Photos: Police Convoy Visits More Schools

October 2, 2014

The Bermuda Police Service continued their police convoy display today [Oct 2] as part of their celebrations of 135 years of policing in our community. Today’s convoy was smaller than yesterday, which involved over 28 vehicles from the police fleet traveling island wide.

Police Convoy Bermuda, October 2 2014-51

Some areas were missed in yesterday’s demonstration resulting in the Bermuda Police Service convoy heading out to a number of schools including Clearwater Middle School, St David’s Primary, Dellwood Middle School and more.

Police Convoy Bermuda, October 2 2014-45

Bernews caught up with the convoy in St. David’s, where students from Clearwater Middle School and St David’s Primary School seemed quite excited as they toured the vehicles and spoke with the officers.

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  1. Self says:

    While I can appreciate what the police are doing with the children, may I respectfully make a suggestion?

    I was awakened by the sirens and for a moment thought something major was going on. I live near the school, and the sirens blared on and off for a couple of hours. Can the police not show the children the lights flashing with the siren off? It was pure noise, and they shouldn’t assume that everybody is out at work during the day. I am a health care worker on a night shift this week.

    • Self says:

      Why all the dislikes? Do you want a sleep deprived person taking care of your loved ones?
      I made a respectful suggestion. There was no reason to have the sirens blaring once the convoy reached the school. I know it was a special occasion, but the police of all people should be respectful of noise in residential neighborhoods.

  2. James Rego says:

    Great PR for our Police, keep it up, well done. Really like the Cedar Bridge car, great job everyone!