Videos: Police Name Murder Victim, Make 3 Arrests

March 2, 2011

Jahmiko Leshore [1][Updated with videos] The Bermuda Police have officially named last night’s [Mar.1] murder victim as Jahmiko Leshore, and confirmed the arrest of three men in connection with the shooting.

Mr Leshore, 26, was shot yesterday evening while in the Boundary Crescent, Devonshire area and subsequently succummbed to his injuries. Mr. Leshore leaves behind a pregnant girlfriend who is due to give birth in the near future, and numerous family and friends.

Three males have been arrested on suspicion of murder, and are currently in custody – following arrest operations at two different residences early this morning. One male is aged 24, and the others are 20 years old.

Detectives from the Bermuda Police Serious Crimes Unit is investigating this incident, and it is being considered as ‘Premeditated Murder’. The enquiry team is anxious to speak with anyone in the Boundary Crescent & Hermitage Road, Devonshire area that may have seen a person or persons on a motorcycle and also on foot in these areas between 8:00pm and 8:35pm on the evening of Tuesday 1st March, 2011. One suspect is believed to have been wearing a hooded top with a darker colored jacket, light colored trousers or jeans, and light coloured shoes or sneakers.

Full statement from Assistant Commissioner David Mirfield & Detective Chief Inspector Nicholas Pedro:

May I start by offering my sincere condolences to the family & friends of Mr. Leshore on behalf of the investigating team.

At 8:30pm on Tuesday 1st March, 2011, Police Officers responded to 911 reports of a person having been shot at #9 Boundary Crescent, Devonshire parish.

A twenty six year old male whom I can now identify as Mr. Jahmiko Leshore, of Devonshire Parish, suffered multiple gunshot wounds and subsequently succumbed to his injuries at the King Edward VII Memorial Hospital. Mr. Leshore leaves behind a pregnant girlfriend who is due to give birth in the near future, and numerous members of family and friends.

A full complement of detectives from the Bermuda Police Serious Crimes Unit is investigating this incident, and it is being considered as ‘Premeditated Murder’.

Forensic Crime Scene examiners & detectives continue their examination of the evidence gathered from the scene and speaking with witnesses.

I can confirm that three males have been arrested on suspicion of Murder, and are currently in custody – following arrest operations at two different residences early this morning. One male is aged 24, and the others are aged twenty years old.

The enquiry team is anxious to speak with anyone in the Boundary Crescent & Hermitage Road, Devonshire area that may have seen a person or persons on a motorcycle and also on foot in these areas between 8:00pm and 8:35pm on the evening of Tuesday 1st March, 2011.

One suspect is believed to have been wearing a hooded top with a darker colored jacket, light colored trousers or jeans, and light coloured shoes or sneakers.

The Serious Crime Unit can be contacted on 299-8106. Alternatively, anyone with information can call the CONFIDENTIAL & independent Crime Stoppers Bermuda hotline at 800-8477 (TIPS).

Bernews extends our sincere condolences to Mr Leshore’s family and friends. This is the second murder of 2011, following the tragic murder of 29-year-old Colford Ferguson, on February 4th in Sandys parish.

Update: Video of Assistant Commissioner David Mirfield & Detective Chief Inspector Nicholas Pedro’s statements.

Update: When asked if the incident was “gang related” and whether the victim may have had affiliations with a specific group, Detective Pedro replied yes. He also said the the victim was “associated with the premises” where the shooting occurred, but does not live there.

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  1. D. Everett says:

    May he R.I.P condolences to the family and especially to the girlfriend and that poor baby that will neve know it’s father. I hope that these guys if they are responsible for this evil crime pay for what they have done. Olny God gives life and only he should take it.

    • joe says:

      Listen, you mess with gangs and delve into their antics and behaviors you are bound to certain types of occurrences. It is time to stop feeling sorry for these types and gather around their families and see what can be done and VERY quickly. Sending prayers and cards is not helping.

      • bermyshotta says:

        @ joe – look bra…regardless of whatever he was into/doing, etc. it still was a human life that was taken…and ya he had family, gf, baby on de way, etc so there’s still should be some compassion regardless in ya case. nobody deserves to be “taken” early…you only get one chance at life.

        • Concerned says:

          Bermyshotta, u make great points as to why he shouldn’t be living that lifestyle. He was human and therefore not invincible. He had a family, a girlfriend, and a baby on the way…more reasons he shouldn’t be living the “thug life” and should have made something better of himself. And most importantly you only get one chance at life so he should have valued it and lived his life with higher regard. I agree we must have compassion for those he’s left behind but we all know you live by the sword, you die by the sword! I agree with Joe that you associate with that lifestyle your bound to end up in a situation that could be your last and unfortunately too many are learning the hard way!! Time for these guys to squash this sh!t between them and think about the people who will be mourning over them because of their choices! Easier said than done, I know but something needs to be done and it’s going to start with them!!

        • joe says:

          Bermy, until when are we gonna have compassion? Dude, there is a time to grieve and I time to say “To hell with your stupid, selfish acts. How many tears until your body shuts down because it has become so desensitized to this sort of violence where you have no more compassion or human sensitivity? I just think that it’s about time these guys get slapped around by some older men, get them one by one away from the gang unit and smack them around a bit and tell them if they’re caught gang banggin they’ll get them again. That used to work, straightened out a bunch of hooligans.

      • Irritated says:

        Joe, who r u to judge? regardless of what u think he was into, he still did not deserve to die. thts whats wrong with ignorant cold hearted people like you. you are so quick to run with hear say and assumptions and make your own judgements. did you know jahmko personally? i thought not! so dont write no damn bs on here about people shouldnt feel sorry for him. no matter what you think he was he didnt deserve to have his lfe taken. before your dumb a$$ comments on something, know you facts!

        • joe says:

          So, he did not deserve to die. Ok, I’ll take your premise. So you think maybe the perps should have just capped him? What, maybe paralyze him? Wake up! The man was killed period. You get in the cage with the tigers two things can happen; 1) you kill or 2) get killed. It is that simple. Don’t tell me that “we need to educate these young men about the dangers”. Are you sh%$ting me”?

  2. Reality says:

    I’m glad the police talked about the gang affiliations by the deceased and the perpetrators. I am not saying that Mr. Leshore was responsible for his own death but I know he knew there was the possibility that something like this could happen.

    Some readers may get angry at what I have said but it’s the truth. When we get a grip on what our loved ones are doing then we can start to reduce the crimes occurring in our community. The three that were arrested in connection and the one on trial now for the Sandy’s parish shooting (Cambridge RD) clearly have made a decision that life is just not worth anything, not even their own. SO who is left to clean up the mess, cry over them and live in fear? Us.

    If you know your 20 yr old son is out doing a pack, find someone, a group, an organization, the police, SOMEONE to pull him back before the community has to go through all this again and again and again…………..

  3. Liz says:

    Well alrighty then—the little rat (*$$%^#$% are already in jail! Love that! sounds like awesome police work to me! Way to GO guys!

    • Are you really serious . . . says:


    • itwasn't me says:

      I think you do a grave injustice to rats. although I have no love for the suspects, they are hardly rats, they are humans, able to think rational thoughts, and know the difference between right and wrong.

      Even Rats aren’t as evil, inhumane and sadistic. No, they are not rats, but they are sad examples of humanity.

      • White Jesus says:

        They are much lower than rats. I haven’t seen a rat intentionally murder a human being yet. Yeah, it’s a grave injustice to poor rats.

  4. Can you handle this says:

    Let’s not get too excited just yet Liz..remember they have only been arrested on “suspicion” of murder…they arrested 5 people immediately after last months murder and to date no one has been officially charged, they are out on bail..And with this we already have two accounts of the same said witnesses heard but did not SEE anyone fleeing and the second account now gives a description…so we don’t know whats what..but hopefully they do have the right culprits so they can take them off the streets!!!!!!!!!

  5. Larry E Smith says:

    Good work guys (Nick & team).

  6. BermyLove says:

    Very happy that there have been arrests made but at the same time sad because most of the victims and the shooters are under the age of 30…I pray for the families of the victims..its really sad to know that most of our young men will be dead or in jail before they are 30…

    • S Brown says:

      Your comment: “its really sad to know that most of our young men will be dead or in jail before they are 30″

      It when people say things like this really piss me off. Most of our young men in Bermuda will not be dead or in jail. Many of our young men are doing positive things like getting an education and/or are trying to fulfill their ambitions.

      Only a few young men are carrying on like idiots, it seems like ‘most’ only because our society/public tend to focus on individuals who display anti-social behaviour. case in point… whenever Bernews has an article of a young person doing somthing positive, it will be lucky to get more than 5 reply. heaven forbid a shooting, stabbing murder rape etc.. 50+ comments.

      Our society/community tends to give more attention to those who exhibit ant-social behaviour as opposed to those who are doing positive things. We are slowly lowering the expectation of the potential of our young men in Bermuda.

      Most of us are doing good things.

      • jredmond says:

        big ups for bringing some reality into this.

      • huh? says:

        @ S. Brown,

        many young men are indeed doing the right thing but i would hardly call the amount of young men involved in anti-social behaviour “only a few”. Do you relaise that there are literally hundredes of young men ( pre-teen, teen and adult) who are claiming affialiation to one of these gangs on island?! There are far too many of them to any longer be ignored or denied that there is a major problem here! We indeed need to cheer on our young men when they do well and of course many of them are but let’s not deceive ourselves as to the extent of this deadly cancer!

        • Lissa says:

          @ huh?
          You are exactly right. There are hundreds of them and it saddens my heart. Weed selling and smoking is the norm for these kids as young as 11. And dont ask where are their parents: Some of these kids have been adopted by grandparents and/or have parent that are substance abusers or plain old just dont get along. Take a drive into somerset late at night and you will see….These kids are not enrolled in the big brothers program and stuff, these kids are not packing groceries. these kids are hanging out with the preteens and young adults and are learning from them. I am talking about kids that my son used to play football with when he was 5. No parents showed up to support the kids. if we had an away game all the parents would drive cross these kids whilst they caught the bus to attend the games. Then as these kids get older and have no support they drop out of the program and begin roaming the streets. I am talking about kids that hang out in the neigborhood outside all day because their parents dont want them in the house whilst they are using drugs and chilling with their friends. kids as young as 5 whom we all drive cross in our neighborhoods when we go home. This same kid then turns into the 14 year old still hanging in your neighborhood or driveway and now we are irritated with them because they wont move so we can pass or have no manners.
          We cannot wait until they get in trouble to do something wrong because thats when the police come in. But what about before that, what role do do the social workers and family counselors play. How can we help. I am not trying to come down on anyone – I am just trying to understand as are most of us on this site.
          I don’t have the answers….But we cannot stop caring and cannot ignore them. Each one teach one.

      • LOL (original) says:

        Exactly SBrown. People here act like they are in the US around here and are so hard done by. Not saying that there are not some case but it seems that this is the culture we as a country glorify.


      • Triangle Drifter says:

        So true. what is so sad is what is deemed important to comment about & not important to comment about.

        There are plenty of successful Bermudians out there. Most are quietly getting on with their lives whether they work in an office or by the skill of their hands making or repairng things.

        The thugs get far more attention than they deserve.

        • joe says:

          Triangle, those are some very GOOD words. How many people put limitations on themselves and then go ahead and blame others because they say they are being held back.

    • BermyLove says:

      Just to clarify my comment was not implying that there are no positive young men in Bermuda because I know that there are and I am proud of them, but if you look at all the recent criminal activity, most of the victims and the alleged gunman are early 20s to 30 yrs…these are some of the things we tend to ignore but need to pay attention to and now young women in the same age range are getting caught trying to smuggle drugs…are we really going to turn a blind eye on this? Just a thought…

  7. W.T.F.??? says:

    Book em Nicko!

  8. Terry says:

    Leshore, not your typical Bermudian name but sympathy to the family and hopefully hhis killers are brought too justice.

  9. junior burchall says:

    totally unrelated to the story above, but pedro is a dead ringer for slingblade….!!!

  10. Terry says:

    Self serving comments there S.Brown.

    Read what others have said on posts et al. In fact, read my post about frustration/s et al.

    Bernews, from now on don’t publish anything except MP’s kissing up, and people giving monies to Public Schools and photo’s of Premier Cox in her hats…..( oops, she’s wary of them now).

    Your last two paragraphs speak volumes.

    Check the Rubber Tree and Parkside, 42nd, Sound View Road, Crawl Hill. There are internet stations just behind the Bus shelters for pick up, delivery, home invasion, simple beat up, Manslaughter or simple grevious bodily harm. Your choice. If no one is there, just look for the guy with the hat thats backwards ( peak) he will direct you to the nearest……………………………………

    • S Brown says:

      When was the last time you went to the Public library in Par-la-ville Park???? How about the Bermuda College library at 8pm?? I go to those places frequently and see many youths there. When was the last time you had a random talk with a young person that you did not know? I used to be like some people and think our youth have strayed, but contrary to what people think, many have their head on straight..

      Dont come to me with your BS about those areas, and so what if there are young men hanging in those areas… so what??

      I am from the ‘back of town’ area and my friends and I would hang out in a particular area… it was our neighborhood and we hung there from youths to young adults. Some of us who were fortunate to go to Uni, would come back and hang at the same spot… your point being??

      So let me guess, see a bunch of young men hanging in an area and all of a sudden its trouble? The young men hang out by city hall on Fridays, what do you have to say about them??

      • Lissa says:

        The young men by City hall are kewl. but the ones at par-la-ville park are just horrible!!…
        Just kidding!!
        Good points S Brown.

  11. What is going on? says:

    As I said before Bernews….. “Terry” is tiresome and does not do your site justice……pleeeeease!

    • Speechless says:

      Then skip his posts – say no to censorship!

  12. Terry says:

    Gold Chains?

  13. Sebastian says:

    In response to S.Brown: “whenever Bernews has an article of a young person doing somthing positive, it will be lucky to get more than 5 reply. heaven forbid a shooting, stabbing murder rape etc.. 50+ comments.”

    Taking a life has more impact on a human society than any other action. The ramifications are felt directly by everyone in Bermuda’s small community. So, people comment on it because they feel the changing dynamic which they exist in and help form. It has nothing to do with having a negative outlook.

  14. so true says:

    its true – good news and no blogs, bad news and lots of comments?????

  15. Dread says:

    get ya young men out of Bermuda fast!!

    • Truth says:

      No need for that. What is needed is for men to properly raise their sons. There are far too many men abdicating their responsibility to be proper Fathers. It is now an accepted norm. Run? No. Don’t run. Men need to stand up and be accountable.

  16. Terry says:

    So I miss a few well known ‘spots’ and name a few I am familiar with and you call my comments “BS”.

    Your talking from personal experience. I’m not disputing that. I am quite familiar with known areas just as much as the next man. Quite aware of who is who and associates.

    Also well aware of the past and present with regards to people who just hang out, socialise and reflect on a days work and up and comming events. Never had a problem with the ones I knew. You read too much into the ‘areas’ I quoted and not the events of yesterday and the up and comming events of the future.

    Lets hear your interpretation of ‘Dreads’ comments above. Would love to hear them.

    S.Brown, your to quick to repel comments that seemingly effect you or feel offended about. I did not attack your character, degrees and community involement, I respect that. Don’t ‘shoot’ the person with an opinion without reading between lines or knowing the source.

    Have agreat day.

    • Lissa says:

      I love your comments Terry. Lyrical haters – fall back!!

  17. Can't seem to believe says:

    I can’t believe that another young black bermudian has lost his life, and there we go again trying to justify the reasons as to why.

    If you look at all the ages in which are in prison now they are all from the generation of the new school system in which was put in place to fail the Black Community. I am not prejudice but come on we are talking about a place called Bermuda which does not care about the next as long as it is not affecting them or there community.

    We talk about solutions!! Ok majority was kicked out of school at a young age which left them illiterate, followers. So do you still blame the kids or the system.
    I am a person of real talk and i feel that when you kicked the children out of schol you left them to do nothing but wonder on the streets every day and mix up with the wrong company. but instead you point fingers at parenting. Everyone is to Blame not just the parents, the teachers, police etc. But the whole system so I feel to eleivate this from happening again you should think very seriously before you put a child out there on the streets.

    how can one get a job without the proper education How do you know that they having being raised in hardtimes like bringing up themselves because Mom has to work that extra job to make a living and now look at the times we are facing now. it is not going to become easier if we do not teach this in the system.

    How about History our own Bermuda History that has being taking out of the schools, they can’t tell you anything about there own Island. These are some clues as to the next generation in which is coming ahead.
    How about opening up community centers in every parish and have tradesman voulnteer there services for at least an hour, like Carpentry, Electrical, Cooking,Sewing. These sorts of things brings unity into the community instead of violence.
    Just a little suggestion.

  18. Can't seem to believe says:

    Sorry for the typing errors but I am very upset .

  19. Shocked says:

    I think people need to focus on the real problems of bermuda. We constantly knit pick about the areas they are from, and in all honestly I could care less about that fact. Its the activity that they do that is the problem, and all thisyoung men seem to think they are invisible. I read recently in the sun how LeShore’s mom stated that she gets upset when people would refer to her son and his friends as a gang. WHY!!!!! Thats what they are end of story. I think that the people racing these young men are slightly ignorant in a lot of ways. I give my full condolences to LeShores family but feel that more needs to be done when they are younger to prevent them from getting involved in gun activity. Unfortunately every time we hear about a death we hear the same nonsense, he was a good guy, he was never in trouble, he wasnt part of a gand, he was a good dad. I am sorry but any man involved in a gang shouldnt be allowed to interact with his children and doesnt deserve children. One reason being the child will most likely follow in those footsteps two because half of them are dead beat dads anyway and three these children have a high risk of their dad being ripped away from them (whether getting locked up or killed). These young men arent afraid to get locked up or get killed and its a damn shame. Our life sentence is pathetic and they go to westgate and live an easy life for the time they serve.

  20. ChangeIsComing says:

    If one does not value his/her own life, what chance does the other person have on the other end? This problem lies deep, places we will never venture. These boys committing these crimes, like/love what they do,and feel that they are permanently removing the problem(human life)that is in their way. Their love and loyalty lies in things others don’t values and the sooner we as a community realize the root of it all and find a way to truly reach these boys, the crimes will never stop. Jail/death is apart of the lifestyle that they sign up for, so to preach to them about that makes no sense.

    They are willing to die for the “cause”, so we need to find out what they are willings to live for??

  21. BadGirl TurndGood says:

    Live by the Gun / Die by the gun – You reep what you sow.

    No one deserves to die, or be killed by another man – but if you set ya life or way of life in those ways, bad is going to happen.

    You don’t see regular guys that are not labeled gettn popped off randomly.

    Every human being is decent to the ones they love HOWEVER if you have seen how he rolls/acts this is expected. Regular people dont have RIVAL’s after them nor do regular people travel in groups of 5 or more or have targets on their back.

    TAKE NOTE – If you cant leave ya house alone, have to own a gun or man made weapon, play with ya kids down in parsons road park ALONE, have to look over ya shoulder or have people/bredrins calling you and giving you warnings – FIGURE OUT A WAY TO UNLABEL YASELF or a Gun will alwayyyys have a Bullet with ya name on it.

    Sorry I am a realist. Like I said NO ONE deserves to die like this so may he rest in peace. To his 42 family sort ya self out cuz there are still bullets with ya name on them also KNOW THIS.


    1)STOP traveling in groups aka rolling like a gang
    2)humble yaself as individuals – being boasty does not help it fumes jealosy & envy
    3)Focus ya spare time more on family becuz only they will suffer once Augustus Funeral Home has you.
    4)Set goals to gain a skill, open a business or choose a career – if you dont your child willlll end up JUST LIKE YOU and that new spanky clean shipment coming thru customs with rugur bullets will have thier name on it also.

    Every Bermudian Male has a Worth – As a Son, Brother, Father, true friend etc.

    To the 42 Family – You all ALREADY have enough fatherless children to take care of and/or have to step up and mentor. Please dont add your own blood to the group.

    Know ya Worth – Save ya Life – Spare your Families Heartache

    Only GOD knows your expiration date, Only GOD knows how you will expire.

    Point is EVEN if you are due to expire in 6 months by way of some idiots GUN – (GODS PLAN) – Dont let ya precious time be utilised by still singn the “42 fo LIFE” song. Let ya child/children, parents, siblings or bredrins at least see the change for positive anddddd if GOD spares you 20-60 more years a positive change will never be in vain.