Photos: Grand Atlantic Housing Units

September 17, 2011

Today [Sept.17] there was an Open House at the Grand Atlantic Development on South Road in Warwick. The housing development will comprise of 60 two bedroom/one bathroom homes and 18 three bedroom/two bathroom homes. Prices range from $495,000 for a 2 bedroom home up to $670,000 for an ocean view 3 bedroom unit.

In June 2011, Minister Roban said, “The Bermuda Housing Corporation has already received over 70 expressions of interest from the general public keen to own a home in this development.

“The Grand Atlantic Development is bordered by the Southlands Park which is soon to be Bermuda’s newest National Park with access to a beautiful south shore beach. Residents will eventually have full access to Beach and Park areas for their relaxation and enjoyment.

“In addition, the Government of Bermuda is happy to declare that it is in the process of partnering with Ascendant Group so that the units in the later phases of this development will have a sustainable theme.”

“In the event of a power outage, these units will be self sufficient in terms of basic energy requirements. 54 of the 78 units will have a renewable energy component built into the design.”

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  1. So many questions says:

    Ignoring the questionable location and the fact that $495,000 is nowhere near ‘affordable’ to a significant proportion of our population, this project raises so many other questions. Why were the Ascendant group (Belco) chosen to install the solar panels on these homes? Was a request for proposals issued to give any of the half dozen start-up companies that are trying to compete against Belco a chance? If not, why not? What about the Government’s pledge to encourage competition in the energy industry? What about energy efficiency (insulation, design, appliances)? How does providing basic power requirements during outages have anything to do with sustainability?

    • Observations says:

      electric stove & range
      electric clothes dryer
      electric water heater – see pictures
      solar roof mounts on the South side(good) and North side (wtf)…

      No tender invitations for the renewable energy contract which was awarded to a group that does not even install there products.

      the complex is a complete eyesore.

  2. Terry says:

    This is great news. Government is hooked up with the owners of BELCO.

    I smell salt spray.

    In these times of hardships and employment wonder who/whom will purchase these places.

    Thats 78 new dwellings starting @ $500,000.

    Eventually, that means there will be 78 vacant premises unless the children just move out but why would they if they are staying with family now.

    Money speaks. All that and those premises on the base could have been utilised but no ching ching there.

    Quo Greddah Furunt……..

    So much for the rental market and the unemployed.

    Cheer up. It’s Beyonce me is comming…….

  3. OMG says:

    3 bed waterfront unit & affordable for $670,000 and only 70% “with expression of interest” maybe it is the wrong product and the wrong time??? All gained by an SDO. The general public cannot built as close to the road as this nor this height??
    I have no doubt BHC will under-write the loans that we will have to pay back!!

    • PEPPER says:

      Lopes. is in bed with the current government… this guy is all about sad is this…

  4. Terry says:

    To bad our comments are not available when printed.

    There would be no overlap.

  5. star man says:

    Nice, clean, and tasteless.

  6. The Messenger says:

    Affordable…HA!! I don’t own a piece of the rock but would like to. However, I do not see owning a condo as owning a piece of the rock. Condos are a rich persons second home or a retirement villa for the elderly. For locals its called a ghetto. Govt should just rent them out to professional BERMUDIANS and break even since they have not sold one yet.

    • Anonymous says:

      Only a Bermudian would call a condo a ghetto – especially, when you don’t own a piece of the rock already. If Bermudians would only think to start small when they are young, they might get rich by the time they are old! Then they can pass on this wealth to their children. Imagine that – what is wrong with a two bedroom condo – my family (2 adults and 2 children) fit quite comfortably in a two bedroom condo. Beats renting and leaving nothing to my children!!

    • B, a Lady says:

      You are woefully misinformed about condos. There are vibrant condo communities with a diverse age group of residents. Also, I have been to some condo developments that can never be classified as ghettos. You have not been to St. James Court, Palmetto Bay, Manor House, Strawberry Hill, Inwood, Mount Wyndham or Tucker’s Point. I have. They are nice places. You are misinformed. You do not own a house, yet you will not start to build equity by buying a nice condo. You are destined to remain a renter for the rest of your life

      • The Messenger says:

        These condos you mentioned are NOT for low income families, I am not misinformed……look at the prefabs, Cedar park and prospect….ghetto. And owning a condo doesn’t mean you actually own land which is what I would prefer to own and not some bricks and mortar on the 2nd floor of a 3 story building.

        • GMS says:

          That’s funny. I lived in one of the units at Prospect when I was young as it was all my parents could afford to buy at that time. It was a great place to spend the early years of my life. Lots of great folks and plenty of young kids to play with, with a great variety of people – young, old, black, white and others. I would in no way characterize it as being a ghetto. I don’t know what it has become since my family moved elsewhere in the late 70s, but the character of a neighbourhood greatly depends on the character of the people who populate it.

        • B, a Lady says:

          You stick with that position, and check back with us in 18 months when you are still renting (and thereby paying someone else’s mortgage) because of your asinine thinking.

          • My two cents says:

            You don’t own your home until it is paid off. So basically your renting from the bank and paying hefty interest on top of that. Sure you will hopefully own that condo in 30 years, but you will have paid double for it. IMO I think owning a home in this day and age is a bit overrated.

            • ridiculous says:

              The key is putting down a downpayment and making a balloon payment as often as possible…you can pay of a house a lot sooner than 30 years.

              Learn the ins and out. Homeownership is not that difficult. It’s called committment. This may or may not be directed to you, but people with this attitude are the same ones going to Perry Footwear and buying $500 shoes, buying $300 pair of true religions and/or out every weekend and living off of someone else cause they have Champagne taste on a Beer (or should I reduce that to Koolaid) budges. To all that have this assinine thinking, get your priorities straight.

              • My two cents says:

                To be honest, it’s really all about what one values. What one person values is not the same as another. A priority to own a home isn’t something everyone has or should have.
                If one wants to buy jeans instead of a house that is their prerogative. To you it’s asinine because you value home ownership.
                Please stop judging people.

  7. bermyshotta says:

    Glad um not makin Lopes and de Govt richer by gettin one of dem! Bought for CHEAP WHOLESALE PRICES and sold for far more den its worth. Thx for removin all de trees n blockin more wata views. Affordable to no one!

    • PEPPER says:

      Lopes…should be ashamed of his liason with this government….

      • specialgirl4 says:

        Why should a good business man with good sense of direction not be associated with this government? Mr. Lopes is a good citizen and hard working business man. He does not just talks but performs on a high level like any professional business man. To suggest something sinister is just an attempt to decry this government down. This government has done great things for the people of this country and continues to do many more. While this government may have not done everything correct, it not uncommon for all any government to make errors. But to suggest they are of any sinister evil-will is extremely nasty and is playing the “I need votes card”, which can end with a big slap you’re in the face. This is not the only government vs. private projects that have been done with great success. Mr. Lopes has done extremely well, and many more private & government projects will continue to be done in the future as well. These condos are a good starter investment, for any person who wishes to get a start. If these Condos were built by the UBP/BDA/OBA would your negative opinions reflect the same comments?

        • O I C says:

          “a good starter investment”!!!??

          No way! thats a 30-50yr mortgage. You are are not going to buy one an then later on go buy something else. Its a condo. You cant expand on it. Its nothing you can leave to your kids. All they will do is sell it when your gone.
          Condos are ok if u have one child or NO children at all.

        • Truth (Original) says:

          @specialgirl4- why do you make the assumption that every negative comment about the Government comes from an OBA or a UBP supporter? Is it not possible that some PLP supporters are unhappy with the Governments performance?

          I’m just saying.

    • Truth (Original) says:

      @bermyshotta- I am sad to inform you that if you are working and paying taxes, you are “making the Govt richer” because whether you purchase one or not, your taxes are subsidizing developments like this. lopes has gotten paid already, he has no skin in the game. The government is an entity and since no individual member of the government is personally liable for this potential disaster, they have no skin in the game either. The only individuals who are carrying the risk for this project are the taxpayers. People like you and me. Let’s say that Government doesn’t sell one of these units. Lopes still gets paid. From who? You guessed it, we, the tax layers. We are being taken to the cleaners are few a benefiting from it.

      Use your vote wisely.

  8. My two cents says:

    These units couldn’t be more of an eye sore. Wrong placement, should have left the trees and woodlands and built in a less dense area than choosing the already most densely populated place on the island.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree…is it just me…or do they look like they were built on the beach – I see a lot of sand!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Also…those railings look a bit rotten to me!

  9. Terry says:

    It’s all about moola. Check who got what. Check you did the construction, check who purchased the right to build.

    Sure as hell wasn’t Joe Simmons from somerset or joe Pitcher from St. Davids nor even Joe Tucker from Loyal Hill.

    Sorry, had more to say but lost track.

    A great day to all.

  10. Say Say Say says:

    Only Bermuda could offer Ghetto style high rise ‘low income’ housing starting at half a mill. There are 200 plus condos on the market currently and prices have dropped about 20 – 25% over the last three years. That means there are much nicer places at this price that don’t fall under Government low cost housing and therefore don’t carry the stigma of Government low cost housing.

    60 or 70 expressions of interest – doesn’t mean crap. These places will not sell at the prices being asked. Why would ANYONE want to pay top $$$ for a Government ghetto when you get get a normal condo for the same price.

    Government failure once again. Still, it is near Swizzle drive by so it seems only natural that it might become a ghetto.

    Say Say Say

    • My two cents says:

      The prices of condos that are already on the market around the same value will further reduce because these idiots are still building. They should have waited on this plain and simple. Here is the real point people.

      Legally an SDO is granted for emergency like conditions. But here we have a surplus of “affordable” condos already on the market and our government grants an SDO to further the surplus of “affordable” condos on the market? in the most densely populated area of the island? on a questionable cliff side? on sand?
      Not one SDO since 2005 has been granted for an emergency like situation. Thus they have all been unethical. We should be appalled at the amount of woodlands that have been torn away in the last five years simply for real estate ventures. I will spell it out THERE IS NO LONGER A HOUSING CRISIS from the buyer end. Plenty available and still developments to build. Stop building condos, please read about the basics of supply and demand.

  11. Terry says:

    Irony is, most developers would have looked into what people wanted.

    People want affordable housing. This is knowhere near it.

    Was this subsidised?

    Sh$t, I can buy a place at TP for less than this.

    Quo Greedah Furunt……..

  12. Emeka47 says:

    Did the sign say “Affordable Living at it’s Best” I think the banks requires 15% 20% or 30% downpayment. That is anywhere from $65,000 upward, so who is moving in there?? Certainly aint the working classs or middle income earners either. Over a 30yr mortgage on this $500,000 ‘affordable’ condo will cost around $1.5million + all the fees associated with it! Nice going?
    Write me and I’ll sell you mine, with waterviews, bigger rooms, a separate dining area, separate large kitchen, separate sitting room with stone walls and granite kitchen countertops for under $600,000.00 by the way, what size are those rooms?

  13. Mark says:

    You got to be pretty desperate to buy one of those condo’s…small bedrooms cheap counter tops, cheap cabinets ,cheap sinks…whole place looks cheap….no value for money.The only good thing is the view and location…you can get a much better place for less in the current market…maybe I watch too much house hunters Idk!!!!

  14. Down 'n' Dirty says:

    Shut it , you TRUSTFUND babies .

  15. freddyg says:

    over priced !!! get a life gov ! why not make it a lil easier for your people, this is SAD ! Look nice though…………………

  16. Clinton J.A. Paynter OBA Affiliated says:

    Judging by the photos I would say the bedrooms are 10ftx10ft, bathrooms 7ftx5ft, living room/ kitchen area appears to be 12ftx20ft. Cheap cement board roof construction with glued on styrafoam profile tiles… cheap cabinets and appliances… cheap countertop material. It seems everything has been done to keep costs down yet the sale prices are outrageous! I could see these places going for an honest price of $199,000 like the Harbour view village ones at Southside. Someone will make a lot of money on the sale of these condos… the question is who?

  17. Lawless says:

    From what i’ve seen, those Harborview Village places are of much better quality… bigger rooms, better counter tops, cabinets, closets. appliances…oh, and I have been in one1 of the 2 & 4 & 2 bedroom units and they look to be worth around 400.00 (2bed) 600.00 (4bed)….Oh, and it is far from a ghetto….thats why so many of us bermudians don’t have nothing, we spend too much time putting our people/island down….tell you what, there are going to be some ghetto fabulous families in a few years….especially since they don’t have to pay a high mortgage for the rest of their lives….. Good for all who ventured out into greatnes!

    • The Messenger says:

      The units at Harbourview have walls constructed with drywall. One good punch and your fist will go through the wall. These units also have the same floor plan as mass produced apartment buildings in the U.S.

      • Dazzle says:

        I own a unit at HarbourView and the walls are drywall over block so one punch and your fist will be broken!

  18. Simple question says:

    Simple question. If these are such a great deal why haven’t they sold a single one as of yet?

    • Clinton J.A. Paynter OBA Affiliated says:

      1. The quality of construction does not justify the high price. 2. Look at how close that unit is to the edge of the Cliff! 3. I really have to wonder how well these will stand up to south shore conditions… high winds, salt spray etc.

      • Simple question says:

        That was my point. They’re overpriced (and ugly) and really aren’t designed for the market that they’re supposedly targetting.

        In today’s economy you can do much better for a lot less.

    • My two cents says:

      High supply low demand. Also, you would have to have around $75,000-$100,000 for 15% to 20% down. The days of 100% mortgages are gone as they should be. Not a smart move if you did that. So how many people that don’t already own a home have $100,000 sitting around for a down payment? Not many in this economy.

  19. stop the BS says:

    Wasn’t this taxpayers land to begin with? price does not reflect it.

  20. bystander says:

    people…these places were built for bermudians… the deal was done years ago when the economy was booming and there was a huge rent problem with Bermuda……Remember going to look at places and they were run down with 30 year old nasty kitchens and walls that paint was peeling off? All for $3500(rip-off) and believe me l have seen places that were $5000 in worse condition!

    Now we have created jobs-we have made some of these folks that charge rediculous amounts for rent, renovate(more jobs) we have brought 100′s of new, clean places to a discusting market place where only a couple years ago we should have been ashamed of ourselves for charging the foreigners the rent we did for the crap they got.

    And still we complain

  21. Mark says:

    How much is the monthly maintenance fees?

  22. Unbelievable says:

    If you compare Loughlands to the Grand Atlantic Housing – Loughlands is by far more attractive, rooms much more spacious and you don’t have to walk across a neighbors window to get to your unit. The BHC had a hard time selling the units at Loughlands as the Banks were not offering 100% financing during the final phase. Currently there are 5 units up for sale at Loughlands as the ‘middle class’ Bermudians can not afford to keep up with the mortgage payments and maintenance fees. Which I would say on average are approx. $3,900 per month. So I definitely am curious to how BHC is going to sell the Grand Atlantic Units!

  23. Lion says:

    This will not sell because it is not low income housing. There are no people out there to either buy them or take the chance and than lose their job. If you could afford it who live in a ghetto type, not condo, dwelling with a view for that price. They should be much cheaper. In addition did you ever think of the people that lived across the road who lost the value of their homes because they lost their views of the ocean. Let’s see how many of them sell. The Minister responsible for this is now looking to bring people with satelites here. His head is really in the clouds.

  24. Lorne says:

    They have ruined the wild beauty of that part of south shore. Also, when a hurricane comes, they are in big trouble.

    • Emeka47 says:


  25. Tickled Pink (and Blue) says:

    Seventy-eight more vehicles on the road !!!

    Quite frankly I’m running out of options of getting to Hamilton in the mornings without sitting in lines of stationary traffic.

    Anybody want to join me and buy a small commuter boat for Belmont/Darrell’s ? Lol !!

    • Say Say Say says:

      Your Government keeps allowing bigger and bigger cars, and decreases the ferry service. Pretty soon, if you live west of Hamilton it will take 2 hours to get to work. You could walk it in that time.
      If there was a brain cell between them, they’d increase the ferry service and decrease the size of cars. Clearly, this government couldn’t run a bath let alone a country.

      Yeah I know someone will call my remarks racist or some other BS. Its just the truth thats all. And you know it!

  26. Emeka47 says:

    Is it still ok to put a hot water heater in a closet? I was living in an upstairs apt and the heater was in the closet. I struck a leak and the water ran all through the apt. Carpet soaked and the heater was still plugged in the wall. A terrifying situation to be in!!!! I sat on my bed for hours until the house owner had to get the current shut off. If I were any of the new owners to have those heaters moved and placed in a safer location BEFORE you buy. Um jus sayin!

    • Fed Up Bermudian says:

      Been done for years, actually- it’s a typical place to locate a water heater. The little bit of ambient heat that comes off of them helps keep mold down in the closet- but very good point…if you have a leak, you’re in a mess, let alone being in a potentially dangerous situation!!

    • Linda says:

      No it is not OK to put a hot water heater in the closet its against the code. Just so you know not one Planning Inspector has been on sight. I am sure lots of things are not up to code.

  27. 1minute says:

    Wasn’t a hotel supposed to be built there as well?

  28. dawn de toilet says:

    Just wanted to let the person named Emeka47 know that i too have a water heater in my closet ( l live in a studio apartment) and it also sprung a leak. Thank god I noticed the wet floor before it made it to my carpet. Small apartments have the water heaters in the closets cause there is no other place to put them and on top of them if they put them anywhere else they would be an eyesore. As to this development, I dont like the look of it and the safety factor after viewing it from the beach does not look good for those places on the cliff. I guess we will have to have a bad hurricane or surprise strong earthquake to see how the cliff ones survive before we say “i told you so”! As to ever affording one of these places if I ever could…not bloody well likely! I cant afford anything on this island to buy as they are all beyond affordable. I wonder how many have lost their homes due to this recession?

  29. US Observer says:

    I’m hearing these 2 bed/1.5 bath condos in Somerset have been discounted by 100k with top stainless steal appliances, granite counter tops, travertine tile, washer/dryer, central heat and airconditioning, storage, parking, beach access, and low monthly condo fees, etc…oh and you can choose to have everything on one level or bedrooms/bath upstairs and living + 1/2 bath downstairs.


    Capital G is doing the financing and is working with interested buyers…

  30. Sandy Land says:

    I think this song sums up this housing project.

  31. drunken ursula says:

    Thank God,I live in the Ghetto and drink in the hood¤…don’t need any south shore view ..I think that bye Lopes is in govt pocket….

    • Lineage says:

      Bad move IMO…. key word HURRICANES!! Should have left the trees, those units can do nothing to protect this 22sq mile piece of earth…. smh… Then we wonder y mother nature is so pissed off …