‘Shocked, Saddened By Another Pointless Death’

September 24, 2012

The Governor, National Security Minister and Opposition Leader have all urged people to assist the police, and also extended their condolences to the family of the late Lorenzo Stovell, who was murdered last night while sitting outside Woody’s in Sandys.

Mr Stovell had been partially paralyzed in a previous shooting and was known to use a wheelchair. He and several female friends were on a “party bus” last night when they stopped at Woody’s. Mr Stovell remained on the bus while his friends went inside to drink, and after about an hour the suspect[s] approached the bus firing several times.

Governor Mr. George Fergusson said: “I am shocked and very saddened by yet another pointless death of a young man as a result of violence. I send my deep condolences to his family. Some people must know who was involved. I ask that anyone with information which may be of use please contact the police or else ring Crimestoppers’ confidential line in Miami.

“A senseless loss of life…” said Minister of National Security Wayne Perinchief.  ”My first thoughts are for Mr. Stovell’s family and friends who are today coming to terms with such a sudden and tragic loss.” The Minister also met today with the Governor and Police Commissioner Michael Desilva.

“Today’s meeting with the Governor and the Police Senior Command served to assure me that although in its early stages, the investigation is pursuing all avenues and I would urge anyone with information to contact the Police, “the Minister said.  ”Another family mourns a loss today let us remember them in our thoughts and prayers. ”

Opposition Leader Craig Cannonier said: “An event like this touches us all. Parents have lost a child and Bermuda has lost a son. I do not believe that our young men wish to live this way. It is evident that we are dealing with misdirected energy and there are no winners here, this is all loss. My condolences go out to the family. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

“Bermuda now is the time to collaborate, seek out solutions and work together to assist our young men for the health, safety and security of our future. And of course, I urge anyone who has information that might help the Police get to the bottom of this incident to call them, or to call Crime Stoppers,” concluded Mr Cannonier.

Police are appealing for anyone who was in the area at the time, particularly at Woody’s, to contact the Serious Crime Unit on 247-1739 or the confidential and anonymous Crime Stoppers hotline on 800-8477.

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  1. swing voter says:

    SHOCKED & SADDENED???? why? you know whats going on….you bies are phoney.

  2. Highly Concerned says:

    This is sad but it doesn’t shock me, if they can gun down a father in front of his infant children they can do anything, yes this is another low point but with how things are going its only going to get worse….they will continue to kill each other because they don’t have any regard for their own lives and its all about revenge….. SMDH!!! May Mr. Stovell RIP, my prayers go out to his friends and family.

  3. Razors Edge says:

    Shootings are no longer s shock in Bermuda. They are a common occurrence. Of course govt will show sympathy. Election is coming.

  4. g-gurl says:

    Get together BERMUDA ! Create a NEW for the Future generation !

  5. Terry says:

    Follow the money.

  6. Me too says:

    Stupid waste of life whom ever done this.

  7. Family Man says:

    I’m sure Paula would have sent her condolences too but … where is Paula anyway? Boston, California, London, Luxembourg. So hard to keep track these days.

    • pepper says:

      The Premier is so quiet about what is going on in Bermuda, we have so many problems here and we never here from her , we need a real leader….I think Paula does not have a clue how to undo the mess she has created. she should do the right thing and resign !!!

      • Bermudian says:

        Exactly pepper….where is our so called leader? That’s the thing there’s no leadership, it’s close your eyes and hope for the best. Bermuda needs help, guidance, hope and leadership. Every day there’s such misery in the news, seems like there’s no ending insight. Lord I hope that my children will have the opportunity to live in a Bermuda that we all remember and love.

        • age apparently does not bring wisdom says:

          @Bermudian & @pepper

          Thats another problem with bermudians, the Premier is responsible 4 bermuda as a whole what could u possibly expect from her in this. everyone asking 4 longer n tougher sentences 4 what no one seeing or saying nothing so no one getting convicted anyway so what matter if they increase penalty. and towards @Bermudian comment about hope 4 their children 2 live in the Bermuda they remember n love the choice is up to you and every bermudian around you. Bermuda has suffered darker days and bounced back almost 40 years ago when the police commissioner, governor and his guard were shot and killed. Life is a fight and to fight requires effort and Bermuda has gotten lazy. we forgot how lucky we are n how we have so much more than countries way bigger than this one including the 1 to the west which nowadays almost every bermudian wants to be one. spent almost 20 years there n I’ve clearly seen “I’m Lucky To Be Bermudian”

          • Bermudian says:

            @ age- I’m not concerned about any other country…just this one, my home. And a big part of “problems with Bermudians” is we’re settling for second best. We need to expect the BEST, regardless of what any other neighbouring counrty is doing or going through. Anyone who thinks that the times we’re living are fine and not complain is living in la la land.

        • Concerned says:

          So called leader is over on South Shore behiind the security booth and the wall.

  8. M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

    We don’t want emotions , we want action . We want the death penalty for murderers .

    • pepper says:

      I hope our new Govenor has the balls to do something about the crime in Bermuda,the other Govenors did nothing…all they did was enjoy their retirement in Bermuda…but I think because Ferguson was subjected to a horrible crime that left him blind in one eye may see the need to something about the crime in our Island, he is our only hope.

      • g-GURL says:

        Seems like it !!!! God Bless families of victims, families of (gang)members who DO HAVE RESPECT for victims and families!!!
        Governor Ferguson please give BERMUDA more of what it needs ! We need some saving from this path of destruction ! It has been too long !

    • age apparently does not bring wisdom says:

      @M.P.Mountbatten JP

      u bermudians calling 4 the death penalty back need help. that would hurt the future generations more than it would help. you all blame the UK 4 taking it away, we as Bermuda belong to them n our systems run the same or at least suppose to. they have unarmed police running round the uk the same as Bermuda but I’m positive they have way more guns running round. the difference is that bermudians are turning cowards and accepting defeat. they don’t accept shootings as regular even though they experience it more. bermudians want police to handle all their problems but where I grew up when u saw the police it was too late the village had failed. the whole thing needs a attitude adjustment. Bermuda used to be a place where guys who didn’t like each other just stayed away 4m each other now they trying to play God hoping on the back of bikes n seeking ppl out

  9. Alfred says:

    Bermuda needs Batman!

  10. jmo says:

    I can’t believe the premier hasn’t addressed the violence….She is like a single mother that can’t control her bad son….We need some male role models.

  11. Sorrry says:

    Save ya money, stop buying KFC,Art Mel’s ex… stop buying weed,stop going to the club’s, Save ya money and get off that island fast!!! Nothing is gona change. Or just stay there and take ya chance’s!

  12. True Top Shutta says:

    i think all of this shyt is stupid. i mean i can see if n%$#as were getting paid to do it or if they were getting something out of it but whats rhe sence of it to say look i got a body. its just really really crazy because n$%#as aint even getting PAID!!!!!!!!

    • Come Correct says:

      Maybe if you lot all stopped referring to eachother by the N-word you would be able to see your self-worth. Slavery days are over yet you still use the name given to you by your ancestors masters. I don’t get it, you hate the word and where it came from yet degrade eachother with it every day. How can other people repect you if you won’t respect yourself. Never forget where you came from but at least demand a higher level of respect for yourselves.

      • Come Correct says:

        One day at work a group of us didn’t know what HNIC was so I googled it, when I told them what it meant and said N-word they laughed because I didn’t say n****, point is I refuse to say it because I have more respect for you than that. Your ancestors fought hard and some died trying to get off the plantation just so YOU could have better but your mentality tells me you’re still there, stop denying them of their victory.

  13. Argosy says:

    When the PLP intimated that it would be soft on crime, especially those crimes comitted by young black males, this was always going to be the result.

    Tinted windows, larger cars, less police, no radar speed checks, lighter sentences…etc…etc.

    We’re in charge now and it’s our turn…..well done, you’re getting your just deserts – reaping what you’ve sowed.

  14. Island Princess says:

    @ true top Shutta (??)

    LOL Really??? You really think the killings in your country are worth it if it has a price tag attached to it(?) tell me then, how much is YOUR family worth??? Would you understand it then?

    RIP Lorenzo, to those who were a part of this maddness or knows what happened, his blood is on YOUR hands. (real talk) You may be able to sleep at night but remember, God does not!

    God Bless Bermuda!!!