Miss Bermuda’s Gombey Costume A TV Hit

November 6, 2011

[Updated] Although she was not among the Miss World competition’s finalists, Miss Bermuda Jana Outerbridge captured the attention of a world-wide TV audience this afternoon dressed in a  Gombey-inspired costume as all 113 contestants demonstrated their countries’ traditional dances.

She received extensive television coverage for her colourful Gombey garb, complete with feathered head-dress. Miss Outerbridge was presented with the costume at the airport prior to leaving for the UK, as shown below:

The 61st Miss World show was broadcast live from London’s Earls Court to a global audience of more than one billion.

Miss Outerbridge, who represented St. George’s in the Miss Bermuda competition, failed to make the 20 when they were announced earlier this afternoon.

The finalists were later reduced to just seven finalists: Miss Scotland, Miss South Africa, Miss Puerto Rico, Miss Philippines, Miss Korea, Miss Venezuela and Miss England.

Miss Venezuala was crowned Miss World with Miss Philippines as first runner-up and Miss Puerto Rico as second runner-up.

When her overall points were added up, Miss Outerbridge came 76th out of the 113 competitors in the two-week competition. She bested competitors from countries including Argentina, Germany and Portugal.

After the demonstration of traditional dances — a high point of the show — Bermudian David Sinclair Minors posted at the Miss World Facebook page: “Gombey Power= Love Ms Bermuda!!!”

Earlier in the competition Miss Outerbridge had ranked in the Top 36 in the competition’s  “Beach Beauty” qualifier.

An accomplished equestrian, Ms Outerbridge has competed in many local show jumping competitions including the Annual Exhibition.

She has represented Bermuda internationally through the Bermuda Equestrian Federation and was a member of the gold medal winning team which competed in the 2004 Caribbean Equestrian Association.

While in university in Tennessee, she was voted Miss SOCA [Students Of Caribbean Ancestry 2008/9], Miss Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. [2009/10]. She also won a university modeling competition and was named “Miss Allure Modeling Troop” 2010.

She volunteers at the WindReach Recreational Village on Saturday mornings working with disabled children.

Ms Outerbridge is also a past Bermuda International Business Association [BIBA] top speed interviewee, danced at Somerset School of Dance and received the Duke of Edinburgh Award Programme silver medal.

The daughter of Gregory Outerbridge Sr. and Glenda Outerbridge, she said her favourite quotation is: “Why strive to be good when you can strive for greatness?”

Before being crowned Miss Bermuda, she commented: “If I am fortunate to be the next Miss Bermuda and even if I am not I want the people of Bermuda to know that it is never too late to achieve any goal you set in life. It only takes one person to believe in you and that one person is you.

“As individuals if we work to make positives changes it can only have a positive impact on our island.

“We must all begin to take responsibility for the current state of our island and work diligently to make it an even better place for current generations and those to come.”

Thirty-two years ago, when the Miss World was also held in London in November, Bermuda’s own Gina Swainson won the crown, marking the first — and only — time a Bermudian won a major beauty pageant.

Earlier in 1979 Miss Swainson had been first runner-up at that year’s Miss Universe pageant.

Ms Swainson remains the joint highest placed woman to have competed at both international pageants.

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  1. Truth (Original) says:

    Very well done Jana !!! You have made us proud, indeed.

  2. Too Much Madness!!!!! says:

    Well done Jana, what an outstanding accomplishment… Its too bad Cablevision couldn’t have had their act together to present the televised competition, without such poor and intermitting service.

    • PEPPER says:

      cablevision should be ashamed of the poor quality on ch 55 of the coverage of the miss world contest…..I gave up trying to watch it . I called cablevision and complained about the poor reception…..and was told it was because of the high winds !!!! Well on a good day this ch 55 has the same promlems !!! enough of the BS.
      Jana , I wish I could have seen and heard you…good luck to you.

  3. Star man says:

    Totally cool Jana!! We watched her on “E”… She was on camera for quite some time. Well done!!!!

  4. lionheart says:

    cablevision services is worthless we bermudian should contact dishnetwork and direct tv and find out the truth

    they lie and steal

    • PEPPER says:

      lionheart…we Bermudians ae paying for a service that does not deliver, so what do we do about it ? and we need to get answers from the C.E.O. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH !!!!!!!!!

  5. Immigration says:

    She always wear her sweet smile and she was so graceful when she performed. It was an outstanding performance to the highest level. Even she failed to make it to the top 20 still she is the winner because she was able to captivate the heart of many. I think that is important, the print she left to the heart of many viewers throughout the world.

  6. David Minors says:

    Haters beware!! We live in an area where high winds are a challenge for our cable/network stations – plain and simple. Certain Bermudian families were unable to watch the competition as they DID NOT HAVE ELECTRICITY and we have people complaining that channel 55 was flicking? SERIOUSLY?!?

    Jana did an amazing job representing Bermuda on a grand stand!! And applause ton the Bermudian supporters in the audience who kept the focus on Bermuda – wonderful to sit and behold!

    The Gombey outfit was a wonderful touch and Jana, with her boundless energy, created energy for each soloists by shouting, calling, and supporting each and everyone of them!! That’s the Bermudian spirit for you!!

    Again, I am proud to be a Bermudian and I am extremely proud of my representative at Ms World, Jana Outerbridge – she is utterly amazing!M

    • PEPPER says:

      My ch 55 is still messed up ….. and there is no wind !!!!!!!! so Cablevision stop the B.S, we all have enough of your crap.. and else for the excuse about the wind causing the problem….how sick is that ….Hey the lady that tried to B.S. me today that answered the phone at cablevision where th hell is she located ?

    • Um Juss Saying says:

      Mr Minors- pardon me, but I have WOW and in the high winds I was watching the Pageant in HD! Cablevision SUCKS, plain and simple. The high winds are no excuse! If WOW can get it right, why can’t Cablevision!!

  7. Bella says:

    David Minors, it’s a person’s right to complain about poor service, as long as they’re paying their bill for that service! Using high winds is a poor excuse! So the winds are to blame for one channel not working? What’s the excuse used for poor reception on a clear, 5-knots wind kind of day? Those people who had no power had the option to go to a friend’s or relative’s house if they were that interested! They should have gone to your house!

    • David Minors says:


      All of your suggestions are sound. The concept of complaining about the service that a person pays for is all fine and dandy, but under a post about celebrating the accomplishments of Ms Bermuda, I believe, is inappropriate.

      A pet peeve on mine in regards to how Bermudians can’t see the good in anything – we always look for the worst in everything. We are better than that and we know it.

      • Um Juss Saying says:

        Mr Minors, people are complaining on this platform because many, due to Cablevisions poor service, were not able to see Miss Bermuda in the Pageant. Some even complained that the channel froze and they had to give up watching. A pet peeve of mine is an over-opinionated person who doesn’t allow others the opportunity to express their opinions. Get over yourself!

        • David Minors says:

          Um just Saying:

          It is obvious to me that certain people that comment on blogs such as this never really read the comments posted before their own. My previous post clearly indicates that opinions are fine, just not appropriate under this specific heading (WHICH IN FACT, WAS SIMPLY MY OPINION, ironic, don’t you think?!)

          Not once did I indicate that speaking one’s mind is wrong or not unacceptable – I stated that I felt (opinion again) that the focus of this thread should be about the wonderful showing of Ms. Bermuda in Ms World – not about the issues with Cablevision. Additionally, I did not indicate that while watching the telecast, I did have problems with channel 55 – ALL CABLEVISION SUBCRIBERS DID. I, however, received information about another channel which proved to have a better signal – this was solely due to being deeply involved with watching the program. I made it a point that I was going to support Jana and I would watch the telecast WITHOUT FAIL.

          In fact, I watched the 1st few minutes on my computer as there were issues with channel 55.

          I say all that to simply indicate, IN MY OPINION, that this thread was about Ms Bermuda – her accomplishments, her success – not about the failure of Cablevision – the emphasis on the positive versus the negative – as per my previous,opinionated statement.

  8. freddyg says:

    Thank you Jana you represented WELL !!

  9. M. T. Pockets says:

    I’ve been having trouble with certain channels in the past on calm days. Cablevision’s first and only response is to tell me that it must be my TV. I tried to explain that it happens on both of my tv’s but they weren’t interested in logic. Also told them that I have friends who have complained about exactly the same problem, therefore it can’t be my tv. The problems I have been having are exactly the same as while trying to watch Miss Bermuda today. They don’t seem to be interested at all as long as we pay our bills on time. Secure the dish Cablevision, make it impossible to move in the wind, since you used the wind as an excuse for today’s problems. Still can’t figure out why it happens on calm days though, maybe we’re on the fringes of the satellite footprint or something.
    Having said all that, congratulations to Jana, you did us proud even though we couldn’t see it very well.

  10. Jeff Sousa says:

    Jana we as Bermudians were so proud of you. You conducted yourself in such a mature manner the whole competition. You are certainly a great role model for other young Bermudians to look up to.
    Your friendly very beautiful face was there for the entire world to see. We all owe you such gratitude.

    You made me so PROUD TO BE BERMUDIAN

    • PEPPER says:

      Jeff, she made me proud to be a Bermudian…what an experince this beautiful young lady is all about.

  11. feminist says:

    While Miss Outerbridge is certainly a lovely, accomplished young women I cannot say I applaud her involvement in “miss world’; which I find to be sexist, antiquated and demeaning to women. The contestants choice to be judged by their looks perpetrates the view that women are merely sex objects. Jana’s modesty, intelligence and self worth are what should make her a role model to us young Bermudian women – not her participation in some beauty contest.

    • Get It Straight says:

      Dear Feminist,

      CLEARLY you are misinformed. Not only that, but it is obvious that you did not watch nor research the Miss World pageant. The title of the pageant is Miss World, Beauty with a Purpose and this factor is the most heavily rated aspect of the judging process. I understand you are a feminist but there are must more meaningful causes you can be protesting about, Miss World is not one of them and if you feel that Jana shouldn’t have participated then that is something you should keep to yourself. The fact is that she did participate and we as Bermudians need to support one another, especially when someone goes to represent our country in such a largely recognized event. Therefore, dear Feminist, I hope you will be more mindful about your comments in the future and to Jana CONGRATULATIONS you did an awesome job please keep up your hard work. We are proud of you!!

      • feminist says:

        Dear Get It Straight,
        Not sure what about my comment you considered not to be ‘mindful’ but I stand by it. If I am proud of Jana (as a Bermudian) its because of her charity work, intelligence and commitment to education – these are the things that should be recognised and applauded. No I didn’t watch the contest as I believe it be to an appalling offence against women’s equality. They may dress is up all they like but the clue is in the title – ‘Beauty’. We as WOMEN are more than what we look like and I believe we shouldn’t subject ourselves to judgement by others. True happiness lies within our own self worth. Our young women should be aiming for more than ‘beauty’. NOTHING personal against Miss Outerbridge, who like I said.. is an asset to Bermuda. While I’m proud to be Bermudian I don’t believe in blindly supporting all Bermudians in things contrary to my own beliefs.
        Just my opinion.

  12. Kennette Burgess says:

    GO JANA! Thank you sooooooooooooo much for representing Bermuda ‘well” girl.
    Thanks for spreading the Onion juice.
    You did Bermuda proud.

    “AO, (shadank dank dank) AO…”

  13. THE HELL!! says:

    Well done Miss Bermuda you showed great poise. Yes Cable Vision are BS-ing people blaming the sat provider for out of sink Program Guides etc. They tell you those lies cause they figure no one gonna take the time to find out..I have caught in their lies many times. Just go on a network web site and u will see the right programing guide. They say the network like TNT etc have changed their programing. BS!!

  14. wow says:


    on a global stage you represented Bermuda well. I was proud to see you and you have inspired a whole generation of women to become active and live out there dreams, I read with interest the Feminist point of view, and quite clearly she has not seen how pagents have evolved. When watching the work that some of the contestants were doing in their respective home countries, was touching and the two countries that were highlighted on the show just showed what can be done when we use, feminine grace, money, a will to change, and a project and plan: what can be done.

    This forum, (Bernews) always is hijacked by people with issues and agendas, and it is getting old and somewhat depressing.

    I was one of those who were frustrated with cablevision, but the big picture is, this was a time to uplift Jena.

    just so you know, in our small community, family, freinds co-workers read this, and we want this to be positive for her and her world. There is a forum to b!tch, about cablevsion and Femininst ideologies, but can we just have this proud moment please?

    As you know we do not get many of them…… also if you can let me know of anytime in the last 10 years the word Bermuda was mentioned to over 1billion people at the same time, let me know!

    that in and of itself is an accomplishment.

    let us enjoy it.

  15. Fan of a Fan says:

    Great Job Jana!! You have made us proud

  16. Buzy says:

    Job well Done Jana, From all of your Fans at The Government Quarry.

    As well as your St. Davids Fan Club.

  17. Friend says:

    Well done….you have made us here in Bda proud!