Ammo & $10 Million Worth Of Drugs Seized

July 21, 2011

[Updated] Police confirmed today [July 21] that yesterday’s drug bust in Warwick netted over $10 million worth of cocaine, heroin, cannabis, as well as 200 rounds of ammunition.

There were 114 kilos of cannabis [251lbs], 1.5 kilos of heroin [3.3lbs], 1 kilo of cocaine [2.2lbs], 50 grams of hash, and four boxes of live ammunition [200 rounds] confiscated. Police said the estimated value of the drugs is in excess of $10 million.

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The seizure took place yesterday in the South Road, Warwick area at the location pictured above and two men have been arrested in connection.

The Police said, the drugs and ammunition “had been prepared for shipment to Bermuda by container,” indicating it may have been imported via a container shipment. Officers also said an investigation into a shipment of this size is an enormously complex and time consuming operation.

The full Police statement is below:

Following a joint operation the Bermuda Police Service has intercepted a significant quantity of drugs and ammunition which had been prepared for shipment to Bermuda by container.

The shipment of drug in this case will be formally analyzed in due course. Early indications are that the drug and ammunition seized in this case is approximately:

  • 114 kilos of Cannabis
  • 1.5 Kilos of Heroin
  • 1 Kilo of Cocaine
  • 50 grams of Hash
  • 4 boxes of live ammunition (200 rounds)

The estimated value of the drugs is in excess of $10 million.

This combined law enforcement operation has enabled officers to intercept these items before reaching our streets, preventing the risk of significant public harm that drugs have on the community and the threat ammunition has in the wrong hands.

This operation is clear evidence of the commitment of the Bermuda Police Service, H.M. Customs and partner agencies to combat the trafficking of illegal contraband into Bermuda.

Our operations and investigations continue into these and other similar matters. We encourage members of the public to report their suspicions or knowledge of illegal activity either to the police directly or confidentially via Crime Stoppers on 800-8477.

It should be noted that the investigation into a shipment of this size is an enormously complex and time consuming operation.

As the investigation is ongoing, and now that arrests have been made, the Bermuda Police Service is not able to make any further comment at this time.

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  1. New Day, New Thinking says:

    Now THAT is a proper drug bust. Well done boys and girls; well done and thank you.

  2. Scott says:

    lol well i guess people cant say “leave the drugs, go after the murderers” on this story!!! nice stuff!

  3. George Courtney says:

    that is a motherload and i doubt if it came in via the docks or airport

    • Scott says:

      since the artcile says ” has intercepted a significant quantity of drugs and ammunition which had been prepared for shipment to Bermuda by container.”….. i’d say you are wrong about it not coming via the docks…

  4. WTH???? says:


  5. Doug says:


    nice work

  6. Hannah says:

    Damn!!! Good job.

  7. Uh-Oh says:

    I know they meant well, but by seizing this cannabis (I agree with disposing of the Heroin & Cocaine), the BPS has just ensured a violent end to the summer and beyond.

    Equating the seizure of marijuana to the prevention of “significant public harm” is absolutely ludicrous, considering that the effect will be the exact opposite.

    • Scott says:

      the police didnt ensure anything… the criminals ensure it.

      All that you’ve said is we need a passifying substance to keep the peace..we cant do it on our own.

      as much as i support deciminalization, its stupid arguments like this that make changing the law so hard. thats a lot of weed, and a lot of drug money….not just some stop list joint.

    • CM says:

      Sooo…. Uh-Oh, what do you suppose should be done!! It seems BPS can’t win in your eyes!! Why don’t you tell us what needs to be done.

      • Uh-Oh says:

        The BPS needs to form a lobby that pressures Government to change the laws regarding marijuana (decriminalization, legalization, whatever), as they are the ones on the front lines, and would have more influence as a result. The amount of their time and manpower that is wasted on weed busts is unfortunate, and perpetuates the never-ending war on drugs. I apologize for how I worded it, and meant the police service no ill will, but it frustrates me when they make public statements which imply that seizing weed will make the community safer.

        As for the harder drugs like cocaine and heroine, it might be time to consider legal clinics, though I acknowledge how unlikely this is to happen.

        • Scott says:

          while i do agree with decriminalization, this is no normal “weed bust”…

          this is weed that is associated with some very bad people in society… considering the heroin, cocaine and bullets. This shows that the never-ending war on drugs is not all that stupid…

          if this was some guy who grows and smokes in his living room, or imports and sells to his friends.. then sure, that’s something where i could agree that the efforts probably could have been better spent elsewhere… but again, the persons involved in this are people we want off the streets.

          Timothy McVeigh was orginially stopped by police for having no license plate…not something that hurt the community, but still something illegal… If the gangs didnt use weed as a means of money and violence, then i’d say go for it and make it legal… but things arent as simple and easy as that.

  8. joe says:

    quiet Cup Match.

  9. 1 KILO = 2.2 lbs says:

    For anyone who doesn’t know what a kilo is!

    1 kilo equals = 2.2 lbs

    So lets just say 2.2 * 114 keys = 250.80 lbs of weed.

    You can do the math on the White Lady and Brown Sugar.

    To the owner of the green house the way it appears to me is…….it wasn’t yours!

    You better start singing like a bird………cause we all know you where just holding it or better yet your rent was getting paid.

  10. GPS says:

    I must give credit were credit is due…but let’s wait till these offenders are found guilty before we give the BPS all this credit….just saying

    • Geza Wolf says:

      Id like to point out that the group who operates this ring will not be prosecuted. The fall guys will be.

      • Scott says:

        sadly. but the drugs/ammo are seized which is a good note.

  11. Geza Wolf says:


    Shows you how much of their business is made up of cannabis sales.

  12. Cedar Beams (Original) says:

    Very Impressive BPS !!!!!!!!

  13. lifeblood says:

    One eyebrow raised on this one…

  14. half truths says:

    great job bermuda police! hit them where it hurts..the wallet…hope you guys take the dealers cars, houses, and any cash they have as well…get everything!look around was he/she using granny’s house for cover and funding her new house? shame on you granny for not saying anything, take her house too…if she wants to keep it let her buy it like all the other hard working bermudians! This will send a message to the bad guys and those that support them, that prison might be a only a short stay but when you get out ….you have NOTHING….you (police) can use the booty collected to help pay for some new equipment, want a raise without going through the government? need to hire more man power? bust some more dealers, the sky is the limit….crime in bermuda is out of control because of the social acceptence of it, until it is not profitable it will continue…

    • Dog Lover says:

      Very True! Great Statement! Police forces in the states do that very thing. All seized asset are auctioned off and proceeds of crime are used to buy new vehicles set up scholarship and benevolent funds for families of police killed on duty. I am 100% behind that initiative.

      • Scott says:

        and its AWESOME getting boats/cars/houses for the prices they auction for!!! lol and the govt thought THEY offered low income housing!!pssssh

  15. Wow! says:

    Mercyyyy!!!!! The amount of ammo they found jus gives me goose bumps! Let alone the amount of drugs!

  16. Give credit when credit do says:

    All I hear is BPS, BPS. Hello, this was a combined bust with the help of H.M. Customs too and also one of the very many in the last few months. We are always giving credit to the Bermuda Police Service and never H.M. Customs. Customs Officers are always making the news when they say they are so clled harrasing people comming through the Airport but without questioning and searching people we will never get information; drugs or firearms off the Streets. All I have to say is yes the Bermuda Police Service is doing a great job but trust me they are NOT doing it all by theirselves. So I would like to say at this time GREAT JOB H.M.CUSTOMS.

    • 813grad says:

      i agree, customs gets very little positive attention from the media, when in fact there are several customs officers who do enjoy their jobs and are really good at them, and dont just suck their teeth cause they have work to do. so yes, well done Customs and BPS, clearly working together as a team is starting to pay off well for bermudians. glad that ammo is off the streets!!!

    • Scott says:

      true!!! well done customs for your part too!!!! nice job

  17. WOW!!! says:


  18. The Rock says:

    i’m wondering if they are also trying to hide the house with that color?!

  19. cocoa says:

    All I can say is WOW! Glad the police got it all.

  20. Just Curious says:

    That is warehouse BUST! BPS .. keep looking for these warehouses!

  21. sunshine li says:

    My question is: who is the financier(s) behind this? The ordinary guys that they busted cannot find 10 mil to finance these business ventures! There’s got to be a “big man” behind it all! Find him and you’ll bring down the empire!

    • Terry says:

      Sunshine, you’d be surprised. Does not cost that much for 10lbs of weed, really. It’s the profit that is made. You can decriminalize all you want and at this stage of my life it would be a good idea but…….no matter who runs it there will always be competition. I mean jingus…look at that place in Mexico, in the desert that was covered with black tarp ( forgot the acreage) millions of plants 6′ tall, toilets, water et al for the workers.

      Break Bulk cargo is the easiest way to get stuff into Bermuda and there are a lot of crooked people that work in all local and Government departments that facilitate this. Now………..I need a fish cake……….

  22. The Facts says:

    Ok so let’s talk about basic supply and demand of course this is a very large quantity of drugs that was seized so whoever currently has drugs to sell can charge whatever price they want because they now have the supply and there is still the demand. So that means more crackheads breaking into my house, more people getting robbed and more crime because people will do whatever for their next high.

    • Onion says:

      Facts, Would you rather they didn’t find these drugs?

      • The Facts says:

        That’s not what I am saying at all this is a great find by the BPS, my point is as the supply decreases the demand remains and will have an adverse effect to the increase of home invasions, robberies and even murder as the cost of drugs are driven upward because of the decrease in the supply.

        • Dog Lover says:

          That is not necessarily the truth. Whether or not the supply is available or not there is this a demand and people who will do anything to get it.. So even if there we a great deal of supply causing prices to drop, people will still rob, steal, and house break because they will just become greedy would buy bigger quantities of the product. ie If 1 rock is $20 when things are tight but dropped to $5 when things are good, they would just buy 4 rocks meaning no difference on crime. they still need the money

  23. Onion says:

    Keep up the good work BPS and HM Customs.

  24. d reader says:

    wow they just scored a couple centuries

  25. andre says:


    • Terry says:

      When you give back all the money you stole wiff det beeg cunvasaysheon….bwhaaaaaaaaaaa

      Curtain call…..

  26. WakeUp says:

    Well done to BPS AND HM CUSTOMS. People always sh*tting on customs. They make a lot of drug busts not to mention collecting revenue for the entire island. I’m glad to see BPS stepping it up but let’s “give credit where credit is due.” customs work long hard hours tryin to protect our borders and everyone forgets about them.

  27. bermyshotta says:


  28. US Observer says:

    Yes BPS and HM Customs work very hard…Let’s see how the inquiry regarding how these items made it from its port to Bermuda in a container.

  29. US Observer says:

    “how the inquiry goes”…

  30. Face the Nation says:

    It,s about time the investors in these enterprises start to lose more than money in these nefarious schemes . Skin in , Skin out .

  31. Eron says:

    they still have the gun that has the 12 bullets in it !!!

  32. Xeonocide says:

    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    What do we have here? 114 kilos of Cannabis, 1.5 Kilos of Heroin, 1 Kilo of Cocaine, 50 grams of Hash and 4 boxes of live ammunition (200 rounds). Great right? Actually no not really. You see folks, while I do not support crime, and especially frown on violent crime, the BPS has essentially done only one thing here, which is making crime more profitable. While these are certainly bad people and do not deserve a place on our island, it is the continued war on drugs which is the real crime here. But Marijuana is bad you say? Actually no its not, I would urge each and everyone of you to educate yourselves on what the facts are. Pay key attention to how many reported deaths are attributed to marijuana use. If your uniformed it may shock you to know that currently there are 0 deaths. That’s right folks 0. Regardless of this move on the part of the BPS is not in our best interest. Here’s why. People are going to do drugs. No laws you pass nothing you say are going to stop them. In fact personally I see nothing wrong with it. They are hurting themselves NOT you. In that step, by making it illegal you have done one thing. You now have to be a criminal to use drugs. Well lock them up right? Still doesn’t solve the problem. You’ve created an unregulated sector of business that produces profit for organized crime. That no matter how much policing you do will never disappear. Prohibition folks is something that does not work. How do you get rid of crime then? You legalize and regulate drugs. Study’s have shown that this doesn’t increase drug use as an approach of medical tactics and therapy rather then incarceration is actually more effective. Best part about it? Organized crime no longer has any way to make money on our island. With no money, your big bad criminals have to get real jobs like the rest of us. But keep locking people up for marijuana. Shame on them! And why don’t we all go to the bars where we can all get drunk because alcohols not a drug. Wake up Bermuda. Its time to evolve with the times, and educate yourselves.

    • Terry says:

      X you need help. Either that or your involved.

    • Logic76 says:

      I find it impossible to see how removing $10 million from the narcotics black-market is making crime more profitable. The money spent on the purchase, importation, and storage of these drugs is now a complete loss. There is no way to sell the confiscated product to make any sort of profit whatsoever.

      Is Marijuana bad? Studies have shown that after smoking Marijuana heart rate is increased 20-100 percent. Users have a 4.8-fold increase in the risk of heart attack in the first hour of smoking. Smoking Marijuana also causes palpitations and arrhythmias. But it has caused no deaths, right? August 6th, 2008: Teen high on Marijuana speeds through red light slamming into another car, killing the occupants (Forest Hills, NY).

      This move by the BPS isn’t in our best interest? Drug users are only hurting themselves? August 1st, 2008: Brazil suitcase murder: ‘Killer was high on cocaine’ – The Brazilian man accused of butchering British teenager Cara Marie Burke and stuffing her torso in a suitcase said that he doesn’t remember most of what happened the night she died because he was high on cocaine.

      Educate YOURSELF “Xeonocide”.

  33. Derek Simons says:

    Well i guess B will be singing a song soon!! I wonder who is trembling now!!

  34. mixitup says:

    Dang that’s a lot of weed!! if they were smart the would have been moving that stash to another location on a daily. Glad they got the ammo tho!

  35. Hudson says:

    Nice one…

  36. will says:

    Good job for the BPS..although i support decriminalization (cannabis) and increased control of hard drugs (heroin, cocaine to already established addicts). Take it away from criminals, let us grow our own so we can see a decrease in young men roaming the streets shooting each other. As many stated on here previously drugs will always be around, no point in hiding from that truth, proper control can be put in place. Use clinics/doctors to administer heroin or cocaine to addicts to contain the problem rather than sweep it under the rug.
    Glad to hear though that the ammunition was taken (hopefully destroyed) as that is the REAL KILLER.

  37. Being real says:

    Now that’s the definition of a trap house……good job bps, now keep a look out on the evidence, ever seen American gangster? I rest my case…..

  38. Lol says:


  39. get out of bermy!! says:

    no Ganja in Bermy 4 CupMatch….oshi….this should b very interesting.

  40. Big D says:

    Strange responses. Simple matter drugs and guns off the streets, congrats law enforcement.

  41. d reader says:

    talk about all your eggs in one basket

  42. Bermyman says:

    Look at the value’s here and think to yourself where did all the money come from to fund these kinds of purchases? Eggs should never be kept in one basket so how many other houses are there like this one? We have some very rich criminals on this Island, wonder how they got so wealthy? Some will take a hit here and others will step up to fill their shoes. If the street price of herion and crack goes up as a result, expect a couple of addicts breaking into houses and a few violent incidents to compensate this inflation. Yes you take the sting out of drug dealers but at the same time you risk desperate addicts harming the general population. A conundrmum because is taking drugs off the street really making the island safer?? Do addicts just stop using if the price goes up and supply goes down?? NO of course not!! Just some food for thought, but decriminalisation and more control over Marijuana would help stop the steady streams of revenue these guys enjoy. This revenue allows them to buy other narcotics and weapons. Hence why in comparison there was such a big haul of weed involved, it is the bread and butter of the drug dealer in Bermy.

  43. Appalled says:

    A great job by BPS and Customs.. I am happy that a large quantity of drugs are now off the streets, but i’m not stupid, or naive, to think there isn’t another drug house out there with just as much or even more drugs waiting to be sold and destroy lives… Times have really changed because the thing I am most happy about is that they seized the ammunition. We have seen many cases recently that show the majority of the recent murders have been committed using the same 2 or 3 guns. The seizure of these guns gives me a sense of relief (even if only for a short time) that maybe no one else will have to suffer the loss of a love one to Gun violence anytime soon.

    • Appalled says:

      Sorry, the seizure of the ammunition gives me a sense of relief (even if only for a short time) that maybe no one else will have to suffer the loss of a love one to Gun violence anytime soon.

  44. True dat says:

    All off you are in la la land if you believe that all this Sh*t is going to be off the streets for good! wake the hell up!! their is no war on Drugs! Only a war on who controls it!!