Murder: 26-Yr-Old Fatally Shot

March 1, 2011

[Updated] A firearm incident occurred minutes ago this evening [Mar.1]. We do not have official confirmation yet, however we unofficially understand that one person may have been shot. We have limited information at this time, and will update as able through the evening.

Update #1: We unofficially understand the scenario to be extremely serious…

Update#2: The shooting took place in the Boundary Crescent, Hermitage Road area. Police are on the scene.

Update #3: We are awaiting a Police briefing. We hope this is not the case, but continue to understand the situation to be serious, and are awaiting the official statement.

Update #4: Police Spokesman Dwayne Caines confirmed that a 26-year-old man was fatally shot.


Update #5: Official Police statement:

The Bermuda Police Service can confirm that a 26 year old man was fatally shot in the Boundary Crescent, Devonshire area tonight. No further information will be released until the next of kin have been notified. An active investigation into this incident is underway. Any witnesses or anyone with any information is urged to contact the Serious Crime Unit on 295-0011 or the independent, confidential Crime Stoppers Bermuda hotline on 800-8477.

Update #6: Police spokesman Dwayne Caines gives a brief statement.

Update #7 Although the victim’s identity is becoming widely known in the community, he has not been officially named as yet, and we are expecting his name to be released by officials later today [Mar.2]

Update #8: This morning in the House of Assembly BDA MP Mark Pettingill named the victim, and expressed his condolences to his family, and to his pregnant girlfriend. He said the victim’s mother works for his law firm and Mr Pettingill said how close to home this is for him, but said all shootings are close to home really.

Update #9: Police have officially named the victim as Jahmiko Leshore, and confirmed the arrest of three men on suspicion of murder. Details here.

Update #10: Minister of National Security Lt. Col. David Burch:

First and foremost I wish to extend my sincerest condolences to the family and friends of the deceased. This is a tragic situation and it is terribly disheartening that we continue to grapple with these callous acts of gun violence.

I understand that the investigation, while in its early stages has already yielded results with three arrests. This is a positive development and I want to commend the Bermuda Police Service for their swift efforts in these early hours.

Finally I want to take this opportunity to encourage anyone who may have any information about last night’s shooting to please share that information with the Police. If you wish to share your information anonymously, you can do so by calling the Crime Stoppers hotline at 800-TIPS (8477) or via the Crime Stoppers website at

This is the second murder of 2011, following the tragic murder of 29-year-old Colford Ferguson, who was fatally shot on February 4th in Sandys parish.

Bernews extends our sincere condolences to the victim’s family and friends.

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  1. Reality Check says:

    And the struggle continues!!!…Condolences 2 the family of the deceased…so saaaad :’(

    • just a thought says:

      Look at the trend there are more 42nd man being killed then any other crew out there but in all do respect this ##@@ needs to stop. my condolences goes out to his mother and family another youth will grow up without a father.

  2. Ashley says:

    Я.I.P!! You will be the guidance

  3. Chuck Norris says:

    Another victim stemming from the proliferation of fire arms and drug crime. This island is heading towards a Detroit style meltdown,

    • YungNthuggin says:

      you fools dont even realize this isnt a drug war..This is a problem with uneducated and unemployed Bermudians..Until you realize that, people will continue to have nothing better to do days/nights.

      Do you think he was shot so someone else can sell drugs on his corner? or because he robbed someone? NO !!! plain and simple

      • Anothony DaTiger says:

        There are lots of places where unedecated and unemployed people don’t shoot each other. Drugs may not be the reason but no education and no job is not an excuse. It is a much bigger cultural problem.

      • James says:

        Using your logic, just who is at fault because this is “a problem with uneducated and unemployed Bermudians”? There is one person responsible for where we are in life and that one person is ourselves. No one or no institution can hold ANYONE back, that’s IF we ourselves want a better life.

        This problem is more deep rooted than drugs or robbing of people, as you suggested. But MOST of the blame can be placed squarely on the shoulders of those looking down the barrell.

        Life is all about choices, there are some people who made really bad choices about school, really bad choices about what they should be doing, and really bad choice about what they will do in the future.

        The “fools” are pulling the trigger, not the rest of us venting on Bernews!!

      • Bottom Line says:

        If you are uneducated then (take responsibility), pull your finger out and get educated!

        • yungNthuggin says:

          I guess you people didnt read between the lines using street logic.

          Secondly, Im educated and still cant find a job..How am I to get by? of course Im gonna sell drugs..It pays my bills and puts food on my plate..

          You people probably have no clue while you sit in your house on south shore in you granparents old house..

          • Jus' Askin' says:

            If you are educated why are you selling drugs, to poison your own, so you can pay bills and eat? Not my fault my grandparents worked hard.

          • White Jesus says:

            My grandparents nor grandparents passed a home down to me. I don’t own a home. I work hard to pay my bills and take care of my family. I’m poor. I don’t sell drugs, I won’t sell drugs. Selling drugs is as off-limits to me as selling my children or my soul. It is NOT AN OPTION! Furthermore, the streets were BUILT by educated people to connect families and institutions, NOT to become an institution of learning. You have street logic and no vehicle. Shame!

          • r u 4 real says:

            Dude, maybe u can’t find a job because your lack of integrity and moral character leak through in your interviews and it has nothing to do with your “education/degrees”. If i were looking for employees, i wouldn’t be interested in anyone who was willing to break the law (especially when it involves the destruction of our community) because he/she saw it as an easy out! Cause if you had some bills due and the salary u was paying u didn’t cover your monthly SUV loan, are u gonna “of course” steal from me because, “it pays my bills” too? This problem has been around for decades and it has little to do with job availability cause even when tourism was booming and jobs were plentiful there were still loads of drug dealers and lots of guys sitting on the walls. IT’s more about a screwed up moral compass, entitlement and weak minded, easy way out mentalities. ps….no one can stop anyone from starting their own business, whether it be cutting grass and trimming hedges or repairing computers and or automechanic/body work in your back yard etc….It may not be your dream job but at least its a legal start and u dont have to sleep with one eye open and you aren’t destroying the future of the next generation!

            • The mon says:

              Thank you (R U 4 Real) well said well said and here the funny thing of all when they get pick up buy the police they are some how able to find jobs and work those job up till there court date so they can tell the judge that just got a new job and i am trying to change my way just so they don’t have to go to prison and as soon as they get off right back on the block from some body that live there lol smh it crazy.

          • The mon says:

            no homie I do have a clue oh and I on Angle Street for the first 20yrs of my life now I live on Parsons Rd for the past 15 question before the construction boom ended how many of them did you apply to even now Landscaping company are crying for hard workers so don’t say you can’t get a real job not true.

          • James says:

            Mate, I sit in my own house that is being paid for by working 2-3 jobs, one of which is delivery pizza in the rain. That’s how I, also very educated, put food on my family’s plate and pay my mortgage. Plus I work hard at my main job.

            You are coping out by breaking the law selling that crap. And when you get caught I suppose you want me and others to feel sorry for you?! Not a chance! If you are as educated as you sound then open your mind, go and do something, learn something, meet someone different to put yourself and your family in a better place. I’m not saying it will be easy or happen tomorrow but you HAVE to put in the hard work to get where you want to be. And it takes time mate, lots of time, but its worth it because in the end NO ONE will be able to take it away from you if you’ve put in the work. Trust me on that.

            Hell, if you are willing to put in the work I will help you myself! What are you interested in? What do you like to do? What can you do? What are you good at?

            Don’t give up mate?

      • The mon says:

        hold on homie most of these guys acting the fool don’t want to work anyway talking about they can’t work for this amount of money and all that craziness. When there where jobs out there some of these same fool where home in their beds sucking there thumb waiting for their mom to feed them or sitting on the block CAUSING TROUBLE to others like themself and other hard working people cause they want it easy. When things where good one could have make seven to thousand dollars a week doing construction but my back hurts and I can’t stay in the sun that long plus I make more money selling drugs (which is not true cause that not their money lol) so play me another song for these fools. They are killing Bermuda!

  4. Graeme Outerbridge says:

    No Community!! No PEACE^^

    • itwasn'tme says:

      You got it GO! I’ll add to that comment ‘BAD PARENTING, NO PEACE’. Some ppl blame the government and police for problems that start at home. Absent fathers and self centered mothers led to this.

      • Critical Thinker says:

        Don’t stop there, that’s too easy. Ask yourself what caused someone to be a bad parent, when you’ve answered that question, which will be, they also had bad parents. After thinking for a while, you will see a trend, then ask yourself, why is this so. You will, after months and possible years or research, become enlightened as to why things are.

        Unfortunately for most of us, this kind of critical thinking process, requires us to do just that, think! and most of us find this too hard so we take the easy rout, and stop the “Buck” with the immediate parent.

        Just remember this, bad parents are not born, they are made, and good parents are not born, they are made. So someone or something most create the environment to make a good or bad parent.

        I am sure you have heard this, that it takes a village to raise a child, literally!!. So that’s not “Folklore” it’s realty, it relay takes a community to raise a child, and since that’s through the door, in the scene that in today’s Bermuda, most people can’t even fathom, that idea.

        We are doomed to the realities of the rest of the world. It’s just that we are playing “catch-up”, and like the rest of the world, it will only get worst, because we will never embrace the policies, personally and politically, that will make change.

        • itwasn't me says:

          @ CT it sounds like you may work with an agency that deals with social issues. Sad but true commentary. Our only hope is that there are more ‘right minded’ children than criminal minded that will grow to become responsible adults. But its painful to see that minority causing so many social problems

          • Critical Thinker says:

            Sorry to disappoint you but my opinions and views are derived from observing my fellow human behaviors, and going the extra mile to get my questions answered as opposed to just jumping on the sound bite band wagon. I have also lived in quite a few different jurisdictions, where all this has been played out. So my analyst and opinions are based on experience and science.

        • Don't Assume says:

          CT- thank you, thank you, thank you.!

  5. Triangle Drifter says:

    And the Government, in its epic wisdom, reduces the BPS budget…That just makes perfect sense. But any of us ezpect any better?

    • n says:

      What does the budget have to do with it. At end of the day it’s a community issue unless we all come together and say we are not standing for this type of behavior. It will continue……..

      • hmmm says:

        yup. community’s what will/should make teh difference. how we raise our families, and take care of each other. taking care of includes education, socio-cultural development, etc.

    • Jay1978 says:

      Having all the Police in the world wil not stop the crime as it happens. Its deeper than a budget being cut. The killings are about respect, no longer do they see eachother as brothers or people of Bermuda; but people from a street or a group they hang with; the streets might have not giving birth to them, but some of these groups show love and unity that they may have not found in their own family. We have younger mothers , who are children themselves or have a very immature mentality, they turn around and neglect their children. We wonder why the children grow up to be direspectful of everyone else. Plain and simple it is just wickedness. How bout we start as a comm(unity) and work out everyday as a whole the gr(ass)roots of the problem. True the Police budget is cut, but we do not have Police patrolling the neighboorhoods on foot anymore; we have officers that try to keep their air to ground , but it needs to go deeper. Why is it that we the men in Bermuda have enslaved themselves, or what has enslaved them.Many reasons, themselves,stoplist,lack of money,lust of money,love,lack of love,acceptance,idle hands,idols ,clothes,more clothes,better blackberry,new iphone,psychosis,faith,lack of faith.Who knows, maybe they called Bermuda Devils Isles for a reason.

      • yungNthuggin says:

        Many reasons, themselves, stoplist, lack of money – YEAH you would say stop list first? why, because it was made to keep young black men from leaving the island to better their lives. They figured it would be better to enslave them on this stupid island, where Bermudians are being put down the pecking order..

        • Speechless says:

          The stoplist was initiated by the US government to stop those with drug offenses from getting into their country. It has nothing to do with the Bermuda government. So – I’m guessing that the U.S. is now a part of this grand conspiracy to keep young black Bermudian men down. Open your mind or close your computer!

        • CB says:

          Common misconception that we (Bermuda) put the stop-list in place – the stop-list is a US policy and applies worldwide to non-US citizens as far as I am aware. The policy is basically: if you are convicted of a crime in the specified category, e.g. drug offences, the US doesn’t want anything to do with you.

          While I agree that there are many practices in place in Bermuda today that continue to segregate our population and make life difficult for people (which practices are wrong and should be stopped), one of the biggest things holding Bermuda and Bermudians back is the spread of nonsense and ignorance by people who feel they are ‘victims’ of an unjust society. The interpretation of the stop-list and its purpose is an appropriate illustration of this nonsense and ignorance.

          • My two cents says:

            Yes, but I was told it is the BERMUDA law regarding marijuana that allows people to be put on this list. Meaning, in the US if you get caught with a certain amount of cannabis, it is only a misdemeanor offense, whereas in Bermuda it is a much larger offense and that causes one to be put on stop list. If Bermuda lowered the offense of possessing smaller amounts of cannabis to a misdemeanor offense then I don’t think this would warrant being put on the US stop this. Please correct me if I am wrong, but this is what I have been told.

          • The US doesn't want our criminals... says:

            How can you say the stop list is nonsense and ignorant? The US can make whatever policies they want! Why would they want our criminals? We don’t even want them! Why should we expect other countries to welcome them? SMH!

          • Logic76 says:

            No, Bermuda has control over the stop-list and all appeals concerning it. One of those interesting facts that seems to make no sense. However, if you don’t break the law you will not end up on the list.

        • bermyshotta says:

          @ yungNthuggin – no…ain’t just young black men…young men period lol. pure guys are on it that ain’t black bra.

  6. Can you handle this says:

    My thoughts and prayers are of the family during this trying time…….

  7. NUNYA says:

    Just when things seemed to be getting ” a little” better. My condolences to family and friends.

  8. mixitup says:

    So when the government increased the BPS Budget last year the killing continued. Explain that with YOUR epic wisdom.

  9. Fedup says:

    Sad, it ain’t going to stop tho so stop blaming police. Bible fortells of these things. All we can do is keep our heads down and our cars bullet proofed.

    • White Jesus says:

      Bible also tells of starvation and famine but I’ll bet you still make sure you find something to eat. Just because it’s foretold doesn’t mean you have to be the generation who lies down and lets it happen. These things are foretold so we can say, ‘hell no I will not be the generation that keeps its head down and allows that.” “This must be talking about a later generation to come with no soul and no humanity left in it” Hold your head up, you are NOT that generation Fedup. Stay with us we will win.

  10. W.T.F.??? says:

    who ya gonna call…Gang Busters!!

  11. wondering says:

    you know I wonder when Bermuda will Rise Up Against Violence?!?

    March 1st Newscast has a union president talking about a general meeting with regards to “brothers and sisters” who are out of work……..

    When are the luminaries of this country gonna get off their @$$e$ and have these wildcat strikes, marches on Parliament (like the anti-SDO “rally”) or the one when 5,000+ workers INCLUDING POLICE descended on Parliament to protest none other than their pocket book?

    Talk about a country with its priorities all wrong…………………my country
    is dying at an alarming rate and we purposely sit by and allow it to go on.

    Broken Community = Broken Solutions

    Let’s see if BERMUDA marches on Parliament or through each others neighbourhoods nightly to protest this genocide!

    The crooks know that the do-gooders are tired! let’s rise up AGAINST this scourge…start talking my people

  12. stern says:

    Bermuda wake up! Get it together! Bring back Capital Punishment! Stop giving out a slap on the wrist to these nasty thoughtless people! Harsh punishment is the only answer! If you give these criminals life (WITHOUT PAROL) it may seem fair however it would be wasting the tax payers money. Something needs to be put in place to stop these criminals from ever pulling the trigger! Enough is Enough! So senseless.
    My Condolences to the family!

    • I don't get it says:

      AMEN to Capital punishment!

      • White Jesus says:

        Capital punishment! It might not deter all, but I have never seen an executed criminal commit another murder! Capital punishment all the way!

      • Real Talk says:

        Capital punishment will have no effect on somebody who isn’t afraid to die… hasn’t proven to be a deterrent anywhere else that actually enforces the law (ask the 300+ inmates currently on Death Row in Texas as I type).

        • Eye for an eye says:

          You say Capital Punishment will have no effect on someone who isn’t willing to die???? I beg to disagree – I’ve never known a dead criminal who was able to kill again…or sell drugs again, or convince young kids to join gangs again…

          Capital Punishment ends “repeat offenders.” Bring it to Bermuda!

          • Real Talk says:

            Um. Yeah. Capital Punishment ends repeat offenders… But with Life Sentences already the mandatory sentence for murder, doesn’t that pretty much make that issue a moot point?

            I’m not against the concept in theory. But I’m much more in favour of addressing the underlying causes of this antisocial behaviour rather than advocating for hanging, the cat o nine tails and all the other remedies that folks like to pass off as some sort of silver bullet.

    • White Jesus says:

      Capital punishment! It might not deter all, but I have never seen a dead man commit another murder! Capital punishment all the way!

  13. Can you handle this says:

    In regards to this there are going to be mixed emotions and feelings and everyone is not going to agree with the comments posted. Than the bashing against one another for voicing how we feel will continue (sarcastic comment already posted). Let’s respect each others opinions, because it’s not going to take just one persons effort or thoughts to find a solution it’s going to take a TEAM effort.

    It’s not always the parents fault, I know of children that have been raised with both a father and mother in the household but they have run afoul of the law…so being raised with both parents is not always the answer, just because both parents are present does not mean that parenting is going on…Also on the flip side you can raise your children to be respectful, upstanding citizens you can instill in them what you believe is right, you can talk until you are “blue in the face” but at the end of the day life is about choices…and some of our young people for whatever reason/reasons are choosing to do the wrong thing (I know because some of them are my clients).

    Also in regards to the Police, yes we are going to have different views on them as well..Those who have personal stories about their positive and those that have stories about the negative…at the end of the day “it is what it is” At present the police are in the possession of a letter that outlines both past and recent killings and why they have occurred..could this young man’s life have been saved if it was known whether he was somehow linked to anything that might have caused his demise? would we know? no! but the Police may have knowledge of this from the content of the letter…I personally take issue with the Police as they have not been very forth coming with information in the past for not letting the public know (I would hate to use the word misleading)how serious things are out there..just because we don’t hear about anything we get the false sense of security that things are quiet, that they have died down..this is not the case.. incidents happen almost every weekend but do not make the paper or the news for whatever reason..people assaulted, stabbed, etc…Things haven’t been right for the longest time…but when the thought of violence escalating and things getting worse were put to the forefront we had those in power say ‘nah, not going to happen!” and it was put on the back look where we are today….

    My Condolences to the family…and may God bless his young one that is on the way..may he be surrounded by positive and strong people that can lead him in the right direction..these things I ask in YOUR name …Amen!!!!

    • FedUp!!!!!!! says:

      His son came last nite!!! How horrible us that! Born in the day his father was taken!!! The government needs to do something to stop this nonsense!!!!!!! What will it take for them to honestly step in??!!!! And we as a people need to speak up!!!! Stop allowing this to continue happening!!!! And I totally agree with the capital punishment comment!!!! We need to march on parliament to bring that back!!! Something drastic needs to happen!

  14. Chioke Simmons says:


    The following is the content of a letter placed on a bed of a young African-American male incarcerated in the Chicago City jail.  Please take a minute of your time to reflect upon the severity of this statement.
    The Klu Klux Klan would like to take this time to salute and congratulate all Gang Bangers for the slaughter of over 4,000 black people since 1975.  You are doing a marvelous job.  Keep killing each other for nothing.  The streets are still not yours n$%gers…it is ours.  You are killing each other for our property.  You are killing what could be future black doctors, lawyers and businessmen that we won’t have to compete with.
    And the good thing about it is that you are killing the youth.  so we won’t have to worry about you n$%gers in the generations to come.  We would further like to thank all the judges who have over-sentenced those n$%gers to prison.
    We are winning again.  Pretty soon, we will be able to go back to raping your women, because all (black) men will be gone.  So you Gang Bangers… keep up the good work.  We love to read about drive-by shootings.  We love to hear how many n$%gers get killed on the weekends.  We can tolerate the n$%gers with jungle fever (because that further breaks down the race). 
    To all Gang Bangers across the world, we don’t have to love n$%gers, but we can appreciate you Gang Bangers.  You are doing a great job in eliminating the black race.  Without the men, your women cannot reproduce…unless, of course, we do it for them.  Then we will have successfully eliminated the race, thanks to your commitment to killing each other.
    So if most of your n$%gers Gang Bangers cannot read this letter, that is good.  Go ahead, pull the trigger and kill a n&^ger.

    • Anothony DaTiger says:

      Very disturbing post. I have a feeling you are trying to portray yourself as white to intice a reaction. One thing that I am sure of though is that those being killed are not future doctors, lawyers and businessman. I could be wrong, one could consider Yankee as a businessman to be fair.

    • lifeblood says:

      I find it odd that the KKK would take time out to write such a brief yet inspiring letter to the black race. The content appears “challenging” but not in a bad sense. Whoever this kkk writer is, he’s performed admirably in raising awareness of the plight of the black race WITHIN the race itself. This is amazingly counter-productive to the klan’s overall agenda. I don’t buy it.

    • Bottom Line says:

      I doubt the KKK (who I’m sure are pleased blacks are killing blacks) wrote that letter. Someone was using them as a front. Disturbing.

    • Load of BS says:

      Don’t believe a word of … Just some poser being inciteful for their own agenda..

    • FedUp!!! says:

      In regards to the two comments made on this post…who the F cares if the KKK wrote this or not of if a white person is posting this?! the truth of the matter is that our black man our killing each other! you have not heard of one white person shot and killed only the blacks!!! WTF are we killing each other???? for no damn reason!!! these stupid little boys dont have a clue what they are doing!!!! they dont even know half the people whose lives they are taking!!! they are just given a gun a told to pull the trigger!!! BRING BACK CAPITAL PUNISHMENT!!!!!!! These little boys need to know that there are consequences for their actions!!! that lil vacation up westgate to be with their friends is not punishment for taking an innocent mans life!!! so again I say BRING BACK CAPITAL PUNISHMENT!!!! WE SERIOUSLY NEED TO DO A MARCH ON PARLIAMENT TO HAVE THAT BROUGHT BACK!!!!! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH BERMUDA!!!!

    • LOL (original) says:

      As a white man with a black wife I find this totally disgusting. Burn out all racists where they be black or white. One question though why post this here has there not been enough drama with the fact that a child lost his father before he even got to know him. What motivated this post? Were you trying to be a positive influence on our society by bring a sever negative from another society to us? Have we not had enough of race baiting yet? Does everything have to be about black vs white. Stop the collective thinking it is getting us, as a society, dead and fast.

      LOL ps If this is your attempt at some sort of cultural awakening you are hurting your cause as you are losing potentail allies with these tactics like the PLP do on a regular. Just for clarification I do not see any alternative so I do like “Brewster’s Millions” and vote for “None Of The Above” LOL

    • Are you really serious . . . says:

      Thanks for this post . . . it is amazing that when people read such a pointed and straightforward piece of writing, their backs go right up against the wall, which only heightens the reality of racism here in Bermuda . . . the comments and reactions to this leave a sense of “how dare you refer this type of letter to the hands of the KKK” when in reality we know that whether it was written by the kkk, a white man or a black man the essence of the words in this letter are true and is a stinging reflection of what white society feels of the violence in any black community and should be a reality check for young blacks in a violent stricken community.

      I personally think that letters like this should be painted and posted on the walls of the communities that are being affected by the violence!!!! Maybe the young men will start reading and thinking about their actions!! (Before anyone comments with sarcasm, you had better believe the intelligence level of these young men. They may not be using it for the right thing but don’t doubt how intelligent they are!)

      My condolences to this young man’s family!!!

      • LOL (original) says:

        Are you serious please explain how what I said proves racism. Enlighten me. Before I pen a responce to your drivell.
        You know me or something?

      • LOL (original) says:

        So let me get this str8 you are in faviour of posting and displaying hate speech. Or just hate speech that jibs with your core beliefs. Do you want to live in a just, fair and good natured society or not? I do not have all the answers but trying to unite against a common enemy real or perceved never ends in a long lasting alliance. Only positive things will create positive thing negativity breeds negativity do you disagree?


      • shamel says:

        To “are you really serious” – I see where you’re coming from so far as saying the letter’s a wake-up call and it could be deployed the right way to do some good. But only if you’re willing to accept that it reflects a disgustingly racist viewpont, and not the viewpoint of most whites. You say the letter reflects what white society in general feels of the violence, and I have to disagree. I’m white, many of my bredrins are white, and none of us are happy that slightly younger Bermudians are killing each other. Trust, the majority of us want these men to grow up and become successful members of society. The majority of Bermudians of any race want this violence to be done with, so let’s stand together to be good influences to the yonger heads.

    • FOR REAL!!!! says:

      Sorry Chioke…they just don’t get it! But I understand the point you were trying to make cause I’ve read the Willie Lynch Letter and YES, unfortunately, what was written way back when is surely taking place TODAY within our race.

      Question is where do we go from here. It’s started, been for a while now. How do we stop it with so many ignorance minds and deviled souls in existance. I really don’t want to believe it too late.

  15. All talk.. says:

    Everyone on here has something to say about why shootings may happen. Most of you blame the parents, and others blame the police. Funny thing is, its always YOU same people who come on here attempting to make a conclusion. You dont know the answer, I don’t, maybe nobody does.

    Question is, what are YOU doing to help stop this? Making these comments everytime on bernews isn’t solving anything.

    On the previous page we have a young Bermudian Mr. Wells who is the same age as these ‘gangbangers’ but he chose to do something with his life. Why are there more comments on this article then his?

    THAT is sad..

    • itwasn't me says:

      @ All talk – what am I doing? making sure my 2 nephews that live ‘back of town’ do not embrace this evil lifestyle. They come from a married 2 parent family. Mom and dad work very hard to ensure their sons are educated and socially conservative. They go to grandma’s house after school and remain there until parents pick them up. Homework is done including reading assignments before playtime in the back yard with neighborhood kids. They are allowed to mess around in my woodshop if they are bored, throw a burger or dog on the barbi and ride their paddle cycles around the yard/neighborhood……just like in 1970′s when I was growing up

    • My two cents says:

      How can anyone help if we never know why exactly this is happening? Most assume its drugs and money, but then others come on here and say that is not the reason; the reason is lack of education, no respect for lives, bad parents, etc. And the police don’t really offer any solid reasons. They have said many different things revenge, girls, arguments etc. While all of these may be the immediate reason for shooting someone, the deeper reason is what we need to figure out. Is it simply a lack of value for your own life which translates into no respect for others lives? If so, why the lack of value for life and education? Does that bring us back to the parents, the parents parents? I know there is no clear cut answer, but where do you start and focus your efforts?

  16. Terry says:

    Valid point ‘All Talk’.

    People respond to negativity out of frustration through hiding behind pen names.

    Condolences to the family.

    • White Jesus says:

      I’ll bet the fact that you don’t use a pen name censors or at least has an impact on what you are willing to say. It is possible that a person hides behind their legal name and reputation as well. Sometimes we never know whats lurking beneath the facade that others have come to know as “you”. I’m not saying you per se, but this whole pride in using our own names is paradoxically in itself a facade. Additionally, I think the less people care about promoting THEMSELVES the more they may promote their IDEAS. I personally don’t have a need to know who everyone is here and frankly, knowing their names doesn’t exactly tell me who they truly ARE as a person either!

  17. Kraken says:

    Majority of posters on this site are more interested in using their iphone or blackberry to post than they are in the actual topic.

  18. bernews says:

    Per comments above on the note of bringing back capital punishment…we actually can’t unless we go fully independent:

    • Rockfish says:

      However – I’m sure the GOVERNOR can interceed – He is responsible for National Security – why don’t he act. We pay the Sovereign money – basically the Governer’s Salary – and he controlls the Police, Fire Dept, and Regiment – but we pay for their salaries. Why don’t the UK Government completely control National Security – including their salaries – and we can blame them 100% when nothing is done to assist our cause.
      Government just cut it’s Fiscal budget this year – so it’s going to be a shortage of Police working overtime – however this so called ‘Gang’ violence needs to be addressed with the utmost importance. Yes everything is being done on the administrative side to keep Bermuda as an International Business key player – but if the people who live here no longer feel safe – it’s all a waste of time.
      I seriously understand the frustration – we pay for the Police’s salary but yet we don’t control their actions.
      When will the GOVERNOR wake up and smell the ish for what it is – and do something???????

      • hmmm says:

        Are you retarded Rockfish? Capital Punishment is against UK domestic (and thus in our case ‘quasi-foreign’) policy. So they wouldn’t. Even if we are paying them money. Since when has colonialism been about what the ‘dependant’ state needed, required, or desired?


        • Rockfish says:

          Retard – You clearly missed the point and may want to read the link Bernews provided – Bermuda did not have to pass the law to ban Capital Punishment – they were strongly suggested to do so, they could have instead proposed a lower form of punishment that has a significant impact in it’s replacement, as a 10yr life sentence at Westgate is a joke -considering we do have constitutional autonomy. If the UK can take over Antigua because their Government was currupt – Where’s the colonialism factor in that??? – why can’t they take over National Security completely including the salaries – and clean up the crap.. IDIOT..

        • n says:

          I don’t think you should be calling anyone a retard!! Everyone has a right to their opinion. If you can’t respect someone’s opinion don’t reply or better yet stay off this website.

        • UncleElvis says:

          Capital punishment has never been proved to be a deterrent.
          The reason capital punishment isn’t on the books here has nothing to do with colonialism and everything to do with the fact that it is barbaric and unjust and makes us, as a society, murderers.

  19. Just Yell says:

    This will not end anytime soon. You will have babies that will grow with this click, click attitude and come to know who was responsible for their fathers killings ( Your dad killed my dad) and continue to kill each other…

    • n says:

      I don’t agree. Have some respect his family and friends are going through so much pain right now.

  20. Ya'll are just not smart enough says:

    Mad love and respect out to the family. Keep ya heads up high and strong. I know in a time like this all hope seems lost, but I urge the family and everyone else out there including you who read this please continue to pray and ask for the fathers blessings and forgiveness. Remember that regardless of how he left this world the father called his name and he answered and he is now with him. So pray that the God will continue to watch over him in his absence and guide his soul. My prayers are with his family.

  21. Bda says:

    Such a Sad situation….

  22. DARRIN DIZZLE says:

    The KKK letter has been floating around for about 20 years! I don’t think it’s race baiting. Most of the content is true. That’s what we do. That’s what we’re doing. Way more than 4000 gang bangers and innocent people have been killed since 1975.
    I hear this guy that got shot yesterday was a good person but he just hung out with a bad crowd.
    The person who pulled the trigger is a coward! What happened to just fighting with your hands if it even has to go that far? Punks!
    There is no good reason to kill unless there is immediate danger to your life.
    These guys are cowardly black hearted animals!

    • LOL (original) says:

      “The KKK letter has been floating around for about 20 years! I don’t think it’s race baiting.”

      If someone has been holding on to this letter for 20 years and releases it only when it could do more damage what is that if not baiting. The KKK has no relavance to Bermuda. My point is you can’t fight hate with hate. You want all people on board to help our society aka the village I do not see how the letter helps with that. The rest of what you say I agree with “The person who pulled the trigger is a coward! What happened to just fighting with your hands if it even has to go that far? Punks!
      There is no good reason to kill unless there is immediate danger to your life.
      These guys are cowardly black hearted animals!”


      • Missing the Point... says:

        You are totally missing the point of the KKK letter!!! It could have been written by the KKK, a white dude, a black lady, my Asian grandmother, my calico cat – - it’s the CONTENT that is important. Let me break it down for the idiots out there who are trying to make it a racial issue: it talks about black people killing black people! That’s what the letter is about. It points out the obvious and shows how stupid these killings are. Get over your own racist self and see the letter for what it is: AN EXCELLENT WAKE-UP CALL!!

        • LOL (original) says:

          Maybe you should read what I said instead of going all CAPs. Racist, maybe you should look in the mirror baised on your reaction. Read my posts see my thoughts and then you might GET the POINT till then you are looking through tined lenses and continuing to speak to one side of soceity instead of trying to unify it which was my point if I hasve to spell it out for all the idiots out there as you put it. To the family sorry to have had this happen on a thread about your family as I’m sure you have as much as you can handle right now.


          • Offensive Pen Name says:

            LOL…says the guy “Laughing Out Loud” after reading this article. Rather inappropriate don’t you think? You can change your pen name ya’ know! Have a little respect.

            • LOL (original) says:

              LOL has been my pen name since this site was started got a problem with it. Or are you trying to be offensive.


        • Are you really serious . . . says:

          Real talk . . . thanks!!!!!!!!!!!

      • DARRIN DIZZLE says:

        Ommm! @LOL! Nobody has been holding on to this KKK letter. A friend mailed it to me when I was in the Marines in 1989. Paper! You can google this letter. No matter what you say it holds truth in what the youths of Bermuda or anywhere are doing now. SHOOTING EACH OTHER OVER NOTHING! Do you think white people in Bermuda really care? Some may but you know some are happy too! Get a grip!
        You could totally delete the KKK part and fill in the blank but it is still what is happening! Black Bermudians are fighting each other because they come from a certain parish or set without really even knowing each other. Cousins are probably killing cousins because of where someone lives, a dirty look, a color, weed, a girl, perceived disrespect, beer muscles! The majority of animalistic behavior is being perpetrated by blacks against other blacks!
        The KKK if anything has White pride. We have BLACK HATE!
        @LOL! Shut your mouth when your talking to me or read and overstand what the letter is trying to get across! A black person could have written it so you can get the point!

        • Missing the Point... says:

          Thank you Dizzle – YOU GET THE POINT! You understand what this letter is saying – thank you for helping to clarify it. Some people will never get it… and blacks will continue to kill blacks. So sad…

        • LOL (original) says:

          There you have it Bermuda will never be unified. Lots of whites care don’t take my word for it have a look at KBB,CURE, CURB look at the families on this island most have mixed heritage. It is only a minority that are doing these crimes. People on this island are being programmed through our history and politics. People talk about what happened and how it was wrong and why we are where we are today then we collectively continue to do the same things over and over again instead of learning the lesson. That is the definition of insanity innit. Fine it is apparent that some people don’t care and do not want help from others. Fine. Who are you telling to shut your mouth you have contributed what? I work with kids every day to try to show them a positive way just to have people like the letter writer, poster of the letter and you who think that some positive message is in that verbal garbage that you call a wake up call to burn ever bridge I make. It is frustrating to say the least. Guess I live in palace somewhere over the rainbow with my idealism I apologize for wanting something better than the status quo.


  23. marty says:

    It appears that no one in Bermuda is accountable. We encourage international Business and they operate with little regulation. They appear to regulate our Institutions.The Lawyers and accountants enable this behaviour however we want TO SELECTIVELY APPLY sanctions to our children and the men in the street. Do you not think that our children see that there is no justice in our system. This is not to condone their behaviour but do you not think that our children see and feel this hypocrisy
    Our legal and Justice system accepts bad among our business and legal community because it brings money into the country and earns foreign Exchange. How is this any different to the parent who turns a blind eye to the activities of their unemplyed child who pays the mortgage and provides for the household.

    Surely no parent should accept this and neither should those in authority whether they be the Judiciary , The govt , the opposition or the general public.
    Where there us no Justice there is no peace. We as a people need to examine ourselve and demand the same from those in authority. We often ask the question what is wrong with our children we should look in the mirror and ask ourselves what is wrong with us ?
    Until we ask that question and deal with it we shall continue to have this warped vigilante Justice

    • ?????? says:

      international business has PLENTY of regulation. it’s called the bermuda monetary authority, among other institutions. i don’t think you really have any idea what you’re talking about when you make a statement like that.

      if it wasn’t for IB we’d be a 3rd world country right now. don’t get me wrong, i agree we’ve made the mistake of ignoring tourism and other aspects of the economy. but please, PLEASE people- let’s not demonize IB again. it’s called trickle down economics and EVERYBODY on this island is a beneficiary of IB whether they realize it or not. they pay an incredible amount in taxes to the government, they employ a great number of bermudians, their other staff pump all kinds of money into the economy which would not exist if they were not here.

      if they were not here, this island would become a 3rd world country practically overnight- we have no factories or natural resources to export. it bothers me so much when people say “they don’t shop where i shop or put money in my pocket anyway, who needs them!” i’m not saying YOU were saying that, but this seems to be a very common way of thinking which is, frankly, assinine. it shows absolutely no knowledge of how the economy works.

      IB contributes to the government in taxes, not to mention charities and such. bermuda would be little jamaica without IB….except we don’t even have the resources they have to sustain ourselves. if you can’t see that, then perhaps a lesson in economics is needed.

  24. Terry says:

    @ DIZZLE, irony is, even if you hang out with the ‘right’ crowd, it happens more frequently than most realise.

    But we must want to move on, collectively.

  25. So Sad says:

    My love is with you guys..Totally hurt by this..I’ll pray for you all to deal with this tragedy :(

  26. TRUTH BE TOLD says:

    When will the POLICE get off their ASSS and DO SOMETHING!????? Where is that SWAT team that we Bermudians didn’t want Dr. Brown to bring in??? When are we going to get real about these situations? In general discussion the catastrophe in my country has came up a few times and they can’t help but question why the police don’t have this under control (and we are British). It’s really sad and that people from the same area are being murdered and embarrassing that the police have very few convictions to show for it. Where is the JUSTICE in our country… Do we even have any or are the police and others getting paid off to keep their mouths shut and operate illegal activities??? Makes you wonder when nothing is being done… Too much propaganda going on… We need FACTS!!!! These individuals that are all apart of the team to war and kill men from the 42nd area need to meet the rigid side of the law. Bermuda’s Justice systems needs not to have NO MERCY UPON THEM!!!!!!! Something needs to be done… We can’t just sit back and take this type of behaviour from these individuals killing people… We must come together for good and help the police, seems like no one really cares until it hits home. If we don’t get a handle on this, we’re only looking at things getting worst, because things are really BAD now. We shouldn’t have to live in fear wondering “whose next or what’s next”. Time to get on it BERMUDA and take back the good old days we knew so well and get this madness under control!?? Take Control of your country while you still have it.

    GOD BLESS BERMUDA; But not the wicked people in it!!!!!!!!!!

    RIP. Jahmiko Leshore & My condolence goes out to his girlfriend & their families.

  27. Terry says:

    Thanks “Missing”. I figured that out long ago. The ponit is the addressee is not being listened to. Context is dividable….

  28. trapboy says:

    the way i see it… things aint goin change. as long as u have guns on the island people will die. who do we blame? the people higher up bringin em in or the brainless youths???

  29. Terry says:

    Truth be Told. In one breath you chastise the Police, condemn then then ask for people to support them. As for “SWAT” teams, they are useles until an incident occurs.

    Bet you live in St. Monica’s by the way you refer to “42nd area”.

    Thats neither here nor there. Plus the part about “No MERCY UPON THEM”. Have to have info and put them before the courts first.

    The irony in your comment about “whose next or whats next” is the fact that it will happen again and the ones who will be the victims are the ones that know whom is going to do it.

  30. Terry says:

    Trapboy…define “higher up”.

    Paula Cox? Mike Dunkley? Justice Greeves? John Swan? Larry Dennis? Johnny Barnes? Kim Wislson?………..just off the top of my head………………….

    Higher ups………………………..Guns don’t kill people…………………..

  31. I'm Just Saying says:

    A nation will fall when there is no direction. Direction from the leaders, directions from the community or direction from the home. The bible tells us where there is no vision, the people perish. Vision in this case does not mean having a plan and doing it. Vision means having a connection with God and receiving a word from him and then acting on that word. Our grandparents, great grandparents and ancestors had this vision, we as a nation has lost this vision.

    History will show that when a nation falls, it falls because of sin. The more we run from the things of God the more the things of evil runs towards us. And as these things come to pass, remember, the nation that sins before me, says the Lord, is a nation that shall fall. A nation that repents before me, says the Lord, is a nation I will rebuild! That means because of our constant sin without repent we all have a role in this whether it is directly or indirectly.

    “2 Chronicles 7:14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.”

    When people sin without any care for the need to repent they like referring to the bible verse “Let him who is without sin cast the first stone”. Which I believe we use as an excuse to do what we do. But if you read on Jesus tells the woman to go and SIN NO MORE!!!

    Lastly this is directed to those people in the community that really doesn’t care what’s going on because it is not you that is directly affected by this nonsense.

    Remember the rain falls on the just and unjust. Evil knows no names, knows no race, it doesn’t know your social or economic status or what faith you believe in. For example, September 11 people from all different backgrounds, races, social and economic status and even people of faith was impacted on that day. I say this because I’m tired of the comments that people make like let THEM kill each other, put THEM on an island and let THEM go at it or I don’t care as long as no one innocent is being murdered so let THEM kill each other. The same evil that is raining down on THEM to do this nocense will soon be raining down on US, if we don’t take any action.

    Stop pointing fingers and stop deflecting blame and let’s all work together to save our country before it gets worse.

  32. will we wake up says:

    @ i’m just saying….u are correct about thise problem being about sin and us turning our backs on GOD. unfortunetly, we have continued to thumb our nose at HIM and arrogantly assume that we have the answer in and of ourselves apart from the ALMIGHTY….well, we are yet to prove this to be correct! And yes, our ancestors had a reverence for the LORD and we honored HIM. Even those who didn’t darken the door step of a church honored and respected those who did and they still raised their children to respect the ALMIGHTY as well. As a result, God honored us with the blessing of prosperity and peace because HE said that HE would honor those who honor HIM and those who dishonor HIM, He will lightly esteem. Somewhere along the line too many of us got the twisted notion that our own intelligence and ability and charisma brought us to prosperity..well why aren’t those “traits” bringing us out of this nightmare?! As long as we continue to arrogantly try to go it alone without Jesus, then we will continue to get the results that we are getting.

  33. dunkley response says:

    whoa did you read dunkley response in rg – what a cookie cutter response, duh! thank you for your most profound statment duh!

    • De-Sensitized says:

      What are you expecting him to say? He’s probably getting de-sensitized to all this gang BS like the rest of us. If I had a dollar for everytime I heard someone say something like “another day, another gang shooting,” or “another one bites the dust,” or “just another dead gang member”… I’d have a lot of dollars. And don’t tell me that you have become less and less surprised when you hear about another shooting. Sure, when they first started happening, everyone was shocked> But fast-forward to 2 or 3 years later and it really isn’t even news anymore. Sad but TRUE! Here’s another comment I’ve heard a lot “why don’t we just close off the old army base and let them all kill each other out there – that way there’s no risk of an innocent by-stander getting shot.” Harsh isn’t it?? But yes, I’ve herad that comment repeatedly.

  34. strong says:

    May God comfort the family and friends at this time.

  35. BadGirl TurndGood says:

    Live by the Gun / Die by the gun – You reep what you sow.

    No one deserves to die, or be killed by another man – but if you set ya life or way of life in those ways, bad is going to happen.

    You don’t see regular guys that are not labeled gettn popped off randomly.

    Every human being is decent to the ones they love HOWEVER if you have seen how he rolls/acts this is expected. Regular people dont have RIVAL’s after them nor do regular people travel in groups of 5 or more or have targets on their back.

    TAKE NOTE – If you cant leave ya house alone, have to own a gun or man made weapon, play with ya kids down in parsons road park ALONE, have to look over ya shoulder or have people/bredrins calling you and giving you warnings – FIGURE OUT A WAY TO UNLABEL YASELF or a Gun will alwayyyys have a Bullet with ya name on it.

    Sorry I am a realist. Like I said NO ONE deserves to die like this so may he rest in peace. To his 42 family sort ya self out cuz there are still bullets with ya name on them also KNOW THIS.


    1)STOP traveling in groups aka rolling like a gang
    2)humble yaself as individuals – being boasty does not help it fumes jealosy & envy
    3)Focus ya spare time more on family becuz only they will suffer once Augustus Funeral Home has you.
    4)Set goals to gain a skill, open a business or choose a career – if you dont your child willlll end up JUST LIKE YOU and that new spanky clean shipment coming thru customs with rugur bullets will have thier name on it also.

    Every Bermudian Male has a Worth – As a Son, Brother, Father, true friend etc.

    To the 42 Family – You all ALREADY have enough fatherless children to take care of and/or have to step up and mentor. Please dont add your own blood to the group.

    Know ya Worth – Save ya Life – Spare your Families Heartache

    Only GOD knows your expiration date, Only GOD knows how you will expire.

    Point is EVEN if you are due to expire in 6 months by way of some idiots GUN – (GODS PLAN) – Dont let ya precious time be utilised by still singn the “42 fo LIFE song”. Let ya child/children, parents, siblings or bredrins at least see the change for positive anddddd if GOD spares you 20-60 more years a positive change will never be in vain.