Photos: 2012 Hurricane Fabian Memorial Ride

September 2, 2012

The 9th Annual Remembrance Ride for the victims of Hurricane Fabian was held today [Sept 2]. The ride, which commenced at the City Hall in Hamilton, headed east to the Memorial Bench on Kindley Field Road, St. George’s for a short tribute.

The event serves to honour the memories of the four people who were swept from the Causeway by Hurricane Fabian on September 5th 2003;Constable Stephen Symons, Constable Nicole O’Connor, Station Duty Officer Gladys Saunders and Corporation of Hamilton employee Manuel Pacheco.

Nine years ago Fabian made a direct hit on Bermuda on September 5th, 2003 with wind speeds of over 120 mph [195 km/h], and was the first hurricane to cause a death on the island since 1926.

A Police boat hovered offshore at Ferry Reach paying their respects, and former Police Commissioner Senator Jonathan Smith and Commissioner Michael DeSilva spoke at the ceremony. A minute of silence was observed at the Memorial Bench, marking the memory of those lost nine years ago.

The September 5th Foundation, a registered charity, was formed to create an endowment fund to assist in the post-secondary education of the children whose parents and grand-parents were lost during the tragic events of Hurricane Fabian in 2003.

The initial beneficiaries of the Foundation’s fund raising efforts are the surviving children and grand-children of the victims, Zen-Paul Pacheco, Stephen Symons Jr., Kayuntae and Nazyia Saunders. Going forward, the Foundation will assist children of any future victims within the Bermuda Police Service ‘family’.

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  1. terry says:

    Just another photo for would be politicians. No names, just look.
    Otherwise a great tribute to those who passed.
    Thanks Bernews.

    • Terry if you would only stop for one moment and realize that the people that you are calling would be politicians are actually family to the victims that lost their lives and by family I mean former work colleagues that they held in high regard and at the time of our loss these same gentleman not only helped to console the rest of their colleagues but also US the immediate family,September 5th for us in the Saunders,Santucci,Symonds and Pacheco family is like September 11th to the Tankard family, a day in our lives that no matter how many years pass we shall never forget the pain and horror we felt and the memories will always be there and for some they say time heals all sorrows,well sorry we are still waiting to see if that is true,because the pain for some of us is very much as real today as it was the day it happened, I lost my first cousin Gladys Saunders in Hurricane Emily and lost a very close friend Rhondell Tankard well the twin towers went down,so it is a reminder that not all things have to be political,Thank God that there are those that choose to show signs of respect and love for what we still go through,so to Mom Symonds know that for you this time of year is the hardest and we think of you and feel your pain but remember that earth has no sorrow that heaven cannot the rest of the Symonds and Pacheco family,God has brought you through on broken pieces and He is able to carry you on.

      • The correction is not hurricane Emily but Fabian and that is because I really am to upset at the insensativity that I am two words away from saying something I should not,so please refrain from saying things that are hurting to families that are already hurting.

      • Brant Wilson says:

        i would just like to say may God bless you and your family remember our God is still in control he would never give us more then we can handle he wants us to always trust and believe in him and he will always do the rest also it is his love that he gave us his beloved son to die for our sins he didn,t have to but he did because he loved us so much so to the grieving families God bless you i too will keep you in my prayers we never know when tregedy will strike have a blessed day and stay strong

      • Precious says:

        God bless you and your family Mr Santucci, please know that the majority of us hold all these people who lost thier lives, and the families they left behind, in our hearts.

        I canot believe how insensitive your comments are @Terry. If you have never suffered loss then you are lucky, but one day you will know the families pains and I hope your comments haunt you. If you can’t say anything nice, say nothing at all!

    • Family says:

      @ Terry

      Lucky for you, you’re a punk behind a key board!!!

  2. Man in the Mirror says:

    @ Terry
    Its too bad that you are soo miserable and want people to feel sorry for you.
    Did you ever STOP to think for one minute before you put pen to paper.

    As you state without calling names.
    Both of the individuals you refer too, used to be Police Officers and knew the victims quite well as work colleagues and as friends.

    For once, just once, can you stay off the blogs unless you can write something positive, or does that take too much thinking.

    • terry says:

      I did stop and think about what I wrote. I don’t give a rats a$$ about what you aand others think.
      Of course it was a solemn moment; never said it was not.

      It was used by these two guys as a political statement. If you don’t see it, your loss.

      Why were there not many others there in that regard.
      Photo op and nothing more. That was and is my point.

  3. Observer says:

    Comment removed by request of poster.

    • Observant says:

      Are you really THAT insensitive?

    • Family says:

      @ Observer
      This was a serious moment for us stop being a A$$. Guess you never lost a family member that you loved!

    • Free says:

      Are you the same Observer who posts on theroyalgazette website? Always telling people what they should and should not be saying or having an opinion on? Then you type something as ridiculous as that on Bernews? Who exactly in these pictures is supposed to look like Usher? Not only are you rude, insensitive and idiotic but potentially with vision problems as well. If you are referring to Stephen Jr. you are the most disgusting person I have ever come across. He was a very young CHILD when his father pasted away. Please grow up and get some decorum you low life.