Videos: Vigil In Memory of Kimwandae Walker

April 3, 2011

Last night [Apr.2] there was vigil at Victor Scott School in memory of Kimwandae “Biggs” Walker, who was gunned down in front of his two young children during a Good Friday kite flying event one year ago to the day. The event also called for peace in the community, and for a stop the increasing gun violence.

Kimwandae Walker Vigil At Victor Scott School Field Bermuda April 2nd 2011-1-4

There appeared to be close to 200 people present, largely representing the section of the community that has been directly affected by the shootings. Environment Minister Walter Roban came out to lend his support, as did Victor Scott Principal Valerie Williams.

In addition to Kimwandae Walker’s family, present were the the immediate family of murder victims including Colford Ferguson, Gary “Fingas” Cann, James ‘Junior” Lawes, and Shaki Crockwell.

Gary Cann’s mother Ruby Creary spoke with Bernews, saying that this revenge killing must stop, and people should understand that God will take care of evil. Her son was murdered in 2009, and she said every murder that happens is like reliving her son’s murder. Shaki Crockwell’s father Danny also said this has to stop, and asked how many of our black brothers have to die, and called for the community to come together. Mr Crockwell’s son, a national level footballer, was gunned down in 2007. Both murders remain unsolved.

Candace Furbert performed her version of Barrington Levy’s Vice Versa Love, receiving a warm reception from those in attendance. A clip of her singing is below, set to various photos from the vigil:

Kimwandae Walker’s mother Michelley Walker, wearing a custom t-shirt in memory of her son, brought Easter Lilies to the vigil and placed them in the same area her son had been shot down one year ago in front of her two little grandchildren.

Mrs Walker has previously spoken out saying, “One moment he was frolicking with his children, teaching them to fly kites and generally enjoying his time with them. The next moment he was running for his life as he was being chased by persons with a gun determined to end his life – and this they did, while his children ages 9 & 4, watched in horror. They will forever have the memory of seeing him shot down like an animal in their hearts and their minds. To see the pain on their faces breaks what’s left of my heart.”

The evening started with a moment of silence for all victims taken by gun violence, while attendees lit their candles. Scott Smith opened with a powerful prayer, then Candace Furbert performed the first of her two solos.

Carlton Simmons from Youth on the Move spoke, saying, “It bothers me that Bermuda has been so moot about this issue and I say that, if Bermuda found a spider that existed in Bermuda and bit 10 people a year, and they died, they would hunt that spider down all throughout the country.” Mr Simmons speech was followed by one from Danny Crockwell, the father of murder victim Shaki Crockwell. Lillian Robinson then performed a dance, video below:

Scott Smith read a poem written by Angela Smith, for Mr Walker’s mother , before Desmond Smith, the brother of Colford Ferguson who was murdered earlier this year, performed a song he wrote after his brother’s death “Love U Brother.”

To date, no one has been brought before the courts for Mr Walker’s murder, and the case remains open. Anyone with any information is encouraged to contact the Serious Crime Unit on 295-0011 or the independent, confidential Crime Stoppers Bermuda hotline on 800-8477 or via their website, where tips can be left anonymously.

The event was organised by the group ‘Colfords Family Against Violence’, which was formed after 29-year-old Colford Ferguson was murdered last month. The family said they decided to take a stand to put an end to the senseless violence on the island. This is the fourth vigil the group has organised, following the Colford Ferguson Vigil, the James “Junior” Lawes Vigil, and the Jahmiko Leshore Vigil. The turnout at each vigil has been steadily increasing, and the organisers have extended an invitation to the wider community to attend upcoming vigils.

This evening [Apr.3] there will be a vigil at 7:30pm at Woody’s in Sandys, a date which coincides with the birthday of Freddy Maybury, who was murdered on June 14, 2010 in the same location. Mr Maybury, a self employed plumber, was a father of two and the mother of his oldest son passed away in March 2010 from cancer, so the murder left the young teen with no living parents, having lost both in a space of three months.

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  1. true dat says:

    To Many senseless Murders!!!!!! i feel so sad reading and watching this:(

  2. Jim Garlic says:

    This technique is used by many parents of boys with a predisposition to adapt gang like behaviour.It,s called, “TWO SUITS FOR YOU.” Have your son fitted at English Sport Shop,only because they do a two for one special.When fitting have them add on an inch or two at waist and cuffs. One suit black,thats in case he gets killed,and he’ll be carried by twelve,six into church and six to the grave. The other suit grey,to go to court , of course,to be tried,convicted and sentenced ,by twelve of his peers. Always give your boys choices.Now these same “TWO SUITS” can also be used to attend church or to job interviews..You see the worth of these “TWO SUITS” ultimately depends on the wearer..

    • Nicole says:

      Wow how very necessary of you. I’m sure the family appreciated your comment.

      • truth says:

        You acting like what he saying aint true

        • White Jesus says:

          Yeah, acting like we can’t speak the truth in public because the family will be hurt by it. Society is bigger than one family. I’m sure the truthful and honorable ones in the family of the deceased appreciated the comment. I have lost a dear family member to drugs and gang violence. He was a murderer. And I will not dare censor anyone who wishes to condemn his behavior or lifestyle because I am the first to condemn it and side with law-abiding, dignified non-family citizens before any family member destroying and betraying civilization. Family members of gangsters and criminals should be the first to speak out against them. That way, no one could possibly offend them when they hear it coming from someone else. Pretend that your child is an angel and when they wasn’t and your poor ears and heart will suffer.

    • shakir says:

      Two thumbs up for this technique!!! If that won’t start the wheels in your brain rolling…I don’t know what will.

  3. Terry says:

    Well things haven’t changed. A vigil to remember and I can appreciate that but the smiles, the beer bottles?

    Ok, so some have moved on but give me a break. But…thats the culture. Sad in a way to me. Can’t even turn up, pay respects, have a somber moment without the almighty “Elephant” still roaming.

    Wonder what they bring too communion.

    I mean…seriously.

    • So what says:

      Ever been to an Irish wake? seriously….

    • peaches says:

      @terry…what’s wrong with having drinks at a vigil….having drinks has nothing to do with not paying respect….and all the smiles?…what’s wrong with that…my cousin Biggs has been dead for a year and he would want his family to be happy and to have a good time…he wouldn’t want us to still be mourning….he may have left us physically but he will always be with us in our hearts…so instead of you worrying about the drinks and smiles the least you could have said was thank God for allowing his family and friends have a peaceful day….like some of you people are so judgmental….get a life…if you don’t like the way the vigil went that’s your business….just know that his family and friends had a good time….remembering the good times we had with Biggs….while taking shots of CHIVAS for him…..

  4. Terry says:

    Nicole, your out of the loop of reality. Read what was written, apply it to what you see each day.Where do you live. Pembroke “DENIAL”………………..

  5. Jim Garlic says:

    @Nicole ;Maybe the message could be construed to be insensitive by some in this particular forum,however, we all need to be cognisant as to whats at stake in our beloved community…Further , I don’t think now is the time for nice ,it’s time for difficult choices and real solutions..My shoulders are wide enough for your condemnation however subtle

    • Nicole says:

      Yeah that may be very well true and all but this was a post about a vigil for him, you could have brought up those points in another post. IDK maybe about how crime is out of control or something. He was murdered in front of his kids and this was about remembering him. I think it was beyond insensitive but that’s just me. You have valid points of course, I won’t even try and dispute that.

      • Jim Garlic says:

        It is precisely at funerals that the Minister preaches to the unsaved and not the choir…..If you get my point.I’m about Love ,we are at war and I take no pleasure expressing right here ,because maybe someone needed to see this, understand the message and save their boy from a life of grief..

  6. peaches says:

    @terry…what’s wrong with having drinks at a vigil….having drinks has nothing to do with not paying respect….and all the smiles?…what’s wrong with that…my cousin Biggs has been dead for a year and he would want his family to be happy and to have a good time…he wouldn’t want us to still be mourning….he may have left us physically but he will always be with us in our hearts…so instead of you worrying about the drinks and smiles the least you could have said was thank God for allowing his family and friends have a peaceful day….like some of you people are so judgmental….get a life…if you don’t like the way the vigil went that’s your business….just know that his family and friends had a good time….remembering that good times we had with Biggs….while taking shots of CHIVAS for him…..

  7. bermyshotta says:

    @ Terry – haha course you wouldn’t understand. ppl celebrate it different ways bra…and by dat i meant celebrate/honor him life and spirit. wouldn’t u do de same thing with ya loved when dey were alive??? get a life…give ppl a break, cuz i kno sure as sh$$$ i would want my bredrens and family to be honoring my life wit some henny, chivas, heinekens..who wouldn’t?

    • peaches says:

      @bermyshotta…thanks for breaking it down like that…atleast I know there’s one real person on this website that could relate with me…

  8. Aaron D Budmon says:

    This is a media war… the cops are really justtt finding out about 42 and all these gangs? that is unbelievable!(like don’t believe that)…Cops are the real thugs…You can feel safe in feeling that Ewart Brown doesn’t run the police force… but why not be for real!?… Why would this little Bermuda be any different than anywhere else in the world…attack the real problem people…this ’42′ gang has had enjoyed a big part of a reported $6 billion dollar drug industry… and since Ewart has taken over and monetarily times have gotten tougher…an influx of cops has been dedicated to shutting down this “42 empire” and redistributing this money to whos know who(alot of people kno who)… they’re helping them get murdered, settting them up ceasing they’re guns… and trying their best to make them out to be the badEST guys… just peep the stories… and its clear as day… if you didn’t know, this guy in the featured articale is on the ‘other side’ to ’42′… and look what type of hommage he receives… how many of these 42 guys get murdered and the cops go on record acting like they don’t know or only have hunches as to who did it… its shameful media tactics… a media tooo easily controlled…never get it twisted… it always has been and always will be ‘All About Money’… everybody has to eat… and if you are naive to the possibility of police or whoever above them exploiting Bermuda… just put your self hypothetically in a position of power… and see if you don’t have a price…
    …now a point to conclude and bring special attention to is that the problem of violence can not be solved if the root causes are not addressed… to inform the uninformed… a balance of power persay, and a mutual respect among ‘gang members’ who have over generations enjoyed the sustainably of hustling drugs and mutual respect amongst the others ‘doin it’ has been completely disrupted by police influence…
    … recognize that through ignorance of the real issues… you are rallying behind the biggest gang of all…
    …God Bless Bermuda

    • White Jesus says:

      I took a leap of faith and read past “D Budmon”. Then i stopped at “this is a media war” and realized that that leap was a mistake.

  9. Donna says:

    To Jim Garlic and to whom ever else feels a need to berate my family. I sincerely pray for you and your insensitivity towards what my family and many more have endured. The hurt and pain of having our loved ones prematurely taken from us is one that I do not wish on any of you. Regardless of your opinion, Kimwandae was truly loved by this family and will be missed deeply. The assassination of Kimwandae was a cowardly act that was performed by little boys who want to be men. I pray that they do ask God for forgiveness. To my family we must forgive them for this crime, as hard as it may be. We have to move on, but never forget. We as a family had every right to show homage to Kimwandae and we will continue.

  10. Bermy 4 Life says:

    To Donna.. I feel you completely.. it is a shame that these young, fragile little boys who want to be men and look up to men are given guns and hard drugs by irresponsible grown people to perform such hideous crimes.. I also pray that God have forgiveness on their souls, and on the souls of those who choose to distribute these drugs and guns.

  11. peaches says:

    I just love my family so much….we are so supportive of each other and always have one another’s back especially when it comes to dealing with all the negative and bud minded people….RIP BIGGS we all miss you like crazy!!!!!! Gone but NEVER forgotten!!!!!

  12. Smoo... says:

    @ Jim Garlic….. if only i can say whats really on my mind!!!!!! regardless of how you may feel about Kimwande aka Mr. Biggs he was loved by MANY so you and the rest of the haters need to fall back!!!!!! the nerve of you to be speaking some negative ish while this post is so postitive!!! show some dam respect!!!!!!!!! (angry face) not asking you to be sympathetic but dam empathy is good enough!!!No one deserves to go out the way he did!!! @Terry…..Yes we (Family & Friends) will drink and laugh at good old memories because Biggs was always the life of the party!!! Mourning only lasts for so long but hey i guess misery really does loves company!!!!!!

  13. Jim Garlic says:

    @Donna,,Smoo It is not my intention to berate anybody.What happened to Kimwande was indeed dispicable and I truly hate what happened,,What I have posted is in no way a reflection on how I feel or felt about Kimwande,I am not far removed from your family or area,,,As a matter of fact when Central was Central I used to play in Mama Sams yard..Much respect..At the same time we are at war and we need every tool at our disposal to arrest these particularly vile developments.There were some very caring and sage people that gathered there around that house and if you think I,m out of pocket for what I posted than I will honor your opinion .But I implore you to try and see beyond what you feel emotionally and understand this;It is the life long smoker who has now developed lung cancer,that will be the first to tell a smoker not to smoke.Peace out….

  14. Donna says:

    Jim Garlic I appreciate the fact that you have acknowledged knowing us as a family (I am the oldest of the cousins). Yes I do agree that something needs to be done. I felt that it was Kimwandae’s vigil not his trial. That is why I was feeling there was a lack of respect for my family in our darkest time. I thank you for clearing it up for me. Bermuda has a very big problem that needs some serious outside intervention. Something isn’t right. Not sure if you know our cousin Zane. He has been serving in Iraq for three tours. Every time Zane is away at war, we pray constantly for his safe return. Never in a million years did I ever think I would be praying for the young men in my family and all the other Bermuda families a safe passage home. They are in a different war than Zane is fighting. Tougher punishments must be enforced to try and deter others from committing crimes. I don’t care who it is, if you are one of my family members and you do something that is considered punishable by the law then you must do the time. The legal system needs to change to a non tolerant system.

    • bernews says:

      Donna, our sympathies for your family’s loss..

      Second, we are sorry to be so pushy, but we had no idea we had a Bermudian in Iraq and we would love to do a story on it if at all possible. If you are feeling at all generous, please feel free to forward us his information please. Sorry for the interruption of conversation!

      • Donna says:

        Bernews I have no problem in forwarding Zane’s information. I will call Zane for permission so that he can tell you his story. Please advise how you would prefer I contact you with Zane’s contact.

        • Donna says:

          Bernews I have contacted Zane, he gave permission for you to have his contact information. Please advise how you prefer the information.

  15. Jim Garlic says:

    HI DONNA ,I do indeed know you.Thanks Bernews…When every one else was 5ft. Poor Zane was 4ft zero(smile)Some way we will connect again…I’ll be keeping that Brother in my thoughts.Bermuda has moved on from that peaceful pasture it once was,please pray for us…

    • Donna says:

      Jim Garlic I thank you for keeping Zane in your prayers. He has grown to 5’2ft now (smile). They say Bermuda is a small world, that it is (smile). We do need to try and get Bermuda back to a safe and productive society.

  16. Zane says:

    @ Jim Garlic, it’s crazy how you started out your dicussion about this whole situation with your “TWO SUITS FOR YOU” theory. That’s what started this whole thing in the first place. So what your saying is that “EVERYONE” men and women, need to get 2 suits/dresses..(Women are murdered just like the men are)..AND for you to know our family means that you should have had alot more respect than to even bring something like your two suit theory up @ this time, it was supposed to be a time for our family to mourn our loved ones as we have always done in the past. So, what your telling me is that you or none of your family members don’t drink during your mourning of your loved ones..If that is so, then that is your family, not ours..If you were part of our family, then you would understand how we mourn together…Just throwing it out how I read it from you…

    • Jim Garlic says:

      Blessing ,Zane last time we spoke I believe you were serving in KOREA ,that was many moons ago.Like you and Donna I too lived abroad for an extended period.The analogy that I wrote wasn’t written in malice it’s a simple message thats taught to the youths ,yes young man in particular ,it was perhaps the most poignant message given to my mother when I decided to “live the life”.I had no idea that it would have garnered so much pain and discomfort , again I value your opinion.We are, on a real tip, losing our beautiful young man and boys to the street here and everywhere in the diaspora…Thanks Donna.

  17. Zane says:

    @ Jim Garlic, I understand your comment was towards men who follow the gang life, but what about everyone around that gets caught in the middle of it all…The people that stay away from the gang life…I still have love for my Bermy peeps…

  18. Zi Zi says:

    I just love my FAMILY…Aunt Donna, Peaches and Zane you guys let these silly, disrespectful people on here know whats really good…
    When worst comes to worst,FAMILY comes first!
    R.I.P Biggs Gone but NEVER forgotten!!!

  19. Scott Smith says:

    Blessings to all the family relatives and friends to all those who have lost loved ones due to these sensless killings. I still pray hard for you all. May God be the God of all comfort to you all. Nuff Peace n Love Minister, Brother n Friend Scott. One Love