MP Ashfield DeVent’s Car Set On Fire

September 17, 2012

[Updated with statements from the PLP, OBA, Premier, Governor and National Security Minister] A car fire —  thought to have possibly been deliberate in nature – occurred this morning [Sept 17] in the Friswells Hill area, with the vehicle belonging to PLP MP Ashfield DeVent, who resides in the area.

Mr DeVent will not represent the area in the upcoming election, with the branch having selected Rolfe Commissiong as the PLP candidate for the Constituency #21 Pembroke South East seat, however he has been considering running as an Independent.

The police are understood to be investigating the incident, and are expected to release a statement later today.

Update 11:23am: The Progressive Labour Party released a statement condemning the incident today. “The Progressive Labour Party condemns in the highest regard any attack on any individuals or their properties. This type of behavior has no place in Bermuda.

“We call on the authorities to investigate to the fullest extent. The Hon. Ashfield Devent has served our country well and in no way deserves to be treated in this manner.

“We call on the members of public to refrain from these types of destructive acts, especially in this
heightened political environment.

“Progressive Labour Party Candidate for Pembroke South East, Rolfe Commissiong, states, “Firstly, I wish to personally deplore the apparent firebombing of the car of M.P. Devent.

“No person in our community should be subjected to the wanton destruction of personal property in the manner that Mr. Devent has.

“I also hope that the person and/or persons who have committed such acts are swiftly apprehended by the police. I would encourage members of the community who may have any information related to this incident to contact the relevant authorities.”

Update 11:37am: The Bermuda Fire Service have confirmed they received a call at 6:13am and responded to the scene where they found the fire was out.

Divisional Officer Dana Lovell said, “A fire investigator was called in at approximately 6:24am and the Fire Service is treating the incident as suspicious. The vehicle is beyond economical repair and the investigation is ongoing.”

Update 11.59am: A police spokesperson said: “Around 6:20am on Monday, September 17th police and Bermuda Fire & Rescue Service personnel attended a reported vehicle fire on Friswells Road in Devonshire.

“A white Suzuki car was damaged as a result; however the fire was apparently extinguished prior to the arrival of the emergency services. There were no reported injuries. Inquiries into this incident are underway and anyone with any information is encouraged to contact Detective Constable Chris Sabean on 295-0011.”

Update 12.42pm: OBA public safety spokesman Jeff Baron said: “This is a shocking and perplexing incident. My leader Craig Cannonier contacted Mr. DeVent early this morning after the news was reported and we take comfort from the fact that no one was hurt.

“But that this incident happened at all – the firebombing of an MP’s automobile outside his home – is very disturbing. Nothing can be gained from such an act.

“We urge anyone with information about it to work with the Police and CrimeStoppers. In the meantime, we extend our total support to Mr. DeVent and his family.”

Update 4.39pm: Premier Paula Cox said: “The matter is subject to police investigation and that is underway. Clearly however any attack or personal threat against an individual is reprehensible and has no place in Bermuda.

“We are a community that adheres to the rule of law and where we uphold as a country, law and good order.

“I have reached out to the Hon Ashfield DeVent to check on how he is personally. He occupies a very key role as the Chairman of the Parole Board and has always been a fearless advocate and has passionately spoken out about what he sees as the ills of the community.”

Update 5.08pm: The Governor George Fergusson, issued a statement today following this morning’s attack on Ashfield DeVent’s car.

“I am shocked that an attack like this should be made, especially on someone involved directly in the service of his community and the whole of Bermuda, as an MP and as Chair of the Parole Board. I know that the police are making every effort to find the perpetrator and I ask that anyone who knows anything about this incident should pass it on to the police.”

Update 5.15pm: “An appalling attempt at intimidation that will be investigated and strongly prosecuted….” said Minister of National Security Wayne Perinchief reacting to the deliberate fire set to MP Ashfield Devent’s car earlier this morning.

“I met with Mr. Devent this morning and he has shared with me his account of this appalling event. He is a true public servant and is undeterred from doing his duty. In fact, he has already given a statement to the police and his example of assisting the police is something we emphasize regularly.”

Minister Perinchief is to meet with Governor Fergusson and the Police Senior Command this afternoon. ” I have already received a preliminary briefing from the Commissioner and he has assured me that this matter will be investigated with a view to bringing those responsible to justice.”

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  1. JamudiCan says:

    This is an indication ofthe politicalcorruption in Bermuda! Police need to look into this very seriously.

    • Thas the plp forya says:

      So this is what happens when A prefferedd plp candidate is urged to go as an independant. Didnt see furberts car get lit on fire when he fliflopped.

      It’s politics for u retards who call it family.

      • New Bermuda says:

        This had nothing to do with switching parties. Even a blind man can see this had something to do with Devent talking bad about the guys that have been locked up in prison. I was surprised he came out and said that stuff to the media about PLP Rolfe Commissiong and what he stood for. Devent made himslef look like a elephant in the room. It’s a great deal of men that have been prison. What he thought these guys don’t have feelings. Right now these guys are animals in cages. That’s why everyday I speak to them with respect, so when they do break out they will say ” oh leave him alone he was one of the cool ones in the neighborhood” just like the gun violence this type of stuff will be a norm.

  2. Kathy says:

    What is Bermuda coming to? This is VERY concerning for the citizens of Bermuda. What has the PLP done in the last 5 years – nothing concrete that I can think of … time for a change and some very strict laws! There is no reason that the citizens of Bermuda should have to put up with this nonsense!!!

    • Hmmmmm says:

      Everything done in this incident is already illegal. Typical response; more laws to make it more better. How about fixing the people for a change?

      • street wise says:


      • Swing Voter says:

        whom ever did this felt empowered, emboldened, unafraid. There have been so many other anti social incidences on a much smaller scale with nothing being said. A general lack of respect for law and order because the police and the politicians were slow to respond to anti social behavior, only getting busy over the last 6 months because of an election perhaps?

        • Family Man says:

          Anti-social behaviour seems to be a rite of passage in order to stand for Parliament in that area.

  3. Truth is killin' me... says:

    Dirtness…I hope the Police catch the culprits and find out why they did such a foolish act. Somebody could have got hurt. If found guilty give them 5 years to think about it and no parole!

  4. Terry says:

    Glad there was no personal injury or damage to his property.
    Could have been much worse.
    Hang in there Ashfield.

  5. When will it end says:

    This is disgusting. Have we become so low? And they say crime is going down? If….if those who did it are caught, let us seein they get a noncustodial sentence on this crime. Court system and laws in Bermuda need a serious revamp

  6. SeaBee says:

    Sounds like an inside job

  7. theothersidebda says:

    If this is indeed determined to be motivated by Mr. DeVent’s contemplating running as an independent, this squarely falls in the definition of terrorism.

    Terrorism – the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes.

    Sad day indeed Bermuda

    • Mayan says:

      I don’t think this has anything to do with Ashfield running or not running for office. Ashfield has been very outspoken lately about gangs and violence in the area and saying it needs to be stamped out. Maybe some punk is sending him a message to shut up.

  8. jacob riley says:

    He’s a bum..

  9. Richard says:

    They must have brought somebody in to do this cause this is not the kind of things Bermudians do.

    • Snow White says:

      You’re stupid and oblivious..

      • M.T. Pockets says:

        Are you kidding me Richard? Aren’t we Bermudians embroiled in shootings, murders and violent robberies? Arson isn’t as bad as those crimes.
        Maybe you meant “this is not the kind of things Bermudians ‘should’ do”? Now that I will agree with.

    • Family Man says:

      Tell that to the expat workers in the dorms at the Reefs.

    • just a librarian says:

      i really hope this is sarcasm.

      • Richard says:

        yes it was But there are a lot of Bermudian that think when it comes to crime like this ( oh I bet some Jamaican did it or show them how to do it)

    • Clear as day says:

      Fortunately I have both a functioning brain and a sense of humour , and having been around here long enough can recognise Richard’s humour/sarcasm from a continent away.

      What’s wrong with the rest of you ? ?

    • Yeah and I guess Bermudians dont owns guns and go around killing people either, I am so glad we cleared that up because the amount of Bermudians we sent to jail for murder in the last 5 years,I just knew it was an outsider and most likely an Islander whose commiting all these crazy acts against our people.


      • Big says:

        When you lock up your doors and windows and secure your property at night it’s not to fear expats workers it’s your own people who will rob you and possibly murder you in your bed you can’t get a work permit for that!

  10. Vulpes says:

    I’m not sure which is worse: vehicular arson or armed bank robbery. Mr. DeVent, I hope you remain steadfast in your community involvement in the wake of this horrible episode.

  11. pwndwg says:

    That car is not burned out. All you need to firebomb a car is a hammer and some gasoline. These perps were kids or morons or both. Hopefully they are dumb enough not to fool the Bda police and shall soon be in prison. And you want to be careful about turning a water hose on a petrochemical fire… Maybe the car was hot and parked on some dry tinder… Our problem is IGNORANCE. Let’s stop pandering to criminals and fools, especially in our leadership.

  12. Ride says:

    Very disturbing. This man gave his all for the PLP. They remove him from candidacy for one of the “in” crowd so he decides to go it alone (note that he did not go an join the UPB/OBA/BDA). So, PLP can’t disparage him and call him a sell-out, Uncle Tom, house negro, or any of the other disgraceful terms they have employed in the past against their detractors. Instead, someone (not saying it is the PLP, but someone who is upset that he is running against the PLP, perhaps) opts for good old fashioned third-world intimidation tactics.

    Bermuda, be very careful. If this is a harbinger of future expectations the surge of airport and shipping activity that would follow will alter the new Tourism slogan from “So Much More” to “So Much Less”.

    Please, if you have any desire for a future for Bermuda and have any information on this incident, no matter how small, report it to the Police of the Crime Stoppers’ Hotline. This cannot go unpunished.


    • I could not agree more! Ashfield has given his all to Bermuda, not to be, hopefully, be disueded by some elements in Bermuda who need to be locked up QUICKLY.

  13. Call me cynical .... says:

    But I hardly believe that this had anything at all to do with politics.

    If you go back in time and look at all the cars and bikes that were deliberately torched outside of peoples homes party plitics had nothing to do with them.

    • I have to say this that you are the first person that makes sense,I would go a step further and say I dont think it is politically motivated at all,we dont know what circles the man runs in or not or who he has made enemies with or not in his own personal dealings with folks,family,community or country at large.perception can be a dangerous thing

      we also dont know if it is some foolish young individuals or individual that just saw that car as an easy target of using scare tactics to shake up a community or sending a message to a particular individual somewhere in the same neighborhood.either way what ever be the truth we cant assume anyting without the hard evidence to back it up.

      Mr.Devent has been in the political backdrop and out of the limelight mostly and has not ruffled any feathers to say the least in some time so I dont see it being politically motivated,so lets be thankful it was his car and not his home or even worst himself.
      we are glad that he is safe and o.k,he can always get a car,like a GP when the time comes but get it quick before Andre makes in roads to take your share of the pie.

      • Terry says:

        Garbage. Party loyalist.
        Your just spinning. Fool.

      • Zombie Apolcalypse says:

        So Duane P Santucci, you disagree with Minister Perinchief, who called this an “appalling attempt at intimidation”.

        So you evidently think Minister Perinchief is wrong.

        And you think it’s not politically motivated.

        I see.

  14. TRUTH no one is coming to help us says:

    I personally think this had something to do with him talking bad about the guys that have been locked up in prison. Someone obviously took his comments very personal when he spoke bad about former prisoners.
    Bermuda is to small for you to say things about people now a days. These guys will seek revenge and come looking for you.

    Point in Question look what happen to Mr. PLP MP Ashfield DeVent car!

    That’s why most of you people, just like me never print your real NAME!!!

    • People who dont print their real names in my book is nothing but cowards and to be frank this is the age of technology and we can sit right here on this little screen and trace you right down to the very corner of where you are sitting,your IP adress is something you cant hide niether the location of where you are.
      so dont be afraid of taking on the giants because if you speak truth then it will stand and if you speak foolish or lies it will fall,I say this in all seriousness because you take the time t write your opinion and you are valued even if we dont agree with you,it brings balance and it brings growth in all of our lives.
      so dont take this negative but positive,slaves had to hide and live in fear beacuse of retaliation,dont let their hard long fight be in vain,they fought that we could speak and not be ashamed,so that is why my name is there.I may not always be correct but I will definitely be heard as long as I can.the bigger picture I am my brothers keep and I will hold them accountable and like wise I hope they would do the same for me.

      • .am says:

        Given that only PB has access to the IP addresses, I’m not at all sure how that’s at all relevant. And even if they were on display, all you’d need is a proxy.

        • ABC says:

          .am its freedom of speech same shit goin on usa dont let anon step in

          bermuda corruption all @ pastebin

          then what lock up people for speakin their mind lmao ^_^

          by de way folks get a vpn and seedbox

      • ABC says:

        say dat 2 anon u fruitloop shut de f up

      • ABC says:

        2 duane take the time t write

        take the time t write dont take

        my name is there.I may

        as long as I can.the bigger picture


        before u worry bout others …………….

        dont be a fool ok

      • TRUTH no one is coming to help us says:

        I command you for that point Duane Santucci, no one is a coward. Think about it, someone who has a good job, good family life. Then some retard who has no life comes burning your car down. What you going to do go after them. Turn into the Punisher, so you can end up becoming just like them and going to jail for 5 years. When you get caught by the police and they will catch you. Now you lost your job and can’t travel. For what to go to prison end up being locked up like some dog. It’s nothing about being a coward. It’s about not being a fool to put yourself and your family in that situation.

        The only time Bermuda has to worry about a silent man like me is when some sick pedefier touches my daughter. Sure the Court system will give them 4 to 8 years, but guess what I’ll be waiting for them when they get out!

        TRUTH no one is coming to help us. See all the young men that have been shot. No one talks and no one helps us. Too be honest the safes place to be sometimes is in Prison.

        • TRUTH no one is coming to help us says:

          NO government can help us either PLP, OBA or UBP until some heavy life terms are put in place.

  15. Bermudian says:

    Guys, I heard this was the hottest car on the market!!!

  16. Truth (Original) says:

    The PLP to Ashfield Devent

    “The Hon. Ashfield Devent has served our country well and in no way deserves to be treated in this manner.”

    Too bad they didn’t feel that way about giving his hard earned seat to Rolfe.

  17. they crazyiness gotta stop says:




  18. Concerned says:

    A member of the Parole Board – seems the list of recent Parole’s has to be perused… Somebody has a serious dislike for Mr. DeVent.

    Stand tall Mr. Devent – God is watching.

  19. M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

    What a vile , disgusting and, despicable act ! The perp needs to be caught and dealt with legally in the most vicious way .

  20. sick an tired says:

    This is a situation bigger than what we see ,, where there is smoke there is Fire ! no Pun intended ,,,,it is a lot more to this story than
    what meets the eye. and like most things in Bermuda it will all come
    out inna de wash ! my experience is as that as much as things are going
    bad in this community nothing just happens..!

  21. ABC says:

    this is funny bernews


    we see it all moderation de truth bernews

  22. oh well says:

    “We are a community that adheres to the rule of law and where we uphold as a country, law and good order.” Really? That hasn’t been my experience or many others in this community lately . . . . as for the BPS resolving this quickly as much as I’d like to see that, I doubt it!

    • Concerned says:

      I am thinking that parents/family of these boys/men/girls are afraid to report them – which in the end will be embarrassment to them when they are caught and incarcerated.

      Please people, stop living in the world of denial or as some people prefer ‘de nile”. Situations have happened, are happening and will continue to happen (loss of your son,brother, cousin, uncle, god father, best friend, school buddy, football team member) and the list goes on.

      It is YOU and only YOU that can put an end to this mess – how can you possibly live as you are – knowing and living in fear! How can you sleep at night, knowing your son/cousin/daughter/nephew/god-son or daughter is involved in these vile actions.

      May the Lord so move you to be bold and strong!

  23. Seriously? says:

    business is desparate to work with a different party. The OBA will be inundated with business opportunities that the PLP simply can’t action/understand/communicate with.

  24. crying shame says:

    Maybe they should start the investigation by looking at the certain gang member that was just denied parole the day before this car was set on fire.