Photos: 2011 Miss Bermuda Contestants

March 22, 2011

Seventeen young ladies will be entering the upcoming Miss Bermuda Pageant, which is making a comeback after being in hiatus for many years. The show will take place on June 12 at the Fairmont Southampton, with tickets going on sale March 31st.

The Miss Bermuda Pageant is under the direction of Milika Seymour, a former winner of the Miss Big and Beautiful pageant, Ms. Seymour has been a pageant judge, has over 10 years event planning experience and is also part owner and Managing Director of Blanc Bridal Boutique.

This year’s competitors are Cratonia Smith, Kylah Burch, Deonae Dickinson, Dawnita Smith, Selita Crockwell, Davika Hill, Geisha Saltus, Kalvilicia Joell, Davina Cannonier, Sharmaine Landy, Renee Tucker, Jasmine Simmons, Rachel Sawden, Alisha Phillips, Channing Dill, Cheyenne Darrell, and Jana Lynn Outerbridge.

Photos courtesy of Miss Bermuda organisers:

Miss Davina Cannonier, representing Devonshire East:


Miss Davika Hill, representing Warwick East:


Miss Jana Lynn Outerbridge, representing St. Georges East:


Miss Geisha Saltus, representing Pembroke:


Miss Kylah Burch, representing Southampton:


Miss Kalvilicia Joell representing Devonshire West:


Miss Cratonia Smith, representing Sandys:


Miss Cheyenne Darrell, representing St. Georges West:


Miss Alisha Phillips, representing Smith’s West:


Miss Rachel Sawden, representing Hamilton Parish South:


Miss Channing Dill, representing Smith East:


Miss Sharmaine Landy, representing Hamilton Parish West:


Miss Dawnita Smith, representing Paget East:


Miss Renee Tucker, representing Hamilton Parish East:


Miss Jasmine Simmons, representing Hamilton Parish North:


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  1. venus raj says:

    Is the winner going to compete in the Miss Universe 2011 in Sao Paulo, Brazil?

    • bernews says:

      Not sure, however the winner will compete in the Miss World Pageant

      • Rockfish says:

        I’m a bit confused – Miss Bermuda goes to Miss Universe and Miss Bermuda Islands goes to Miss World – the difference between the two pageants is Miss Bermuda Islands has to perform a talent, while Miss Bermuda does not.
        So it’s safe to assume that this should actually be the Miss Bermuda Islands Pageant, and not Miss Bermuda. As Mr. Christopher ownes the franchise for Miss Bermuda to go to Miss Universe – so going to the Miss World does not equal Mr. Christophers involvement.

        • Sigh says:

          There was one pageant “Miss Bermuda”, of which the winner went to both Miss Universe and Miss World, hence the reason Gina Swainson was 1st runner up in Miss Universe and the Winner at Miss World.
          In 1988, they split and the Miss Bermuda became the representative at Miss Universe, and Miss Bermuda Islands at Miss World. Neither Miss Bermuda nor Miss Bermuda Islands pageant required a talent.
          That lasted about 4 years or so.

          The most recent Miss Bermuda that participated in the Miss Universe competition was Naomi Darrell.

          This new pageant, Miss Bermuda, appears to be under new management, and has negotiated the contract to send a representative to Miss World.

          Perhaps whoever owns the Miss Universe franchise in Bermuda could sell it or work with this new group and send the winner to that pageant as well.

        • Cant wait! says:

          Wow talk about stuck in a time warp! Dearest Rockfish, Mr. Christopher hasn’t run a pageant in years! and The last Miss Bermuda Islands Pageant was a good 15 years ago (maybe more) Pageants have changed alot since then; no wonder your confused . . . .

  2. Kennette J Burgess says:

    I hope so.You go girls! Beautiful photos. All the best. Special shout out to Channing Dill–Respice Finem and to my Hamilton Parish & Devonshire reps. Spread the Onion Juice ladies..

  3. east beast says:

    St georges west!! Girl u b killin em! Get em Chey

  4. WhereRThey? says:

    17 Contestants. 15 photos?

    • bernews says:

      Yes, 2 missing….15 were provided, possibly they were unable to make the photoshoot or something similar? We will update with the 2 additional ladies pics when able..

      • 177BC says:

        Well I know that 2 of the contestants are abroad in school

  5. I would not want to be a judge on this one – they are ALL beautiful. But I’ve got to root for the home base – Hamilton Parish East. Good luck to you!

  6. joe says:

    Damn! What a task. There is no way to choose, I mean in my mind I have 7 on here and it is difficult to choose from those 7. And there are two missing! Wow, judges good luck and ladies best of luck.

  7. strong says:

    These ladies are all beautiful!!!! Best of luck to them all.Photos are fabulous…

  8. Yawn says:

    Bout time they brought the Miss Bermuda back. These girls look hot. Props!

  9. yungnthuggin says:

    i would take Southampton and Smiths East on a date..518 3452

  10. Spikes says:

    Lord have mercy. These are beautiful girls.

  11. Cleancut says:

    Gina Swainson was amazing at the Miss World Pageant. she had the power of Bermuda on her side, a pristine destination. she was eloquent in every manner, a woman with a thriving nation on her shoulders. she wasn’t riding around on a bike while texting to tom dick and harry all day, she was from the old school. A LADY.

  12. sigh says:

    Great lineup of contestants…

    Will any former Miss Bermuda’s be invited to participate or attend? It would be nice to see them all there together.

  13. Arthur Raynor - Atlanta says:

    For most of the competions in the USA, there are three parts to the Judging Criteria
    Interview Competition: Pageant judges spend time with each delegate to learn about her successes, talents, goals and ambitions. Attention is focused on her poise, charm, self-confidence and her ability to communicate, as well as the substance of her answers. Some also display talents like playing an instrument or singing. These contests can bring out/showcase the best in these young ladies.
    All the best!
    I would not like to be a judge as I have already picked the 7 winners on looks alone so all 7 of my choices would be the winner :-)

  14. Terry says:

    Don’t see to many people of color here. Have the Plantaion owners taken a back seat.

    • Cleancut says:

      All of the good looking white girls live in Hamilton Parish Terry, you should know that.

    • joe says:

      People of color? And what color would that be? Why is everything judged by a person’s color. Suppose some people of color did not want to be a contestant. Suppose only blacks entered or only whites. This is getting sickening. Can’t you just look at these extremely beautiful, young women and see that they are 1) human, 2)gorgeous, why you want to start this race thing just shows how immature your brain (that is if you actually have one)is.

    • Observer says:

      I only see one aldy that is not black.

      • joe says:

        That’s what I thought but you get these people that have nothing better to do or really bitter, sour personality or just plain miserable and they want everybody else to feel like they do.

    • Cant wait! says:

      Actually, none of the contestants are white. Maybe ladies of other races will be encouraged to enter next time

    • Evie says:

      Those who wanted to be there are there, so whoever is not there didn’t obviously didn’t want to be there. It wasn’t open or closed to a certain set of individuals (other than age and marital status). Why start an issue where there isn’t one?

    • D. Everett says:

      why don’t you ever have anything positive to say., if not why can’t you just be quiet………….
      Congratulations to these beautiful women hope they all enjoy the experience….

    • Donna Foggo says:

      People of colour? huh? There are 17 people of colour here, what are you looking at. Are you colour blind?

  15. Bermudian Photographer says:

    The ladies look beautiful but I think that the photos are over processed and they make everything look fake. Yes there is a certain ctandard for glamour shots and magazine photo ops but I think too much work went into the editing process. Tone it down a bit!

    But good luck to the girls.

    • Cant wait! says:

      Have you seen pageant photos from other countries lately??? trust me these girls are down right natural in comparison

    • Seriously?! says:

      I agree. way too much airbrushing. let their natural beauty shine through.

  16. Andre says:

    All colours of the Rainbow! Bermuda is another world (-;

    • joe says:

      Word up.

    • LOL (original) says:

      United colors of “you fill in the blank.” Love it they are all hottttttt. :)


  17. PEPPER says:

    I would hate be a judge for this competition ….these young ladies are so beautiful.

  18. Nikki S says:

    Cheyenne’s got my vote… St. George’s!!!

  19. Tim says:

    All the best to all the young women!!! May the best woman win…HAIL TO THE FUTURE MISS BERMUDA…

  20. Concerned Citizen says:

    I think too many of you have spent waaaaaaaay too much time on the island. If this is the BEST Bermuda has to offer, we need to really start thinking about matching up some good genetics and maybe quite reproducing with cousins. Although, I am not sure which is worse….the looks of these “beauties” or the guys that are leaving their numbers in the comment section look for a date! Bermuda sure is a world of its own. Hopefully competing against Brazil, Sweden, Colombia, Italy and Russia will maybe make these girls re-think getting tattoos and maybe do a few sit ups before the contest.

    • Coconut says:

      Care to post a photograph of yourself? Just upload it on for free and share with us your beauty.

      • Yawn says:

        Exactly. Seems we have Halle Berry in our midst if she is calling these ladies ugly. And its a girl saying that no way a dude thinks that. She should put up her own photo.

        • joe says:

          With all due respect to Halle Berry, but I definitely see some women here a lot better looking than the fore mentioned, Ms Berry. At least 4 maybe 7.

    • LOL (original) says:

      Take a hike Concerned Citizen. You just a hater


    • Hi Hater! says:

      Oh please, the only women this “concerned citzen” knows about are the ones he pays for. What does he know about beauty? Eveybody knows that Bermuda has some of the most naturally beautiful women. If you want silicone go to some of the countries you previously mentioned or better yet do what you normally do and go online.

    • Beverly says:

      I totally agree with the concerned citizen. Honest criticism seems to be a thing of the past.

      • LOL (original) says:

        Thats a shot at these girls in this contest plain and simple. Will either of you post your pic so we can compair thought not. Please if you can’t be about it get out of it with your BS. I have been all wover the world and I’m sorry but Bermy has for our population a lot of hott gals. You two are just haten. I take at least 7 of these lovely ladies over any in the other countries I have visited (ladies in the contest I hope you don’t think I’m a dog for sayin that I know I could not judge between you lot ;) ). Just so you know I’ve been far east as China and as far west DC.


        • ._./ says:

          Unless they [Concerned Citizen] are entering, what they look like is irrelevant.

          Instead, let us compare our contestants to the Miss World winners of times past:

          • Coconut says:

            Given that previous winners are not competing and there is no cookie cutter look of what a Miss World looks like we should be comparing our contestants to girls who are competing this year:

            • Coconut says:

              That’s obviously not a complete list. Countries will be selecting their reps up until September.

          • Queen says:

            It’s not just about beauty too. Intelligence and personality play big factors in Miss World. The most beautiful girl doesn’t always win Miss World. Look at 2009 – Gibraltar won over Mexico who was more beautiful, USA (the reigning MW) was not the most beautiful in the contest either.

            If the most beautiful woman ever created entered MW but had the personality and IQ of a wet rag she would stand no chance of winning.

            Ultimately it is up to the MW judges and only they know what they are looking for. The best anyone can do if they want to help our contestants is research MW and the judging process, and suggest ways that they can improve themselves for the competition.

    • GlobalCitizen says:

      they have a few month to get it together or they will be boo-ed off the stage @ the Miss world!

  21. Coconut says:

    Congratulations to all of the girls. Entering a pageant and putting yourself on stage takes guts – a lot more guts than bashing a lovely group of people and hiding behind a pen-name.

    Isn’t the blond girl the model in the shoe store on the corner of Reid Street and on the 100 Day Challenge?

    Good luck to everyone!!!

    • bernews says:

      Yes, one and the same. Rachel Sawden does quite a bit of modeling…

      • Coconut says:

        Ah ok. Wow, this photograph doesn’t even begin to do her justice.

  22. Supporter says:

    What’s with all the negativity? There’s a difference between constructive criticism and straight up hating!

    Congrats to them all for taking the courage for putting themselves out there trying to do something they enjoy and make a difference. And more power to them for brushing off ignorant comments some have left and think.

    Rooting for Hamilton Parish South!!! Good luck to all…

    • Evie says:

      Well Said!

      If any of the contestants are reading all of this, hold your heads high and know that the majority of Bermudian congratulate and support your choice to enter. Get the most of this opportunity, learn more about yourself and grow from this experience. Above all, have fun!

  23. Concerned Citizen says:

    Coconut, this is a pageant not some charity ball where everyone is made to feel special. If you want to play with the big boys, you need to be a big boy. I dont need to hide behind a pen name to say we have some of the ugliest women in the world. Look at any other country and the talent they put out. Also look at our obesity rate versus other countries….doesn’t take a rocket scientist mate.

    • Coconut says:

      So why didn’t you enter then? Or at least publish your real name?

      This isn’t South America where girls are told they are not pretty enough, chopped up on the plastic surgery table and put through intense training because they believe beauty pageants are the end all and be all in life. Pageants are about healthy competition, personal growth and a positive experience (well, minus comments from pathetic people like you). There is more to life and you need to think outside of the big picture and if you are the concerned citizen you say you are then you would be more positive and constructive instead of tearing these brave women who want to do something positive for themselves and the country.

      I do hope you find happiness within yourself and you can stop being such a miserable, negative excuse for a person. Happy is as happy does.

      • ._./ says:

        “RE: Or at least publish your real name?”

        Christopher Poole / SXSW:3

        “What makes an online community grow, evolve and thrive? Christopher “moot” Poole, founder of the web forum and community 4chan, believes that a large part of this success is providing its users the choice of anonymity. While Facebook’s founder, Mark Zuckerberg, pushes for the use of a single, real online identity that carries throughout the user’s life, Poole believes this not only restricts what users feel comfortable saying, it also constricts the creative process itself.

        “When given the opportunity to post anonymously, members feel more free to contribute, even if what they add doesn’t ultimately spread. When they are not tied to their prior mistakes, members feel encouraged to continue contributing, much in the way a child can choose to reinvent himself at a new school, leaving his old identity behind. Anonymity also puts emphasis on “content over creator” — without “experts,” much like other forums promote, anyone can be the funniest or most creative member of the day.”

      • ._./ says:

        Aside: I find it greatly amusing that you’re under the name “Coconut” – pot calling kettle black?

    • Hi Hater! says:

      Oh true….no Bermudian woman would date you huh?

    • WTH???? says:

      U have got to be kiddin me right? how can you say we have the most ugliest women in the world??? Please like the other have said post a pic of your self and let us be the judge of your ugly a$$ im sure you are bermudian and probably have low self esteem so why dont you go jump off a cliff.

      • ._./ says:

        I wouldn’t say ‘ugliest’ but we’d certainly be hard pressed to hold a candle to a small town in Kentucky.

        It’s not as though we’re not renowned for celebrating mediocrity.

  24. KIckback says:

    OMG I would like 2 see the MOMs these Ladies R Hotttttttt!!

  25. John says:

    why are they using airbrush and edietd photos! It should be natural beauty in these photos

    • ._./ says:

      All images are retouched. ALL. ALWAYS.

      If you want to see natural beauty, I suggest you demand they don’t even apply make up.

  26. Cinderella says:

    Wonderful representations of young Island femininity!

    Who designed the dresses? Very flattering and inventive with the twisting of the material. I really love the choice of colours too!

    Will Bermudian designers be featured in the pageant’s choices of clothing for the ladies? That would be a double boost for the local economy…. just a thought.

    • ElleTee says:

      Very good point Cinderella!

      Rachel Sawden, Miss Hamilton Parish South, will be wearing designs from ElleTee by local fashion designer Ashley Aitken. ;)

      Goodluck to all the contestants… You are all beautiful and brave!

  27. Former Contestant says:

    Wow!!! Beautiful ladies…Judges are going to have a hard time…:-) Reminds me of the days gone by in Miss Bermuda, then onto Miss World. Its a great experience ladies, and a memory of a lifetime.

  28. BDAconserv says:

    Constructive criticism, would be advising most of these ladies, not to give up their day jobs. Honestly, all but two of these ladies could compete elsewhere.

  29. Coconut says:

    The point. You missed it.

    I was merely asking this poster to let everyone who they were so we can judge his/her “beauty” if s/he wants to bash all of the contestants. If you are going to try and bring people down and call all the contestants ugly then at least have the balls to prove that you are better looking. And concerned citizen was not giving constructively criticism.

    I am not bashing anyone and hiding behind a name like a coward. If I did that, then I would be a pot calling the kettle black. The criticism’s made by CC are merely projections of how s/he feels about him/herself and his/her life. If you want to make others miserable, then you are miserable with yourself and want others to feel as bad as you do.

    No was I saying that everyone posting under a pseudonym should let themselves know because, well, your first post is just common sense.

    If you want to speak in idiom, my point was that CC is living in a glass house throwing stones.

    • Coconut says:

      That was a reply for ._./

    • ._./ says:

      “The criticism’s made by CC are merely projections of how s/he feels about him/herself and his/her life.”

      You know very well that this isn’t the case. They’re stating their opinion, which they – just as you are – are totally entitled to. You don’t agree with it – fair enough. But they’re not projecting insecurity or dissatisfaction with their own lives. And if you’d like me to better illustrate this, I can touch base with some models from Ford/Elite/Premier and get them to throw their two cents in.

      If Christina Troja, Jordan Robbins (Sutherland), and Lillian Lightbourn (AMP) had entered, mind you..

      As a complete aside: if it’s not just about being a pretty face – what do these girls actually have to offer?

      I’d be surprised if more than three of them could hold their own at Ascots or The Point.

      The difference between Bermuda and the rest of the world is that their girls are /groomed/ for this competition. They know how to talk the part. Walk it. Look it. Act it. It’s in their poise. Their posture. Their voice. Their non-verbal communication.

      With the exception of Rachel Sawden, the rest of them probably woke up one morning and thought ‘Hey – this sounds like a swell idea.’

      It’s simply not good enough.

      Maybe for BERMUDA – but.. what then?

      • Support System says:

        Assuming you know the women you suggest personally, hence your confidence in them being better representation of Bermuda?

        I will further assume that you know none of the current contestants personally, in which case, there is no reason to question their academic capabilities. I am surprised that you assume most are unable to “hold their own…”, Unless of course you think beauty = brains. And since in your opinion all are unattractive, all are also unintelligent. Hmm.. sounds nonsensical to me.

        Dear “._./”, what I humbly suggest you do is simply go to the show or continue to follow the women closely, as your interest indicates that you will do [except without your negative prejudice]. That way you can base your currently ridiculous assumptions on the poise, speech, knowledge and presentation of each of these beautiful ladies by their performance in the following weeks and ultimately, the show.

        Congrats ladies, and all the best.

        • ._./ says:

          “The worst mistake of first contact, made throughout history by individuals on both sides of every new encounter, has been the unfortunate habit of making assumptions.” – David Brin

          Eric Bogosian also felt quite strongly about people making assumptions. I trust you’re somewhat tech savvy. Look him up.

          To address YOUR ridiculous assumptions:

          At no point did I state/imply/infer (delete as appropriate) that any of those competing were either unattractive or unintelligent. That’s your subconscious/ignorance at work, not mine.

          With that said, I’m sure you know that there is a significant difference between The Girl Next Door and Priyanka Chopra, Agbani Darego and Zhang Zilin. Hell, even Lisa Hanna.

          The former isn’t ‘unattractive’ – but she certainly doesn’t command attention like any of the others I mentioned. So please learn to distinguish between ‘attractive’ and ‘attractive enough’.

          Whilst we’re on the subject of aesthetics, though – the East representation of Warwick, St Georges and Paget won’t do well at international level on account of the length of their hair.

          Furthermore, tattoos are tend to be shunned at international level – and a number of contestants have been disqualified at their respective nationals for concealing them at preliminaries.

          And if /that/ wasn’t enough – swimsuit makes up a hefty chunk of the overall score and these girls will be judged on factors including (but not limited to) beauty of face and figure; body proportions; muscle tonality; body fat; statement of physical fitness and health; poise, posture, and carriage.

          Between tattoos, hair and figure, we’re not left with many possibilities at all.

          On to other things.

          “What do they have to offer” was with regard to how talented, poised, intelligent, educated, resourceful or socially conscious they are. You’d be a fool to think I was referring solely to education – the two ‘missing’ contestants are currently overseas in University, are they not?

          The last thing I’m going to do is take advice from someone who thinks ‘holding their own’ at The Point requires ‘brains’, so I’m sure – even with your limited intellect – you can figure out what to do with your ‘suggestions’.

          PS. I know all but four ;)

  30. Lighten Up says:

    The venom being spewed by some against these girls is an alarming indication of the hate and resentment that is permeating Bermuda. Why on earth anyone would post here just to trash any of the 17 girls is mindblowing. Presumably those people are cheering on the gangbangers hauled up before the courts on a daily basis, rather than appreciating the positive role models here.
    Ignore the hatred being thrown at you girls, and good luck to you all.

  31. Ella says:

    Devonshire East looks quite stunning and is clever. Good luck.

  32. Observer says:

    Dear ._./ says:

    a quote from your last comment…

    “At no point did I state/imply/infer (delete as appropriate) that any of those competing were either unattractive or unintelligent.”

    So after reading this i have to ask…what exactly are you saying with the below comments? Also quoting you. Although you are not out right saying they are unattractive or unintelligent you in some way putting them down.

    “I’d be surprised if more than three of them could hold their own at Ascots or The Point.”

    “With the exception of Rachel Sawden, the rest of them probably woke up one morning and thought ‘Hey – this sounds like a swell idea.’”

    • ._./ says:

      If you’re struggling to understand anything I’ve said, the best thing you can do is grab a cup of coffee, have a seat and read through it again. I assure you – the message is quite clear.

      Stop over analyzing.

      That said, I can see how what I’m saying may be somewhat disparaging if you look at Miss Bermuda as the last stage rather than the first. Within the confines of the island, those who have entered are ..adequate. However, if you compare what we have to offer to the rest of the world, I’m not off base in the slightest.

      • Observer says:

        I guess this is the Miss BERMUDA pageant. to us….well most of us our women are beautiful. Why cant we stop putting each other down and support our own for once. And this is not just for you but for all the naysayers that have nothing but negative to say about these beautiful young women

  33. Bold Enough says:

    I would just like to say that although everyone is entitled to their own opinion, the negativity surrounding the young ladies who have entered this pageant is rather disappointing (on the other hand kudos to all the supporters).

    1. All the contestants have a right to enter and are participating because they chose to do so. There was no bias in contestant selection other than the age limit (18-25), possessing bermudian status, marital status (never married), and being child less.

    2. In response to a comment I read where the question ‘is this all Bermuda has to offer?’ was posed, again these young ladies chose to do this. Of course, there are many beautiful and intelligent women on this island who fit within the contestant criteria but for whatever reason chose not to compete. That was their choice and being a Miss Bermuda contestant this year was the choice of the 17 ladies listed above.

    3. Comments have been made directlty about the outer beauty of the contestants and what some feel is the lack thereof. While again we are all entitled to our own opinions, I feel it is important to remember that beauty is diverse and holds no one set formula. Women don’t need to fit into a mold to be beautiful. I have followed the other Miss World contenders thus far and have seen the proof there that beauty is multi-faceted. We are not all a size 2 and we do not all have hair flowing down our backs, yet still we are beautiful in some way. I do believe that a pageant queen should take extra care in her appearance and health (which of course entails good eating habits and regular exercise) but the outer should never outshine the inner beauty and intellect that make up the overall package. I encourage all Bermudians to come out to the final pageant to see these young ladies in action before making such harsh judgements based on one photo.

    In conclusion, I would just like to congratulate all the contestants on taking such a big step and making the decision to vie for the Crown in hopes of representing their Island home not only at Miss World at the end of the year but on an every day basis right here in Bermuda. Ladies, hold your heads up high while learning as much as you can about yourself and each other, enjoy this experience and have FUN! Good luck and I will be rooting for you all on June 12!

  34. Relax! says:

    WOW… guys/gals need to hash this out over a few bevies down at the bar! It’s exhausting!! Congrats to all the ladies. I had the pleasure of meeting a few of you the other night at the opening of Indigo. Congrats to all of you and good luck. Whover said beauty is skin deep is wrong, people are beautiful on the inside too and it’s when that shines, that people really take notice! Good luck!

  35. smh says:

    I just give a round of applause to all the young ladies willing to represent their country. Who cares if they don’t make it to miss world or universe, at least they have enough love for their island to even want to compete and be criticized by the world.

    And just maybe things will be different this year! The same way they have hairless models, they can have a hairless miss bda! The same way they have plus size models, they can have a plus size miss bda and so on and so forth!

    When will some people stop being so small-minded and support those who deserve to be supported?!

    Good Luck to all contestants!!!

  36. honest says:

    i think all of these girls are beautiful.
    im not trying to be negative or put anyone down. but although some of these girls may have hearts of gold they are selling themselves this IS a competition and they should be aware of there bodies. some of them need to get into better shape! a healthy body is just as important as a healthy of these ladies will go on to represent Bermuda what would you like to see?
    Out of shape women are way to accepted here.

  37. Kendra says:

    If any of the contestants are viewing this… it’s not too late for a weave, because unless your drop dead gorgeous and totally flawless, best speaker, perfect walk and all, you wouldn’t get far with short hair. Also, for the girl with the red hair and hot girl with the braids, my advice to you is change the hair color, and lose the braids, that isn’t going to get you far either. & ace girl with the tattoo all showing, try cover that up next time. Even though it’s probably too late. Your gorgeous but I’m afraid you’ve lost your chance with that tattoo. Especially because your hair length was already a little setback. & the judges have probably seen these photo’s already. Whoever is doing this pageant and helping out & all, should let you guys know the standards for miss world, what the average girl looks like, what the judges look for etc., so you can go by that if that’s where one of you lucky ladies will be going. Or you guys should at least do the research yourselves. Looks aren’t everything, however they do play a major role in pageants. After all it is a ‘beauty’ pageant. I think that Smith’s West, she speaks well, walks great, intelligent, and got it all going on… but she’s nowhere near cute, so even if she makes it to the top 5, she wouldn’t win. & hopefully you all can firm and flatten your stomachs, and firm your bodies as well, no jiggly arms and legs. I’m rooting for Smith’s East, your bust is a setback, but you can do it!! Good luck to you all!!! : ) This is a beauty pageant, so show us you have what it takes. Prove me wrong perhaps, you know they say haters inspire you the most. So go for it, do it for yourself. It doesn’t matter rather you win or lose, it’s an experience of a lifetime… : ) One of you ‘will’ be the next Gina Swainson, you have the potential. You’ve already taken the first step having outstanding confidence just for entering this competition. So keep up the good work, I know you can do it!! Also, people stop telling people to post a picture up of themselves… A person may be ugly but that doesn’t mean that the person that they’re calling ugly is not ugly as well!! And clearly these pictures aren’t airbrushed @ all it’s the makeup, lighting and lack of editing that makes these pictures look like this. & for that reason they look pretty good. I’m pretty sure that tattoo definitely wouldn’t be there if proper editing was done for these girls. Get that though your thick skulls :) .

    • ._./ says:

      “And clearly these pictures aren’t airbrushed @ all it’s the makeup, lighting and lack of editing that makes these pictures look like this. & for that reason they look pretty good.”

      Are you on crack?

      i) it’s NOT the make up.
      ii) whilst it isn’t ‘airbrushing’, they have been EXTENSIVELY ‘retouched’ (although I fear I may have to use the term loosely)

      “I’m pretty sure that tattoo definitely wouldn’t be there if proper editing was done for these girls.”

      I think the key word there is ‘proper editing’. The photographer/retoucher is a professional in neither field by the looks of it.

  38. Leah says:

    Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Wooooooooiiieeeeeeee!!!! Miss Farm Queen more like it… There is something to be said about racial mixing like in Jamaica Trinidad Guyana.. syrians, chinese black, indians portuguese.make for stunning women.. No.. please.. wheel and come again!!! import some women!!!