Photo Set #1: 2012 Queen’s Birthday Parade

June 9, 2012

The annual Queen’s Birthday Parade took place on Front Street this morning [June 9], with the Bermuda Regiment, the Bermuda Police Service, the Bermuda Sea Cadets and the Bermuda Cadet Corps on parade, along with the Atholl Highlanders who are visiting from Scotland.

The military in Bermuda has always celebrated the Sovereign’s Official Birthday with a June parade. From the nineteenth century until 1955, the ceremony was put on by the soldiers of the infantry battalion that was garrisoned in Bermuda.

Until the 1950’s, the ceremony itself was a purely military celebration, with minimal public participation and took place at the Prospect Garrison field. This field is now the site of Bermuda’s National Stadium.

From 1950 to 1955, the Queen’s Birthday Parade took place at Bernard’s Park with units from the British Garrison and the Royal Navy playing the lead role.

From 1952, there was participation by local units such as the newly formed Bermuda Rifles, the reformed Bermuda Militia Artillery, and the Bermuda Cadets Corps. In 1966, following the formation of the Bermuda Regiment, the parade shifted to Front Street.

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  1. Joan Cabral says:

    I only found out about the Parade early this morning, prior to leaving for work. I was surprised that there wasn’t more publicity. I met several tourists this morning who had no idea the parade had taken place and were very disappointed to have missed it.
    Our tourists like the pomp associated with these events. We need to make a bigger fuss of it, as it makes their visit interesting, enjoyable and DIFFERENT from other island locations. What I don’t understand is this: we can send a rep to the Royal Wedding, we can send a rep to London for the Jubilee celebration, we even have certain individuals who gladly accept titles from the Queen, despite being pro Independence. BUT, nothing is done to make more of the Queen’s Birthday parade and its beneficial effect on our tourists and locals alike. If anything, it was almost an non-event it was so low key!
    Hey! We are still an Overseas Territory and we should make the most of that to enhance our tourism product.

    • Bermudiana says:

      I agree.. Why have it on a working day, and when there are no cruise ships in. It was so much better when it was on a public holiday and we could all go if we wished. Note the tiny crowds compared to years past.
      I think the way they have marginalized this parade when so much effort by the participants goes into it is disgusting.