Accident Involving Police Car On North Shore

March 28, 2012

[Updated] At approximately 1pm today [Mar.28] there was an accident involving a police car on North Shore Road. An section between Barker’s Hill Round-a-bout and Dock Hill was blocked off while police investigated the crash.

A tow truck removed the car at approximately 2.45pm, and the road remains blocked as of 2.50pm. Details are sketchy but it is understood the driver was not seriously injured. We will update with official information as able.

Update 5:15pm: A police spokesperson said, “Inquiries are underway into a single vehicle damage only collision involving a police car that occurred around 12:15pm on Wednesday, March 28th in the North Shore Road, Barkers Hill Devonshire area. The police car was apparently responding to an incident at the time. There were no reported injuries; however the vehicle was extensively damaged.”

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Comments (9)

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  1. Bank Rolled says:

    Should not have been eating those donuts while driving.

    Glad all officers are ok though.

  2. Um Um Like says:

    Obviously driving with due care…

  3. Thumbs Up says:

    How come I see more accidents involving police cars than actual motorist!?!?!? Who is giving these guys licenses? They need to go to some special training driving lessons to chase down these scumb bag thugs these days!

    • Oh well says:

      What a stupid @$$ comment. All the damn accidents that Bermudians are in every day. All you have to do is drive by Bermuda Motors on a Monday morning to see the amount of cars destroyed by the terrible drivers in this island. Its just that a police car is news gives something for YOU to comment on.

    • Finally left! says:

      lol if you read the articles about weekend accidents you’ll change that thought..

      its only just big news when its a cop

  4. enoughwiththesillycomments says:

    You people have no consideration for the person involved. The reason you see accidents involving police cars is because the news mediums available want to take photos of them and plaster them all over the web so people can make inconsiderate comments. They don’t take photos and plaster them all over the place if it isn’t a police car. The news mediums are to blame.

    • Finally left! says:

      well said. every few days there is a list in the RG of how many accidents there are…. its stunning about how many accidents there are over a weekend…. without cops involved

  5. kiskadee says:

    They drive like maniacs. One of these days they are going to kill someone

    • trees says:

      So true kiskadee! They do often drive like maniacs! It’s a double standard for sure!