Former Security Guard Sentenced To 18 Months

September 20, 2012

This morning [Sept 20] Senior Magistrate Archie Warner sent 22-year-old George Dyer to prison for eighteen months for handling the illegal drug cannabis, which weighed 948.7 grams and said to be valued at $47,000.

Crown Prosecutor Susan Mulligan said that Mr Dyer — who was working as a Security Guard at the airport — was in possession of two packets that were strapped to his body; and one other package that he was seen to have dropped while he was moving. This was discovered after he was seen getting on an aircraft, which attracted the suspicion of a police officer who detained him for a search.

Duty Counsel Susan Moore-Williams assisted Mr Dyer and asked the Magistrate to consider his youth and his previously clean record. She said that both his parents as well as his step-mother were in Court as support for him. Ms Moore-Williams asked that a low sentence be imposed.

Ms Mulligan recommended a sentence between 3 – 4 years while noting that the maximum sentence for an offence involving this amount of drugs could be ten years. She said that Mr Dyer had cooperated with Police.

Pointing out that the Social Inquiry Report did not refer to Mr Dyer having any drug addiction or drug habit, Magistrate Warner said this left him holding the only view possible which was that this was a crime driven by sheer want of profit. The Magistrate also pointed out that there was also a serious breach of trust in that Mr Dyer was a Security Guard who was operating in a special position of trust.

The prison sentence  for Mr Dyer — who is a well known local footballer – began immediately.

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Comments (24)

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  1. Claudio says:

    What a shame…. serve prison time, get a criminal record, on the stop list, severely limit your football career (prolly cant play nationally), lose your job in this tough economy all for $2400.

  2. Dit says:

    its such a shame that our young persons allow them selves to be taken in by quick cash. i would bet that there is a bigger person in that picture, now think will he be able to pay this young man a salary for the rest of his life. lets try and work legally to obtain our riches young people.

  3. Awake says:

    Only 18 months because he’s 22 and has “supportive” parents? Unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARCHIE WARNER…AGAIN!!!!!!!! Is ANYONE paying attention???????

    • Terry says:

      Lets hope the next as#hole does not take something aboard.
      If you don’t get it, my job is still not done.

    • Concerned Bermudian says:

      I agree, Warner should be taken off the bench. He excuse is silly. It’s not just about him making profit. Its about the entire cycle.. Importation, profit, distribution, effects on the community and so on….

      Where is the message to others? What type of trend are we setting? This is not deterrent to others. The prosecutor is asking to give him a harsh sentence and the judge hands out a sentence where he will be out in about 12 months. Excellent job Warner…yet again!!! :(

      This is why crime rate in Bermuda will not get better. The system is flawed.

      Bermuda is really in for some hard times.

  4. Truth is killin' me... says:

    Archie Warner…you alone with your poor sentencing are single-handedly driving the crime on this island to epic proportions. Actually I take that back… Charles-Etta Simmons as well!

  5. concern says:

    There is definitely something seriously wrong with this picture! As stated this young man was in a position of trust. 18 months is a ridiculous sentence for this crime, he should receive at least 5 years without parole. Where is the deterrent? What type of message are the magistrates sending out to the youth?

    • Youthman says:

      What kind of foolish remark is this?

      Leave the judging to the judges!

      You are suggesting putting a 22 year old with no previous crimian record away for 5 years with no previous criminal record an posing minimal threat society besides the hope of earning some cash from the high percentage of marijuana smokers we have on island.

      Foolish and outrageous at the thought.

      Thats why you are merely a commentator!

  6. Something wrong with you people says:

    We need to legalize marijuana… or at least decriminalize personal amounts. I’m sick and tired of seeing people jailed for a plant. If an adult wants to smoke weed, that is his perogative… leave him alone. This young man was caught with two little pounds of grass… you people want him locked up for 5 years! There is something wrong with you. I mean for real… the effects of marijuana are devastating… like hunger… sleep… giggles… calm… fatigue… My goodness… I’m so glad we have Archie and the rest of you bloggers to protect society from hungry, happy, sleepy people… I mean afterall… free murderers is so much better.

    • Douglas says:

      Something is seriously wrong with you if this is your way of thinking. Is it also his perogative if he decides to sell cocaine to a child, rape a woman, etc.? Its all against the law, you can’t choose which laws to abide and which ones you ignore. You and Archie Warner need to get high together and just float away!

      • Something wrong with you people says:

        Sorry brah… but you went deep… are you seriously trying to compare rape… a horrendous act that traumatizes its victims for life and cocaine… one of the most addictive psychoactive substances that has ruined countless lives to weed? You should get an education that goes beyond P3 before you make comments that make you sound as dumb as rocks. I’m not trying to insult you… but seriously… rape compared to weed. Let’s be real mate.

  7. Dit says:

    SWWYP you’re wrong man the fact is that grass or plant is illegal. when you speak that way you’re not thinking lawfully. i think if its illegal and you’re caught doing it then you should face the full hands of the law.

    • Something wrong with you people says:

      If people didn’t challenge laws, then slavery would still be legal… as would aparthied and segregation. You can include homosexual sex in that as well. Alcohol would still be illegal and a host of other outdated laws. Agree or not, our current marijuana laws are outdated and need to be modernized. Several states in the US have updated their marijuana laws… look at Oregon… a person can be legally in possession of up to 24 ozs… almost what this young man had. So here are a couple of questions for you… when it was illegal to free slaves… those that did it should have faced the hands of the law? When homos engage in their activity in their bedroom when it was illegal in Bermuda only a few years ago… they should have faced the hands of the law? Society changes mate and laws constantly need updating.

      • Owner4Comment says:

        I agree with you totally and lets take a look at a more harmful and more potent substance “Alchohol”, that went through a prohobition stage until governments decided to legalise and tax it. Marijuana is going through the same stage and is far less harmful then alchohol, the only difference is that alchohol has been legalised because government can reep millions in taxes and your seeing the same trends slowly but surely throughout the world in regards 2 mary jane!!!! It’s so unfair that you can’t handle it until government says so, they can have but you cant, and as far as confiscated drugs go what do they do with them?? My guess they find there way back into the streets because man is corrupt and even more so when he has power, so all those that talk all there retterick need leave it inside a closed jaw people make mistakes and it’s unfortunate that this potentially talented young man went bust!! #ThatIzAll!!!!!

  8. Stop the Nonsense says:

    A security guard involved with airport security smuggling in drugs committing several offences under the Customs act, Criminal Code and Airport regulations. 18 Months with bermuda parole is not a suitable sentence. With the threat of terrorism, gang violence, ongoing drug issues should have been 3-4 years if not 5 years. Very serious offences, implications and once again poor sentencing.

    • Youthman says:

      This is why judges do judging and people like you are bloggers on Bernews.

      This man poses minimal threat to society, not a gang member, a talented footballer and made a bad decision n u wanna put him away for 5 years!?

      You are asking him to be made an example of rather that treating the case as it is.

      He will learn his lesson in this time and be a changed man for his 18 month sentence.

      in 5 yrs he could become a hardened unemployable citizen!

  9. Bermyserg says:

    Cost 80grand a year to house each inmate and this man gets caught with 47grand worth of weed and gets 18months,he will do 9 months and b eligable for parole..If anyone is loseing its the taxpayer.Something needs to be done about the sentenceing though because its ridiculous,when i went 18 i got 3years in jail for 400grams from the same judge and that was my first offence and like mr dyer i also played for the national squad at senior and youth level so where is the consistancy!!!

    • Concerned Bermudian says:

      You are so right … he should have gotten what you got!!! I hoped you learned your lesson.

  10. Verbal Kint says:

    I want to know why the Bermuda Judiciary website still has LAST WEEK’s Supreme Court schedule up. This happens all the time. The public portal of the courts needs, at the very least, to have a properly updated schedule available. The justice system here is in serious need of repair on every front. It is a blight on this Island’s society.

  11. tricks are for kids.. says:

    Just curious as to WHY people complain if THEY feel a sentence metted out is not sufficient..BUT than on the other hand complain about the cost to house prisoners coming out of their tax dollars……

  12. Me says:

    Keep ya head up George!!

  13. M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

    He almost slipped through !