Brief Outage: 911 Emergency Phone Line

July 23, 2012

[Updated] The 911 emergency phone number is currently out of operation until further notice due to the inclement weather, a police spokesperson said this evening [July 23].

“Members of the public who may need emergency assistance are encouraged to contact the main police number on 295-0011 instead, until the situation is rectified. We appreciate the cooperation of the public regarding this matter and will advise as soon as the 911 system is operational again.”

Update 10.24pm: A police spokesperson said, “Please note that the 911 system is now operational.”

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Comments (14)

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  1. shawn says:

    how does the weather(and not that bad of weather may i add) affect only 911???? wat am i paying taxes for again ?!?

  2. The Truth (Most Imitated) says:

    Are you kidding me? No back up system? What the Hell. What a joke.

  3. Nuffin but de Truth! says:

    blame de plp their hands are always in something.

  4. sooooooo says:

    What worries me is that 22 people on Facebook LIKED The whole point of 911 is to support the public in an emergency a minimal thunder storm should not cause an outage…. as an after thought, where are with E911?

    • JR says:

      If you like it, it pops up on the side and informs other people of the story without having to press share. Stop being so closed minded. I dont think and I would hope that they didnt like it because they thought it was good. CTS.

  5. smh says:

    blammmme Gubment!

  6. Head up high! says:

    One lightning strike in the wrong place and that will do it and unless you were in a dungeon there were some MAJOR lightning hits! I don’t care what kind of UPS or back up / redundancy system or ground you have you are not going to stop a direct strike. A very small amount of water in the wrong place will do it as well? Could be anything. Lets just wait and see what happened before we start hurling insults and speculating.

  7. Head up high! says:

    Whats Facebook????

  8. Shoo shoo says:

    Gomint taking chances again to save money on maintenance or back up plans cause there is NONE ! She gone Long GONE!

  9. Realtalk says:

    So when something goes wrong its the PLP. REALLY! I am not happy that 911 is not working, and cant accept that during this little weather disturbance its not working when it works during the hurricanes. However I would not lay blame with the PLP. Come on people get real!

  10. Family Man says:

    They must have had the BIU design the backup system.

    BTW, how are those BIU accounts coming along? They’re now TWO years behind!

  11. Um Um Like says:

    Not sure if anyone else has heard, but tests were done on the system afterwards to determine the cause. As it turns out, it was due to an investment in infrastructure.

  12. BdaLuvin says:

    Even third world countries have a back up system… What is happening to our ” Luxury” Island???

  13. Silly people…. Ok, there is no back up system!! BUT, one was able to call the Police Headquarters’ line….. Be thankful you all do not live in the US, where you will hear “911, please hold the line”…. and you are sitting there holding the phone!