Premier Cox To Speak At Global Women’s Forum

September 20, 2012

Tomorrow [Sept 21] Premier Paula Cox will address a group of prominent female executives when she participates in the FedEx Global Women’s Forum 2012.

“Transforming Yourself, Your Community and Fedex” is the title of the forum and Premier Cox was invited to participate in the event as part of an International Women’s Foundation [IWF] Executive Development Round Table.

The event takes place in Memphis, TN, at the Peabody Hotel, and tomorrow Premier Cox will address attendees on the topic of “Transformational Leadership: Building Better Organisations, Communities, Leaders and Citizens”.

Following the discussion, the Premier will be interviewed by Emmy Award winning journalist and IWF programme facilitator, Kelli Arena.

Premier Cox said today, “I am honoured to have been asked to participate in this Executive Forum for FedEx senior officers. This is a time when enlightened companies are seeking to provide options for learning and development of their key employees. There is a recognition that one has to take steps to retain staff and that companies can be more profitable when they invest in their human resource development.

“This is progressive and speaks to the need to provide opportunities for learning and development by companies as part of a process for continuous professional development. It is always constructive to provide an avenue for the sharing of ideas and networking.”

A broad range of topics will be covered on leadership at the conference, some of which include:

  • Investing in Our workforce
  • Competing in an Open World
  • Global Leadership in a Changing World
  • Connecting Health, Balance; and the Quest for Success
  • Motivating, Managing and Incentivising Leadership Across Generations
  • Personal Branding and What’s Good for the Corporation; and
  • Talent For Tomorrow

The event will be opened by Chris Richards, Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary, FedEx Corporation, and other prominent speakers include:

  • The Hon. Roberta Lajous, former Mexican Deputy Permanent Representative to the United; Nations, former Mexican Ambassador to Bolivia, Cuba and Austria;
  • Gameela Ismail, political activist, media and television presenter, Egypt;
  • Virginia Albanese, President and CEO, FedEx Custom Critical;
  • Barbara Bellissimo, Chief Agent and Senior Vice President, State Farm Insurance;
  • Andrea Roane, News Anchor, WUSA9n Washington DC, Women’s Health Advocate;
  • The Hon Dr. Kani Soin, distinguished surgeon, former Member of Parliament, Chair of Women’s Initiatives for Ageing Successfully (WINGS);
  • Dave Bronczek, President & CEO, FedEx Express;
  • Barbara Wallander, President, FedEx SmartPOST;
  • Karyl Innis, Chairman and CEO, The Innis Company;
  • Donna Duncan-Scott, Group Executive Director, Culture and Human Development, The JMMB Group;
  • • Karyn Twaronite, Partner, Americas Inclusiveness Officer, Ernst & Young.

This week’s leadership roundtable comes on the heels of the IWF’s announcement earlier this month that Premier Cox will presented with the Women Who Make A Difference Awards next month for her leadership in both the private and public sector. Premier Cox will be one of ten recipients being honoured at next month’s gala event. Costs for this week’s trip are not publicly funded.

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  1. Taxpayer (and animal lover so no hate mail needed!) says:

    I guess the Kardashians weren’t available?

    The Peabody is a very ni$e hotel. I hear the Duck* is delicious. Go ahead, dinner is on me.


    • Family Man says:

      and me.

    • Skeptical says:

      I saw them ducks and they should take in an Elvis impersonators contest too! Stay home and fix this island!

    • Real Files says:

      Madam Premeir, these haters on here are going to get a real wake up call come election day. They still have no clue. I can’t wait for the people of Bermuda to crush them.

      They have been watching reruns of the X files!

      • Sandgrownan says:

        Bermuda is already crushed you nitwit. Screwed. Done. Stick a fork in it. Economic slavery.

        • Y U MAD says:

          The UBP or I mean OBA will loss again. You might want to keep you’re fork to stick in it. Then all you flipp flops from the OBA can make another party call it the OBW = One Bermuda W- – - -.

          Nitwit was your short version of the N word, I get it.

          • Zombie Apocalypse says:

            You must enjoy having a premier who goes off to receive vanity ‘awards’ while dozens of Bermudians are losing their jobs every week.
            She’s completely given up.

          • Anbu says:

            Ya they’ll lose again. Then wait a few years after that and tell me how your bank account looks. SMFH. Idiots!! But hey at least they beat the obs/ubp b@$tards.

          • Come Correct says:

            Lol oba will loss again. I think you “loss” out on some valuable education buddy. To think you’re supposed to make an educated decision on who runs this country. Will you know which box to check or would you like your ballot color coded? I’m at a “loss” for words, see where you can use that word properly? Here’s another example: if the plp win the next election (see the “if”? because I’m not so arrogant) it will be a loss for ALL Bermudians. Or if the plp win the next election have fun in your dictatorship (f@ck that’s a big word, google it), I’ll cut my losses (that’s plural for loss (more than one loss)) and leave. Come this next election I won’t be voting FOR anybody, I’m strictly voting AGAINST the plp. Read into that as much as you want if its not too much for you. Oh and when we do get crushed, its going to be even funnier because you will be collateral damage, UNLESS you’re on the friends and family plan, but I doubt it since that’s a small circle, they don’t want to split the spoils up too much, you’re just a pawn.

  2. Watching On says:

    And while Bermudians are loosing their jobs daily, the Premier goes jetting off from one function to another. WOW!

  3. Concerned says:

    Seems the topic should be taken for herself and the PLP Party. More layoffs and they continue to say they are looking out for Bermuda and Bermudians…. I don’t know how they can sleep nights and hold their heads high as they do – I remind them that the Lord knows all about you – ALL ABOUT YOU for their thoughts are not their own and I can tell you they don’t come from Heaven!

  4. Terry says:

    Global Warming.

  5. Family Man says:

    Premier Cox will address attendees on the topic of “Transformational Leadership: Building Better Organisations, Communities, Leaders and Citizens”.

    That’s hilarious. She’s going to tell the audience how to build better organizations, communities, leaders and citizens by sending all the intellectual capital to our competitors after six years. Hows that working for the organizations, communities, leaders and citizens of Bermuda?

    • Terry says:

      This is all propaganda to keep us away from what is really going on.
      Good day.

  6. Disbelief says:

    Madame Premier, please get back to Bermuda to attend to the People’s business….
    and while you are at it please have the Cenotaph cleaned up and removed of weeds on the upper western side. Doesn’t anybody in Cabinet ever look at the monument when they drive by. I don’t care whose job it is, just get it done and pay some respect to those who have really done something for this country.

  7. Opressed says:

    Amazing, another useless trip.

    I wonder if the organizers realize what she and her party are all about? Maybe the local Memphis press should get a run down of her dealings with the purse strings of Bermuda prior to this forum.

    If it was a Charlatans convention, she could be head speaker.

  8. Middle School says:

    Dear Madam Premier

    You are on your final warning please lead your Political Party or get left behind!

    Do not get annoyed if we revolt and take you OUT.

    • King Jammys says:

      Lol, she knows she is out anyway. If the PLP wins she is done, look at their track record. She will ride out her job and take in her salary to the very end. Do you honestly think she cares to fluffs about you? She has got hers.

      • pepper says:

        King Jammys, you are so spot on, Paula has got hers for life… and you fools that think she cares about you… all need to wake the hell up…..Doctor Brown who came with nothing..and look what he has now……Bermudians WAKE THE HELL UP.

  9. Robin Hamill says:

    Unbelievable! She and her colleagues have surely transformed the Bermuda community…and it ain’t pretty.

    • pepper says:

      I wonder what her dad would think of her ? she is so all about herself…. and her dad was all about the people… Mr Cox was a great man, and will go down in history for all the good he did for Bermuda…. and sad to say his daughter will go own in history as the one of the worst premiers we have ever seen.

  10. Clive Spate says:

    Maybe she can talk about the exodus of Bermudian women leaving to live on handouts at the expense of the UK taxpayer!

  11. Mad Dawg says:

    In the meantime a couple of dozen more Bermudians lose their jobs.

  12. Cleancut says:

    You have to admire Cox, she is giving it a real go, despite the consequences. I give her a good grade on the international stage.

    Premier of Bermuda Cox,

    theory =60%
    Practical performance =10%

    Grade =F

  13. What is going on? says:

    Times are getting bad in Bermuda I believe we must have a political party that is in deep deep deep denial.

    We are slowly heading into a 3rd world scenario.

    Terrible public schools. Check
    Terrible Hospital. Check
    Terrible Police force . Check
    Terrible Employment opportunities. Check
    Terrible politicians in power. Check
    Terrible Extreme Violence . CHECK!!!
    And so on.

    Bermudians overseas are scared to come back home, this is ridiculous.
    please to the soon newly elected party do something about this island.
    We have a mentality if that we leave problems alone eventually they go away.
    We need a no nonsense leader in these times. Hopefully we get one soon.

    Damn ridiculous what is going on.

    When is the election? hopefully people vote these bums out.

  14. Bullseye says:

    You really have to wonder if anyone has checked here performance credentials at all.

    She is the worst Minister of Finance the country has ever seen by a huge margin. Her ineptitude towers over all else for there wasnt another to ever put the country in the red like she did even when things were good. Under Brown she claimed ignorance calling herself a “cog” as if she was just tossed by the wind with no control. Now she is Premier and without the courage to fire herself and admit to her lack of performance.
    Who would want the job after she has blown the Bermudian bank to smithereeens?
    Oh yeah, the OBA. No ideas and no solutions they say.
    Well frankly, we just need some bandages because the witch doctors have completely cannibalized the body and we just want to stop the bleeding at this point. Change please!

    • Come Correct says:

      And they say integrity sells for so little these days…tell that to the $1.4 billion we don’t have.

  15. Razor says:

    Another shopping excursion? Well maybe not in Tennessee. Maybe some good ol eats!

  16. Triangle Drifter says:

    Does she EVER spend more than 3 consecutive days on the island?

  17. cox Must go says:

    dear paula

    please stay in america or go to cameroon just leave us to suffer in peace and start paying back our 1.4 billion

    is it true that Renee Webb has first class tickets to attend with you

  18. Chardonnay says:

    Nero fiddled while Rome burned. The Cog and her cronies ride first class playing wanna be big-time international politicans while Bermudians lose their jobs, their homes, their hope for a future.