Tyrone Smith’s Olympic Dance Lights Up Twitter

July 29, 2012

Amid all the pomp and circumstance of the 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony, Bermuda made our own small impact courtesy of long jumper Tyrone Smith’s dancing during the Parade of Nations.

During the Olympic Opening Ceremony Twitter exploded with hundreds of tweets about his dancing, with the 27-year-old being noticed by many Olympic watchers across the globe.

Mr Smith seems to have gained quite a few female fans online, and a few in the Twitterverse noted they would be cheering for Bermuda specifically due to our ‘dancing man’.

Mr Smith is considered by many to be one to watch at these Games. In the 2008 Olympics, he placed 15th with a leap of 7.91m, however he has improved since then with a new top leap of 8.22m set in 2010. If he had attained that 8.22m two years earlier, he would have placed 3rd, as a Cuban won Olympic bronze with leap of 8.20m. He is scheduled to compete on Friday Aug 3.

Bermuda’s Olympic team also includes long jumper Arantxa King, triathletes Tyler Butterfield and Flora Duffy, sailors Jesse and Zander Kirkland, equestrian Jillian Terceria, and swimmer Roy Allan Burch. The first athletes to compete for Bermuda will be the Kirkland brothers tomorrow [July 30].

Tyrone Smith wasn’t the only Olympic athlete earning attention for something other than his athletic prowess, as swimmer Roy Allan Burch was also the attention of quite a few tweets himself, as well as an article on a top U.S. gossip website entitled “For The Ladies: Bermuda’s Roy Allan Burch Makes Swimming Look Good.”

Some of the tweets have been collected below, they may take a while to load:

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  1. Me says:

    Bernews, do you have a video of this famous dancing? Missed it and would love to see it!

    • Mayan says:

      I called my sister up to tell her about Tyrone’s little dance and to say I loved it! I had a feeling it would catch the eye of many others as well as it made him stand out and he looked so cute doing it…he got us a lot of attention-good for him!

  2. swing voter says:

    hahahhahahahha at least we won somtin!!!!

  3. Kennette Burgess says:

    I am watching from the states and I missed the dancing. If i find it, I will post. GO TEAM BERMUDA. Even before the Olympics we are making history with our Bermuda shorts, Roy Burch looks and the dancing of Tyrone. haha it takes Bermuda

  4. What ? ? says:

    Is this what people really have to talk about/think is news worthy ? ?

    There were far grander displays of ‘personal behaviour exhibitionism’ in the opening ceremonies than this little stunt.

    What should be newsworthy is that the younger Kirkland passed on the carrying of the Bda flag to his older brother. Not this silly un-newsworthy nonsense.

    No wonder I’m not on twitter if this is what goes on there ..

    • D. Evans says:

      They already discussed the brothers passing the flag. Seems like the little green eye monster that lives inside of you is rearing its ugly little head, get a life already. Perhaps next time you hear some music you should get up and dance

    • Observant says:

      Aren’t you a little ray of sunshine?

    • Hi..... says:


    • Jackie says:

      oh get a life, #hater….you sound jealous

    • g-gurl says:

      DUH and comment means WHAT !

    • Politely Pompous says:

      What the hell? Um, that was great and all but how can you call what Tyrone Smith did ‘un-newsworthy nonsense’? It garnered Bermuda a TON of attention. You sound really nasty. You don’t have to tear one act down to build up the other…who the hell are you to decide this isn’t newsworthy? It was GREAT!

      I’ll bet you look just like your avatar, pigmentation and all, don’t you…although GREEN might suit you a little better…

      • Politely Pompous says:

        Yeah…before you say it-yeah, you can borrow the avatar colour off me ’cause I don’t spend my life being jealous and envying others…

  5. Common Sense says:

    @ Please ?? – Plleeaase! Get a life. This is a really fabulous and positive story about both Bermuda and one of our star Olympic athletes. I recall the time when our athletes walked into the stadium at the Opening Ceremony for Commonwealth Games in Kuala Lumpur and our female gymnasts started doing cartwheels in unison every 50 yards or so, much to the delight of the crowd who roared their approval as our team marched around the stadium. Life is sometimes about seizing the moment and doing something spontanteous.

    I’m extremely proud of Tyrone Smith and all of our Olympians, including the Kirkland brothers. As can be seen by all the “tweets” Tyrone made a really positive impact and drew attention to our tiny Bermuda team. What’s not to like?

    This is not the time to be whining and complaining. Your negative comment is totally uncalled for. Shame on you.

  6. helper says:

    i don’t know if you an extract from this clip but bermuda comes in at 1:37. http://www.putlocker.com/file/13729266230F0D35#