Simons Book Signing A Sell-Out Success

November 13, 2011

Bermudian De’Jon Simons officially released his first book ’Memoirs of My Scars’, with a book signing yesterday [Nov.12] at The Bookmart. Locals deluged the store until all the copies for the day were sold, and after the book signing finished the list of names of people who came looking to purchase the book continued to grow.

Mr Simons was involved in a horrific traffic accident in 2004 in which his bike caught fire and almost burned him alive. The then 16-year-old received third degree burns to over 90% percent of his body, spent over a year in hospital, including six months in a coma, and was initially given less than a 5% chance of survival.

‘Memoirs of My Scars’ is an intimate collection of poetry that follows his path of self-acceptance and self-expression. The first piece, entitled “I Am Not My Skin”, introduces readers to his world of isolation and pain but the poem ends with the revelation that there is more to Mr Simons than his outer appearance.

Speaking after his book signing yesterday, Mr Simons said, “So many people came in, I am just wowed myself, it was an amazing feeling, people actually came in to support me. It was a great feeling. As you can see we sold out.”

Books will be available again at The Bookmart next week, and are also available online for $23.50 in the CKC Bookstore at The book will be delivered to Hamilton, Warwick, St. George’s and Somerset, by request.

The interest in Mr Simons book spans past Bermuda’s shores, with online orders having already been received from Australia, Canada, United Kingdom and the United States.

Mr Simons plans to release his second book in 2012.

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  1. Adele White says:

    That’s awesome Dejon! Congratulations!

  2. Bermudian@heart.. says:

    good job, keep you Spirits up..

  3. Life goes on says:

    Congrats Dejon on your book. I had every intention of coming into Hamilton yesterday to get one of your books but was home sick so I guess I have to wait til next week.Although u have been thru a great life changing experience u have much to be thankful for,because God has brought u a mighty long way. You r a perfect example of a young man accomplishing good things despite your circumstances.You have really matured a lot since your terrible ordeal. Keep up the good work and God Bless You

  4. Life goes on says:

    A nice Christmas gift idea

  5. united says:

    YOU, sir are an inspiration to many. Where many are afraid or embarrassed with their plight you stepped out in the open and proved to many and to yourself that life is the most precious gift the good Lord has ever given mankind and should be lived to the fullest. Even with all the scars that we may carry, some visible and some not so visible we should give our all at all times because we are all vehicles that carry and deliver to others around us. Most deliver goodness while some are out to destroy. You, sir have given hope to so many and may God bless you and the ones around you and keep you in his good graces.

  6. bermudiana says:


  7. Arthur - Atlanta says:

    Correction on the embedded link which does not work because there is a full stop at the end.

  8. Crystal B says:

    Wow! What an inspiration you are Dejon. God obviously had and has huge plans for your life and that’s why you are still here with us. I speak continued blessings and success over your life and your future.

  9. Jevon says:

    Well Done! Be encouraged as you have encouraged so many others! Excellent job!