Trevor Moniz: “What On Earth Is Going On?”

August 6, 2011

[Written by Acting Opposition Leader Trevor Moniz, on behalf of John Barritt, OBA Leader]

What on Earth is going on?

We have a Transport Minister saying a former PLP chairman and hotelier has been hired as a consultant to his Ministry, and then a civil servant contradicting him, saying, in effect, ‘not yet.’

On the same day, the National Security Minister withdraws a statement attacking Senator Michael Dunkley for being ‘misinformed’, then makes a new statement confirming the Senator’s concerns about Police running out of money.

The Government is tripping over itself.

While colleagues will focus on the Police budget controversy, we would like to address the issues raised by the Santucci controversy. What strikes first is the deep contradiction between Mr. Santucci’s ‘appointment’, as described by Transport Minister Terry Lister, and the recent Parliamentary debate on good governance. Frankly, it beggars belief.

Mr. Terry Lister is a long-serving minister, so we have no reason to doubt his original statement, no matter what a senior civil servant says in damage control.

Mr. Lister’s statement provides insight into Government practices that have long raised concern and anger across the community. The hiring of Mr. Santucci – can anyone deny he was in line to become a Transport consultant? – smacks of cronyism.

We support the Government’s recent move to adopt some of our longstanding calls for better governance, but the Santucci controversy indicates just how difficult it will be to change self-serving attitudes that have hurt Bermuda.

The Santucci controversy also contradicts new themes for Ms Cox’s Government, from “re-setting the dials” to “doing more with less”. In these economic times, why is the Government seeking to hire a consultant for work that the Transport Control Department is surely equipped to do?

Just after Mr. Lister broke his news about Mr. Santucci, TCD personnel grumbled about work being handed to someone outside their department.

If Mr. Santucci is hired, some other questions will need answering: What expertise does he bring with him? What are the terms of his appointment and what is he being paid? Why is the work not being done by the people at TCD?

The Premier must step forward and clear the air.

Bermuda does not need more reasons to doubt the integrity of the Government.

- Trevor Moniz

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  1. Vote for Me says:

    If we look at this situation objectively, there is clearly a conflicting message being sent by government that needs to be clarified. How does a Minister make such a statemetn and then be contradicted by a Civil Servant? On a positive note, the situation demonstrates the effectiveness of the new good governance principles that have been implemented by the government. The statemetn also brings contraventions of financial instructions to the forefront.

    Mr. Moniz and others will know that there must have been serious consideration about how to handle such an embarrassing situation since there would be the inevitable political fallout. Notwithstanding the decision was made to publicly correct the earlier statement rather than have the Minister retract his own statement.

    There will be obvious differences of opinion about my comment but rational minds will conclude that what has transpired demonstrates what can go wrong and the level of political will and determination that is required to take corrective action irrespective of the political fall out.

    • Vote OBA says:

      You are making a lot of sense!

    • sandgrownan says:

      I’ve decided that VFM must be an OBA plant. This just HAS to be satire. No-one could be deluded so much to write this…well of course unless VFM is Laverne!

      • Rob says:

        Or the Col. Or the Cox, or the Brown, or,or,or,or,or,or,or,or

        • Vote for Me says:

          @ Rob
          Wrong on all accounts – just a Bermudian voter with a different point of view.

      • LaVerne Furbert says:

        Rest assured, I will never post anonomously, here are anywhere else. I’ve always had the courage of my convictions and always will.

        • sandgrownan says:

          For once, I actually agree…

          However, given your track record of threats, it’s no wonder people feel the need to criticize from behind pseudonyms.

          • LaVerne Furbert says:


            Maybe you could list my “threats” so all those who are reading this blog will know what they are. Maybe at the same time, you might want to let us all know who you really are, that is be as courageous as I’ve been since I became an adult.

          • Rob says:

            Be courageous sandgrownan, even if it means being kicked off the island for your personal attack. I Take it you are still an adult?

            • LaVerne Furbert says:

              You mean he’s not Bermudian? If you know of any instances where people have been “kicked off the island” by the PLP, why don’t you name that. It was the UBP who was famous for blackballing people who spoke out against them. Read your history!!

              • Rob says:

                No i am just speaking generally, its a risk one takes if you sign your name. I do know of 2 individuals that were asked to leave the island after they had made very mild comments, when you have a file at immigration that file comes under scrutiny from time to time, and if you have a reputation for being outspoken in the media, well, that could be the difference between a yes or a no, depending upon the individual behind the pen, but for sure one day that someone will be there waiting! PLP or UBP.

                • sandgrownan says:

                  Absolutely. Intimidation of one’s spouse, family…or perhaps one’s employer not wanting you to “rock the boat” due to unspecified repocusions from a business or immigration perspective.

                  It’s protection, and given the nastiness that prevails within the PLP and the most rabid of their supporters, it’s a wise move.

      • Bermudian Born says:

        yea, blame everything on Laverne, but like her or hate her she does not veer off not flip flop like the OBA and its money & power seeking set.

        They did not even place their own UBP voters first, how the heck can we anticipate them placing Bermuda first – Jeff Sousa is a surprised could he be just power and more money hungry? Sad, he had promises.

        • sandgrownan says:

          Give me a break. This isn’t about the UBP or OBA, it’s about dysfunctional, business as usual, incompetent government.

    • PDB says:

      @VFM – you are begging here. there’s nothing rational going on in this situation. And, maybe conveniently, it is dragging attention away from Mr. Santucci’s credentials for the alleged position. I notice that you conveniently ignore this point. Strategy? Cronyism was one of the hallmarks of the UBP and its predecessors, a practice railed against by the PLP (and for good reason!). Give up the ghost, this gov’t is tangled in its own web and it’s time to face it. Denial is not a river in Eygpt.

      • Vote for Me says:

        @ PDB
        I do not offer any comments about Mr. Santucci’s qualifications since I have never seen his resume. My comments relate to what has been stated. At the end of it all, Mr. Santucci has not been engaged as a consultant. This proves that the process as referred to by the Premier does work.

        • star man says:

          “This proves that the process as referred to by the Premier does work.”

          It had nothing to do with “the process,” the Premier, Lister, or Scott… it was THE PEOPLE WHO CALLED THE PREMIER OUT on her Party’s (attempted) continuing evilness….

          • Vote for Me says:

            @ Starman
            No – according to what we know, for whatever reason Minister Lister issued a press release about the proposed hiring of a consultant. Mr. Scott as Cabinet Secretary publicly commented that the appointment could not happen since it contravened the etablished process. Without the new protocols, I assume that the appointment would have occurred. Like it or not, the new process has worked.

            My earlier posts demonstrate how vital this incident has been in proving the porcess. A public correction was made, even though there was going to be public embarrassment caused to all parties involved (except the Cabinet Secretary).

    • next? says:

      Would you like some maple syrup with that WAFFLE?

      • Vote for Me says:

        Reread my post – there is obvious truth inthe post – just imagine the overall embarrassment this situation has caused for everyone.

        • next? says:

          I read your verbose, wandering post in it’s entirety once and that was quite enough, thanks.

          • Vote for Me says:

            @ next?
            Perhaps you read the post once but in your haste to disagree, did not fully comprehend what I wrote. The post is clearly not verbose or wandering – it is quite concise. I am comfortable with disagreements to what I post but lets stick to the facts. Constructive criticism or other opinions are welcome.

        • Rob says:

          “An embarrassment this situation has caused” have you just parachuted into Bermuda? The Uighur affair is an embarrassment.

          • Vote for Me says:

            @ Rob
            The Uighur was a definite embarrassment – I am objective emough to admit that. My point is that this situation has caused embarrassment also and yet the Premier has made a public correction. Her actions demonstrate her perspective of Country before Party – Kudos to her for her fortitude in this matter.

            • star man says:

              “Her actions demonstrate her perspective of Country before Party”

              BWAA-HA-HA-Ha-Ha-Ha!! You must be kidding….

              • Vote for Me says:

                @ Star Man
                This is clearly an example of country before party since there are other actions that could have been taken rather than a public admonishment of Minister Lister. As i always say – whilst we may disagree in general, we should give credit where credit is due – kudos to Premier Cox on how she has handled this situation.

                • Shaking the Head says:

                  Have to disagree there. The Premier could have easily had a quiet word with Terry Lister and let Terry apologise for his error and withdraw the announcement. That is how smart management works. As such he has been publicly ridiculed, for whatever reason.

                  • Rob says:

                    That will not happen, I believe he is protecting her, but I am sure a very well orchestrated speech will follow.

                  • Vote for Me says:

                    @ Shaking the Head
                    We do agree. The Premier could have had a quiet word with Minister Lister to get him to withdraw the statement. For whatever reason, this option was not exercised and a public correction was made by the Cabinet Secretary and Premier. Thus the Premier has chosen Country over Party in this circumstance. Kudos to the Premier for doing so.

                    • Shaking the Head says:

                      I shall defer to your inside knowledge that the option to have a quiet word was not exercised.

            • sandgrownan says:

              “country before party”

              You have got to be joking? What a laugh…

            • Rob says:

              @Vote for me, I also have a list of close to 2 dozen embarrassments under the leadership of Premier Cox, shall i list them, Maybe not because i am quite aware of what your response will be, “i am objective” “i keep an open mind” “constructive criticism” etc,etc,etc, i think that if today’s goings were that of the UBP people like yourself would be rioting in the streets. however, you are a “GREAT DEFENDER”

              • Vote for Me says:

                @ Rob
                I agree that there have been several embarrassing situations for Premier Cox. The point in each case is that she has dealt with them all head on as all good leaders do.

                Fel free to provide your list.

                • Rob says:

                  @Vote for me
                  “The point in each case is that she has dealt with them all head on as all good leaders do” How do you know? i haven’t listed them yet. When your “good leader” was FINANCE MINISTER, Very few things were “dealt with” and no i am not going to list them, because as usual we can expect a very open mind from you.

    • Tell me more says:

      No one in their right mind should vote for O B A! They are just trying to regain power for the milkman, the banker and the soda men!

      Now they have K . gibbons speaking out on their behalf. Ask them how much they are paying their consultants now or how much they paid under the ubp regime for consultants then disbanded without consultation from all members, which they are now professing that ALL members can vote in the oba.

      How can they be trusted?

      Bunch of same said ancestral priates. Pirates blooded pirates don’t fall too far from the sword!

      • next? says:

        Maybe you should look at which gumbymint took you to a billion $$$$$$$$ in debt before proclaiming who was actin’ de pirate.

      • star man says:

        Hi Vance… nice to see your racist cogwash back in the blogs. So you know an election is in the offing….

  2. Kim Smith says:

    Oh what a tangled web we weave…

    It seems to me that until we are committed to ‘truth’ we will continue to go around and around in these circles. Life in Bermuda could be awesome!

  3. Vote OBA says:

    Yawn! A day after the governement confirms there is no “controversy” the OBA on queue tries to make one up. Why are they repeating the UBPs mistakes! Complain, complain, complain!

    Is this the best you can do? Here is my statement.

    “We’re happy to hear that the Gov is not hiring someone who shouldn’t be hired for this type of work in the first place. We were troubled when we heard the initial reports, but we are pleased to note that the new controls in place have stopped something that at first blush is grossly innapropriate.”

    Stop trying to manaufacture controversies, give people a reason to vote for you.

    Can I get a new party to support? I’m tired of the PLP & UBP/OBA.

    • Shaking the Head says:

      Since you want a new party, why don’t you get off your backside and form one? Maybe you can be the savior of Bermuda.

    • star man says:

      “… but we are pleased to note that the new controls in place have stopped something that at first blush is grossly inappropriate.”

      No! Not controls. You blind? It was THE PEOPLE who called the plp on their attempted evilness.

      • Vote for Me says:

        @ Star Man
        This is actually a chicken and egg situation. Unfortunately we do not know what happened once the initial press release by Minister Lister was issued. It is quite possible that, irrespective of public comment, the Cabinet Secretary prepared a response and then consulted with the Permanent Secretary, Premier and others before issuing a public comment. Unfortunately, we will never know the sequence of events. No matter the details, the process has worked since the Ministry of Transport does not have a consultant!!

        It is clear however, that the level of public outcry has had an impact on the urgency of making a public statement to put a stop to all the anxiety that the original email to Bernews had caused.

  4. Cleancut says:

    With all the Controversy regarding Consultants and the explanations given by the Premier, i find it very hard to believe that Minister Lister was able to allow this post to happen without first consulting with Premier Cox.

    • Vote for Me says:

      @ cleancut
      Which obviously indicates a genuine mistake was made in this situation that has now been corrected.

      • sandgrownan says:


      • Cleancut says:

        A mistake of the Position or the Process?

        • Vote for Me says:

          @ Cleancut
          The process. as has been emphasised by Cabinet Secretary Scott and Premier Cox.

          • star man says:

            It was no mistake, it was another evil attempt by the plp to reward one of their own creeps… except the People caught them at it! The People can only take so much before they finally are forced to accept the truth. Me thinks it’s gonna be “lights out” for the plp in the next election!

          • Rob says:

            Oh! The process, yes I forgot, how on earth did the process rear it’s ugly head? another Consultant was being knighted and called to the throne, how dare Scott pull this out at the eleventh hour, he’s lucky Brown isn’t still in power, I think Premier Cox will just have to rely on the Fall guy.

  5. Liars says:

    oh ya the clog…..where is she now? with her grammarically correct(yet totally worthless) speach?

    • Cleancut says:

      Well at least we know the consultant for the media is doing his or her job. Double time Saturdays.

  6. Down 'n' Dirty says:

    What compliments a Hot Potatoe ? Or musical chairs , Tag , Hide and seek , whose the fall guy or girl , what part did E .K .Horton play ? Is Mr. Santucci a pawn or now a Persona non Grata . Maybe someone needs to ask Mr.Santucci how he has interpeted this fiasco .Pay or no Pay .

    • Rob says:

      He will land a well paid job in Government, you just mark my words, the dust has to settle first, and then Premier Shakespeare will explain.

  7. Citizen Banned (Original) says:

    There’s a word for it Trevor: “Cogwash”.

  8. Triangle Drifter says:

    The PLP circus is still in town. Tired of it yet Bermuda?

  9. Terry says:

    You guys just don’t get it do you.


  10. The “Repackaged Opposition” UBP/OBA were very famous for Cronyism as it was one of the hallmarks of the UBP/OBA and its predecessors, so why now do they act as if this government has done something outrageous. At least this government has put into place procedures and policies to address such issues, which the “Repackaged Opposition” never attempted to even address the issues during their time as government. Funny no one cried out loud when they did it over and over again….

    • star man says:

      What Cogwash! The plp is just a “Repackaged Ewart Brown Party,” and just as evil as he ever was, always trying to “pull a fast one” on the People, who now see the light and have grown weary of these tactics. Buh-bye plp!

    • Vote for Me says:

      @ Specialgirl4You
      It will be very interesting to see how the PLP uses the UBP history as we get closer to the next election. It is clear that the UBP continue to have significant influence on the OBA (with ideas and money). There will therefore be a strong attempt by the OBA to get the public to believe there is a separation between the UBP and OBA (which of course there isn’t).

      The challenge for PLP will be to draw a proper line between their own positive record and the temptation to regurgitate past mistakes of the UBP. I look forwrd to the strategies of each party as we get closer to the next election.

    • sandgrownan says:

      It’s clear this “repackaged” bollocks will be the defining phrase of the election, just like “back to the plantation” defined Brown’s election.

      Obviously, the regressives have to have something since any examination of their record will reveal the utter failure they have been.

      Spashalgirl – how are you going to, or rather, what is your plan to reduce the debt MY grandchildren will be paying for? Come on, answer the question.

  11. NO WAY OBA says:

    @specialgirl – so on point. the OBA rebranded themselves but are the same faces, some that ran the government prior to 98 are the powerful managers of the OBA.

    They re-branded as the foreign consultant consulted but we Bermudians will no what to do at the polls. Vote No for OBA!

    • Shaking the Head says:

      Using your same analogy, the present PLP is merely a regurgitated PLP using the same tired old names from the past, the same names that have been shuffled around like a deck of cards, with some ex UBP thrown in.

      • Vote For Me says:

        @ Shaking the head
        I am not sure about your post. The PLP has been founded on certain principles and continues to operate on that basis, without apology. The only recent statement I am aware of is that Premier Cox has stated that things will be differenct under her watch. This makes eminent sense becasue she is now Premier and Minister of Finance.

        Under the previous administration she was Minister of Finance and served at the pleasure of Premier Brown. Whilst many choose not to recognise the difference, the difference is quite clear. She now has full authority over the Ministers and Cabinet – the ‘buck clearly stops with her’ as demonstrated with the Santucci non hiring.

        Now if we talk abut the OBA, teh story is quite different. I think it would have made more sense for them to have simply made any necessary changes and carried on rathar than the current process of having a new name but the same Parliamentary representatives and financial supporters.

        • star man says:

          “The PLP has been founded on certain principles and continues to operate on that basis, without apology.” What exactly are these so-called “principles?” I sense they are rather elusive. Did y’all start out as an elite kleptocracy, or did it just evolve that way?

          IMO the PLP is nothing more than a repackaged Ewart Brown Party.

          • Vote for Me says:

            @ Star Man
            Get a copy of the PLP Constitution and you will fully understand the founding and continuing principles. You should be able to find it on their website.

  12. LFFF says:

    There I just posted anonymously.

    I am not Senator Furbert and there is nothing to suggest the comments made by that poster is indeed the good senator one of her sons or anyone else who would look to muddy the issue. Remember this is the internet unless you can definitively verify the source of comment everything is taken with a good dose of salt.

    “Back to the plantation”

    • LFF says:

      Being my post was edited by the censors let me make the point again I had posted under the name LaVerne Furbert to show that anyone can claim to be whomever and post all manner of comment.

      • Vote for Me says:

        And that is the problem with anonymous posts. I am also challenged by the level of profanity and personal comments that are made. I shudder to think the impact it has on any of our youngsers that read the various posts… and we expect them to follow our example??

        • sandgrownan says:

          I think you are challenged by critical thought. However, how dare you talk about “example to follow” when we had Cog’s predecessor using parliamentary privilege to hurl racial insults and abuse. How dare you talk about “example” when our favourite delusional damsel called Shawn Crockwell a “confused negro” during the labour day rally.

          The tone and society in which we currently exist has been set by the PLP.

          • Vote for Me says:

            @ Sandgrownan
            Challenged by critical thought – really… from one who calls the electorate idiots and at the same time expects them to vote as you do?

            The examples you use are equally negative and do not set the approriate example for our young people.

            • sandgrownan says:

              Given recent history of voting, most in Bermuda are blinded by race and are therefore idiotic.

              There’s an article in Today’s Gazette where the artist talks about Bermudians unwillingness to challenge the PLP and their failure. Had the PLP been a “white” government, would you be so “reasonable” and “rational”? I doubt it.

              • Vote for Me says:

                @ sandgrownan
                I will respond later this evening since you have raised an interesting point about ‘voting by race’ by the Bermuda electorate.

                • sandgrownan says:

                  Well, not really. I understand the history, and I’ve seen first hand how it’s easy to whip up the frothing masses.

                  But my question remains – if the PLP were a historically white government, would you still defend them? This is what I’m interested in right now.

                  • LOL (original) says:

                    @sandgrown you know the answer. People perspective of the side they perceive that they are on when it comes to history only amounts to haten to hate. The past can’t be changed only the future. The divisions of pride only help the politician keep the status quo by invoking the past hence OBA being called the UBP. I do understand this but the one thing it does show is that they knew a change had to happen how far they are willing to take it is yet to be seen. The PLP’s ways have not really changed in the last 7 years as they know that old wounds are deep so why change. I would like to see a public debate based on the issues at hand: debt, crime, education, and economy (this can touch on housing, jobs etc.). Do it for the election and may the best platform win.


                    • sandgrownan says:

                      Agreed and good luck with a public debate. Last time around, the PLP avoided any sort of discussion on the issues like the plague.

                      They know that any sort of examination of their record will be an embarrassment.

                • Vote for Me says:

                  @ Sandgrownan
                  Your post specifies recent history of voting in Bermuda. If you analyze the entire history of voting in Bermuda, you will find that the significant majority of whites in Bermuda have always voted for the UBP.

                  Based on the total Bermuda voter population, the previous UBP victories were therefore due in large part to black votes since white voters are a minority if you look at the total voting population.

                  If we look at voting in 1998 and thereafter, we find that more black Bermudians were prepared to vote PLP and thus the PLP victories. On this basis, only black Bermudians have been prepared to switch votes from one party to the next.

                  Whilst you may not agree, it is logical to conclude that white Bermudians are the ones that actually vote on the basis of race and have never voted for blacks. Going back to your post, do you assert that white voters ‘are blinded by race and are therefore idiotic’?

                  Now let’s address Mr. Palaccio’s comments. Do you know him and his basic views on the interactions of whites and blacks – past and present? It might be interesting to ask him before you offer public support for his recent comments.

                  With respect to PLP, they are neither a ‘black government, white government or any other government’. The PLP is a governing party that governs Bermuda in the interests of everyone. It is actually an historic fact that Dame Lois was one of the most avid defenders of the rights of the Portuguese community and clearly stood for justice for all. What is more accurate is to state that the PLP government comprises a majority Black Ministerial component.

                  In summary, unless we assume that everyone in the community that is currently opposing the PLP government is white (including everyone posting negatively to Bernews), Mr. Palacio’s opinion is clearly not supported by facts.

                  As an aside, one of the most ardent opponents of the current government is Mr, Larry Burchall. We can add to that all black MPs of the UBP and OBA, Dr. Eva Hodgson, Sir. John Swan and many individual blacks inside and outside of the PLP.

                  My final comment? Any assumption that you (or others) make that all negative posters to Bernews are non black speaks volumes (are you inferrng that blacks are unable to articulate their opposition?) Perhaps Mr. Palacio needs to read some of the Bernews posts to see that residents of all persuasions are clearly prepared to challenge the PLP government.

                  • sandgrownan says:

                    That is the biggest load of balls I’ve read in a long time. Your conclusions are not valid, correlation does not equal causation.

                    The PLP govern “in the best interests of Bermuda..” ??

                    Don’t make me laugh, the PLP govern in the best interests of the PLP.

                    • Vote for Me says:

                      @ Sandgrownan
                      Good morning – ‘That is the biggest load of balls I’ve read in a long time. Your conclusions are not valid, correlation does not equal causation’.

                      What are you referring to? Please offer concrete criticism about the post. My comments about past voting trends are definitely valid. Your tendency to resort to ‘one liners’ in response to thoughtful analysis detracts from constructive engagement and debate.

                    • sandgrownan says:

                      There’s nothing thoughtful about your “analysis” beyond interpretation of historical trends to fit your distorted narrative. Your initial statment is incorrect.

                      To say the PLP is not a “black” government is idiotic beyond belief. This would be the same government that said a vote for the UBP would send them back to the plantation – that came from not just Ewart, but Foggo and Bean.

                      Answer me this – if the PLP were a “white” partywould you still defend them?

                  • Rob says:

                    @Vote for Me, When the PLP won the election in 1998 I couldn’t help notice that everyone was saluting, what was that? Ewart Brown and mostly all of the PLP candidates and ministers were saluting on stage, what was that? The next day when I was driving to work people were saluting at me, what was that, VFM?

                    • Cleancut says:

                      “Black Power” Salute.

                    • Vote for Me says:

                      @ Rob
                      Soory can’t help you. I have no recollection about people saluting in 1998 or any other particular date. When the PLP won in 1998 (and every date since then), I went to Court Street like many others and heard numerous speeches, witnessesd the dancing and musinc etc but definitely no saluting comes to mind.

  13. @Vote for Me,

    You have once again made some important valid points based upon real facts, a few folks often do not want to accept or choose to forget. I love reading your post, as they are real and on a higher level of discourse, with real support for the issues discussed. Keep posting. I have made these same points over and over again. But the sandgrownan and his “Repackaged Oppositional views” has got his head in the sand, and fails to look up !

    • Vote for Me says:

      @ specialgirl 4You
      Thank you – my goal is to ensure we demonstrate the ability for constructive debate. Whether or not we agree with each other is nver teh point. I also believe many young people read Bernews as a primary source of information and we need to ensure there is a balanced point of view and factual information for them to consider… a mind is a terrible thing to waste…

  14. Vote for Me says:

    @ Sandgrownan and others
    You seem to be stuck on ‘Answer me this – if the PLP were a “white” party would you still defend them?’

    Please understand that the premise of your question is false. Do you believe that the former UBP and current OBA are white parties? Whether your answer is yes or no, please explain your conclusion. Once you provide a proper response (no one liners), I will answer your question, nothwitstanding its false premise.

    As a further example, if people call an obviously skinny person fat, should that person entertain a defence of whether or not they are fat, when it is clear that they are skinny?

    I also continue to caution ou not to ‘jump on the Palaccio bandwagon’ until you have a better and more complete understanding about his philosophy and beliefs about the general interaction of blacks and whites in general and in Bermuda in particular.