Miss Bermuda 5th In Online Voting

November 14, 2011

She didn’t just make her mark for Bermuda at the Miss World finals  at London’s Earl’s Court last Sunday [Nov.6], she was one of the people’s top choices as well.

Miss Bermuda Jana Outerbridge placed fifth out of the 113 Miss World contestants in an unofficial online poll on pageant website missosology.org, capturing 1,894 votes.

Miss Bulgaria topped the voting with 23317, Miss Georgia came second with 5201, Miss Philippines was third with 4501, while Miss Barbados received the fourth highest number of votes — 4008.

The poll ran from October 18th to November 6th, and there were 45,259 votes cast in total.

Miss Outerbridge returned from London on Thursday [Nov.10], after spending over two weeks in the UK taking part in the Miss World competition.

She expressed her gratitude for being able to participate in the event, saying “I want everyone to know I am truly honoured to have had the opportunity to represent Bermuda on an international scale. It was definitely a great experience.”

Ms Outerbridge, who represented St. George’s, won the 2011 Miss Bermuda Pageant in June, beating 15 other competitors for the title.

The 23-year-old is a graduate of Tennessee State University, an accomplished equestrian, is a former Miss SOCA [[Students Of Caribbean Ancestry], former Miss Delta Sigma Theta Sorority and former Miss Allure Modeling Troop. She has participated in the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme and volunteers at the WindReach Recreational Village.

2011 marked the first time in 14 years that Bermuda sent a representative to the Miss World Pageant, however plans are already in place to send a representative again next year.

Planning for the 2012 Miss Bermuda is underway, and Miss Bermuda Pageant Director Milika Trott Seymour said, “Planning is underway for next year’s Miss Bermuda Pageant; with registration starting in January 2012.”

“The pageant will be open to young ladies ages 17-24 so if anyone is thinking about signing up and has any questions, they can feel free to send an email to info – at – missbermuda.bm.”

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  1. Enquiring says:

    Not sure how much such a Poll means. The same Missology also had Miss Outerbridge as one of the 12 worst contestants. Does it matter as the Judges placed her joint 76th in the actual contest?
    Let’s hope the 2012 pageant is better run with the winner chosen by the Pageant Judges.

  2. The Insider says:

    Peoples choie is just like any awards show you see…..those who have a vast twitter or facebook page like Lady Gaga or Justin Bieber, and you write “vote for me” your fans will surely vote…… so good job bermuda for beating the big name contries, but just to let you know, in some of these countries it is a luxury to have internet or it isnt accessible in the area they may live in.

  3. White Christ says:

    Why don’t both of you just go on and shut the hell up! Isn’t speaking English an advantage/luxury over other women in their countries who can’t? What about physical beauty and intelligence? Shut ya hatin dumpsters!

  4. Global Citizen says:

    I find it sooo funny that this made the news! It’s a opinion poll aka popularity contest and mind you the website was had soo many technical issues! None of the other countries even cared about it!! And to your point @TheInsider half of the countries prob didn’t even have internet access!
    And to all these people talking about inner beauty! Are YOU retarded? Does this look like a big and “beautiful” contest aka inner beautiful bec well you don’t have the latter!! This is an international BEAUTY pageant !! And that’s exactly what it is. How beautiful they are physically first! All the other stuff is just to add to the whole picture ->charity / role model etc.. No one wants to look up to ugly person. Miss Venezuela deserved the crown she’s Beautiful! and carried her self with such grace! And btw English is NOT a mandatory requirement but beauty IS!
    Now accept the fact that we came well..76th and we will work on it and do better next time!

    • White Christ says:

      Didn’t see anyone mention inner beauty except you. And if you think that miss venezuela is more physically beautiful than miss bermuda well more power to you for your commercial preference but I beg to differ. You’re right! It is a BEAUTY pageant, not an exclusively PHYSICAL BEAUTY pageant. Do you think the most physically attractive woman (whatever that is) could get on the stage and talk about her ambitions to be an escort and win? Use your brain!!! You are saying that miss venezuela was the most physically attractive woman??? God you are DUMB!