Spalding Found Guilty Of Murder

February 10, 2012

[Updated with videos] 36-year-old Derek Spalding was found guilty of the 2007 murder of Shaki Crockwell this afternoon [Feb.10].

Shaki Crockwell — a national level football player and captain of the Boulevard Blazers — was found dead on 24th August 2007. The 25-year-old’s body was found on the Railway Trail in Devonshire.

The trial began on January 24th, with the jury hearing that Mr Spalding shot the victim as he owed him money from selling drugs.

Mr Crockwell and Mr Spalding initially met while they were both serving prison time. Mr Spalding was released from prison in 2007, after serving 11 years for armed robbery.

The Court heard the two men had decided on an arrangement in which the victim would sell drugs for the defendant upon his release from prison, as he was scheduled to be released first.

The Prosecutor said the defendant was owed money by Mr Crockwell, and arranged to meet the victim on the Railway Tracks saying he would give him a package of drugs. The two men met on the Tracks, and Mr Spalding shot Mr Crockwell – who was wearing a bullet proof vest when he was found.

A female witness testified during the trial that the victim had taken to wearing a bullet proof vest a few weeks before he was killed, and during that same time also seemed nervous and constantly watching who was around him.

Also testifying during the trial was Randy Lightbourne, who said he met both the victim and the defendant while all three were in prison. He said Mr Crockwell was selling drugs for Mr Spalding, and that the victim owed Mr Spalding money.

Mr Lightbourne testified that Mr Spalding confessed to him, however he did not reveal the information until some time later when he was shot, thought he would die and should do the right thing.

Mr Lightbourne was shot multiple times outside a West End bar on July 23, 2010, with Marico Bassett later convicted of the crime and sentenced to 25 years in prison. Mr Spalding denied Mr Lightbourne’s claims, saying he was an “evil” man.

Mr Spalding’s father also testified that his son confessed to murdering Mr Crockwell, which his son refuted saying his father had not been closely involved in his life. Prisoner Kirk Mundy – who was arrested for the Rebecca Middleton murder – also took the stand during the trial. Mr Spalding was remanded in custody, and will be sentenced at a later date.

Speaking after the verdict, Shaki Crockwell’s father said, “Justice has been served. My son can rest in peace.”

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  1. just wondering says:

    was there any actual evidence in this case except for all the “he told me he did it” that has been in the media?

    • Smh says:

      @just wondering:

      I was wondering the exact same thing you know!!! Because they always quick to let these young guys off for lack of evidence yet I do not recall seeing absolutely anything that about evidence proving that Spalding was connected besides what these witnesses are claiming.

      • Maddog says:

        Spading was charged with robbing the Crawl Hill Esso Service Station on May 11.1996.

        In connection with that incident, Spalding was accused of stealing more than $600, possessing a firearm without a licence, threatening injury a women intending to rob with a camouflaged scarf, and stealing a Yamaha DT motorcycle worth $1,600.

        The court heard that Spalding was also believed to be involved in the Belvin’s Grocery, Devonshire robbery on May 27. 1996

        He was accused — with another person who did not appear in court — of robbing a man of $900 with the use of a machete, possessing a firearm without a licence, wearing a mask with a scarf, and stealing a Honda Scoopy and was also charged with robbing a man on January 7,1996. possessing a firearm without a licence, possessing an offensive weapon — a knife — with intent to commit robbery with a cloth mask, demanding money,stealing a Motorola Radio worth $1,200.

        Spalding was not required to enter a plea on any of the charges which are indictable and will be dealt with in the Supreme Court.

        Should I say any more, all found int the ROYAL GAZETTE JULY 1996. He got 28 years we done 11years he was 22 at the time.

        • Maddog says:

          HE GOT 28 years he done 11YEARS. CORRECTION TO MY LAST SENTENCE.

        • allsaidanddone says:

          And this means what…a past…well wth did RANDY n the lightbourne crew do…including robbery, beating old pple, nephew up for murder, both in protection, manipulative boys since young, but all of a sudden he gets shot because of his family memebers (come on)! N else for spalding sr. Tell the police to release his record of drug smuggling oo I guess that’s right he has always known how to get away with it. Is that where derek learned it from, oopps NO he was never in his life. Period#!

    • all clogged up says:

      where have you been for the last 6 weeks, hiding under a rock?

      • Smh says:

        I can understand what they are saying!!! We are just wondering if there was any evidence besides the witnesses… Don’t get me wrong… I am glad a murderer is taken off the streets…. but I was also wondering myself.

    • Eyes wide shut says:

      Dying declarations hold a lot of weight in court, which is what Lightbourne had offer coupled with the fact that his own father testified against him leads to strong circumstantial evidence IMO

    • Rick Rock says:

      That’s what the jury is for. To decide what the facts were.

  2. Rummy says:

    the evidence was produced to the jury.

    Your saying they did wrong, made a mistake?

  3. NonBermudian says:

    How can here say be taking seriously!!No evidence nothing but the word of a guy who Just Happens to be involved in everyones case as a witness and An Absent father!!!Heard many say his dead [edited] put the hit on him.And for a father to turn and lie on his child is sad,God Don’t Sleep n U Sir Will toss n turn for the rest of your life.Luv U Derek,Stay Up n Don’t Give Up! TagTeam

    • HAPPYCAMPER! says:


      • D.M says:


      • and says:

        O really wow and what was your fiancé into. Get the hell otta here! Typical bermudian judgmental, u want justice for ya own alleged situation, not this case!! Yes shaki’s soul should have closure but this is a case of lies lies n more lies! I wish I could see the first statements? Randy was sooo close to the family n his dad but never mentioned it to shaq or his dad even after he saw the SUPPOSED to be tools! Sure. And everybody who knew the deceased knew his pee pee was out n that he was peeing!

      • NonBermudian says:

        Did you report to the police that indeed Derek robbed your fiance @ gunpoint.And if you knew he was Always involved in Something Did You Report That as Well.Hhhmmm than You small minded young lady Must be involved in something dirty which You could Not turn all You Assume into the Police..Sooo whoses STFU!!Find the Real Murderer!!

    • Notorious says:

      Well NonBermudian why don’t you tell us who REALLY did it then? I mean you are so sure Derek didn’t do it you must have been at the scene of the crime.

      • NonBermudian says:

        Evidence where is it Mr. Sarcastic,

        • SMH says:

          It sure is and it landed him in jail! Good riddance! He will NOT be a miss!

        • Notorious says:

          I’m asking where’s your evidence that he didn’t do it since you are so sure he didn’t do it. He couldn’t prove his innocence could he?

          • umm hello says:

            He doesn’t have to!! If the real facts were to come out ull all b shocked

      • HAPPYCAMPER says:


    • Armchair Psychologist says:

      To ‘NonBermudian’ and everyone who thinks this man is innocent, there is a BIG clue that he is guilty as sin: he showed no reaction when pronounced guilty!

      It is a well known fact that when a person shows zero emotion when convicted that they did it. If an innocent person was found guilty they would verbalize their innocence in some way! They would shake their head in disbelief that the jury made a mistake or even make a loud outburst proclaiming their innocence, saying something like “You got it wrong-I didn’t do it!’ or something like that. They would have no fear of being penalized further by the judge for their outburst because they would have already wrongly been found guilty-what more is worse than that?

      When these convicted people have cold, emotionless expressions and ‘show no emotion’ it is because they know they did it and accept that they will have to pay. They want to show the jury that they don’t give a f*ck what the jury thinks. Even though the jury found them guilty they aren’t allowing the jury to have any further power over them-the convicted person is helpless and knows it. However,they’re going to have that last bit of defiant victory in trying to show the judge, jury and prosecutors that they’re still in control and that the verdict and prospect of prison time doesn’t bother them. They don’t want to show the court that they are bothered in the least by the verdict and are saying ‘I don’t care-to hell with all of you’.

      An innocent person expresses their innocence to the bitter end. Only a guilty person ‘shows no emotion.’ Spaulding is GUILTY AS CHARGED!!!

      • Armchair Psychologist says:

        That sentence should read: They don’t want to show the court that they AREN’T bothered in the least by the verdict and are saying ‘I don’t care-to hell with all of you’.

        • Armchair Psychologist says:

          Oops, my proof-reading skills are all over the place. The original sentence was fine as I already said they DON’t want to show, etc, etc.! Sorry!

  4. D.M says:


    • HAPPYCAMPER! says:

      watever…kick rocks like ya bad minded friend…R.I.P Shak

      • badminded says:

        And I guess ya boy was such n angel right, even though he was due in court on the monday after his death for a machete attack! Of course they want justice, but how can u honestly feel happy off of this

        • SoWhat says:

          What he was going to court for is SOOOOOO irrelevant. Sounds like you have something personal against Mr. Crockwell. If so, too bad. Maybe if Derek didn’t kill him, you two probably could have made amends. I just think you all that are in defense of spalding are daft. Do you all NOT REALISE that Randy gave evidence that only the murderer and ppl who were at the murder scene would know? If derek didn’t tell Randy that shaki was urinating, how’d he know? And what? COINCIDENTLY the victims pants were down when found? Come on man! Ya’ll are being very very naiive or just plain wicked like him. Stop the BS! This man is a murderer!

          • D.M says:

            um clearly he didn’t…if you didn’t notice that RANDY some how ends up in EVERYBODY’S court case……think about it….

          • umm hello says:

            I was close with shaki, and I knew he was urinating…his own family told people!!!

          • JusSayin says:

            Well if randy was the only otha one that knew details why wasn’t he charged? Rebecca Middleton all over again. RIP SHAK. RealYout

  5. Judgement says:

    I dont know all the facts but the jury convicted him and if they convicted him correctly than its one more off the streets and some closure to the Crockwell Family may GOD Bless them and Shaki Rest In Peace.

  6. wtf says:

    Another one bites the dust! Thank you to the judge, jury and the BPS!

  7. hollywood says:

    Bermuda needs to clear out,new judges,new cops,everything,::how the hell a man tell the courts he kill a man and how he did dwn to the T,n go free!but here come Spalding case!n the only thing they got is Big randy lieing!not a piece of a clue!what r showing the future! FrEeEeeeeeeeeeee Scholly,Cox,

    • rasta says:


    • James says:

      Do you even know what the english language looks like?

      Good job BPS and the court process!!! Next!!!

  8. JAWS says:

    I just don”t understand some men just like being locked down with other men. With all these beautiful women walking around Bermuda why would you want to return. My guess is he likes A$$.

  9. SMH says:

    lol @ JAWS! I was having this conversation the other day. To me it seems these dudes think it is cool to be locked down with other men for so long #downlowbro# lol

  10. not again says:

    I understand u want justice but what evidence!! I think u guys just wanna solve the crimes in bermuda BUT are u serious!! Derek keep your head up, this will be over soon…TRUST!!!

  11. Unbelievable says:

    It is unbelievable how Randy’s statement nor the father’s statement makes any mention of the Spirit of Bermuda or importation of guns and weed however in order to give a motive 10 pounds of weed comes into the picture along with guns. If the jurors had a chance to read the original statements you would see how far apart the versions of “confession” are. Why do the jurors think that Randy and the daddy’s versions are a mirror image? Daddy’s testimony on the stand is exactly what Randy said the day before which made headline news as the case proceeded….daddy listen’s to the radio! BINGO

    • trickaks are for kids..... says:

      @ Unbelievable you are absolutely correct. A bit strange but none the less it brings closure to ‘Shaks” family.

      At Randy why don’t you really prove to people that you’ve “turned over a new leaf”. Instead of giving the Police information on everyone else why don’t you tell them where you buried all that money you stole from the bank years ago since it was never recovered!!!!!

      To Mr. Crockwell glad that you and your family can now feel at peace……..

  12. The Ridiculist says:

    The IRONY of it all is that we now know an avenue of how guns are getting into the island. The SPIRIT OF BERMUDA. This is an opportunity to change the laws and all boats need to be searched. To many different sets of rule for one and rules for others. However, this is a prime example that our black boys are always thinking. Bermuda laws need to change the game for their own survival. Pretty soon the black boys be schooling you. Are you paying attention?

    • FREDDY G says:

      Why does it have to be BLACK BOYS, as you say. Could be anyone !

      • Neither here or there says:

        Are you slow?? Black boys are being killed and charged!!!!

    • Smh says:

      If you read the case on Royal G it clearly states that the Spirit could not be searched because it had to be diverted to Dockyard for technical difficulties!!! So clearly it was due to be searched.

      & buzz off with the black boys! I know plenty of “black boys” with good things going on!!!

      • SMH says:

        If you were in court you would have heard that the Spirit has some sort of special clearance and was NOT required to be searched…stop reading the paper..they catch 10% of what is said!

      • Neither here or there says:

        If the shoe fits wear it clown!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Because at the end of the day the good BLACK BOYS in Bermuda are experiencing biased judgement and are catergorized in the same basket by the people of this country. Having to prove themselves twice as hard as their counterparts and women alike. Reputation proceeds you. So its no cart before the horse in what I said.

  13. Neither here or there says:

    Have you people not heard of circumstantial evidence? Well now you have!!! GUILTY would have been my verdict to.

  14. What next! says:

    I have been following this case and this is really sad, the wrong person has been put behind bars because……… let’s see…..”Evidence”-none to poor circumstantial stuff at best, “Witnesses”-non-credible Randy Lightbourne and a dead-beat sperm donor, “Jury of his peer’s”-majority made up of middle aged white men,” and then “Judge”, biased, pompous, and unfair. Justice is not convicting someone, just anyone, for statistics sake to make the BPS or prosecution look like they are “really” doing something. The truth always comes out I pray that Mr. Spalding holds up until justice is really served when his case is appealed. This is sickening.

    • D.M says:


    • Notorious says:

      You forgot the girlfriend of the murder victim who said he sold drugs for Derek as well. Motive, lyrics he wrote that explained in detail what he did, testimony from his own father and others, previous convictions involving firearms, the murder victim calling him 2 days before the murder etc. Circumstantial evidence is enough to convict. He clearly couldn’t prove his innocence. You think his self defense of “my father thinks I’m gay so he’s saying I did it” was better than their evidence I listed above?

      • it is what it is says:

        Ya wrong, the girlfriend had never mentioned anything about spalding 4 years ago…she mentioned it AFTER the police came to her with randys statement, and HER second statement said, she didn’t know mr spalding but she had HEARD on the streets that he had something to do with it!!

        • Notorious says:

          Listen I know his girlfriend and what she has said. It was also reported by the RG what she said in court so I’m going by that.

  15. What next! says:

    @ trickaks are for kids, while Mr. Crockwell’s family may have some form of “closure” or “peace” is it safice to say that we should just play “eeny meeny miny mo” with the lives of young black men and when one gets killed we will just pick another one that looks “guilty maybe” and formulate a case. Oh then get lucky, he gets convicted, and call it done, when the real killer is somewhere sipping a dark n stormy! That’s not exactly closure that’s willful blindness on a whole different level. Like I said this is sad, a true travesty of justice.

    • trickaks are for kids..... says:

      @ What next I don’t know where in my comment did YOU feel that I was acceptable or in agreement with the verdict but you are entitled to your own PERCEPTION…..THEY have found closure YES and rightfuuly so even if it is for the short term..If Derek is innocent, because I know for a fact that he wasn’t the only one questioned in this case than now it is up to HIM to appeal and fight the decision/verdict that was handed down. If he does not file an appeal than it shows that he has accepted his fate. We shall see.

      I don’t know either party and maybe both sides are “getting the short end of the stick” Maybe because I don’t know either party I can comment without taking it personally unlike yourself.

      Do I think Randy is a credible witness? Hell No!!
      Do I think his father is a credible witness? Hell No!

      But for now It is what it is until Derek files an appeal!!!!!!

  16. SMH says:

    First of all if you are not in court to hear all the evidence you may want to shut up! Reading the sensationalized version in the paper is only a portion of what is actually said. Secondly, this gentleman was picked up not longer after Shaki was killed, the police did not have all the evidence to convict him at the time. Patience, paid off. Ppl are creatures of habit and make the same mistakes as Derek did! He is far from innocent! Anyone who crosses him pays one way or the other. I sat in court and heard every shred of evidenceand the jury came to the RIGHT decision! Derek should have thought about who he shares his intimate thoughts with and maybe not write the details down, which he did! So, for all the naysayers STFU! Please remember the deceased has a family and a teenage son, who have to live with this. This verdict will never bring Shaki back, but it will bring closure. Also, if you have never had a love one taken away in such a manner I would pray you never have to endure what those who have, have had to go through.

    • Smh says:

      @ SMH

      I understand you have anger in you but saying things like “STFU” is just rude. People have a right to comment and express their opinion. You were in the court room? Good for you. But there is no reason to bash us in because we were not able to get as much info as you from reading the newspaper. Clearly majority of people on here are/were interested in knowing who the murderer is/was… whether they think it is Spalding or some next guy…. But do not come on here and be rude with your abbreviated foul language. It is not called for.

      With all this said. R.I.P Shaki, I am glad the family now has closure and can lay on their pillows knowing that justice has been served.

    • DarkSideOfTheMoon says:

      I was thinking the same thing, people saying there was no evidence, and they were not even in the courthouse.

  17. What next! says:

    I would leave my kids with Derek any day, he is the perfect example of a person who has lived a dark life and done a 360. As we all know, sadly chior boys are not always the best company for our kids especially the boys. #imjustsayin!

    • hmmm says:

      360 implies he is right back where he started…180 would be a turn around #imjustsayin

      • What next! says:

        @ hmmm you are absolutly right he turned right back where he was before he started a life of crime.

        • hmmm says:

          Andd when was that?! Before he left the womb?! Someone listed a whole heap of crimes he committed and was charged for in 1996 at the young age of 22?! And that when he got caught so he was probably doing badminded things from time he could walk

        • DarkSideOfTheMoon says:

          Did you really just say that???

          • hmmm says:

            Um yea I did!
            I am not taking side because I don’t know spalding and I know shak weren’t an angel… But u guys supporting spalding are acting like the police randomly pulled a good man outta church and found him guilty… Get over yaselves if u truly believe he didn’t do it help him get an appeal! Or shut up

    • Mayan says:

      O.k., you just gave his true nature away without intentially meaning to-I think that just may classify as a Freudian slip! If he did a 360 it means he turned around and ended up right back where he started (a criminal!) so that is NOT a compliment! If you want to say someone turned their life around, you’d need to say the person did a 180, not a 360!

      As for the witnesses who testified about Spaulding’s confessions-those defending him here need to remember that the witnesses mentioned details only the killer would know. For example, it was mentioned that Spaulding shot Crockwell when his back was turned to urinate. When he was found, he was in a state that confirmed that he was indeed preparing to urinate or was urinating. How would the witnesses know that detail unless the true killer who was there told them?!!!

      Now we need an investigation into this Spirit of Bermuda thing. If this just gets swept under the carpet or dismissed, then be prepared for contraband to find its way here via that channel again. Will we EVER learn? I hope so!

    • Notorious says:

      Yeah well all that means is that you’re a bad parent.

  18. Stepping Razor says:

    What a mockery of our judicial process. No evidence, just two disreputable witnesses and a whole lotta’ emotion. People are upset about Bermuda’s current plight and where it is heading. So the trauma (the unraveling of our island) the jury read about everyday in the news or see in the streets was internalized and they took it out on Derek. It is RARE to get such a conviction and shows the seriousness of Bermuda’s problems.

    Funny how things swing in pendulums, lets think back to other high profile cases where our judicial system dropped the ball…oh yes, the Middelton case. Can’t we return to a median where criminals are convicted with evidence and people with no evidence tied to them are not charged…

    The Police/Government is desperate for a conviction to show they have this urban gunshow under control. IB our only source of US Dollars, is hanging in the balance after all…Who knows how they got those guys to come forward, but it stinks to high heaven of the lowlife underworld working out deals amongst itself and with Babylon.

    but seriously, a deadbeat dad/parish bull and a career criminal/police informant? are your star witnesses and the silver bullet for the case is a poem…come on people, this is Derek’s life in your hands.

    I have to hope this case is successfully appealed. Lets get the real killer.

    RIP Shaki

    • SMH says:

      Real killer was convicted yesterday fool. You clearly have been blind or deaf. Or better yet not in court! STFU.

    • DarkSideOfTheMoon says:

      So you were in the court??

  19. Passa says:

    To me I feel maybe Someone Else could of Pulled the Trigger neva kno He cuda sent some1 to go check d guy, n it went sour. Guys r crazy nowa days n money hungry. (My View ON Bermy)
    Drugs= Guns n Violence

    R.i.P Shak

  20. Tit for Tat says:

    What I don’t understand is how can someone cry Babylon going burn, then turn around and say Babylon the great… This system is now paying hard core criminals to testify on other criminals and then give the criminal testifying protection. Most of these criminals have been in and out of the system for years of being unworthy of all sorts of things including their word, now all of a sudden a criminals words becomes the holy grail… Have any of you known of RATS to eat their own? yes and its only because their hungry for something that will benefit their needs.
    Don’t get me wrong, Shaki Crockwell Should have never died the way he did. It’s a crying shame whats going on in this Island but when you have to start paying people to testify, one has to wonder what someone is willing to say to get a verdict to ensure their payday… Its not a good thing when a criminal turns informant in these times or any time for that matter, its just a payday for them… BPS does not solve crime, they pay for it…

    • allsaidanddone says:

      Well said…after this comment I will not comment again…done deal!!! Well said for both sides

  21. trickaks are for kids..... says:

    Just a quick reference to the song lyrics that “supposedely” spoke of the crime committed..In one of Tupacs songs found AFTER he was killed there’s reference to the “falling of the Twin Towers” If the theory used to help convict Derek was PARTIALLY based on song lyrics is it than safe to assume that Tupac had a part in the falling of the Twin Towers????

    • Notorious says:

      Which song? The twin towers were attacked in 1993 too and if it’s the song I’m thinking of that line didn’t mention the falling of the twin towers at all. Biggie also rapped about that, referencing the 1993 incident.

  22. fellow youngn says:

    Justice my f*#kn a** keep ya head up bigg bra”scolly” I love u!!!! People gone talk we already know bernews people have no life whole case was one sided from the start how they see justice idk bra

  23. Pre Madonna says:

    He was always such a nice boy and wouldn’t hurt a flea. Can’t believe an innocent man – an ex choir boy – is being sent down. What is wrong with out system when one of our soldiers gets locked up? The system is geared to send all the wrong people to jail. Such a nice boy, he was just turning his life around. He had just taken up pressing wild flowers. A fine young man who had never so much as farted in church.

  24. get a life EX says:

    Ok. A scorned woman who he left! We all kno who u are

  25. hmmm says:

    Although I don’t know him personally, a lot of his “supporters” should remember: EVEN the DEVIL was ONCE AN ANGEL!! People aren’t always who they appear to be

  26. ok EX says:

    But u had no problem accepting the ring did u, or doin what u do know living by the bible…you and ya GIRLFRIEND!! Deceiving is u, crying out to the lord but all u do I curse now reality check dat!! Why u didn’t come court n give evidence

    • HAPPYCAMPER says:


  27. just wondering says:

    So many people knew within days of Shaki’s death he was urinating just ask any family member close to the streets they can confirm that!

  28. Malachi says:

    Guilty of murder or not, but simply based on this man’s criminal lifestyle and lack of respect for others, I’m glad he is off the streets!

  29. 9Lives says:

    I can understand the family of friends of Shak wanting justice and seeking closure. However, after following this story from beginning to end and knowing other details not presented in the media I am left in shock that this verdict came back as guilty. As many have said before me where is the evidence?

    In 2007 he was arrested & released. In 2011 after an altercation with his father, SUDDENLY his father reports to the police that he confessed to killing Shak. Yeah ok guess that makes his father as credible a witness as Randy Lightbourne.

    @SMH Are you suggesting that EVERY news site and reporter left out the SAME oh so very important damning details? What are these details that we do not know about that would make us do a “360″ and think that yes Derkek should have been convicted?

    I know Derek personally and I can’t say I like him as a person. I might even go as far as to say its quite possible he is guilty. BUT the point is, based on what has been presented I do not agree with this verdict!!! Convictions for convictions sake.

    If someone can be convicted off of mere “he say” what happens when an innocent person is charged??? How can we have any faith in the so called justice system afer this appalling display?

  30. Just saying says:

    I am all for justice and that people should do the time if they did they crime. No hear say isn’t much evidence to me. And where these ppl who came forth promised anything in return? Well really they don’t make much to lose anyway. If this man committed this murder WHICH IT SEEMS HE DID! But our judicial system can’t cont go off of “seems”.
    It’s “Seems” now that every black young man going before the court now on any gun charge will be found guilty! whether evidence or no evidence. If that’s the case the people who have been let free due to no evidence and we know very well they did the crime should be locked up as well!!!!!
    Whats good for one should be good for all and vise verse. Im just for whats right and though there was no evidence i pray that the right person is in jail and not by hear say.
    But i think he did do it!! But our system isnt about thinking its proving and that we were are going to go wrong the next time. We might lock up and innocent person next time come around.
    Im worried about the next time.
    Overall im glad the family have some closure.

  31. Sitnwatch says:

    There was no evidence at all but hear say. But ever since all these shootings have been taking place there ain’t nobody gonna get a fair trial. Plus the legend or legendary prick should have confessed to his own sins. All the dirt he has done…did he think making a confession about someone elses sins on his death bed cld save him from a life of violent crime.

  32. Its Wateva says:

    Aye yo its ur mouth!!!!

  33. boondocks says:

    Greetings to all!! It is easy to formulate opinions and what not, because of our human nature. We even tend to overlook being in the same positions ourselves at any point of time. Justice systems are supposed to run without bias, and are regulated through its own set of rules. There’s forensic evidence and there’s circumstantial evidence. This case lacked sufficient forensic evidence(meaning they never had any forensic evidence to convict on), which is why there was a need for the witnesses claiming of his “confessions”. The judge in the case had branded this murder as, the first of its kind and unique. If we all take time to remember back to the time this happened, before all the tit for tat shootings, this murder was almost, if not, the next high profile crime after the murder of Shaundae Jones, which they never got a conviction. On these occasions, it leaves the BPS, the victims families and also the people of Bermuda feeling frustrated, confused and also in fear. It’s been years now and many dead later, but as individuals put into positions to make a difference, do we do anything necessary to get these perpetrators off the streets??!! Including police,, jurors and anybody else feeling the same burden?? Point is…the police were at the scene, took all their evidence, then made reports, to the media n also victims family. In Bermuda, with all the technology now, families are finding out details surrounding deaths from blackberry, facebook and any other tool used by pokey Bermudian people in their own selfish ways. Who didn’t know the victim was caught with his pants down? And even after it all happened there was a story about a girl that lured him and performed oral sex or something, and I heard this from out of the victims fathers mouth personally. Never the less, let’s sit and think for a minute, the witness statements were made at least 3 years after the murder. Initially made by a career criminal who after getting shot and thinking he was going to die months after he initially thought he may die, made a statement claiming these things.. The facts had already happened..there may have been motive, he may have been afforded opportunity to travel on the Spirit along with his checkered past and the details of the crime scene,, the only facts in this case. Randy was in hiding from the MOB in somerset and still is, so the possibilities of him being creative with the help of the BPS may have received the 100,000 reward in this case, which will keep him for a while, not including his last 100,000 he got when he was almost blown away! And in that case was a hung jury the 1st time round and Randy had said he saw who shot him. So the travesty in this case is a bit much, especially as it “opens up a new can of worms”. Could the police have helped him create a statement based on certain facts in the surrounding details? And how bout the father of mr Spalding? Even after Randy made his claim it was not enough for a conviction against Spalding
    g, so after an altercation between the 2 Spalding men, in fear or frustration the father is awarded an alternative,,, to be just as creative with the BPS as was Randy. This now is cooberating evidence. Exactly what they needed in this situation to get a conviction. Its always pleasing as an upstanding citizen that tries doing his part, to see justice being served, but it has to be done right. In this case I think Justice has been let down along with many people in Bermuda. And to all the people that want to be critical and judgemental, please just recognise there are plenty of innocent people locked away past and present, let’s just hope you or someone you love, like your child, are not the next victims of injustice.

  34. Have you all forgotten the victim was a known drug dealer..!!! And he didn’t pay the piper so the piper paid him back..! Selling poison is a crime that should be punishable with death, how many lives were destroyed.??? He knew what was comming because he was wearing a bullet proof vest…. Alotta help that did.

    I say let the cockroaches kill each other and then lock up who’s left.. There is always some evidence to convict. Their mouths are too big, and they have to brag..,,!!!!

    Just Sayin

  35. SAD!! says:

    I guess we all have our opinions some shouldn’t be allowed because they sound so simple. However I will say this Derek pass is just that and everyone can change, but only in BDA can someone be convicted of murder on hearsay. Whether he was picked up right after the murder or not the evidence still remand the same!! Hearsay!!! Most of that hearsay / evidence/ trash talk what ever you want to call shouldn’t have ever been allowed..I mean look at the witnesses a dead beat, and someone that should have been beat dead at birth (sorry)!! Mr. Lightbourne has cause this Island nothing but grief, and now we are supporting him as he lives in England to escape the mess he has cause with other people.

    However God Knows!! I cant say whether Derek did it, but that trail was nonsense, but what I want to say most is to the lady, girl, hypocrite, Alliswell what ever you are!! How dear you say the things you have said, I guess as long as you were benefiting for his activities it was ok!! Did you call the police the first time you find out that he was selling drugs or was it ok as long as he was you boyfriend and life was good?? Did you return all the things he gave you that were brought out of drugs money??? Sounds like your pissed off and for all the wrong reason. Get over it!!

    Too the girl that said Derek robbed you boyfriend you just sound foolish. I guess your boyfriend lives a decent straight life doesn’t do or sell drugs….please know that I don’t defend any of that behavior either way, but think about stuff before you send it…

    As far as Derek showing no emotion doesn’t mean he is cold, he has been very emotional thru this whole thing, just because he doesn’t display too the whole of BDA, doesn’t mean he has struggled thru all of this.

    I just pray for peace on this Island and I pray for both families..

  36. SAD!! says:

    As far as Derek showing no emotion doesn’t mean he is cold, he has been very emotional thru this whole thing, just because he doesn’t display too the whole of BDA, doesn’t mean he hasn’t struggled thru all of this