Photos: 2015 Queen’s Birthday Parade Held

June 13, 2015

[Updated with photos] Crowds turned out today [June 13] to see Bermuda’s armed service celebrate the Queen’s Birthday and perform a special Trooping the Colours ceremony.

People watched and cheered as nearly 200 soldiers, as well as a contingent from the Bermuda Police Service, paraded at the National Stadium in front of Governor George Fergusson and Premier and Minister of National Security Michael Dunkley.

The Queen’s Birthday celebrations and Trooping the Colours was carried out at the National Stadium, rather than the usual Front Street venue, as part of the continuing celebrations of the Regiment’s 50th anniversary.

Stephen Smith, from Hamilton Parish, watched the event with his young family and said: “It was the first time for me and it was spectacular.”

Proud mom Andrea Lopes, also of Hamilton Parish, added her son Private Tyler Lopes had marched in the parade.


She said: “It was excellent. It made me feel very proud. We should capitalise on our tradition – we don’t want it to fall by the wayside.

“It’s important to keep that tradition – it’s part of our heritage.”

The audience saw a thundering 21-gun salute to mark the monarch’s birthday fired by Regiment gunners, as well as a feu de joie, a celebratory firing of rifles.

They also enjoyed the spectacle and precision of the Colours ceremony, with a special performance by the Regiment Band and Corps of Drums.

Former Sergeant Major Alfred Furbert, 56, who spent 30 years in the Regiment, added: “I thoroughly enjoyed the parade. I think they performed very well.

“I remember doing Trooping the Colours for the 25th anniversary – it’s basically the same format, but it’s always good to see the tradition lives on.”

Shalimar Williams, from Devonshire, said: “I love to see the Regiment – my dad served in the Regiment and I love to see the band perform.”

The Trooping the Colours ceremony is a rare event and was last carried out in 2010, when new colours were presented to the Island’s defence force.

The event has its origins from when regiments had to show troops the colours so they knew where to rally in times of battle.

Regiment Commanding Officer Lieutenant Colonel Michael Foster-Brown said: “I was extremely proud of our troops. The Regiment is largely part-time, but they staged a highly professional performance.

“I also like to congratulate Regimental Sergeant Major Gavin Rayner, who played a major role in the event – which will be his last Queen’s Birthday before he stands down.”

Col Foster-Brown added: “The ceremonial aspect is just one of the roles the Regiment fulfils for the Island – and it’s an important one.

“While we train for a variety of roles, from disaster relief following hurricanes to public order duties in support of the Bermuda Police Service, on land and on sea, the spectacle of the Regiment and its band on parade is always hugely popular and we are glad so many people turned out to watch it and cheer our soldiers on.”

Photos by Glenn Tucker, click to enlarge:

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  1. Thanks for the view/s of the crowds…It gives one a better perception of the atmosphere and the overwhelming excitement as well…

  2. Terry says:


  3. TravelingTreeFrog says:

    Sorry to be the negative Nancy but I have to point this out:

    Didn’t the Gov’t close the National Stadium to the general public a couple of years ago, to “prevent excess wear and tear” on the track? But yet we parade a car over it??

    I’m sure there was a different approach that could have been taken. Seems a bit much.

  4. Paul Revere says:

    Why is that car allowed to drive on the track?
    I thought that was a NO NO, after the ambulance did a few years back.
    Vehicles are NOT supposed to be driven on the track PERIOD!!!

  5. Tom Cooke says:

    I am sure the Trooping the colour was a good affair…
    for the first time in over thirty years I was able to watch “The Trooping of the colour ” LIVE…on the BBC. . Thanks to the Q box I have… I was in the Life guards. .mounted regiment prior to coming here… did the QBP…in 82….

  6. Terry says:

    The Olympics are not being hel tomorrow.

    Guess we have to level all roads in marathons……………………..

    Rum all around.

  7. Gorgam says:

    I am sorry, that car….any car should never be allowed to drive on a running track. The only proper track in the island and the Governors car is driven on it? That is nonsense and I am disgusted.

    • Gorgam says:

      ….and the Premiers car….

      • You leave me to ask you this question. How would you have viewed this “act” had it been the Leader of the Progressive Labour Party in that car? Inquisitive minds would like to know…
        (Mind you, I don’t condone anyone driving on the very expensive surface)

        • Gorgam says:

          Raymond…it would not make a difference. Since it is odd question time, how would you have viewed it?

          • Since you’ve jumped to conclusion, I now suggest that you re-read the last sentence. (You’ll have my answer to your silly question)
            “Mind you, I don’t condone anyone driving on the very expensive surface.”

          • My answer was already written: (Mind you, I don’t condone anyone driving on the very expensive surface)