Bermuda Promotion In New York Tomorrow

March 29, 2011

745px-Image-Grand_central_Station_Outside_Night_2[Updated with video] The Bemuda Department of Tourism [BDOT] will be offering winter-weary commuters a full day of Bermuda-themed fun at Grand Central Terminal’s historic Vanderbilt Hall in New York City tomorrow [Mar.30].

Performances from the Gombeys, live music, Bermudian food favorites, themed beverages and an evening rush hour Bermuda shorts fashion contest are all designed to raise awareness for Bermuda’s warm-weather offerings and proximity.

There will be a “green-screen” dance competition that will encourage visitors to dance in front of a Bermuda scene of their choice with voting held on YouTube and other social media channels to pick the winner for a prize trip.

Additional prize trip opportunities will be offered throughout the day, including during a special live broadcast of WCBS-FM’s popular “Dan Taylor Morning Show” from Vanderbilt Hall between 7.00 a.m. – 10.00 a.m.

Minister of Business Development and Tourism Patrice Minors said, “The New York metropolitan area is our number one market and we have a long history of welcoming visitors from this region.

“We thought it would be fun to remind people how close we are and provide a Bermuda experience for those thousands of commuters and visitors who go through Grand Central Terminal each day. It is one of America’s true iconic locations and we’re looking forward to helping our friends in this area to feel the love for Bermuda.”

Since the beginning of March, the BDOT have been blitzing Atlanta, Baltimore and Boston promoting the upcoming AirTran Inaugural flight.

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  1. Jus' Askin" says:

    Where is Brown when you need him?

    • PEPPER says:

      Brown is enjoying his life…he has so many houses around the world,thanks to us dumb Bermudians,,,,,

  2. PEPPER says:

    Enough of the Gombeys !!!!!!!! they will not atract visitors!!!if anything they will detract visitors from coming here……. good lord doc Brown sure as hell took the gombeys all over the U.S.A. …and now we have Patrice MINUS doing the same thing ???????? business as usual.

    • Jus' Askin" says:

      Patrice Minus – “Doin’ More With Less? LOL

  3. Mad Prophet says:

    Dr Brown’s 2008 Bermuda Music Festival was “Off The Hook”.

    Bermuda Music Festival, 2008 was bigger than ever for the performance of The Whispers, Solange, Lyfe Jennings, Beyonce, Collie Buddz, Ub40, Aaron Neville and Alicia Keys.

    The 2008 Bermuda Music Festival was hosted by an actor, comedian and a radio show Steve Harvey.

    Dr Brown’s 2009 Bermuda Music Festival was “Off The Chain”.

    The 2009 Bermuda Music Festival artists, with over 45 Grammys between them, are:

    • Patti Austin – A beloved singer and member of Quincy’s extended family, Patti has worked with Quincy since she was 4 years old.
    • Erykah Badu – Acclaimed, multiple Grammy Award winner.
    • James Ingram – Versatile soul musician and acclaimed vocalist.
    • Wyclef Jean – A multi-platinum Haitian-American musician, actor, producer and social entrepreneur.
    • John Legend – Six-time Grammy award winner, recording artist, musician and actor.
    • Michael McDonald – Michael is known around the world as a founding member of both the Doobie Brothers and Steely Dan.

    • Kenny Rogers – One of the first four artists to appear in We Are the World, the best-selling single of all time, produced by Quincy Jones.
    • Naturally Seven – An innovative R&B music group with a distinctive cappella style.

    The artists will perform with an international orchestra, assembled by Quincy and comprised of some of the music world’s most respected talents.

    Dr Brown’s 2010 Music Festival. Feel the beat. Feel the Heat…and feel the love

    The Bermuda Department of Tourism presented the 15th Annual Bermuda Music Festival

    Ziggy Marley, Angie Stone and Estelle. The Bermuda Music Festival was brought to a close with Toni Braxton.

    These artists were joined by local Bermuda talent: Homegrown, McCartney K and Friends and the Chewstick Collective.

    2011 CANCELED.

    The Mad Prophet says Sade in 2012.

    She is touring again!!!But you’ll need The “GOOD” Dr Brown to pull this RABBIT from the hat.

    • Robert says:


  4. Graeme Outerbridge says:

    Don’t worry they will be at the Tourism retreat when we try to workout what beat we are going to market^^

  5. Observing In BDA says:

    Well at the retreat (more of the taxpayers money wasted)deciding on what will be the next location for the Tourism campagin PLEASE incorporate the whole golf and the many golf courses and promote packages for the businessman, the avid golfers and make attractive packages for them to not only enjoy the golfing side but the entire island.

  6. Robert says:

    For the last 15 years+ We have marketed the same thing!!! what has come out of it NOTHING!!! Hotels and golf courses are not the only thing. BERMUDA has no BUZZ. What do I mean about Buzz. We need something that is BUZZ WORTHY. Sun, Sand and Beaches was Buzz worthy back in the day, now everyone has that even if its (man made) beaches. I’ll give you a few EVENTS THAT has that ‘Buzz Worthiness’, they are Cupmatch, Beachfest, and Non. Mariners Race.

    All these events happen in the same week. YOU CAN CALL the whole week ‘Summerfest’ from starting on a Monday the week of cupmatch and ending it the Monday after Sunday Non Mariners event. GET THIS You don’t need to market these events on TV/Commercials. YOU need to market these events on YOUTUBE, FACEBOOK, MYSPace…etc.. not only do you market the traditional sandy beaches,golf…etc now you market them with ‘US’ The PEOPLE OF BERMUDA. SHOW US AT OUR BEST!!! Show us letting our hair down and having a GREAT time!!!.

    TAKE advantage of the free marketing the internet offers. Get the digital pictures, video etc.. that people have and organize it and put it out there!!! ITS Nearly free marketing and you do not have to spend a whole lot of money to do it! ‘start thinking outside the box!’

    -Nuff said

    • Undeniably Normal says:

      You have a very good point which would be a great marketing tool!!!

      I’m 24 and my friends want something to do when they come to Bermuda…the last thing they are wanting to do is be on anyones Golf course hitting around a ball!!!

      There are no (very little) party spots and the ones that we do have are too small to accomodate more than 130 people!!! People want a variety of things to do while they are on vacation and they don’t want to pay an arm and a leg and their kidneys to do so!!! We don’t have zip lining or bungee jumping or nude beaches, we have caves, and conservative beaches!!! I think Bermuda is not for everyone BUT it is somewhere that can cater to many, and with advertising just golf isn’t enticing even the avid golfers!!!!!!!

      • Jason says:

        so..Undeniably see the need, when are you going to open your club? what are you ideas for entertainment? have you submitted those to BDOT? DO SOMETHING! quit saying your bored, quit saying its nothing to do and your not doing anything..get to small business put a plan together…lets go..

    • Jason says:

      ummmmm..BDOT does have a social media that Facebook over 6,000 friends..and twitter thousands of followers…flikr BDOT is on there tooo…

      find out what is going on before making false statments…..BDOT takes advantage of the social media…goood Bermuda Tourism for will find them…

  7. Dissappointed says:

    Happened to see the promotion for Bermuda Day at Grand Central Station on WPIX this morning, very disappointed. Who was the spokes person? We need a face of Bermuda.
    Simple question, why should we come to Bermuda? Her answer” We have PGA…Golf courses and spas.. Hello is that what we are saying to draw people to Bermuda.. Got to do better, we have to make the most of every opportunity in the media and that was definitely one that was missed..

    • Jason says:

      Yea.the question was. “what is their to do in Bermuda during the winter months..which is our Golf and Spa season….obviously you didn’t hear the question…we know full well that we are not on the beaches on OCT….sheesh…dissapointed maybe you walked in on the end of the question..or perhaps you didnt hear it all and came up with you own conclusions..either way you are wrong…