largest industry, behind international business. According to the latest statistics:

* It is estimated that 559,042 tourists arrived on our shores in 2009.

* Tourism contributed $231 million to our GDP in 2009, representing 4% of our total GDP.

* Visitors spent an estimated $350 million in Bermuda in 2009; and

* Tourism remained the number one private sector employer of Bermudians – this includes restaurants, hotel properties, etc. This represents 70 % of our labour force.

Some of these stats show a slight drop from the 2008 data. Obviously, Bermuda has not been immune from feeling the pinch of the economic slowdown brought about by the global financial crisis.

This has had trickle down effects on many areas, including international business, the real estate market, the construction industry, and yes tourism.

Yet I believe that despite the challenges, Bermuda can position itself to enjoy a stellar year.

And if we are to succeed, then we must explore and embrace different options if we are to remain viable.

We have a great opportunity having the twin pillars of our economy under one umbrella in order to ensure that Bermuda reaches and surpasses this success.

I believe that the new look of the Bermuda Tourism Board is a step in that direction.

These individuals understand Bermuda and what we have to offer.

They each have the passion, drive and experience to further shape our product and I am confident that their service to Bermuda tourism will lead to great things.

So to the new members of the Tourism Board, let me reiterate that I am excited about your willingness to contribute your time and energy to improving our tourism product.

I see a wealth of opportunity and potential.

Today’s announcement is a testament of how serious I personally am about seeing Bermuda become the envied tourist destination of the world.

I am sure you will all agree with me that Bermuda is indeed a gem in the Atlantic and the challenges that we face as a tourist destination are not unique to us… instead I believe that they only serve as an opportunity for us to be chiseled into an even more brilliant jewel.

And I see this being accomplished through the input of a diverse group of committed persons such as yourselves.

Thank you.

[During the Press Conference to announce the new Tourism Board, Minister Minors inadvertently named Mr. Brian Dupperault as Deputy Chairman, when in fact it should have been Jonathan Crellin. The Minister offered her humblest apologies in making the error.]

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  1. Old Tourism Board members says:

    Great line up of people who can attract the older generation of tourist that don’t spend money, where are the younger members that can help attact the younger generation of tourist that like to spend money.

    • Bermy Chick says:

      I was thinking the same thing. Bermuda is always talking about attracting young people and yet the Tourism Board does not have 1 young person on there. What happened to wanting fresh ides etc…makes me think the tourism board is not a ‘working’ board and just one that’s there to show face.

      • Under 50 says:

        Me too! This is a great opportunity missed for some vitality and spunk to be added to the mix. I hope that this is not reflective of the other boards across government. I have great respect for Minister Minors…but I think she lost perspective on this one!

      • Optimistic says:

        As a young Bermudian, I agree – Bermuda needs to think about the next generation of tourists and what they want. How can we compete against other destinations that are appealing to the young crowd? I urge the new minister to consider a younger addition to the board and infuse it with some youthful inspiration for tomorrow!…

        But will she listen?

  2. Triangle Drifter says:

    Most definetly a swing in the right direction. The days of political party payback appointments should be long over. The more frontline tourism people the better. Missing is somebody from the tourboat/watersport, whats left of it, industry.

  3. James says:

    Can someone tell me what exactly does the Tourism Board do?

  4. Hmmmmm says:

    These appointments give new meaning to the term “inside the tent pissing out”. I think the Minister forgot to mention that Mr. Duperrault is one of the developers of Morgan’s Point. But its Bermuda so one must have a conflict before having an interest. Payback of different variety on display here.

  5. Terry says:

    Yeah. Their gonna sit around and see if they can sell………………….Bermuda.Gov.

  6. Triangle Drifter says:

    I wonder if Brannon’s blackberry was taken from him.

  7. John Simons says:

    Good day to all,

    As the first few comments say about attracting the older tourist is correct an i agree totally with them. What yo need is a fresh new approach to the Tourism product completely and clearly the people you have chosen are all to senior to understand what attracts the younger tourist, keeps them coming back and will spread the good times they have enjoyed while on the island.

    WHY, becasue the people in power can’t attract thoe same people to there own party because they want to climb the social ladder and are to worried about themselves and not the greater community.

    People a new year is approaching lets wake up and get some of our younger enterpranerers that are in the tourism industry to sit on this board and to have input to the evolving tourist product that will take US (BERMUDA) into a new era with tourism and restore it to what it once was our #1 source of revenue to the island.

  8. John Simons says:

    Sorry this would all happen also if the Government would stop stalling and let the hotel developments go forward so we can get the beds to house the tourists that we so desperately need.

    Just a remindeer of what we don’t have anymore:

    9 Beaches
    Club Med
    The wonderful eye sore on south shore the former Golden Hind
    Ariel Sands
    Harmony Club
    Coral Beach
    and the man small guest cottages that have closed due to people closing to put up condos instead of hotel rooms.

    So lets get the necessary infastructure inplace first and stop moving the “goal post” for the investors of te various hotel projects and lets get on with it.

  9. Triangle Drifter says:

    Here is a sobering statistic. I found a 1996 tourist map of Bermuda at the bottom of a sesk drawer. It shows some 80 visitor accomodations available at that time.

    A quick count shows that over 50 of them are no longer open.

    The Platinum Period is really the Rust Period.

  10. UncleElvis says:

    Just a Q:

    How young are we talking?

    Under 30? Under 40? Under 50?

    How young should folks be, in your opinion? What’s the optimal age to balance experience with youth?

  11. Cleancut says:

    Come on Tony! You know what has to be done. Get the bulldozers down to the south shore beaches. Start from Warwick long bay and flatten all the beach, all the way to Horseshoe Bay and further. Build games pitches, softball, etc. Build a beach people will remember with shelter and entertainment. Our beaches are BORING and uncomfortable. Sea colour and sand colour don’t play anymore.make the beaches attractive and exciting and they will flock here like flies.