BPS: Report Of Woman Being “Blown Off” Cycle

January 8, 2016

The police are urging the motoring public to “drive and ride with caution as the winds are presently very high,” adding that “there is already one report of a woman being blown off of her cycle.”

A police spokesperson said, “The motoring public should be advised to please drive and ride with caution as the winds are presently very high, persons riding motorcycles and auxiliary cycles should especially be very cautious as there is already one report of a woman being blown off of her cycle.”

There is presently an area of low pressure swirling around in the Atlantic, and the Bermuda Weather Service has issued a Gale Warning valid for today to this evening, saying: “A deep low passes near to our north this afternoon with gale winds, gusts to storm force and a few bands of showers.”

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  1. David says:

    5 o’clock traffic is gonna be interesting today

  2. nok says:

    This weather is dangerous why are we normal and no closures.

  3. Sasquatch says:

    I saw it happen…poor thing went ringin into d bushes. I thought it was a branch at first until I saw d legs running in motion. If she went any further she would a been in d ocean. Hope she’s ok.

  4. Keepin' it Real!...4Real! says:

    Talking about traffic…Someone needs to tell me WHY! front street between Waterloo and the Birdcage is GRIDLOCKED …I’m not even gonna wait for your answer coz ill tell you…It’s them F#@k!n LIGHTS!!! too many traffic control lights combined with pedestrian controlled lights…2 cars then the lights change because someone has pressed the button to cross but then walks in between the cars before the light even changes and of course then it goes red while all others are green…no movement at all…another problem is people clogging junctions because their light is green but no one can move…very good breeding ground for road rage the rest of the way home.

    FIX DAT S#!T!

    All lights green out of town …mandatory lights for pedestrians every 5 mins.

    Traffic travels better when the lights are out…Everyone is MORE aware and courteous then.

    • Legacy says:

      At Christmas it was HORRIBLE. It took literally 40 minutes to travel the length of Front Street. Two cars through, then a red light, one car through, then a red light. Felt like ditching the car where it stood and walking.