OBA Roll Out Three Candidates

December 1, 2011

[Updated with videos/statements] The One Bermuda Alliance today [Dec.1] introduced three candidates who will represent the party at the next General Election — R. Wayne Scott, Suzann Roberts-Holshouser and Donte Hunt.

Incumbent St. George’s Member of Parliament Donte Hunt will switch seats and challenge the Progressive Labour Party’s Wayne Furbert in the Tourism Minister’s Hamilton West constituency.

Mr.  Hunt will stand for the OBA in Constituency #6 which Mr Furbert won as a United Bermuda Party candidate in 2007, defeating the PLP’s Charles Clarke with 54 percent of the vote [530 votes to 451].

Meanwhile former UBP and Bermuda Democratic Alliance member R. Wayne Scott will go head-to-head with the former National Security Minister when he takes on the PLP’s Lt. Col David Burch in Warwick North Central.

Donte Hunt, Suzann Roberts-Holshouser, OBA Leader Craig Cannonier, Wayne Scott:

Mr. Scott unsuccessfully contested Constituency #27 Warwick North Central at at the last General Election running under the UBP banner.

In 2007 he was bested there by the PLP’s Elvin James, who won with 535 votes to Mr. Scott’s 418. The PLP have already selected Lt. Col. Burch as their candidate for Warwick North Central at the next election.

Former UBP St. David’s MP and Senator Suzann Roberts-Holshouser will represent the OBA in Constituency #4 , St. George’s South, the seat presently held by Donte Hunt.

In 2007 Mr Hunt, running as a UBP candidate, won there with 51.1 percent of the vote, defeating the PLP’s Phillip Perinchief [544-519].

Video – OBA Leader Craig Cannonier introduces the candidates:

The Opposition previously confirmed thirteen candidates who will stand at the next election: Ray Charlton in Sandys North [C#36], Toni Spring in Sandys South [C#33], Shawn Crockwell in Southampton West Central [C#31], Jeff Sousa in Warwick West [C#28], Ras Mykkal in Warwick South Central [C#26], Mark Pettingill in Warwick North East [C#25], Jeanne Atherden in Pembroke West [C#19], Anthony Francis in Devonshire North Central [C#13], Craig Cannonier in Devonshire South Central [C#12], Michael Dunkley in Smith’s North [C#10], Trevor Moniz in Smith’s West [C#9], Sylvan Richards in Hamilton South [C#7], and Gaylynne Cannonier in St David’s [C#3].

Video – All three candidates introduce themselves & media Q&A:

Donte Hunt’s full statement follows below:

Bermuda is in desperate need of a fresh start; a fresh start that will breathe hope into our hearts and yield opportunities for all.

As a father and husband, I know firsthand the struggle many of us face today. I am committed to doing all I can to ensure that Bermuda moves forward to a place of peace and prosperity.

I am supported in my goals by my colleagues in the One Bermuda Alliance, who are equally committed to making sure Bermuda and its people flourish and succeed again.

The OBA believes Bermuda needs to change if we are to overcome the challenges Bermuda faces.

And it is for this reason, I have decided to answer the call of my party to move from Constituency 4 and run in Hamilton West, Constituency 6.

I have spent the past four years representing and serving the great people of St. George’s South. I have a real fondness for the times I spent with them. There were many successes and many good moments, but the need to put the OBA into a position to win the Government is paramount and I believe I can help that with this move to Constituency 6.

I am excited by it. Hamilton West is where I spent much of my formative years, but also where my wife was born and raised. Constituency 6 is also the home of much of my family as well as my wife’s family…not to mention it has an extra special place in my heart because it is where I lived when I first got married.

My time as a Member of Parliament in the House of Assembly has been focused primarily on the support and nurturing of all families. The OBA and I remain steadfast in our commitment to this agenda and to the task of getting this Island back on track where it is working better for our people.

I should add that Suzann is a caring, hard-working person who shares my hope to make sure families are safe and that the Government creates conditions that help people live productive and fulfilling lives. In addition, Suzann has strong ties to Constituency 4. I know she will be an outstanding representative.

Suzann Roberts-Holshouser’s full statement follows below:

I am proud to stand beside Craig Cannonier, Leader of the One Bermuda Alliance, and my colleagues, who, like me, recognize it is not enough to simply complain or sit on the sidelines and wait for someone else to step forward to serve Bermuda and her people.

We are a team that is dedicated to getting this Island back on track where it is working better for the people.

I look forward to representing the people of St George’s South, Constituency 4. It is where I live and where I serve my church as a Vestry Member and Licenced Eucharist Administrator.

My commitment to the people of St. George’s South is simple and straightforward: I will be there at all times to act on your concerns and to echo your views in Parliament and in the halls of Government.

I will fight for safer communities and safer homes. I will fight for and support policies that create jobs and grow paycheques, And I will fight for stronger, more dedicated efforts to give our children the education they need.

In 1998, Bermudians brought change to the Island though the ballot box.

In 2011, we can do it again.

The birth of the One Bermuda Alliance has made change possible. But it is up to you the voter to help change the direction Bermuda is travelling down under the current Government.

Right now, I think everyone knows Bermuda is on the wrong path; saddled with problems such as the Government’s massive debt that hurting people every day.

You can see it in transportation cancellations that create problems for people, job lay-offs that hurt families and careers, overtime cancellations that hurt people’s ability to pay their bills, funding cuts to charities that are dedicated to helping people in need. The debt problem even extends to road surfaces breaking down because of lack of money to pay for their maintenance.

It’s time for change. We cannot stand still, do nothing different and expect different results.

Bermuda needs a fresh start, a fresh team to deal with the problems we’ve been saddled with and I am proud to be part of a team that is dedicated to restoring the health, strength and spirit of our people and our Island.

I look forward to meeting all residents of St. George’s South during the weeks and months ahead, to listening to your ideas and recommendations as we work for change to improve your lives and the future of our Island home.

R. Wayne Scott’s full statement follows below:

I am proud to be a part of a team that is committed to put Bermuda first, for this has been my mantra within Warwick North Central, Constituency 27.

Over the last 5 years, as I have worked within the Warwick North Central community, my primary message has been that it’s about the people, not me, period.

My role in giving service to the people is to represent THEIR views. I believe that many today in politics have lost sight of this simple fact. Representing the people is about them. It is NOT about you.

As Bermuda faces unprecedented issues with our economy and employment; challenges with crime and education – which are very closely related; and a need to rediscover what has always set Bermudians and Bermuda apart – what has truly made Bermuda “Another World”; we need leadership that is open, transparent and responsive; We need leadership for the people, dedicated to their concerns, their interests and their needs.

But to get that, we need change.

I put myself forward in service to the people of Bermuda, especially within Warwick North Central, with a commitment that it be about you.


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  1. sigh says:

    Change you can believe in! Haha.

    • Clinton J. A. Paynter OBA Affiliated says:

      Don’t speak too soon… Still 20 more to go.

      • sigh says:

        Well most of the remaining seats are PLP safe seats, or OBA safe seats, so it will be interesting to see where the new faces end up.
        So far the new OBA faces are in PLP strongholds.

    • Yup says:

      Like the PLP will actually bring about change! Gag me!!

      • Bulla Bulla! says:

        They did bring about change! We used to have full employment and money in the bank………..that has changed!

    • sad man says:

      so happy the white people aren’t being fooled. just came from a function where several white people say they are being told “you have to vote OBA, we have not other choice as white people” now which party is using the race card. But leave them be, cause that is exactly where they get their support from and want to continue down that lane.

      • Yup says:

        Thanks for that load of sh!t you PLP race baiter!!! You are the one that will not talk about PLP record because it stinks. LaVerne might be moving to Iceland, please pay her a nice long visit.

      • Tired of nonsense says:

        Don’t believe that one bit. Never have I heard such nonsense from any political party in Bermuda. Name the function where this is being spewed.

      • Wow says:

        Do you blame them, only the cool white people vote PLP.

        The rest are guided by black vs white and white vs black CARD!

      • star man says:

        “white people say they are being told “you have to vote OBA, we have not other choice as white people” now which party is using the race card.”

        The PLP are using the race card (of course)… because that nonsense you just wrote is exactly that, absolute nonsense!

        No Bermudian whites act that way….

    • A friend says:

      Donte your a good guy man, but your on the wrong team. You left the UBP to start your own party just to let them back in and control you. You already know the UBP guys are a bunch of jokers, so why join up with them?

      I hope when all this is over they give you something for being a sacrificial lamb in Hamilton Parish.

  2. Clinton J. A. Paynter OBA Affiliated says:

    Congratulations to the candidates… Go get um Suzanne!

    • Wondering says:


    • Looney Tunes says:

      when do you get rolled out brother? We will vote for Alabama before we support OBA in ST. George.

      • Tired of nonsense says:


      • Clinton J. A. Paynter OBA Affiliated says:

        Be honest and ask yourself what has the PLP and Dame Jennifer Smith as the MP for const. #1 done for St. George’s as of late? When the Gov. pulled down the St. George’s Golf Club, Beach Buildings on Fort St. Catherines Beach and shut down the Golf course we never heard a peep from the Dame. When they made the St. Geo Police Station into a part time substation despite the calls of the towns people for a 24hr police presence we heard nothing again. When is the last time anyone has seen her in the area even…. Maybe Alabama would do a better job considering. Yes I am a Member of the OBA. Yes I have submitted myself to the candidate selection process. Yes I have lived in St. George’s for 33 years and understand the unique issues facing the area. Yes I have allot of work to do gaining the support of the people but I am willing to put my all into it if selected.

  3. good day says:

    Clinton J.A.Paynter

    I like you. you do not hide, you have identified your affiliation and your loyality. you are not writing behind a fake name or trying to mislead the people with phantom post.

    I am not political but I like it……if you are OBA say so, and if your PLP say so!

    real talk.

  4. Terry says:

    The more things seem to change, the more they stay the same.

  5. Jus' Askin' says:

    OBA is the funniest political party in Bermuda history. They should be a reality show ;-)

  6. Cancer says:

    Vote OBA everyone!!!!!!!

  7. 809 says:

    Lol at Donte’s expression


    • Curious George says:

      He’s had that same expression since high school. Priceless.

  8. Rudolph says:

    No Vote for the UBP wearing a Santa suit called the OBA with more tricks then treats!

  9. JCS says:

    Suzanne, you go girl!

  10. Hamilton West says:

    OBA can not be serious running Donte Hunt against Wayne Furbert. Wayne is liked by many people in the Parish – Donte does not stand a chance.

    Where are the new fresh faces of the OBA – Can you find any to run for you.

    • Terry says:

      Who’s gonna feed your friends and family Hamilton West. Let the Hunt begin.

      Same sh%t differant day. Black on black.

    • sticky says:

      Wayne will have his work cut out in Const 6, if u believe that the old UBP votes will come his way your wrong and note not all PLP supporters will vote for him either. Some members will not vote at all.

    • star man says:

      A lot of people don’t like turncoats. Wayne is a turncoat.

  11. Hmmmmm says:

    Let’s see now…..each of the UBP/BDA/OBA incumbents has switched constituencies. Those local polls must be telling a story. Each has been moved to either somewhere safe for their opponent or marginal at best. So the original voices of change are being put out to grass while the core of the old UBP waltz in and assume their constituencies. Something’s just not quite right with this picture…..

  12. Lion says:

    When I look at the OBA/BDA/UBP I can see a trend of bringing back the old UBP. What is the sense of changing the name if it is the same poeple. You cannot expect a different result if you continue to do things the same way. If you lose this time what will your name be next time. You look like a person with a lot of passports trying to fool the border control but we are not blind or fooled. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    • Jo Public says:

      Funny how the people that bring this up…always seem to forget about the UBP members that are now part of the PLP.

  13. Oh My Loving Heart says:

    There’s ah trouble brewing on the horizon ..

  14. Bermudian’s, do not take this in a bad way BUT YOU ALL ARE LOST!!!, Please let me know WHEN YOU WOULD LIKE TO START THINGS TO CHANGE. (IT START WITH YOU AND I.) ? Is Bermuda your’s or theirs? NO ITS OURS!!!! WE ARE TIRED OF THE EX-PAT BULL. Look your self in the face who are you?? where do you come from Bermuda, Then get up and take back your BERMUDA NOW!!!

  15. The PLP Operatives are scared, tired and outta ideas…just like the PLP. Wayne is going to beat Burch in Warwick North central. Yes the same Burch who wished for housing prices to fall and for rents to fall so that housing in bda would be more affordable. Now, due to the PLP’s incompetence rental units sit empty because well heeled renters have left the island in droves, the majority of Bermudians have lost value in their homes and forclosures are up as unemployed Bermudians cannot afford their mortgages. Go get em Wayne! You have my support. The OBA is our only hope.

  16. Swing Voter Now says:

    I was looking for real change, so that I could consider changing my vote again. But not so sure now, the OBA is beginning to look more and more like the UBP. I am also concern about the quality of candidates that Mr. Cannioner is allowing his selection team to pick, and more so the Constituency they have been selected to run it. It is interesting in deed, but not sure it is the kinda of change I was seeking. OBA seems not capable of pulling in high quality candidates. Why? Looks like all safe seats are for the UBP members to run in. So is it true what folks are saying that the OBA is a representation of the UBP ?!! Help me wanta switch my vote…………

    • star man says:

      And the PLP has “high quality candidates?” BWAA-HA-HA-Ha-Hee-Hee-Hee!!

      A vote for the PLP is a vote for financial slavery.

  17. Michael H Dunkley says:

    Swing voter…appreciate your comments but I can’t agree. Imo the three rolled out today are solid, young, have good prinicples and have a lot to offer our community. Wayne lost a close vote in 2007 and has not left C 27, he will certainly represent them at a high level. Susan won a marginal seat in 2003 and then narrowly lost it in 2007 and now lives in C 4. She is a people’s politician with a real passion for family and social issues. Donte won a marginal seat in 2007 and with the family and friends he has in C 6, coupled with his family and Christian values ,has so much to offer!
    We are all in this together and all voices count so if you do not like what you have make the change and get involved yourself or don’t complain about the results down the road.

    • A Thinker says:

      Michael for you to respond shows that the OBA is in trouble. The BDA Candidates (Shwan, Donte & Mark) have been replaced by the UBP Candidates (Sousa, Atherden & Susan). Everyone can see that Shawn, Donte and Mark are being punished by the God Fathers of the UBP for destroying their Party. Regarding Donte, I was speaking to someone from Hamilton West and they say Donte did not grow up in the area, he will need a map and be introduced to the people who do not know him. Wayne did grow up in the area, and knows the people. Wayne family outnumbers Donte’s family 100 to 1.
      Who would you bet on.

      • whayasayin says:

        Donte never said he grew up there. He said he “spent many of his formative years there” I can tell you this is true. His granny is a neighbour of mine and he was there all the time! Watch out #6 this is a man of integrity unlike flip flop furbert. They said he’d never win 4 either!

        • My Lords Bay says:

          You did not grow up in the neighborhood, if you did tell us who else grew up in that area.

          • whayasayin says:

            LOL!!!The ONLY person that would claim to know everyone in an area is the person whose constituency it is! Is that you Furbert?!? If I were you I’d be nervous too!

      • Jo Public says:

        So if we looked at the PLP candidates they all grew up in the same areas they represent?! I doubt that.

    • Swing Voter Now says:

      Mr Dunkley, thanks for you reply, but you failed to address the fact that many of the OBA MPs are still the UBP, and that is why I find it difficult to see where real change is? Most of the persons running for OBA are UBP.

      • Swing Voter Now says:

        Also Mr Dunkley many of the UBP/OBA seem to be carrying the same ideology and philosophy of the UBP. Many MPs told me they do not know what the philosophy and ideology of the OBA is, except they were formed to remove the PLP government. The OBA has failed to provide a clear outline of the party’s ideology and goals/objectives for Bermuda. Because it is easy to be criticizer and to criticize, but very difficult to actually provide real workable solutions. Nothing is stopping the OBA from solving and putting into place a solutions to gang violence. This suggest that it is not a easy problem to end.

        • Nil points says:

          Go read the OBA website, click on the various tabs to learn more. The OBA cannot put in plans to solve gang violence, they are not the ruling party, they are the opposition.

        • Senior says:


          • Oh My Loving Heart says:

            What a waste of bloody ink ..

            • Senior says:

              @Oh My Loving Whatever

              When was the last time you saw BLOODY INK: with that comment I would say you have been drinking to many BLODDY MARYS! get what I mean!

        • Rick Rock says:

          Swing voter…
          1. Some of the PLP seem to have started carrying the ideology of the UBP. Including Cox and Furbert. That must be disturbing for you.

          2. You must also be disc turned by the number of ex-UBP MP’s and supporters who are now PLP candidates, and even Ministers.

          • Swing Voter Now says:

            PLP does not have a high number of ex-UBP persons in comparison to OBA. All of the “Cabinet MPs” of the OBA are were elected under the hat of the UBP. Mr.Furbert,and Tucker should have crossed the floor a long time ago as their roots were always with the PLP, in fact if they had held true to their roots they would have never joined the UBP. The history of the PLP, would not expand to include the same ideology of the UBP, please read Walton Brown’s book Bermuda and “The Struggle for Reform; Race, Politics and Ideology”. This will help you better understand the political ideology of both parties. I have enjoy reading it, that’s why I am struggling now to understand the OBA and what they actually stand for??? OBA vs UBP’s ideology is the same.

            • Tired of nonsense says:

              So basically what you are saying is that black Bermudians should only ever joim and support the PLP?

              Wow you really are a beacon of progressiveness huh bettyspecialyoutrump4girlswingvoter?

              And I believe the fact trying to be made is that PLP’s ranks and candidates are now swelling up with individuals considered to be business men and/or women. You know the same type of people that individuals such as yourself have always criticised the Opposition of having in their ranks.

              Oh how things change…

          • sticky says:

            it saddens me as long standing PLP member and supporter to see the PLP begin to lose its way, because of lack of good leadership. Cox may well go down as the worst PLP leader.

            • star man says:

              No way! Ewart Brown was THE worst. Or is he back again pulling the strings…? I’ve heard from inside sources that he is.

        • star man says:

          Now that you’ve witnessed the PLP out-UBPing the UBP. And accepting many former UBP members, including the UBP’s EX-LEADER into its fold!!

          What is so wrong with the UBP? You PLP lot are apparently imitating them.

          Please tell me some unethical but not illegal stuff the UBP did back in the day that the PLP did not do in the past few years….

          • star man says:

            “Please tell me some unethical but not illegal stuff the UBP did back in the day that the PLP did not do in the past few years…”

            We NEVER get an answer to that question.

  18. change? says:

    Everyone saying the OBA isn’t a ‘change’ because they’re full of UBP.

    1. The PLP are full of UBP

    2. Even if the UBP were still the opposition, voting them in would be a CHANGE from the 12+years of PLP govt.

    3. Over the years the PLP have atrophied; they have failed to deliver most of what they promised/intended. There wasso much goodwill in 1998. They wasted it. Sad.

    But do we really want a change in government that badly? Sad to say but the opposition so far looks weak and I think the PLP will win again. Maybe we’ll have to trust them not to screw up this time. lol.

    • A Thinker says:

      You are wrong most of the people like Darius Tucker, Maxwell Burgess, Jamahal Simmons came from the PLP and joined the UBP hoping that they could make changes. Unfortunately the people work behind the seen in their smoke filled room would not allow the change to happen. Those people are now working in the dark pushing their agenda in the OBA. As far as Darius, Maxwell and Jamahal they have gone back home. PLP all the way all the way PLP.

  19. Jim Bean says:

    J Smith – UBP
    Darius Tucker – UBP

    Wayne Furbert – UBP LEADER

    V Ingham – UBP

    Larry Scott – UBP

    J Simmons – UBP

    why would old ubp candidates run in areas they can never win??!!??

    max burgess – UBP

    julian hall -at one point was UBP

    ask around about dennis C and Zane D when the UBP was in power!!

    s todd – was a BDA member


    ask yourself – does donte or wayne or suzanne or ras or sylvan or ray or toni s or mark p or crockwell or thad hollis SEEM LIKE 40 thieves to you??? STOP THE HATE!!! we should be praising the candidates for having the balls to stand up for BERMUDA – even those on PLP – takes balls to put up with crap from jerkos like people on this sight!!!

    • Stormy says:

      Yes they are the new forty thieves. I don’t trust opportunist men and women! Suzann can talk the talk but have very little moral fiber. Ras does not have a high school education. Donte can’t deliver a speech to save his life as wayne furbert and Darius Tucker. All looking for gp cars and wages. We need to ask Dunkley if he will now suspend Suzann once again?

      • star man says:

        Brown hijacked this Country and looted it into the Third World! THAT is the PLP legacy, folks, don’t ever forget that. This is all HIS fault. Brown bamboozled his own people big time… and they allowed it to happen… and now Cox does not know how to clean up his putrid mess.

  20. Jim Bean says:


    • Swing Voter Now says:

      Historical review of the MPs, suggested that many were once members of the PLP before joining the UBP, and should have never joined the UBP. As their grass roots were actually in the PLP. Also, it was believed by many, that it was only a matter of time before they would re-join PLP. Many moved over with the goal of making changes fast and quick. But, this did not go as plan for them. Many also experience ‘racism’ from the UBP, and so they decided to move back to the PLP. They recognized that a small group of UBPs MPs held the power within the party. It was this small group that caused most persons become uncomfortable with the UBP. Many are still apart of the OBA today or are the main persons shaping the OBA. So that’s why is does not matter how many persons join the PLP from the UBP. The same holds true today, there are a few in the OBA that also recognize they are on the wrong side of the coin, but time will tell, and they too will cross the floor. It is from my Readings of the “historical review of politics in Bermuda”, that I draw this conclusion.

      • Mad Dawg says:

        Swing Voter, have you decided which of your various aliases you are using today?

      • star man says:

        “They recognized that a small group of UBPs MPs held the power within the party.” Right.

        You mean something like the PLP Central Committee does – presided over by none other than Dr Ewart brown!!

        The PLP are incapable of change because the same old haters remain in power within the Central Committee.

  21. “Brown hijacked this Country and looted it into the Third World! THAT is the PLP legacy, folks, don’t ever forget that. This is all HIS fault. Brown bamboozled his own people big time… and they allowed it to happen… and now Cox does not know how to clean up his putrid mess.”

    this makes no sense, if everyone from Raj Rajaratnam to bernie maddoff to mike milken to ivan boesky to small time embezzlers who seem to be arrested in bda monthly not to mention the turks and caicos, how come all of these other more powerful and far richer people got caught but somehow dr. brown was allowed to get away with it? The haters need to put that bogeyman away.

    • star man says:

      “… how come all of these other more powerful and far richer people got caught but somehow dr. brown was allowed to get away with it?”

      That’s what I’d like to know, too.

      You’re right, I am a “hater,” I hate what the plp have done to Bermuda!

      And I often exaggerate to get my point across.

  22. “I hate what the plp have done to Bermuda!” yeah cause it was so great before, my grandfather has told me many stories about the good old days in bermuda. Race riots, discrimination, land swindling, segregation. Boy, we need to get back to that.