Hidden Cameras Found In School Bathroom

June 12, 2012

A police investigation has been launched after hidden cameras were found in the girls bathroom at TNT Middle School, ZBM news reported last night.

A student became suspicious of a small white coat hook in the female bathroom, and it was found to contain a miniature hidden camera, with a cable USB port and data card. ZBM reported that the first hidden camera contained video of one of the stalls but no students, and the second hidden camera did contain footage of students in the bathroom however.

A police spokesperson said, “A report has been made the Bermuda Police Service and we have commenced an investigation into the matter. Officers from the Vulnerable Persons Unit are actively conducting inquiries, in conjunction with the school’s administration, and we are working with the Principal to address any concerns from parents and students.”

An Education spokesperson said, “The Ministry of Education has taken this report very seriously and is quite concerned. The matter is currently under Police investigation and as such, we will be making no further comment at this time.”

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  1. Old Furberts kettle says:

    It seems that we have some sexual deviants on the prowl?

  2. Truth is killin' me... says:

    Check the janitor/maintenance guy or whoever put up the coat hooks.

  3. Cedar Beams (Original) says:

    Some sick people!

  4. Not Again! says:

    Child pornography is what it is…I hope the police treat it as that and the pervert gets the maximun. It’s just sick.

  5. WOW says:

    very disturbing… people are sick!

  6. wow says:

    I people my daughter gone T N Tatem my head had been hurting since….i have so many question. who? how long? etc. We are teaching our kids about bad touch and this shit is happening in school. My daughter didn’t want to go school afraid, i had to let her go as there is test this week. i hope they catch the bastard.

    • check again says:

      @wow: Maybe you need to go to school to learn how to spell correctly…

      • Say no says:

        You know what, you are a jerk. when someone is that mad, who the hell cares what the spelling or grammar is like.

      • Unbelievable says:

        If the only thing you got out of this is her spelling errors then YOU are probably one of the SICK BASTARDS that gets off on this sick s$it!!! Go lay down…

        • Dee says:

          are you seriously worrying about her spelling!? you are a sick person! her daughter goes that school and her privacy was invaded!! how you think any mother would feel!? im a mother of a 5 year old and i couldnt imagine how those parents feel! this whole situation is crazy! i hope they find the sick human being that put these cameras up and punish him to the most severe extent!!!!!! this island is a home to some sick people who have no morals or any type of respect!!

  7. More with less says:

    This is appalling. This is detrimental to a young women, these girls will forever be paranoid. I hope the person is arrested and that the right judge gets this case, not the one that sympathizes will violating young girls…

  8. Disturbed Parent says:

    As a parent of a TN Tatem student I am sickened by the thought that my child and others are prey of sexual deviants.

  9. cygnet says:

    Castrate the B***d. Cut his hands off.

    • 4Real says:

      cygnet, the way things are going today, you shouldn’t be so quick to assume that a male is the culprit.

  10. DoThisBermuda! says:

    I feel for every parent who has a daughter in TNTatem school and I pray God gives you patience. I have a little girl in VSS and if I ever discover something like that in the girls’ or boys’ bathroom, somebody is going to have to answer to me. I hopr they catch the culprit. Get finger prints and have an adult FEMALE officer watch the whole video in order to find the perverts face.

  11. jusayin says:

    This is absolutely horrible. I hope they catch this sick individual and make him known to the public. time for that sex offenders registry don’t u think?

  12. > says:

    Now…Someone check the coat hangers in the boys bathroom at this school

  13. allcloggedup says:

    It was only a matter of time before this happened. These devices have legitimate purposes, but in the wrong hands, can be abused. This person needs to be found and made an example of.

  14. Moonbeam says:

    @ cygnet — they need to cut off more than his hands !

  15. Brock says:

    Talk about disgusting and being an invasion of privacy. Pretty sad that these miniature, hidden spy cameras are being used by someone who gets off on teenage girl voyeurism. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is occurring in several other places on the island.

    If an adult is behind this (most likely IMO), I hope they’re prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

  16. Maybe start here says:

    It’s a very sad case,seems like. Now a days there seems to be no consequence for some actions.We need to start making a point and protect our kids.in my opinion a sex offender registry is well overdue,we have the right to know if these predators are in our neighborhoods. If your convicted of a sex crime you should be 1) be enterned into a public online database we can all access and see who’s on it. 2) not be allowed to reside within a certain distance of any school,playground or any area used for kids. 3) if you move to a neighborhood you must display a sign for a period of time outside your house saying you are a convicted sex offender. 4) if you are a repeat offender you should be chemically castrated. If government or the courts won’t protect our kids than we must.if the courts and jail time doesn’t work maybe shame of everyone know who they really are might. My thoughts and prayers to all these female students who have to deal with the side effects of this hideous event.

  17. amen says:

    We are living in a world with sick people. We can blame a janitor/handyman or whoever but it also could have been a teacher or even a student. Whoever it was they need to find out and make them be held responsible. This is very disturbing.

  18. Truth is killin' me... says:

    Shoulda hadd won inna de kitchen when dat der frackas erupted on de heeel!!! Ida payed dough to see dat der outburst an ego ballin’!!!!!!!

  19. Politely Pompous says:

    I pray the Police don’t f**k this up. In my opinion, the first mistake here was letting it be widely known that it was discovered. The girl reported it, fine-she should be thanked for that, but she shouldn’t have been told what it was. The only people that should have known were the police and the principal-I don’t know who the principal is, but I EXTREMELY doubt-despite the craziness in the world-that the principal was involved.

    The police could then have set up some kind of sting. I don’t know if I’ve been watching too much t.v. but I’m sure that they could have replaced the perv’s device with one of their own with a feed to the police showing who went there to get it. If not, they could have even planted some cameras of their own that wouldn’t have violated the girls. In any case, I’m sure they’re grilling the staff, taking prints, etc. I’m also pretty sure that female officers will be viewing the footage-that’s usually the way these things go.

    The other scary/sad thing is: maybe it’s one of the BOYS. A middle school student is old enough to figure out how to operate these devices, I’m sure.

    • Real says:

      Idiot. First thing out ya mouth is I hope Police don’t f**k this up. It’s wasn’t the Police that put it in the paper, it wasn’t the police that took it down possibly erasing any finger prints and surely all the kids in school are talking about it now. Everyone want’s to blame the police before they think. More than likely half of Bermuda knew it had been discovered including the suspect before police even found out.

    • demouse says:

      I agree that this should have not been made public so fast.

      The person who planted the hooks now knows everyone is looking him/her and will never go back there to try and get them unless they are an idiot. That makes setting up a sting difficult.

      • wow says:

        HI People, just to let you know this happened last week…so it was not made pulic early and it has nothing to do with the school making it pulic. It was one of the Parents.

    • T :) says:

      “The only people that should have known were the police and the principal”

      What type of ignorance? I’m sure if you were a parent of a child attending that school you’d want to know what’s going on. If you don’t want to know important information on your children’s safty, your kids should be taking away from you. Never have I ever heard anything so silly before in my life. If you haven’t already please don’t breed.

      • amen says:

        Dummy they mean until the police find out who it was then tell the parents etc. They didn’t mean never tell the parents what was happening! READING-COMPREHENSION! Emphasis on comprehension. That goes for the that dreamer ‘Real’ who commented before you as well.

        • Wth says:

          It could take months for the police to find out! Dummy? If I was a parent I would
          Want to know ASAP. Obviously I would not assume it be kept a secret forever!!

          • amen says:

            Yes you are a dummy, a dummy who can’t comprehend what they are reading. Then obviously that person didn’t mean it would be kept secret forever, it would be in the best interest to find than person so they don’t do it to someone else than worrying knowing now vs later. They do this in many places around the world.

      • Politely Pompous says:

        I don’t mean keep it a secret FOREVER-how stupid can you be? Reading comprehension isn’t your strong suit, is it? I mean while the investigation is going on! I’m sure anyone with half a brain knew that was what I meant! By going public, everyone is tipped off including whoever did this! As I clearly meant, they should have set up a sting to catch this person. Act like they didn’t know it was there-maybe cover it up somehow and wait for someone to show up to adjust the view and then they’d have him.

        It’s too bad YOUR parents decided to breed an idiot such as yourself who couldn’t even figure out what I was getting at…good god, do you leave the house by yourself? Can you figure out how to push the button to cross the street or do you wait for someone to explain it to you? Please grow yourself a brain…

        • Wth says:

          How would you feel if you didn’t find out for several after the incident! You’d be happy about that? Nothing is wrong with my reading comprehension, but you may need to address yours.

          • Mayan says:

            First of all, ‘Wth’ and ‘T:)’ you are the same person. You’re not even smart enough to know that every user on Bernews has his/her own avatar. So go back and look at the cartoon pictures next to your comments and you’ll see that even though you’ve used different names, the pictures are the same, meaning you’re the same person. Since you don’t know that, that alone shows that you are slow. If you DO know that, why the heck are you chopping and changing names all over the place to make it look like you have a mountain of support?

            I’m putting my dog in this fight because what you’re saying is making ZERO sense. I agree with the others. Would you rather be patient and catch the criminal who did this or blurt the news out to the world and let him/her get away? Who knows how long he/she has been doing this? It could have been there for ages for all we know. So I agree; TPTB (The Powers That Be, since you’re so slow) could have removed the data recorder and placed the hooks back, and put their own recorders in place. As soon as the pervert went back, they’d have them on camera-there you go, CASE CLOSED.

            In other countries they have the sense to keep quiet about things so they can catch the bad guys. Disgusting as it was, the girls didn’t seem to be in imminent danger. The authorities could have laid a nice little trap for that sicko and once they had him/her, they could tell the parents and everyone else. Your logic makes no sense. Things are WORSE now…these girls are walking around with a sicko right there in their midst who may never get caught now. In the interest of security, sometimes authorities must keep quiet-the U.S. are the experts on this. If you don’t understand this reasoning, Mr. Smiley-face-with-tongue-sticking-out, you really are cerebrally challenged.

            • Wth says:

              What makes you think I was trying to portray being two different users.. Clearly I used two different computers… And I used the word (I )… Citing that it is the same person.. Honestly ict

              • Unbelievable says:

                Oh go lay down. If you used to different computers or not, why change your name in the same thread to support yourself? You may as well just have the conversation in the privacy of your different computers cause you just made yourself look even more stupider than in your posts!!! BYE

                • Wth/ T :) says:

                  the name was already there. But I guess your to dumb to figure it out. Who cares about support? I don’t need followers on anonymous postings? Wow this really isn’t that serious. Find a cliff please!

                  • Tongue-in-cheek says:

                    To Wth/T:) or whoever you are

                    Hey Dummy, if you’re going to be using a bunch of different aliases, at least remember which ones are tied to which computer and which email address is attached to each username so you don’t come off looking like a skitzo, k?

              • Mayan says:

                You are SO full of it. It doesn’t matter what computer you use-firstly, your last comment was right above so you clearly knew what username you had used. Now you’re trying another stunt so make it look like the avatars are random, and tied to the computer-which they are not. It doesn’t matter what computer you use, your avatar is tied to your email address that you type in EVERY time you make a comment no matter what computer you use. You’re just making yourself look more ridiculous with every comment you post.

      • Bemused One says:

        @ T:) You misunderstood what the better plan was. I agree that this should not have gone public but the Police can’t be blamed as it appears the parent went public and not the Police. This should have been kept quiet-confined to as few people as possible. The data card could have been taken out of the hook, and Police could have put in cameras of their own. When the perpetrator returned to get the footage, the Police would have their man (or woman). Now that person has been tipped off and may never be caught and that would be an even bigger threat to the kids’ safety. That’s the way I understood Politely P’s post and I agree with it 110%.

        • Wth/ T :) says:

          I did not say I agree with it being all over the news. I said as a parent I would want to know! I just can not see how I’m ‘dumb’ because I would want to know what’s going on with my child!!! Had it been any one of these commenters daughter they on camera they would slay the school and police for not notifying them sooner!! That’s what I’m saying. Because it could take months or longer to actually catch the person responsible.

  20. Not Quite says:

    Everyones an expert…so it seems., Why is everyone assuming its an adult. You can buy these things online for next to nothing. Whos to say it wasnt a boy, or a girl for that matter. When I was younger guys use to walk around with a little pocket mirror with double sided tape on thier shoe, times and technology have changed but the behavior still exist.

  21. Unbelievable says:

    ARE YOU F’IN SERIOUS?!?!? DEATH is the only way to deal with these SICK B#STARDS!!! The courts are WAY to easy on peodiphiles, rapists etc that’s why they have no fear about doing sick shit like this to children!!!
    JAIL?!?!? Not on my watch!!!!

  22. Bermywan says:

    Island wide school sweep needs to happen IMO

  23. really? says:

    Its surprising how easy these cameras are to find. Just google ‘spy camera coat hook’ and plenty come up.

    If they aren’t able to catch the culprit perhaps a customs examination could weed it out? $50 for a coat hook seems like it should be a red flag and it doesn’t seem to be the type of thing one could simply get at Best Buy, so chances are they hd it shipped to them… just a thought.

    • Truth is killin' me... says:

      You got to be kidding me right. Bermuda Customs is a JOKE!!!

  24. Kathy says:

    Hopefully they will catch the culprit and everyone should turn out on the corner of the courthouse for this one…I draw the line with crimes against our Bermudian children!

  25. Whistling Frog says:

    It seems that almost everyone has passed judgement on the fact that it may be a male person who has set this device in the girls bathroom… There is also a lot of tribade activity being introduced to our young girls on this Island, Girls in their late teens and early twenties are very much experimenting with this trend of lifestyle… Who knows at this point? It just may be an initiation among girls… I’m just saying.

    • amen says:

      “..Girls in their late teens and early twenties are very much experimenting with this trend of lifestyle”

      Are you insinuating that homosexuality and sexual perversion/voyeurism are synonymous? You sound good and ignorant and I’m “just saying” that you are an idiot bigot. Trend of lifestyle? Male person? You sound like you were raised in the 40′s. Statistics show that most of these crimes are by males and I’d bet it were by a “male person”. Initiation? God you are stupid.

  26. Due To says:

    Just think the school has so many unsupervised vistors due to security being cut!!!

  27. Moonbeam says:

    Whether male or female, they need to be apprehended and punished to the full extent of the law. Saw a similar case on “In Session” – guy got 20 years in jail !

  28. Common Sense Ain't Common says:

    No arrest yet,school needs more security for sure,hope everybody that enters the school has to check in and out now!!!!aahhhh no they don’t and we wonder why this came about!!Are our children safe????!!!Are the staff there safe????!!!that is the question?